Friday, October 22, 2010


This posting is for US Armed Forces Veteran's of War ... this will be the first part of a series I hope to compile on this, because it is an issue that has been on my mind for several year's. First of all ... as I said time and again .... there should be no reason that even one Veteran of War should be homeless ... PERIOD! NOT ONE! Frankly ... I dont give a shit if we have to build seperate facilities across the nation just to facilitate them and their familia's alone! Thank You to all President Obama and this Administration done recently to get a decent start on addressing this, more than what the last Administration certainly done!

Considering the wealth of this nation ... and especially the amount's of money we spend across the board ... the unbelievable amount for instance that will be spent on this election and freak's of the show ... and the lifetime benefit's package's of those who represent us, with all the other incentive's from our taxes, and the wealth of the private sector. The stories I have ranted about on this are plenty. The thing is ... these Veteran's actually DONE SOMETHING, beside's running their jaw's and making ass print's in fine leather chair's while doing so ... and their volunteering to defend is enormous in itself, as far as actually doing something. We call them "heroes" ... I couldnt agree more ... if you want to look at who is actually "elite" ... well ... look no further, these are the women and men who are the primary defender's of our way of life, and everything we cherish. Below ... a video of "Operation Stand Down".

Homeless Veterans: Stand Down ... Thanx to CBS


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Demeur said...

Just came cross a homeless vet at a stop light the other day and gave him a few bucks even though I have no income. I told him not to feel bad because we all might be joining him shortly.

But you're right on the issue of vets. They make poverty wages while in the service then get treated worse when they get out.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Demeur ... it's just been an issue that has ate at me for year's, I am sort of a nationalist guy too ... I like to feed the defender's and doer's first, and these slacker's and incompitent's as far as I'm concerned ... especially the number one of the bunch ... these investment finance banker's and their practice as bailout welfare recipient's ... THEY COME LAST ... when I lost money on the goddamn Vegas Strip or Atlantic City Boardwalk ... I didnt come home whining I was bloody broke! Weakling whining Bastard's!

We have about a half dozen in my neighborhood that work the intersection with sign in hand, it's illegal to panhandle in intersection's in the central city ... but cop's dont enforce it, I live in a very traffic and business atmosphere neighborhood, but yeah ... I alway's am good for a few buck's. It mean's alot more when you do it though having no bloody income .... Thanx Brother!

I dont give to these clown's that work the gas station's with the gas can, saying they ran outta gas ... or the one's in front of the convenience store's who need bus fare ... I'm from the street's guy ... I'm hip to that ... there is probably nothing I know better than the street's ... and I know these Vet's are hurting. One guy out here all the time lost his leg in Iraq ... yes ... he stand's on a crutch and one leg , even if it's a 95 degree summer day!

Ranch Chimp said...

That's another issue I havent even touched on in this posting ... why all the goddamn red tape and BS to go through for getting thing's like prosthtic limb's and mental health treatment? The list is endless actually! And especially the panel's that decide who get's what ... and if they really qualify ... "Qualify ?" ... there's nothing to f'n qualify or verify, when they were in the battle field fighting to bring other's democracy and to secure America's land and interest's ... they qualified quicker than lightning! We spend goddamn 3X time's expense per soldier for contract military personel, what a goddamn racket this all is!

Beach Bum said...

I spent 4 years in the active army and 17 in the National Guard and to this day I find politicans a laugh riot when it comes to helping veterans.

Politicans love veterans when the need pictures for their campaigns but are almost impossible to find when it actually comes time to doing something for us.

Senator Jim Webb from Virginia all by himself wrote the legislation on the upgrade for the GI Bill and John McCain opposed it because it gave too much in the way of benefits. McCain didn't want some kid serving one enlistment then getting out to go to college, he wanted to make them stay longer. You stay long enough in the service you might as well go ahead and make your twenty which short circuits the whole point of the GI Bill but ultimately thats what McCain and his friends want in the first place.

Ranch Chimp said...

Beach Bum .... I remember your old profile picture, which made me figure Army, when I first seen it. I signed up for Navy Seabee's 72/ 73(?) .... I was told that my written test didnt score good enough ... however ... they rescheduled me to re- test a later date ... I didnt fail it by much BTW (I didnt have much formal education ... I'm pretty much self educated basically) ... but right after ... I got arrested for transporting a stolen motor vehicle over state line's, which add's to severity... I was detained then in Dade County Jail (Miami) ... which I was acquitted on later. Have a Marine Nephew do a couple tour's in Iraq recently, a niece who just got in the Army and is off to Afghanistan, Dad was WW2 ... and Nazi prisoner, couple cousin's Nam, a few buddies, etc. I know some folk's in other word's that done fine .... but there is countless amount's especially now that are on the spot ... and you got it! ... the political garb on this is in my opinion nauseating! And YES ... I known about McCain's stunt's on that and other funding as well ... frankly ... I couldnt even believe McCain's stand on these issue's, I was trying to figure out what in the world was he thinking actually! President Obama has taken some action on this and it help's ... what is incredible is not only McCain ... but many other republican's stand on these issue's, because traditionally republican's should be the first in line to step up for defense and troop's ... they seem more interested in privatizing and contracting in defense ... again ... that mega corpoarte influence ... but that's just my opinion.

Thank You much Bum for your voice on this.