Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Americans for Job Security/ Americans for Prosperity ... Calling the GAME on Failure, Fact's Vs. Blind Faith ... PT.3

This Part 3 (Part's 1 and 2 HERE) is again because of the importance of the upcoming election's ... and "making", then pointing out the strategies of the "Game". And simply because since earlier in this journal, I pointed out "IF" Obama and Dem's were to get a sweep and majority in the election's and he won ... the behind the scene's "money" that are the controlling entities would do everything in their power to stop this administration, if he at all done what he (Obama) proposed in his Senate year's and campaign's ... and that right after the President was elected, I also stated that job figure's technically could not improve much and would take time, and that this 2010 election may NOT be the cakewalk that Dem's were cheering about in early 2009 on many blog's ... pointing out that republican's are dumb, cant win, all hick's, etc, etc ... and joking about Tea Bagger's,etc. I had stated time and again ... TO NOT TAKE ANY OF THIS LIGHTHEARTED ... and for damn good reason. I'm like those who stay one step ahead of us in this game screwing American's ... I am one who stay's one step ahead of them, instead. Also as I pointed out ... the 2008 election was NOT the cakewalk it looked like ... electorially ... sure ... but vote for vote ... that race in 2008 was as close as they come ... meaning technically that the "divide" amongst voter's in the nation is almost equal in number's, and can "swing" so easily from one side to the other ... and "IF" the turnout of voter's IS NOT like over the excitement of Obama and his race against McCain, especially amongst those many first time voter's of young, and other's ... the republican's can landslide in victory easily, in 2010, and/ or 2012.

So one may wonder why do I seem obsessed with this election? I'm NOT ... I just realize a "good thing" when I have it is all. What we all see is a show and distraction that is happening ... where those American's suffering this new way they are not accustomed to, are being used. They are using the fear's, economy, and everything else as they did in healthcare reform to trick American's into thinking we are going downhill, when honestly ... we are actually going uphill since this administration took over ... maybe not as quickly as we would want ... but believe me, where we could be right now considering the circumstance's is alot worse. Sadly they not only use the people of this nation who pay for this machine to run off their hard work and generosity ... but they even highjacked the peoples major religion's and belief's ... using the family value's crowd's to use and poison their mind's, just so they can get that power that they crave. They are even behind creating many of the conflict's across the board socially/ culturally in this country amongst the peoples currently that we see, conflict's that were alway's there to a degree, but picking them carefully to intensify them by feeding the fire, to distract folk's mind's from what they are doing. These people who think that they are actually following a group that care's for American's job's and for prosperity are being conned so hard ... and their proposal's that they feed the republican's ... and many good decent republican's feel will work ... cannot, the way the global market is currently. So YES ... I am very concerned ... why do you think I pounded so hard for Obama to get elected? I was a voting republican for year's! and very pro business, and still am, and YES ... voted for Bush/ Cheney too.

Below CNN link ... but we all should have a few question's about these folk's like "Americans for Job Security" and also for "Americans for Prosperity" ....

***** CNN: Outside political groups Obama criticized are a mutual undertaking ... (newsread)



Beach Bum said...

They are even behind creating many of the conflict's across the board socially/ culturally in this country...

Absolutely, in fact I love how they wrap these cultural issues around their true "free market" and economic concerns.

...the republican's can landslide in victory easily, in 2010, and/ or 2012.

I hate to say it but I'm expecting the worse, I work around a lot of teabaggers and they are foaming at the mouth to "take the country back." It irritates the hell out of me when they suggest that the country was taken in the first place, like there was no election or it was stolen. Their words also totally ignore the minorities that voted overwhelmingly for Obama, which is a form of subtle racism to me.

I was a voting republican for year's! and very pro business, and still am, and YES ... voted for Bush/ Cheney too.

Yes, I had my conservative period as well, it died in 2002 and the funny thing is that Limbaugh largely convinced me to go left. I use to listen to his show but after awhile I began noticing how self centered and egotistical he is and it did not stop there. Lets just say, since I am not a psychiatrist, I think the guy has serious mental issues.

Ranch Chimp said...

Beach Bum #1: Thanx for your word's and interest's here Beach Bum. I think you have an understanding of the score here as well. Voting republican wasnt just a phase for me ... it was more of a tradition since I started voting actually, I just did out of routine, didnt even care who was running for year's ... I was alway's pro 2nd amendment, NRA supporter for at least 30 year's now, very pro business, start up companies/ corporation's with new innovation's, entrepreneurialism, very pro military and defense, very much for tax incentive's for corporation's even that invest and create job's domestically, keeping taxes as low as possible, and government intervention as low as possible, these thing's I thought represent "conservatism", so I voted likewise you see. And Texas alway's since I was a kid been doing very well financially and booming like crazy ... even currently the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex is the fastest growing metro area in the entire country, with now almost 7 million and 4th largest in the country. And I've stayed damn near all over this country for that matter at some time or another, the bang for buck I get here as far as quality of living ... I cant get elsewheres, period. So of course ... why would I change my voting habit's?

Ranch Chimp said...

Beach Bum #2: It was actually around that time (2002/ 2003) that I started questioning alot, after Bush/ Cheney took office, and the "spending" started, since I am such a money aware guy. It wasnt the deregulation of corporation's either that bothered me at first, because traditionally, the trickle down thing worked fine, one hand washes the other etc. It was when I started looking closely especially at the contracting back then, and keeping up with the investment sector's as far as corporate investment's which I done anywayz, that really stood out like a turd in a punchbowl frankly. Geeezzz ... all the major money investment were getting so lopsided, and strongly in China, and the oil was being manipulated as well, and unbalanced trade and investment's with UAE. I mean, I'm all for supporting countries that are in alignment with us business wise, alway's been, but this was way out of whack brother! The tax haven's offshore as well was where all the money of wealth was being invested too, to where mega corporation's werent having a thing to do with American investment beside's raking in profit's and lobbying for legislation in their favour, and taking all the profit's everywheres but America. I mean ... I have no problemo with where one want's to invest their own profit's, but frankly we were not getting any return on our generosity, and legislation for personal retirement's even were lopsided, including a change in the stock market's like I havent seen. I also found out alot else that I wrote throughout this journal that I wont rehash here, because of the length and complexity as far as trade, investment's, etc. And started realizing that "indeed" ... America "was" being taken over, and auctioned off as well, but by the mega corporate sector, and foreign interest's .. and so out of balance business wise ... I almost couldnt believe what I was seeing!

As far as the race thing ... both these parties use the "card" politically ... and most in America wherever you go live in semi segregation, yet talk about how much they "love" race's, mixing, etc, etc. I actually live in a minority majority community( and no, it's not a community of poverty, too much stereotyping in America, of thinking Mexicano's are all poor migrant worker's, and black neighborhood's are all poor people, etc, my neighborhhod is not poverty stricken! at all, heh, heh, heh, hhe, heh) and have mixed daughter's ... so race never meant much to me as far as using it for political purposes, since even that in this country is somewhat a hypocrisy, geeezz ... even churches coast to coast are segregated largely. As far as religion ... Hell ... I never cared about religion's anywayz ... it's just "show business", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... but even that too has played too much of a factor in politic's. I'm a spiritual man, not a religious man, and keep mine to myself and family and church, and been with the same church myself for 3 decade's.

Rush? ... I used to love Rush, he was so hilarious! to listen to at work all day ... he got old and started losing it mentally, and lost his sense of humor actually. :)

Thanx again Guy ....