Thursday, October 7, 2010


This Part 2 ( PART 1 HERE ) ... is another political posting, but because of the condition and the nearby mid-term election's, because this is a critical issue, this is not about left/ right as much as it's about success or failure of America. I also want to congratulate Prof. Elizabeth Warren on her recent job appointment to be watchdog of a new consumer protection agency, a much needed agency right now, cause frankly we are getting, screwed, blued, and tattooed ... this gal has been in the trenches for year's, and is really concerned, because there's reason to be, and call's this game well! She is one of them devoted worker type's who basically bust's ass on the job. But listen to what this woman say's ... and by all mean's ... look up other video's as well as article's on what she say's ... THIS IS A REALITY AND MAJOR CONCERN. The reason for this posting, is in hope that even if just one person stumble's across this that may be one of the million's who are in a swing state of mind as far as voting ... if they can learn something from this, and vote straight democrat ... it's importante. And my concern has rooted since not just when I got my first computer 2.5 year's ago and started this journal, but since actually the early 2000's when I just out of habit, from voting republican for year's, voted Bush/ Cheney and started wondering what in Hell were they doing? And what was happening with the spending/ surplus milking, deregulation, war funding's, etc, etc ... I couldnt believe what I was seeing, so therefore since the start of this journal I been trying to point out these issue's, and writing about how the global marketplace has drastically changed in the last half century, and the crisises to come "IF" we do not acknowledge this and "ACT". Many folk's simply dont understand how importante this is ... so this is not a posting to rant left/ right stuff, or about silly pop culture figure's like this Christine O'Donnell clown character ( is there not enough talk/ media about her teenage play-witch adventure's? or her "magickal power's"? Geeeezz ) ... but to deal with a grave issue. This is not to entertain, but enlighten.

Another one in the trenches I must commend on her work, has to be for the work she done as editor of "The Nation" ... Ms. Katrina vanden Heuvel ... another I had been interested in, because how she also paint's a true picture of the reality, and bring's up such crucial concern's, she also has a schlew of article's and video's you can easily access and I strongly encourage, because if your looking for who are heroes in America, these two are right now unsung heroes. Do not listen to the rubbish pop culture talk that these are radical left winger's and the other nonsense about being socialist's to destroy free market ... they are actually talking about saving what little free market we have left! And frankly VERY balanced when it come's to business! What we are currently experiencing as American's is simply something that needed to come ... because of the change in the global market arena, and the fact that this system must fall apart/ collapse and change to keep up with the time's, or we are up creek without a paddle to be frank, and could end up as one of the largest 3rd World type countries on the globe ... getting our degree's ... and serving and flipping burger's and fries to/ for each other. Because what we are seeing is those mega corporate icon's who now have gained so much control in everything from the Supreme Court , to our energy need's, to our health and death ( and the reason the corporate icon's support group's that are anti birth control as well and organization's like the Vatican who promote such and control much, is because more babies = more $$$$$$, and cheaper labour, etc ), to our finance/ economic's ... are about to abandon the country (America) that made them great off our spending, generosity, and back's. It took me a couple year's to figure out what in Hell was happening, this was such a slithering, stealthy game that was pulled, but have a pretty decent idea now.

The surplus was drained and used to invest and lock in future stability/ security for these icon's and power to basically control the globe's market's totally, because of all the new player's/ countries that have became player's, and because post WW2 era industrial revolution market's have flourished with great prosperity, when basically for year's EU countries, Japan, and USA, had controlled everything. Now with all the new market's, manufacturing, alternative energies, and new player's from place's like Indonesia, Central American countries, China, Russia, etc ... some who been taking apart our product's for year's to try to figure out how they work, and how they can make it better and cheaper, have become a threat to these icon's, so this new control tactic, is to have control over all the world market's and new industries. This is also why so much focus on Afghanistan ... for the resource's and having China as a major player, because that govenment also is a communist technocracy (and this is also where the Bush familia came in, because year's back senior H.W.Bush was Envoy/ US Liaison Office Chief to China, acting at time's like Ambassador, although the office didnt have official status as an embassy, before he even was VP to Reagan and making connection's there, also securing connection's/ relation's later through his son G.W.Bush with the Saudi's and the Texas petro industrialist's, this is the connection to the close finance working's with Saudi's and China, both defensively and investment wise, and also remember senior Bush was also CIA Director at a time, even giving him more inside intell and connection's abroad) that has major control of one of the biggest future marketplace's ... China .... like India ... with population's over 3X time's the amount of the USA for instance. They dont plan on investing much here is my point, but to invest in these market's and industries instead ... and simply use us only for tax purposes, and doing the grunt work like fighting war's, and letting them write legislation in our government, for their tax haven's and domination basically, or a "home base". They frankly dont really care that much about America as they do the new mega market's to come out elsewheres. The funding and generosity we do for them, will not be in no way to benefit any working American's or domestic small corporation's, business, financial institution's or anything else, they have recently proven this ... were simply being taken (used) for a ride basically.

So bottom line what you see now, is that the table's have flipped, and the party (republican) that once stood for free enterprise/ market, entrepreneurialism, smaller business/ corporation's, America, rugged individualism, etc, etc ... has been taken over and totally rebuilt by these international corporate icon's, and the other party (democrat) has started to become the one's who now support these thing's, and what the American Dream was, etc ... a total "flip- flop" is what we are seeing in other word's. This is why ... if you truely love your country and would like to see some action take place here to make thing's better and balanced ... it would be very wise to vote Democrat. Also for the record again ... I am very "pro- business" and "free market" ... what we are seeing is anything but that today. "IF" the GOP/ Republican's were to gain a majority of power ... the first job of these corporate/ finance icon's would probably be to stop any new regulatory reform and taxation's on themselves and affiliate's, then to do everything they can to retire/ eliminate Warren and this agency, not unless they are able to write all the agencies rule's as well. Also I do my own taxes every year, and this last 2009 year, after I mailed them in ... the IRS wrote me a letter back and stated that I made a mistake this last year on my tax return (even though I checked the "box" that I didnt need anyone to check) and that I qualified for an extra tax credit I didnt file ... to tell me that they are going to send me an extra $1200 check as well. Do you think any mega corporate/ finance would have done that? And some folk's wonder how I can put more trust in government in 2010, than mega corporate's? Why would you think?

Let me give you an idea of 2010 "free market" support for this Tea Party crowd, or some of the GOP crowd of now, as to what they unknowingly support ... Wal-Mart's going up in rural communities across their beloved "Heartland", that have put several local small businesses out of business ... because they simply cant compete on price. Or paying excessive premium's for so called "premium health care" ... and getting inferior treatment with only a smile that make's the difference, as well as getting dumped right before surgery by a insurance panel with no oversight or regulation's to follow or adhere to, yet we must go by all their rule's, in fact "inferior" as far as getting the most bang for your buck ... yet ... they claim how great this is ... and think a small public option would eventually put these mega insurer's out of business? How would they go out of business, if you have a "choice" and they are so great? Isnt that what is called "competition"? make up your goddamn mind on what you say ... because you sound like you talk out of both side's of your mouth. The thought that our corporate manufactured war's and military contracting at 3X time's the cost of government military is to fight for people's freedom, and save's us from terror attack's ... this is total nonsense. Investing in a retirement plan, where if you attempt to take out any of your money later, only you, not those who get commission's and fee's get penalized. Credit/ loan's, where you agree to an interest rate, and a few month's later it get's tripled, and you get hammered with fee's you never heard of, and when you call them to discuss it, someone named Sam or MaryLou halfway around the world deal's with you, and basically tell's you, your shit outta luck. Just a few example's. Yeah ... Ya'll are about as "pro- America" as I am "Mickey F'n Mouse" ....

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Beach Bum said...

...Wal-Mart's going up in rural communities across their beloved "Heartland", that have put several local small businesses out of business ... because they simply cant compete on price.

Great post but I really hear you on the Wal-Mart issue. My hometown was largely gut off from the rest of the world well into the 80's. When Wal-Mart finally setup shop I watched businesses that had survived for decades die in the matter of a few years.

Thanks for stopping by my place and come again. Adding you to my blogroll, sorry I should have done it sooner.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Beach Bum ... I had to redo my comment because it got too off track of the subject ... and I am in rush mode this morning, but yes ... I have been reading your stuff actually for awhile. I hear ya Guy ... on the Walmart thing ... and ya'll are not alone in SC ... it has ripped the Hell out of mid America ... I have two by my home that are 24/7 and have used them time to time, but I am a very busy business area, and there is so much competition too. But will talk to ya later Guy .. and THANX for your input here!

Demeur said...

The real issue in all this RC is the money. At this point it doesn't matter what label you slap on yourself as a politician if you're more influenced by your corporate donors than the general public. We saw Lieberman and McCain flip their positions at the drop of an envelop filled with cash. We watched the public option for health care be bought off by the insurance companies to the tune of 1.5 million per day.

Whether Warren can do much remains to be seen. She is after all only one person outnumbered by more corporate lawyers and wall street backing than you could shake a stick at.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Demeur .... I agree all the way with that Demeur, as far as the money and the label's ... I know how the game work's here. That is also why I speculated that thing's were going to be how they are now, 2 to 3 year's ago ... again ... this is why I called the voting as being the "lesser of two evil's", simply because they are allowing for us to have a smoother ride. This is also too deep as I've stated time and again, and you cant use the "same" exact system and expect anything much to change, now or even 2 year's from now. I'm simply looking for "some" progress Guy ... and a few stone's to be tossed at the thug's is all. I know damn well that we cant expect miracle's, and regardless if I may not agree with everything of this administration, considering the actual global economic's situation, which isnt even being reported accurately, as well as the unemployment figure's being rigged as well (it is significantly higher) this is the best I can get, or otherwise throwing my vote out simply. And the "money" know's this, but has to offer some alternative (letting dem's have a say so too), because if they forcefed too much each party, it would be to obvious to the masses and create more chaos. Warren is a winner and a warrior, and ANY STONE'S she can throw, will be a help... and beside's we need a consumer protection oversight fiercely. These mega bank's are milking us like blind red headed step children, Wells Fargo just had a court hand them down a $200+ million dollar fine for screwing people, even the bailout was a screw too, they just dont see it yet, but will in a couple year's, I'll bet my paycheck on it.

Thnax for your voice here Demeur ...