Friday, October 15, 2010

QUEST FOR IMMORTALITY: "Cappuccini a Palermo" ... "Rosalia Lombardo" and "Ronald McDonald's Happy Meal" ...

"Quest for Immortality" will be the title for this art posting, to look at the art and science of embalming, mummification, and preservation , but there is also natural mummification as well. The human species is unique in it's quest for immortality, and these practice's go back to the beginning of our recorded history. Even our religion's were designed to our desire's for this, all having some type of afterlife, reincarnation, or other special treat's awaiting and post death. And of course, even in the present ... the God's of today such as Ronald McDonald are no exception, even giving treat's before death to accelerate it's meeting.

First video will be a look at "Cappuccini a Palermo" which is also commonly known as the "Catacomb's of Palermo, Sicily" ... claimed by an order of monk's, which is a place on my list of museum's I would love to visit. Then in the 2nd video, is a look at the preservation of Ronald McDonald's "Happy Meal" ... of course ... I wanted to also do this because I was "Thinking of the Kid's". And the last video ... my little sweetheart known as Sicily's "Sleeping Beauty", Ms. Rosalia Lombardo . Enjoy!

Catacombs of Palermo (better quality) ... Thanx to VFRMAN750FT

McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger Video ... Thanx to DIETHEALTH

Rosalia Lombardo ... Thanx to RSKMGT



Beach Bum said...

Truthfully what overwhelmed me was the "anicent" Happy Meal of course I heard somewhere that the dug up a twenty-something Twinkie from a landfill and the thing looked, felt, and smelled identical to one from a store.

Ranch Chimp said...

I'll be damned! A damn "Twinkie" heh? ... I imagine there must be alot of product's so stuffed with preservative's of sort that I dont even bloody know about. I added the "Happy Meal" in humor only, because I seen them talking about it on CNN ... and I already knew about how long they can last. I am actually strict when it come's also to thing's past the buy/ due date ... regardless of probably all the other crap I consume. The other day a neighbor/ friend left a couple bottle's of "Coors Light" beer over here, I had them in the fridge for a few day's, and they were two day's then past the "pull date" (Coors pull's from shelf in store past date) that was on the bottle's ... I poured them out down the drain (I dont even like light beer to begin with). Coors is a non pasturized beer to begin with, you shouldnt even let a beer like that get warm.

Thanx for your input Beach Bum and the "Twinkie" enlightenment too! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

My 10 year old grandson "Jason" was just viewing this "Happy Meal" video (he's in 5th grade) the look on his face was of astonishment, and he was rubbing his belly! :) (he ate quite a few "Happy Meal's" as a lil kid) but jason say's that they probably are putting too much oil/ grease and salt in it, but thought it dint look to cool. He did catch the humor of it though! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh shit .... geeezzzz .... now Jason dont want to ever eat at McDonald's again!