Thursday, October 14, 2010

WELLS FARGO & The "Overdraft Pinch" ... Last Call to Rob Ya'll ... PART 3

This Part 3 (PART'S 1 & 2 HERE) of "Last Call to Rob Ya'll" will focus on some of the method's of milking on bank overdraft fee's and some tip's for the customer's. A READ HERE from Jane Bryant Quinn at to explain some of the pinch method's as well. Of course Wells fargo was ordered by a San Francisco Court to pay back over $203 million to customer's in overdraft fee's, which is a consumer plus, and DONT WORRY .... the bank's wont go bankrupt or ever spend a day in the poorhouse, as they whine about relentlessly, more BS we are fed of course. I get so sick of these whiner's/ cry babies who pose as so called "elite", but are no more than thieves in well tailored suit's and welfare/ bailout recipient's. There's balanced business and unbalanced business in other word's ... and this is so unbalanced it's hilarious that we put up with it ... Hell .... dealing with drug cartel's is safer ... at least there you have "honesty" ... "You screw me/ us ... You Die" ... simple. : )

Many just dont want to waste time or feel impatient or helpless to these power house scam's ... but your only as helpless as you create in your mind, remember ... there is a "system" here ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... this isnt bloody Communist China. You just need to be more savvy in your financial dealing's today. Understand that these programme's/ system's to pinch/ milk/ scam, dont need a human to do all the work in the scam ... today they just design a programme, and the computer system does all the work on targeting which and who customer's for what ... and it can also be an added protection from the "law's", in other word's ... say your in court, your defense can alway's be raising issue on the computer/ programme, failing/ malefunctioning instead of the programme designer ... I mean ... how can you prosecute a system/ machine? ... get my drift? Yes ... they will think of shit like this ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :) It's done mega time's faster and more efficiently than a human can do ... it's a mega scam that pay's off well. And they know most folk's are too busy to keep up with alot, and dont even keep track of the little $25 buck's here and there fee's and such. Another reason I been so gung ho on this is because of several University/ College student's I heard, such as at my daughter's school (University) that were ending up paying even $50/ $75buck's for a cup of Starbucks or some pizza delivered in fee's they were hammered with constantly. I mean ... shit add's up.

I chose 3 video's to post below ... first a brief news clip on Well Fargo court case, then a couple guy's that give some pointer's on how to get back some money, and the reason's the bank's wont challenge it in many cases. I realize fee's and such are only fair ... and also that many folk's ignore their spending ... I mean ... back in the 1980's at once ... I was in debt actually $20,000+ on card's that took me nearly a decade to clear my credit (plus I live in Texas, and consumer's/ customer's here have much more to use than most state's, such as there is no garnishment law's here of wage's or even property, or jail, only here for child support or federal/ state taxes, as there is in most large state's ... you can actually sue collector's here and win easily) ... I simply done everything in them day's electronically and with card's and such, never even seen paycheck's back then ... just used direct deposit's and machine's to access 24/ 7/ 365 ... paid monthly statement's to these folk's and one day actually looked at what was happening. But believe me .... these practice's by these mega bank's are far from just clean balanced fee's and such ... this is all well calculated for maximus milking, so to feel guilty or that you are terrible managing money etc, would be pointless ... Hell ... most working folk's and student's dont even have enough money to manage ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :) And dont think this is just Wells Fargo and you are home free, etc ... this is just one of many folk's and scam's.

Credit and compliment's here to Mr. Nick Yaya and Mr. Karney Hatch ....

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