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DAY 59, 2010: .... "Hurry, Please! .... someone bring us a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER .... and a STEP LADDER!! ....

Even though I have ranted so much about the so called Health Care Reform in this journal, such as this journal's multi part series called "Health Care SNOWEjob" and numerous other posting's, I cant help to find humor as well in this. While chowing down on some breakfast, this clip had me busting a gut with laughter, I must admit!

BTW .... beside's a blank piece of paper and a step ladder that they asked for .... why dont we get them a couple dozen pizza's .... Domino's has one of them 2 fer 1 special's I think this week, which is a great economically! :) (2 topping's special's)

***** CNN: Highlights from Obama's health care summit ... **** video below expired, so I added this link


Friday, February 26, 2010

AMERICA: .... Creating "CHANGE" and paving a "FUTURE" .... It's "Shovel Ready" ....

This posting is mostly inspired recently by a few folk's, not online .... but folk's that I talk with out and about around town on a daily basis, several never even get on a computer for nothing beside's to look up some quick info .... and many young adult's I know gave up blogging several year's ago anywayz, and dont even like most of the blogging world, and what it has become, from what they tell me. I only been online 20 month's .... but they (those under 30 yet over 18) tell me that this has changed quite a bit .... and that year's ago you could actually get real and more sincere blogging and info, now too many political agenda's and slanted inaccurate info than ever before ... I frankly dont know .... but this is what many young adult's tell me in person, and why they avoid certain territories and communication method's online. And many older adult's I know in life .... dont like reading much about the political battle's online or on the tele or radio wave's .... because frankly they are just tired of listening to both side's rant .... and too busy just trying to make it, and hoping not to loose what job they do have .... there is alot of skepticism and even fear .... from all walk's of society, period. And alot of just plain ole disgust. This is why I posted so much about this in the beginning of this journal .... why? .... because you could see this increasing long ago, and why.

I am not making this posting to raise debate with fellow blogger's or to try to say I am right, or to promote a certain party, or to rant with anger as I done in so many of my previous posting's on this .... I am frankly just burned out on getting angry with politician's and the 3 entities of mega churches/ religion, corporation's and politic's/ government's, since I already know the outcome and obstacle's that we have to deal with and must .... someway .... somehow, that I have wrote too much about in the past. I am not right or wrong ... I have alway's presented the reality as is .... I know what lies ahead .... if we do not reach some common ground, and really start to change. And this is why I recently gave so much support to the democrat party .... not because I hate republican's .... or hate Rush Limbaugh .... or hate such and such or anyone, I have voted republican almost my entire life. But what we are going to face as I have posted over and again in past posting's is going to be rough if we dont get our act together, and clear up some of these old way's of doing business as usual. And the longer we keep playing these game's of old, the longer it will take for this "way" to collapse and start anew transition wise, which is going to happen sooner or later anywayz, so to continue these game's is really nonsensical.

I have also been questioned by several in person on a local level, about everything from my patriotism, to my idea of what democracy is. And even told straight out that I sound like a socialist. Let me be clear here .... I am not trying to sound like anything, or want to be popular .... I am simply talking about reality and what we need to expect the longer we fiddle faddle with this. I bring up this because when I bring up countries such as France for instance .... I am hammered by folk's saying that is not democracy or America. But technically it is a democracy, and you can get to vote for candidate's of the left or right just like here after you reach your 18th birthday. You have the same corporation's that operate in America, even some homebased in America .... that operate in their country .... and give French worker's more and better benefit's in the country of France to worker's than they give to worker's in their home country of America ... and this is fact. Large mega companies that arent even close to bankruptcy and ending up in the poor house. We are lied to relentlessly about this in particular in this country .... frankly our country has to be about the largest "lie haven" in the world ... with probably about the highest amount of people that actually buy these twisted and manipulated figure's. So why would these worker's in France get better benefit's from an American based corporation than what American's would in America? Because France has a government with stricter regulation's and protection of worker's right's is why. You want honesty ... you got it! I realize France has problem's .... who doesnt?

I am also questioned about where I stand on taxes ... since I have voted against a state income tax in Texas most of my voting life by voting GOP in Texas? Texas has been doing fairly well, even through this recession, compared to some state's, and I dont fix what is NOT broken. I was not born in Texas, but am here for a reason and not just the weather, you heard of the east and west coast's, well .... this is the new coast as America evolve's, with let's say ....a unique future ahead of it. And for year's Texas has just been doing great period on just about every level, of course with the exception of thing's like letting same sex marriage go through ... which I didnt care about anywayz ... Why? Because I know that it is discrimination to not allow same sex marriage and only a matter of time before it will have to be ruled in favour of gay advocate's for same sex marriage all across America. I dont worry about issue's like abortion, because I know that to overturn Roe Vs. Wade would create a new nightmare in this nation .... and to do such would be like putting a gun to your head .... even GOP politician's know this in their heart regardless of what crap we are fed in campaign talk, it will not be overturned. Gun right's were an issue for me as well for year's ... I was a hunter as a kid and young man .... carried gun's since I was a kid, and been an NRA supporter for year's. And I also know that the idea of taking away gun's from American's is another crock of crap .... you cant do it ... period. There are over 200 million "known" gun's throughout this country .... and that isnt even counting all the illegal gun's which are million's more that are imported through black market avenue's as well from other countries. So dont try to tell me their going to take our gun's away .... they cant. The people will fade away from gun's on their own without force in time.

So why would I all of the sudden support tax increase yet at the same time complain of taxes? I oppose taxes based on what such a high percentage of taxes and break's go to in this country .... I am NOT against taxation at all. It's just that in a country, again like France .... where people pay high taxes, they actually get a Hell of alot for their tax dollar's. Let's be frank here .... they dont have to work 2 to 3 part time job's with no benefit's, no sick pay, no insurance, and worry if they get sick they will become homeless. They get at least 4 to 5 week's off just vacation a year .... because their government see's to it that they do. If they want to go to college ... they dont have to go into damn near bankruptcy on over inflated student loan's, that have them in debt 10's of thousand's before they even graduate. I could go on and on .... that's just a taste. In this country ....the more tax you pay .... the more these corporation's milk it and give "nothing" in return and have the nerve to actually tell our people's government what they can and cannot do .... or they will cut off their support in campaign's and throw them to the dog's one way or another. There is plenty of capitalism, free market, and small business as well as corporate in France ... and union's to also help. And those same entities and corporation's that play along with it there ... dont here ... and are increasingly trying to destroy union's and worker's right's. These same entities here are responsible for million's of legal immigrant's they sponsor directly or indirectly through legislation to be imported to America to fill job's, that frankly should be first considered for our recent graduate's who just shelled out an arm and a leg to their financial affiliate's to get their degree. You want "truth" .... I'll certainly give it to you. I have no problem with paying over half my check in taxes, if you can guarantee me that I wont end up in some alley or similar enviroment eating whatever I can find, we actually have Veteran's living like this in our country, and dont tell me we dont, spend a day with me in the street's and I will take you to them personally. I pay all my check as it is now to the market's and barely keep a roof over my head and a fair amount of comfort ....and am insured ... but know if I get some catastrophic illness, injury, accidental or any way ... I'm probably better off killing myself in this country, cause it would absolutely drain me financially like million's of other's, insurance or no insurance the way were set up.

I am alway's told about past recession's and past remedies, or what happened in the Great Depression or after WW2, and what they done to resolve the problem then or what the chart's say. Let me be plain and simple here .... this is not the market or world of the early 1930's or post WW2, or the era of our founding father's which I also hear so much reference to. It is a new era, with new challenge's, and new population and immigration figure's, new player's, and a different playing field. "IF" we continue to do business as usual and keep lolligagging we are going to see the morale of our social order decline across the board, and a chain reaction of other event's which I wrote plenty about throughout this journal, that would be pointless for me to point out all over again. Dont tell me that the time's are going to be better and it will get back to the way it was, because it cant and it wont, by continueing the same ole same ... you simply cannot change without changing.

I am not saying that this country should do as France or become France, it wont either way we do thing's. But I am saying that we need to REALLY act, and pulling stunt's like today from Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky pulled, on bucking at the last minute emergency unemployment benefit's and insurance or similar political grandstanding stunt's from either of these side's are just going to make ya'll's relation's with the American People worse than they already are, and bring down social morale and trust even further. It wont? Keep playing these little game's and see what ya'll get. Even our President is sick and tired of this nonsense, I have posted myself so much about how people are going to buck him left and right in the beginning of this journal, but thought at least he could get a lil more cooperation than what he has, you can THANK solely corporate America for most of this, including the mess and debt we are in, then government (both side's), then the people for ignoring the early sign's and those who thought you can get something for nothing, but the corporate sector orchestrated the foundation of this mess. So there are many title's that one could call me .... from a socialist to a nutcase. Which is fine .... I only show the reality, not what is popular, or fashionable. Pick any posting throughout this journal and it show's just that with consistency throughout. I am not right or wrong, or left or right, or anything more than a reflection of reality.

Enough said ......

Thursday, February 25, 2010

MUDDY WATERS and SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: "Got my Mojo workin" .... SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: "Keep it to Yourself" ....

In this posting for this journal's music sector .... it's past due that I post these two gentlemen/ artist's in particular .... and because they are the major influence of almost all of the music in this journal .... and part of my spirit since day one.

My love for music was all inspired by Jazz, R&B, and Soul early in my childhood, such as James Brown. All of the classic rock from the British Invasion of the 1960's of such icon's as The Yardbirds to the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Animals, Clapton, etc .... to the American legend's from the New York Dolls to Aerosmith to Hendrix .... were all partly influenced by these two gentlemen, as well as Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt who I posted in an earlier post who was also a major influence to Led Zeppelin's great composer and string master Jimmy Page.

Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) 1913-1983 of Issaquena County,MS the legendary blues guitarist/ vocalist/ writer and Sonny Boy Williamson (Aleck Ford) 1899/1912- 1965 (his birth year has been questionable) of Tallahatchie County, MS. the legendary blues harmonica/ vocalist/ writer, are the cornerstone's of the rock music evolution that fan's cherish today .... and were the "sparkle in the eye" of so many of today's icon's of the art and industry early in their lives. Thank You so much gentlemen for your art and contribution's to our Art's Culture and America! And a couple of my favourite's below.

This first piece is "live" .... of the two together performing "Got my Mojo workin" .... Enjoy ....

Sonny Boy Williamson II- Keep It To Yourself- Live in Europe- 1963 ... Thanx to SZKAPELEK


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GREEN POLICE: .... When fictional HUMOR .... turn's into non- fictional PARANOIA ....

During a long drive back home again the other night in the late hour's rural darkness, I decided to listen to some talk radio .... a show called "Texas Overnight" that is a conservative slant talk show hosted by Charlie Jones, ole Charlie I have listened to on and off for year's. It's an open line show where folk's from all over the state call in and just bring up various topic's and one talk lead's to another .... it air's I believe 12am to 4am ... and this was about 1am or so I reckon.

One of the topic's raised was the Super Bowl commercial a couple week's back presented by "AUDI" motor's, which was actually my favourite Super Bowl commercial this year .... I mean ... I thought it was hilarious and was laughing my ass off, and "cheer's" to AUDI! The most voted popular though for most American's was actor comedian Betty White (who's I reckon in her upper 80's now) being tackled or such in football for a "Snickers" candy bar commercial. But all shit aside ... I loved this AUDI commercial. And took it for what it was ....which is "humor".

But when this subject on this commercial came up, I was shocked how many folk's were bent out of shape over it .... saying that this is what America is coming to because of enviromentalist's, etc ... I mean like ... total paranoia. I mean ... sure there are going to be some enviromental law's made ... and I agree there should be to an extent ... at least more than we do now. But it's sad to let yourself panic in paranoia over a damn commercial like this .... look at the humor side of it .... it was a bloody car commercial, meant to be funny and show that their car's are in tune with more greener engineering is all. BTW .... the music score was done by "Cheap Trick" who is a great band live in concert .... seen them twice and love their show's! Enjoy .... please dont get frightened though ....

2010 Audi Green Car SuperBowl Commercial ... Thanx to FIGHTFIREWITHFAITH


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Police chases in this town are fairly common cause of the mass amount of freeway's and land area .... many are fairly long .... I believe this one started in Dallas or Arlington or so .... and ended in Fort Worth ( FW locally referred to as "the cheap side of Dallas" ). But what make's this chase unique .... is how the runner got ....let's say "tripped up". I mean his drawers (pant's) were sagging and he just couldnt keep them on right from what I gather. This is not to insult the homeboy at all .... I admire your effort's Sir. I'm guessing ya'll are sitting up in jail as I write this watching this shit on the news and high fivin, and laughing ya'll's asses off, I know we used to when I was locked down :) .... but you must think of these thing's when you try to pull a stunt like that.

Fort Worth Police Chase (dude jumps out of car during chase) ... Thanx to Haileo20


Monday, February 22, 2010

MARILYN MANSON: ....."Rock is Dead" ....

Of course as I have posted in previous video posting's here and here of the work of Marilyn Manson .... this group is just one outstanding group of artist's, in so many categories, in the mainstream end of the music industry, as well as one of my favourite "live" performer's. I was taking a stroll down Memory Ln. back to this 1998 release ... to post this next outstanding piece of work by Mr.Warner (MM) and associate's called "Rock is Dead". Enjoy! ..................

Marilyn Manson- Rock Is Dead ... Thanx to ANGELXGOTICA


Friday, February 19, 2010

TERRY HOSKINS: American Patriot in ACTION .... and .... getting the JOB DONE ....

When you do what Mr.Hoskins done .... your a "patriot" in these time's, in my opinion. Protecting one's property and asset's is as patriotic as defending American soil, and truely an American quality. Protecting our country some may say from these new tyrannical force's who figured out how to sweep up every business and property in this land if they needed to and have complete ownership.

I also want to state here that Mr.Hoskins also said over the last several year's he has spent "million's" on attorney's, how many .... I dont know. However that is also a pointer that I want to add here. There is a "gold rush" situation going on right now as I write these word's all over your local tele network's for instance, especially since April 15th (tax day) is right around the corner, of so called "ex- IRS insider" folk's who know how to save you from these audit's problem's, foreclosure's, and getting you "discount's" on what you owe. Most of these are a scam, they show worried people, frightened in these video's and advertisement's, going through the current financial nightmare's we have .... and tell you that their people were working at a time in the IRS and know how to get past their trick's, actual former employee's. Right there they are admitting that when they worked with the IRS they practiced shady and possible illegal practice's. These folk's in many cases are no more than the same scammer's who set up a PO Box and storefront, buy up faulty loan's from major financial institution's, and "loan shark" type lender's, for pennies on the dollar, then through collection's illegally harass you and make threat's, use your faulted loan for a tax haven as well as the initial lender, some will even try to get a check for instance from old timer's who still use checking , in even a small amount so that they can just get the routing codes off the bottom and electronically from another state milk your account. Trust me ... it's a scam business widespread. In a place like Texas .... you can actually sue these bastard's which one local Dallas area man done repeatedly.

Mr.Hoskins after year's of problem's with RiverHills Bank, as well as the IRS who placed lien's on his store and commercial property ... also having the bank now claim his home as collateral and threatening to foreclose, and over a million he claim's to have spent on attorney's (another inside racket), bulldozed his home in SW Ohio's Clermont County .... to not let them take it, and vowed to not let anyone take his business either. And that's what I call getting the JOB DONE.

Mr.Hoskins ..... your my hero Sir!!

***** HUFFPOST/ BUSINESS: Terry Hoskins: Ohio Man Bulldozes $350K Home To Avoid Foreclosure

Man Said Actions Intended To Send Message To Banks ... Thanx to WLWT


Thursday, February 18, 2010

JOSEPH STACK SUICIDE ATTACK .... is far more DEEPER, than just an attack on the IRS ....


Joseph Stack

This posting concerning Joseph Stack who wrote and posted a manifesto online, then destroyed his home, and flew his plane into an Austin, TX building that housed IRS office's and employees. And I am certainly not posting this to condemn Mr. Stack's action's, I have posted as well ... that I alway's think violence should be an option, and still stand by that. I am impressed as well with his manifesto, and find him to be very sincere ... and I respect that. The victim's I truely mourn for, even if they are employee's of the IRS, they are only doing their job's and are truely innocent, I put all this blame on those who kill us daily in war, through legislation, brainwashing us, penalizing us, and raping us .... the blood is on your hand's ... as it alway's was, even when it come's to the jihadist's ... it is solely the "3 entities" responsible for all the bloodshed ... period! I also want to add here, that from this day forward, Mr.Stack will be with me in spirit, sad that he felt he needed to act, but many are just sick and tired as I have posted time and again, as well as American's are voicing from coast to coast. It should be no suprise to anyone that as I write this, just hour's after his action's ... there is a list of blog's and posting's declaring this man as a "right wing" extremist and terrorist ... as he also predicted he will be labeled as. Online the "talk" spread's faster than "jailhouse talk" which is quicker than the media ... and of course, he is already labeled "evil". The corporate dictator's and pocket puppet politician's as well as the Vatican thanx ya'll for your unwaivering support! : ) Also the "POST NOTE" here as the last paragraph is very important, because "THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY" .... we are also brainwashed by these entities to believe that. Fairly lame at getting any damn thing done, but only because of the power's that make them like that.

First I wanted to post this video from CNN's Rick Sanchez, interviewing software consultant Michael Crawford on the reality of how small people and entrepreneur's, those who REALLY ACHIEVE ... are manipulated raped and robbed ... all of course "LEGALLY" by what I call throughout this journal the "3 Entities", and like a bunch of sap's ... most of the population is so brainwashed or afraid of these corrupt power's ... we call any of those who oppose this with violent act's, nutty, insane, etc,etc. Look at these two gentlemen in this video ... they are so full of fear ... their first word's are to "clarify" that they are against this man's action's, as well as closing statement's, now that is true "fear" .... and even Mr. Crawford is lowered to looking down and saying it is NOT the "RIGHT" way to handle this ... and my heart goes out to you Sir, perhap's you can both share a "politically correct" way to tell us what is the "right way" of handling this .... heh? Uh- huh .... that's what I thought ...... proceed.

What set off the Austin pilot? ... Thanx to CNN

Throughout this journal .... almost exclusively I have pointed out the reality of what I call the "3 entities" which are mega politic's, organized religion's, and corporation's .... and how they increasingly create an unlevel playing field to the point where capitalism has no longer any capital, and they have now monopolized the entire globe through education, religion, corporate dictating of our war's, government's and the rest of the entire cesspool. Yes ... I have read Mr. Stack's Manifesto ... it is probably the most honest painting of the current reality that I have seen since I been online which will be 2 year's this April 2010. Much of it looked like a carbon copy of my journal here actually. I cant say what is right and wrong ... since I NEVER believed in right/ wrong (as the word's are defined for most reason) ... as set in stone that is. What is right/ wrong change's like the season's all manipulated through our education institution's, churches, dictated by the world money and legislated by their political flunkies they throw peanut's at of our money of course. I am sure over the next week or so ... million's will read Mr.Stack's Manifesto ... and even though many will respond in the popular way out of fear .... inside many will be enlightened let's say ... and say .... it make's sense. I also want to state for the record here ... I agree with Mr.Stack's view (manifesto) almost entirely .... so much that I think a monument of it in granite should be made in the future for future generation's that will see our stupidity and fear in these time's, and say ..... "Never Again" .... set up as a reminder of what our failure to act can lead to.

My heart has to go out to the victim's of these act's .... sincerely ... but dont blame this on just the IRS and Mr.Stack's dispute with them. This video above I chose to, look at the reality from the horses mouth ... I sincerely feel sorry for Mr.Crawford here ... I known for long how these truely creative and hard working people more than anyone have been being robbed, raped, and just more and more brutally as the year's go on ... throughout this journal there is page after page of how the truely creative, and real capitalist, and those who are the great innovative thinker's and true elite of our globe and society, especially our "young" get trampled under foot, and the worst is the young get even the hardest fist ... because after your old ... they toss you a few can's of puppy chow then start on the 20 or 30 year rape of the young, and thus repeat over and over, generation after generation. They manipulate everything from the salaries ... which they ALWAY'S CAPPED on the American work engine, and their whole existence is not only off of our work, but our tax dollar's as well. They drain every bit of life out of all of us ... regardless of what you may think.

I have read more than my fair share of comment's online of this man where he is called everything from a teabagger, to a democrat, socialist, nutcase, etc etc ... the list goes on. Well ... that is fine and dandy, what they intentionally dont say, out of trying to be popular and accepted ... is how much truth there is to what this man say's ... although many will ... whether they openly admit it or not. Rest assured that this entire cesspool WILL collapse as I posted over and over again. We play this game of bubble/ bust decade after decade ... it get's worse every time we delay any actual change ... as a result as I have said time and again .... folk's will only take so much before they start to retaliate. Mr. Stack is the tip of the warhead of what will eventually come .... if we continue to do business as usual .... you can bank on that. And our future will be nothing like this pit we are in ... or will the new generation's let this EVER happen again, just like history show's us with the empire's of past and what we dont let happen now. This is not an issue of left/ right, good/ evil, etc ... it's an issue concerning action/ reaction, cause/ effect ... it is natural order at it's finest that will come.

Enough said ....

POST NOTE: I also cant stress enough here ... that THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY THEORY, to any of this. I hear so much about a conspiracy by the government to do this and that, and all the fault of the IRS. To be honest ... it isnt the tax man or even your politic's that are the "ENEMY" ... they are used and manipulated as much as us. It is those major player's that corrupt our government's and manipulate them, they dont need any bloody damn "conspiracy" ... Why? Because they have all the power through law/ legislation and financial power to do whatever they want right in our face's and even tell us what they are doing while they do it. You dont "NEED" a conspiracy, or to hide a damn thing ... you make it all LAW. This is why I say time and again throughout this journal that I am for "Nationalized Health Care" and also a certain amount of "socialism" along with some "capitalism" ... and see through our right's, that we actually have the power to make change, and I DO TRUST a government health plan MUCH MORE than I trust any of these mega profit tycoon's, they even buy the churches, the IRS to our EPA even. The government is whatever we allow them to do with it. Yes ... I would accept more socialism if it meant being more fair to those who actually accomplish.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ALISSA BLANTON .... and .... the "INCOMPETENT" Judge John .D. Moxley,Jr. .... and "WHY" women should "ARM THEMSELVES" ....

Alissa Blanton

What inspire's this posting is blogger Ms.Rita of the blog "Around Town with Rita", a blog that I frequent, that had a posting on "troll's" online that like to harass women .... and also a dear old friend who was a dancer/ entertainer at a Dallas "Men's Club" by the name of Charlie DiFazio, and another old friend by the name of Minerva Cirilo, that had a similar situation being stalked by an "ex" boyfriend/ date, that I became involved with. I also wanted to point out that the Judge ( Brevard County, Fl. Circuit Court Judge John .D. Moxley, Jr.)who denied this injunction, through unecessary prolonging of a restraining order in this case to this victim .... 23 year old Mrs. Alissa Blanton of Cocoa, Fl. .... I cant find word's to express my thought's of his incompetence.


Alissa Blanton Was Murdered By A Man Who Stalked Her For Over A Year- 911 Calls ... Thanx to DREAMIN' DEMON

I am very pro gun right's I will point out first .... and have stressed for year's to women the importance of arming yourself. My old friend Charlie I used to pick up after her work at about 4am who was a dancer/ entertainer at a local club, I had to almost put a gun in her hand because she feared them at first. I picked her up at work after she had her liscense suspended for a drunk driving offense where she also wrecked her car one night. I was telling Ms.Rita the other day about some pointer's on possible stalker's that lurk online as well.

Alissa was also newly wed .... her husband Mr.Brent Blanton worked with her at an AT&T call center. My heart sincerly goes out to this man .... but I also wonder when a man's wife is harassed like this, how far should you go? I sware .... if it was me, I would hunt this SOB down like an animal and at least give this SOB an asswhipping he would never have forgot ( if he's too big, then that is why you have thing's like baseball bat's).... I dont give a shit if he is 61 year's old! And this so called Judge ... I would like to put my foot in his sorry ass as well! She was gunned down in the parking lot of her bloody job at AT&T, and hit numerous times (9) in her face, chest, and stomach .... clearly a premeditated execution by 61 year old Roger Troy, who then killed himself also afterward's. And for those women who dont have a gun right off hand .... dont bother with a knife, get a good sturdy screwdriver/ tool, and learn your vital point's, such as the stomach and throat, practice and use that for defense. It's gruesome? Not more gruesome than you lying in a pool of your own blood as a victim .... get the Hell over it!

Mrs.Blanton presented the Judge with evidence and OVER 70 page's of documented harassing phone call's/ email's, and threat's by her assailant, she even begged for a restraining order against this man .... yet this Judge postponed it for a hearing to come two week's later .... only one week after her presentation she was dead. Listen to Dr. Michael Welner ( Associate Professor of Psychiatry, NYU ) here as well .... he paint's a clear picture of the problem and even the red tape BS that these victim's are faced with ... I mean .... if I was a gal .... I would have a goddamn gun with me wherever I go .... so I am taking it a step beyond the doctor here. Why? Because the system is not set up by any stretch of the definition to protect the average citizen. "IF" Mrs. Blanton was higher up the social ladder, rest assured this Judge would have had her restraining order in a heartbeat.

Like I told Charlie .... " carry a goddamn gun girl and get the Hell over it ... I will teach you how to use it" Charlie feared gun's and was a bleeding heart as well, she finally took my advice .... but some wont. I alway's hear also from folk's for instance in less gun friendly state's .... that they are not legally able to arm themselves, or the complexities of their local law's. Let me be clear here .... the goddamn law's are NOT in sync with the reality of the current condition and legislated by a bunch of pansies that dont even have to live in the reality that most of us do. Frankly .... I wouldnt give a shit if their totally outlawed, I WILL find a goddamn gun one way or another. Would that have stopped this man? Maybe NOT .... but it is extra insurance for safety and your life. If you cant get a restraining order in a reasonable amount of time .... and you try to distance yourself and dont have much success, what in Hell are you supposed to do? What is the "right thing"? Well .... by law for us common folk's .... the right thing to do is wait till you get shot then call 911 .... I shouldnt need to hit you in the head with a brick to figure out what that can result in.

This man who killed Mrs. Blanton been stalking her ever since she was single and worked as a waitress at a restaraunte ... she couldnt shake the guy .... he was so obsessed with her .... it should have been clear to anyone what danger this young lady was in ... being only in your early 20's it is difficult to realize at time's, but someone should have alerted her, because there were red flag's from here to sundown. My condolences to her familia ........ Enough said.

POST NOTE: One more thought to look at here ..... this Judge told a local newspaper after, that he couldnt determine whether Troy's action's met the legal definition of stalking? You goddamn stupid SOB! .... do you have a goddamn brain? .... talking about what he has to do as far as following law. I realize better than anyone how important it is as far as hearing's, trial's, and following law, just like I posted earlier about giving this terror suspect "miranda right's", and the suspect's case getting thrown out, etc. But this is totally different as far as placing this injunction, you are "paid" a goddamn pay check to "JUDGE" ... meaning to do just THAT, and use your goddamn brain. This IS NOT a "case" (from a jury/ court indictment) ..... and not a trial, and believe me .... the state wouldnt be at fault or the ruling and injunction over a woman pleading for protection with over 70 pages of documenting evidence. Have we become so goddamn dumb and out of touch with reality that some of us no longer have the goddamn ability to act in reason? Geeeeezzzzz!


Friday, February 12, 2010


Over the last 2 day's we had record snowfall here in Dallas/ Fort Worth of approximately 13 inches in 24 hour's. We get a couple snow day's a year usually but only a few inches, and it goes quick, generally most of our winter here is dry and sunny, but can get some very chilly day's and night's. So I wanted to post this one.

This first picture is actually from my daughter's office window on the 17th floor, just right down the street here in our neighborhood in NW Dallas, looking down onto the top level of their parking garage, you have to look close to make it out. What they done (goofing off on the job) ... her and a couple co-worker's drove their car's around the lot (which you can still see the car's still there) and designed a "pirate ship" on water wave's in the snow, and even used old file binder's/ folder's for the ship as well that were laying around the office. WFAA/ Dallas Morning News even thought it was unique enough that they published it, and the Dallas Observer as well .... they were just bored with a slow day at work and decided to utilize their creative skill's. (reminded me of that "crop circle" stuff)

This next short clip off of downtown Dallas, Feb. 11th, 2010 .... as it started to come in.

Snow in Downtown Dallas ... Thanx to GARRETT DOLLAR



In various past posting's I have touched here and there on these topic's, but I just wanted to compile some thought's here in this one post for this journal. What inspire's this is some small chat online in comment's, post's I have read, and also those that I see just on the street's of the working class backbone of our great nation. And I really mean that ....when I say "GREAT NATION". But I also see how complex of a society we have become, and how our defintion's of word's have been modified, our political correctness increase to the point of absurdity, our dependency on word's instead of action to make us feel better .... and our frail responses to who we look at as great leader's and icon's. I have no problem with those who are actually elite, or to a point even of a society being "governed" (to an extent) by those qualified to lead and make decision's that benefit the society, I am NOT an anarchist. But what I have been witnessing is absolutely absurd.

Many reasonable practical thinking people even felt that this bailout practice of our's is the answer or a positive move. I have to disagree .... they say if we dont it can lead to depression from a financial global meltdown .... I do agree there. I never in my life thought that anything worthwhile came "easy", I have had hard hit's all my life, been defeated time and again and fell on my ass more than once as far as I can remember, been condemned to Hell since my day one, but learned to live with it, and make the best that I can of it, and be proud of it. I know better than anyone if there was a "financial meltdown" how difficult it would be. I know that without credit/ loan's from major financial institution's how hard it can be. But I also know that our continuation of pampering these failed entities is not capitalism or free market .... and I realize from these constant problem's and boom/ bust scenario's and recession after recession .... that downsizing, or bankruptcy/ liquidation's or collapse of some of these iconic institution's is the best thing for our future. The term "too BIG to FAIL" should be a wake up call to all of us. Yes .... there was a time when these icon's of industry, finance, manufacturing, etc were a must need. BUT .... time's change and so do we. I was a graphic's/ pre-press person by trade at a time, now ... we dont need them. My Grandpa from England had a "livery" (horse) business at a time when first migrated to America .... but then was the mass production of automobile's for "all", I could go on and on .... of how industry and technologies change and shape the new financial global arena. A blogger the other day I frequent named "TRUTH101", told me of the "hurt" factor we would face from depression and a financial meltdown, which is true, I agree 110% with the man .... but sooner or later we are going to have to change and suffer some hit's .... it's only natural .... I, unlike many American's see this credit tightening and freeze in some cases as a positive. We have spent, borrowed, and sold to the gill's with endless debt to countries like Saudi Arabia and China ... and started living on prayer's, instead of action. Even our President Obama agree's with this ... and has said time and again ... this "too big to fail" must end. Our world trade is too complex and interdepent in the 21st century to continue to use 20th century practice's, and solution's.

Our definition of "elitism" has even became silly, or those we feel are important to our civility and survival. Ask yourself ... what is elite about one that does nothing but manipulate other's money? What does this small percentage of so called elite, that control almost all the world's wealth do so special to deserve such a title? What does over half of those in our government representation do to make them even worthy of another term ... not to mention any retirement package? Have any of them fed you or your familia?, sat down at the table with you?, make sure there is a roof over your head? .... make sure you could get a paycheck without you working your ass off to get it? How many of our young best trained military have died not for our freedom .... but for corporate interest's? or to rape some impoverished nation of their resource's and dirt cheap slave labour, to import here and take our job's domestically? Why do we give any of these people respect or look at them as elite? Who make's this system work and be prosperous? Who does the manufacturing? Who come's up with the invention's that better our quality of life? Who buy's all the trade? Who manufacture's all our export's? Who keep's us and our loved one's healthy and with the newest medical treatment's? You could go on and on with related question's ... the answer alway's come's back to "those" who actually make this machine work and evolve .... which is us.

So .... why would I have confidence in our future without these parasitic type's of over inflated seat warmer's and lip service mouthpiece's? Because I see the potential in human's, I have faith not in these manufactured icon's, but in those entrepreneur's, scientist's, inventor's, assembly line worker's, baker's and chef's, art's/ craft's folk's, our soldier's/ defender's, etc, etc. I have CONFIDENCE, that even in the toughest of toughest challenge's, when our back's are against the wall, and push come's to shove, and those large icon's meet their long past due fate and fall as a result of their own action's .... those of us who are actually truely elite will shine our best and take us through those hard time's to a better and greater future, not to rehash the mistake's of old. I am very confident of what our potential is .... we are the one's who have accomplished everything that make's this machine work. I have confidence! .... and very good reason to. We are very capable of controlling our own destiny .... we alway's have. We have just been deluded into thinking we need these folk's to tell us what to do next. I have alway's tried to figure out a way to make thing's work, no matter what obstacle's were in the way, you wont know how much you can accomplish on your own if you never attempt to. A homeless camp outside of Seattle I posted on last year ( The "American Dream" .... and the "New Normal" .... posted Tues.Sept.29, 2009 ) .... during this recession, they formed their own governing body, have rule's and law's and protect themselves from crime and outside danger's with no help from churches, or local police, or the City of Seattle Government .... they do for themselves and made their own safe community .... in my opinion ... those are truely elite. Their not in the economic hardship they are in due to their action's ... they are in their homeless situation because of the action's of other's who governed over them in some form, a system they put trust in that failed them .... many of the folk's had trade's and occupation's, skill's, just like many of us.

Look at the reality, and past what you are "taught/ told" to look at by those who simply want for a herd to follow them like blind sheep. As I have alway's said .... and again here .... "it is not you who need them .... it is them who need you". And you dont solve problem's of this sort by throwing money at them, you only worsen the problem from not facing the consequence's of ill decision's, and create a temporary fix it, not seeing the economic consequence's to come 10 to 20 year's down the road to our children from our decision's now. Nothing come's easy .... never has in our history and not likely to now. Learn how to control your own destiny, and if it dont work, try something else until it does work. Listening to these worthless parasite's will get you nowhere's.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VOTING IN AMERICA 2010 .... does it make any difference anymore? ....

This posting is simply inspired by many folk's here in my hometown (Dallas)that I talk to in small chat here and there .... so this has nothing to do with the "blogger's" that I have frequented on this internet, which are all very good writer's in my opinion (many seem like they have more of a political agenda, and more interested in competing with each other and/ or giving each other adrenaline shot's of sort) .... certainly more educated than the people that I talk to on the street, when it come's to politic's. But I try to get the mood and feeling as well ... from everyday working folk's that I see just throughout the neighborhood and town. And many of the folk's arent even from Dallas or Texas originally .... that's why I said earlier that it remind's me of the 1960/1970's Los Angeles here, because Dallas and Texas .... is just alot of folk's from everywheres else. Many of my neighbor's for instance are from Detroit, Boston, Bronx/ NYC, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittburgh, Des Moines, to name a few place's, and many from Central America and Mexico, Hell .... even our Mayor isnt from here! It would be interesting to find out just how many of the 6.5 million or so folk's in this metro area were actually born and raised here? I myself wasnt born here either ... but been here the largest portion of my life, Houston was my first city of residency.

I know 2 guy's and one gal off the top of my head, that I've known for year's that have alway's been ... let's say ..."anti-vote" .... and several other's who just never cared about it one way or the other. But recently more and more folk's I talk to as well .... feel that voting is a waste of time ... basically in so many word's ... because the "game" is so rigged nowaday's .... many look at me like I'm nutty for actually voting, and talking about it .... many seem to have this attitude ...of "what difference will it make? ... their (politician's) going to do whatever they want to do anyway ... and dont care about anything but taking our money". My daughter couldnt wait till her 18th birthday to vote .... yet I talk to several young folk's all the time and ask alot of question's and their opinion's, and they dont seem to really care ... most think like me that Washington has too many that should retire, go fishing or something ... and the only sparkle I seen in any of their eye's recently was because this President Obama got elected, other than that ... I dont think they have much interest in the political system, yet there are those young folk's that really go out of their way to get out and vote as well.

I never claimed to be a democrat or a republican, because I dont agree with the entire agenda's of either group .... so I have alway's voted just thinking about what candidate of the two chosen for me to pick from would I be more comfortable with. Kind of like the "Good Cop/ Bad Cop" routine. I also want to be honest here in this journal more than anything else .... and ADMIT that ....YES ... I do feel like a HYPOCRITE ... for constantly writing about these folk's and their contribution's or lack of .... then turn around and actually even vote for those very people that I rant about .... which several folk's that I know has pointed out to me ... basically that I think too much about voting and politic's, and I'm just pissing in the wind voting for them. Which maybe I am .... I dont know ... perhap's it's one of my psychological hang-up's ... because it has been embedded in my brain so long that it make's a difference to vote. But yes .... many folk's have told this to me face to face .... so that is why I am posting this .... not because of anything online as I said ... Hell .... many of the folk's online sound more like professional political analyst's the way they talk .... certainly not like the the average person on the street. This is also why I try to word my posting like I was talking to the average person face to face ... using my actual daily language in other word's.

However .... to those of who may think I am pissing in the wind or politically obsessed, or inbalanced ... the fact is that we REALLY do have right's ... well at least more than alot of other folk's do around the globe, and more able to voice our opinion and so forth ... so ... that is why I didnt feel that it's a waste of time. You see ....we have this Constitution/ Bill of Rights and such ... and able to utilize it ... so I figured to simply do just that. And felt like if enough people maybe did start to care and get out and vote ... maybe eventually change would come. But I understand how ya'll feel .... believe me, when ya'll just tell me thing's like, "it aint gonna do any damn good". Believe me .... there is nothing I would love more than to see at least two third's of Washington just step aside and retire or something .... and I do realize if you read my posting's why they are allowed to go on for year's and year's making career's until their 6 feet under, so I'm not dumb to that. And YES ...I DO REALIZE it is a "rigged deck" .... I have also pointed that out .... so I am not ignoring reality, I just felt like, since it is our right, utilize it is all.

Enough said ..........

Monday, February 8, 2010


Another Texas band that I need to post in this journal .... The Edgar Winter Group . Edgar (the white haired Albino)is just one Hell of a composer, and one of America's great contemporary Jazz artist's in my opinion. From Beaumont,Texas ( Beaumont/ Port Arthur Area ... where Janis Joplin is also from) .... not far from the Houston Area .... Edgar and his brother Johnny (not in this video) who's specialty is "Blues", got their start in the late 1960's playing the local dive's in the area, took off in their own direction's and mastered their own style's ... Edgar influenced by Jazz ... and Johnny by Blues, basically.

In 1972 the album called "They only come out at Night" was one of the most popular album's Edgar done I would think ... and it had this song called "Frankenstein" that in 1973 started to really climb in the record chart's, and brought some notoriety. Having lived in the Houston Area back in the early 1970's was I must say some of the best memories of my life ... and spending weekend's at the club's in Houston. Watching Edgar and Johnny give long performance's, back in the day when Edgar would run all over the stage and play so many different instrument's, then drift off into his electronic synthesized journey's, was a show indeed! .... truly a master of the art .... and Thank You Sir for all the great memories! Enjoy!

The Edgar Winter Group- Frankenstein ... Thanx to JONEPS



Friday, February 5, 2010


What inspire's this posting in this journal .... is the endless amount of coverage this is getting in all media's .... so ... on an issue like this ... I do a post and give my opinion. There was a ton of video's I could have posted here, but I didnt post any .... because many are too soft on this and not painting an entire picture, that I have seen in the network's .... and would only contaminate my post from focusing on a few point's I wanted to. I can only hope that our government doesnt have to spend much time, money or effort on this, and it doesnt become some kind of political international bargaining chip of sort.

Bottom line for the record .... you have 10 American missionaries who were trying to take 33 undocumented children across the border into the Dominican Republic, and didnt succeed .... held in custody now of Haitian authorities and charged with so far .... Kidnapping Children ... which under Haitian law does NOT allow bail, and can carry a maximum penalty if convicted by a jury of up to life in prison, then a charge of Criminal Association that carries a sentence of 3 to 9 year's. According to the Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive .... the judge in this case has 3 month's to decide whether to prosecute or not ... and if they prosecute, it will be up to a jury to decide whether or not these missionaries were acting in good faith. Also Prime Minister Bellerive said that the Haitian Government is open to possibly the idea of having them tried in US Court's.

So far I have seen in video's nothing but sad puppy dog face's and whining from these missionaries being detained. In their defense I will add that it is said that some of the parent's of these children willingly gave up their children to them .... based on what they were told about the children being taken to a "better life", I want to be fair here .... and it's not like these folk's were abusive kidnapper's out to kidnap children like a pedophile would. However I do question what exactly they "told" the parent's? Or even offered any of them? In other word's ... was their any "trickery" involved? I cant help to see this though as these folk's being rightfully charged under Haitian Law. And when you take on these sort's of mission's in foreign land's ... whether it is in "good faith" or not ... you understand ... or should ... that there is a certain amount of risk. I can understand the familia's concern and miseries as well of the missionaries ... I have a cousin who live's in Oceanside,CA (between LA and San Diego)who is one of these missionaries for a catholic church group, and I would be upset to a degree if she was detained in a foreign country. But the bottom line is .... you are aware that there are risk's.

I have seen folk's on this internet with many different angle's and opinion's .... and even throwing in that it is racially motivated on the part of the Haitian Authorities because they are white American missionaries .... but I never hear anyone griping about these white American missionaries who take an endless amount of photo-op's and media interview's when back in the State's with these "children of color" they "pose" with every opportunity given ... and all the back patting they wallow in, and loving from the so called liberated masses on how "great" they are .... or how "good" they are ....and all the tax exempt benefit's they savor and other glory. So I cant help to wonder if any of this has other motivation factor's? I never agreed with the idea of going into any foreign land and telling people they are right or wrong .... or that I am good and doing whatever I do for their good. I believe that many of our foreign relation's are in peril simply because of our nosing in other's territories and affair's as I have endlessly posted throughout this journal. If I choose to help a nation ... I will send them food or arm's to defend themselves .... and only if they show mutual respect for us ... I wont send in missionaries to tell them how they are wrong, or to try to reform or change them, or send in our finest military to fight their war's so that we have strategic geographic advantage's over other neighboring nation's or to occupy, or to use their people for cheap corporate immigration and labour and/ or to drain their natural resources for our consumption. Which is what we have an awful track record of doing. And we wonder with all our "love" we shell out ... why so many group's retaliate and disrespect us ... and clearly use us every way they see they can? Are we that blind to be so unaware of the miseries we create on our own?

As far as these missionaries being detained in Haiti .... NO ... absolutely NOT would I even try to encourage the Haitian Government to let us hold the legal proceeding's on US soil ... or try to politically take advantage of this with some of our representation, who will if they figure it can get them some publicity or vote's. Nor would I intervene in any way ... or spend a dime of taxpayer's money in defense of any of these detainee's. It's not MY COUNTRY and not my business when people whether they are American or not go into these countries and violate law's, knowing that there can be consequence's. The Haitian Government has been very "gracious" in my opinion ... allowing them 24/7 access to outside representation, and contact with their familia's. Nor would I waste much of our representative's time with this mess, because they are paid to do a "job" in America .... and it would be nice to see them do more of that.

As far as advice or word's to those being detained and their loved one's ... I reckon I would just tell them to embrace their "faith". Most of these folk's will say they are doing what they do in "good faith" and have unlimited faith in God .... that IS why they go on these "mission's" ... is it not? Well then .... pray and hold dear to your faith, and God will pave the way he see's fitting ... okay? Case closed.

Enough said ...........

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can DRUG use lead to SUICIDE? .... Well there's one person I can think to answer that ....

Image result for can drug use lead to suicide ranch chimp journal


This posting is directed at young people in our great nation on the pitfall's that can come with drug abuse .... and even the unthinkable .... which is suicide. I myself am a father and grandfather. So I just wanted to post this to think of the kid's .... :)

Mr. Bill PSA about Drugs ... Thanx to INTERNET LURKER

MR. BILLS SUICIDE ... Thanx to AANG0785


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

THE RESIDENTS (PT.1): .... "Smack your Lip's (and clap your teeth) "LIVE" .... and .... "Gingerbread Man" ....

Most of the music sector of this journal is to honor those artist's who may have not been very mainstream in some cases .... not that I dont admire mainstrean artist's though, but they are publicized daily in society, and get an abundance of air play and market. But also those that have made excellent contribution's in the industries, and of course .... all of which are also in my personal collection as well.

This posting is to highlight a couple piece's from The Residents ... known as an American avant-garde/ experimental type group of artist's, who are said to be homebased in San Francisco. It was said though that they came out of Shreveport, Lousiana ( a tad over a hundred miles east of Dallas ) ... some high school buddies who enjoyed experimentation in music and visual art's ...packed up their truck and headed west .... which broke down in San Mateo, CA .... back around 1966. Their music start's somewhere's around the early to mid 1970's .... and they have so much at that, I myself have quite a collection of their's. And a BIG THANX to ya'll for all the great music and performances you gave us!

I see them as one of the finest group's ever in American music though, as far as visual art's and "live" performance's, and highly recommend their show. But the concept's of the stage's in their art evolution over the decade's and the genius of talent's compiled is unmatched in my opinion. They are as unique as those well known tuxedo, top hat, and eyeball head's they are identified with. There is much to choose, so I will just post a couple of my choices ... Enjoy!

The Residents- Smack Your Lips (clap your teeth) ... Thanx to MMOWOA

This next piece is called "Gingerbread Man" ... Thanx to RADIAL BY THE ORCHARD


Monday, February 1, 2010

Online Shopping Scam's and Tip's for Consumer's .... and being TOO QUICK to CLICK ....

One click could cost you ... Thanx to CNN

I am amazed at much of this .... especially online of all place's ... as far as people actually getting bitten so much .... I mean ... what is it with us? We certainly dont lack education, or even experience for that matter for most who actually get out and have shopped, or had to haggle deal's in market's, etc. I thought that Mr.Chuck Bell (Consumer's Union) here in this video summed it up perfectly when he descibed the internet market as the "Wild West" of today, because I have looked at this all as exactly that, commenting in previous posting's as well as to the lack of cyber crime intell globally and how it is a breeding ground for the criminal element, a "hustler's haven" is what it first appeared to me as, because what I had seen in less than two year's online is more scam's, lie's, advertising, than I have seen ever. But again .... I wonder .... what is it with people? Frankly, people/ consumer's are the one's who put themselves in these situation's. I am not upholding the action's of these hustler's ... but for me .... I see it as take's two to Tango. And it isnt just online shopping ... it's everything we do ... from our being conned by political folk's, churches, tele commercial's, controlling corporate giant's and investment financial firm's .... to charity and defending countries that rob us, spit on and burn our flag, and piss on our culture .... yet like a "mass of sap's" .... we buy it everytime. Yet we wonder "why" these folk's do this to us? And that is even more stupid. Let me answer that honestly ..... because we let them do it to us, we give them all "incentive" and "motive" in all of our's action's .... so it's natural their going to fuck you, when you drop your linen, start grinnin, and say "come and get it".

No .... I dont have a habit of shopping online, I have bought a few thing's online but was VERY careful of what and how I did it ... and read everything in it's entirety .... simply because it is 2nd nature to me, that anytime someone come's to me with anything .... my first reaction is "what do they want?". You like me? , You have a great deal for me? You are going to show me how to save money by spending money through you? You can teach me how to invest, or make money? Buy something and get something else of the same value for free? Join a club and make a purchase and I will get 20% off my next? Etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on with the lovely phrases and offer's and folk's that I never knew or met before and how much they want to do something for me, or get to know me .... whether it is on the street or in cyberspace .... you should alway's ask yourself ...why? Ask yourself what did you do to make someone want to give you such a deal? The heavy hard print is alway's the easiest to see .... dont be lazy to read all the small print first. Make it your "2nd nature". I shit you not ... and no ...I am not some paranoid freak thinking the whole world is out to screw me .... but have enough sense to know .... if I am walking through a bad or unfamiliar part of town from experience, I dont flash money and high side. Alway's stay low and watch everyone .... it's so simple. It is so basic to me, that I actually look at all the small print first before I even let the big print halfway sink in. You first see something that appeal's to you ... pause a moment and try to see why it appeal's to you so much? .... set a guideline or basic principle whenever you shop or browse, to do these small step's that dont REQUIRE nothing more than an extra minute or two of your time .... it is actually more easy than one may think to avoid much of the misery you end up with. Another important thing is .... never expect something for nothing in life. I mean ... so many even get caught in all the investment scam's that technically are not illegal ... but someone has been able to take something legal and learn how to manipulate it to their advantage and to capitalize off it.

Why are we so quick to click? Do we realize the importance of what a simple "click" can do? I mean .... most folk's would never under pressure just sign anything with a pen, without at least a good glance .... being somewhat hesitant when that pen is in your hand .... it's simple .... be the same way with finger's on the mouse. I barely even know how to turn on a computer and post a video or two, or send an email, other than that ... I am dumb as a doorknob on computer's .... I get load's of email ... that I will not open/ read and immediately "delete", another problem is our "curiosity" ... dont feel compelled to know .... because I alway's ask those "why's"(?). I cant chance it ... no matter how appealing something may look ... I realize how vulnerable I am because of my lack of knowledge in certain area's such as cyberspace ... so I have to keep a closer eye is all ... it's not difficult, or take's a PHD in scam's ... it is as basic as grabbing something to eat that might not look safe ... and avoiding consuming it is all. Dont be so quick to click ... and it may save you once or twice, it's so simple. We have so much control over ourselves and mistake's and sometime's dont realize it.