Friday, February 12, 2010


Over the last 2 day's we had record snowfall here in Dallas/ Fort Worth of approximately 13 inches in 24 hour's. We get a couple snow day's a year usually but only a few inches, and it goes quick, generally most of our winter here is dry and sunny, but can get some very chilly day's and night's. So I wanted to post this one.

This first picture is actually from my daughter's office window on the 17th floor, just right down the street here in our neighborhood in NW Dallas, looking down onto the top level of their parking garage, you have to look close to make it out. What they done (goofing off on the job) ... her and a couple co-worker's drove their car's around the lot (which you can still see the car's still there) and designed a "pirate ship" on water wave's in the snow, and even used old file binder's/ folder's for the ship as well that were laying around the office. WFAA/ Dallas Morning News even thought it was unique enough that they published it, and the Dallas Observer as well .... they were just bored with a slow day at work and decided to utilize their creative skill's. (reminded me of that "crop circle" stuff)

This next short clip off of downtown Dallas, Feb. 11th, 2010 .... as it started to come in.

Snow in Downtown Dallas ... Thanx to GARRETT DOLLAR



Infidel753 said...

That pirate ship snow art is pretty cool.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Mr.Infidel ... I'll tell my daughter that! They worked so hard to do that .... after all .... it was a "slow day" and they were simply earning their paycheck's. :)