Thursday, February 18, 2010

JOSEPH STACK SUICIDE ATTACK .... is far more DEEPER, than just an attack on the IRS ....


Joseph Stack

This posting concerning Joseph Stack who wrote and posted a manifesto online, then destroyed his home, and flew his plane into an Austin, TX building that housed IRS office's and employees. And I am certainly not posting this to condemn Mr. Stack's action's, I have posted as well ... that I alway's think violence should be an option, and still stand by that. I am impressed as well with his manifesto, and find him to be very sincere ... and I respect that. The victim's I truely mourn for, even if they are employee's of the IRS, they are only doing their job's and are truely innocent, I put all this blame on those who kill us daily in war, through legislation, brainwashing us, penalizing us, and raping us .... the blood is on your hand's ... as it alway's was, even when it come's to the jihadist's ... it is solely the "3 entities" responsible for all the bloodshed ... period! I also want to add here, that from this day forward, Mr.Stack will be with me in spirit, sad that he felt he needed to act, but many are just sick and tired as I have posted time and again, as well as American's are voicing from coast to coast. It should be no suprise to anyone that as I write this, just hour's after his action's ... there is a list of blog's and posting's declaring this man as a "right wing" extremist and terrorist ... as he also predicted he will be labeled as. Online the "talk" spread's faster than "jailhouse talk" which is quicker than the media ... and of course, he is already labeled "evil". The corporate dictator's and pocket puppet politician's as well as the Vatican thanx ya'll for your unwaivering support! : ) Also the "POST NOTE" here as the last paragraph is very important, because "THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY" .... we are also brainwashed by these entities to believe that. Fairly lame at getting any damn thing done, but only because of the power's that make them like that.

First I wanted to post this video from CNN's Rick Sanchez, interviewing software consultant Michael Crawford on the reality of how small people and entrepreneur's, those who REALLY ACHIEVE ... are manipulated raped and robbed ... all of course "LEGALLY" by what I call throughout this journal the "3 Entities", and like a bunch of sap's ... most of the population is so brainwashed or afraid of these corrupt power's ... we call any of those who oppose this with violent act's, nutty, insane, etc,etc. Look at these two gentlemen in this video ... they are so full of fear ... their first word's are to "clarify" that they are against this man's action's, as well as closing statement's, now that is true "fear" .... and even Mr. Crawford is lowered to looking down and saying it is NOT the "RIGHT" way to handle this ... and my heart goes out to you Sir, perhap's you can both share a "politically correct" way to tell us what is the "right way" of handling this .... heh? Uh- huh .... that's what I thought ...... proceed.

What set off the Austin pilot? ... Thanx to CNN

Throughout this journal .... almost exclusively I have pointed out the reality of what I call the "3 entities" which are mega politic's, organized religion's, and corporation's .... and how they increasingly create an unlevel playing field to the point where capitalism has no longer any capital, and they have now monopolized the entire globe through education, religion, corporate dictating of our war's, government's and the rest of the entire cesspool. Yes ... I have read Mr. Stack's Manifesto ... it is probably the most honest painting of the current reality that I have seen since I been online which will be 2 year's this April 2010. Much of it looked like a carbon copy of my journal here actually. I cant say what is right and wrong ... since I NEVER believed in right/ wrong (as the word's are defined for most reason) ... as set in stone that is. What is right/ wrong change's like the season's all manipulated through our education institution's, churches, dictated by the world money and legislated by their political flunkies they throw peanut's at of our money of course. I am sure over the next week or so ... million's will read Mr.Stack's Manifesto ... and even though many will respond in the popular way out of fear .... inside many will be enlightened let's say ... and say .... it make's sense. I also want to state for the record here ... I agree with Mr.Stack's view (manifesto) almost entirely .... so much that I think a monument of it in granite should be made in the future for future generation's that will see our stupidity and fear in these time's, and say ..... "Never Again" .... set up as a reminder of what our failure to act can lead to.

My heart has to go out to the victim's of these act's .... sincerely ... but dont blame this on just the IRS and Mr.Stack's dispute with them. This video above I chose to, look at the reality from the horses mouth ... I sincerely feel sorry for Mr.Crawford here ... I known for long how these truely creative and hard working people more than anyone have been being robbed, raped, and just more and more brutally as the year's go on ... throughout this journal there is page after page of how the truely creative, and real capitalist, and those who are the great innovative thinker's and true elite of our globe and society, especially our "young" get trampled under foot, and the worst is the young get even the hardest fist ... because after your old ... they toss you a few can's of puppy chow then start on the 20 or 30 year rape of the young, and thus repeat over and over, generation after generation. They manipulate everything from the salaries ... which they ALWAY'S CAPPED on the American work engine, and their whole existence is not only off of our work, but our tax dollar's as well. They drain every bit of life out of all of us ... regardless of what you may think.

I have read more than my fair share of comment's online of this man where he is called everything from a teabagger, to a democrat, socialist, nutcase, etc etc ... the list goes on. Well ... that is fine and dandy, what they intentionally dont say, out of trying to be popular and accepted ... is how much truth there is to what this man say's ... although many will ... whether they openly admit it or not. Rest assured that this entire cesspool WILL collapse as I posted over and over again. We play this game of bubble/ bust decade after decade ... it get's worse every time we delay any actual change ... as a result as I have said time and again .... folk's will only take so much before they start to retaliate. Mr. Stack is the tip of the warhead of what will eventually come .... if we continue to do business as usual .... you can bank on that. And our future will be nothing like this pit we are in ... or will the new generation's let this EVER happen again, just like history show's us with the empire's of past and what we dont let happen now. This is not an issue of left/ right, good/ evil, etc ... it's an issue concerning action/ reaction, cause/ effect ... it is natural order at it's finest that will come.

Enough said ....

POST NOTE: I also cant stress enough here ... that THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY THEORY, to any of this. I hear so much about a conspiracy by the government to do this and that, and all the fault of the IRS. To be honest ... it isnt the tax man or even your politic's that are the "ENEMY" ... they are used and manipulated as much as us. It is those major player's that corrupt our government's and manipulate them, they dont need any bloody damn "conspiracy" ... Why? Because they have all the power through law/ legislation and financial power to do whatever they want right in our face's and even tell us what they are doing while they do it. You dont "NEED" a conspiracy, or to hide a damn thing ... you make it all LAW. This is why I say time and again throughout this journal that I am for "Nationalized Health Care" and also a certain amount of "socialism" along with some "capitalism" ... and see through our right's, that we actually have the power to make change, and I DO TRUST a government health plan MUCH MORE than I trust any of these mega profit tycoon's, they even buy the churches, the IRS to our EPA even. The government is whatever we allow them to do with it. Yes ... I would accept more socialism if it meant being more fair to those who actually accomplish.


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