Monday, February 1, 2010

Online Shopping Scam's and Tip's for Consumer's .... and being TOO QUICK to CLICK ....

One click could cost you ... Thanx to CNN

I am amazed at much of this .... especially online of all place's ... as far as people actually getting bitten so much .... I mean ... what is it with us? We certainly dont lack education, or even experience for that matter for most who actually get out and have shopped, or had to haggle deal's in market's, etc. I thought that Mr.Chuck Bell (Consumer's Union) here in this video summed it up perfectly when he descibed the internet market as the "Wild West" of today, because I have looked at this all as exactly that, commenting in previous posting's as well as to the lack of cyber crime intell globally and how it is a breeding ground for the criminal element, a "hustler's haven" is what it first appeared to me as, because what I had seen in less than two year's online is more scam's, lie's, advertising, than I have seen ever. But again .... I wonder .... what is it with people? Frankly, people/ consumer's are the one's who put themselves in these situation's. I am not upholding the action's of these hustler's ... but for me .... I see it as take's two to Tango. And it isnt just online shopping ... it's everything we do ... from our being conned by political folk's, churches, tele commercial's, controlling corporate giant's and investment financial firm's .... to charity and defending countries that rob us, spit on and burn our flag, and piss on our culture .... yet like a "mass of sap's" .... we buy it everytime. Yet we wonder "why" these folk's do this to us? And that is even more stupid. Let me answer that honestly ..... because we let them do it to us, we give them all "incentive" and "motive" in all of our's action's .... so it's natural their going to fuck you, when you drop your linen, start grinnin, and say "come and get it".

No .... I dont have a habit of shopping online, I have bought a few thing's online but was VERY careful of what and how I did it ... and read everything in it's entirety .... simply because it is 2nd nature to me, that anytime someone come's to me with anything .... my first reaction is "what do they want?". You like me? , You have a great deal for me? You are going to show me how to save money by spending money through you? You can teach me how to invest, or make money? Buy something and get something else of the same value for free? Join a club and make a purchase and I will get 20% off my next? Etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on with the lovely phrases and offer's and folk's that I never knew or met before and how much they want to do something for me, or get to know me .... whether it is on the street or in cyberspace .... you should alway's ask yourself ...why? Ask yourself what did you do to make someone want to give you such a deal? The heavy hard print is alway's the easiest to see .... dont be lazy to read all the small print first. Make it your "2nd nature". I shit you not ... and no ...I am not some paranoid freak thinking the whole world is out to screw me .... but have enough sense to know .... if I am walking through a bad or unfamiliar part of town from experience, I dont flash money and high side. Alway's stay low and watch everyone .... it's so simple. It is so basic to me, that I actually look at all the small print first before I even let the big print halfway sink in. You first see something that appeal's to you ... pause a moment and try to see why it appeal's to you so much? .... set a guideline or basic principle whenever you shop or browse, to do these small step's that dont REQUIRE nothing more than an extra minute or two of your time .... it is actually more easy than one may think to avoid much of the misery you end up with. Another important thing is .... never expect something for nothing in life. I mean ... so many even get caught in all the investment scam's that technically are not illegal ... but someone has been able to take something legal and learn how to manipulate it to their advantage and to capitalize off it.

Why are we so quick to click? Do we realize the importance of what a simple "click" can do? I mean .... most folk's would never under pressure just sign anything with a pen, without at least a good glance .... being somewhat hesitant when that pen is in your hand .... it's simple .... be the same way with finger's on the mouse. I barely even know how to turn on a computer and post a video or two, or send an email, other than that ... I am dumb as a doorknob on computer's .... I get load's of email ... that I will not open/ read and immediately "delete", another problem is our "curiosity" ... dont feel compelled to know .... because I alway's ask those "why's"(?). I cant chance it ... no matter how appealing something may look ... I realize how vulnerable I am because of my lack of knowledge in certain area's such as cyberspace ... so I have to keep a closer eye is all ... it's not difficult, or take's a PHD in scam's ... it is as basic as grabbing something to eat that might not look safe ... and avoiding consuming it is all. Dont be so quick to click ... and it may save you once or twice, it's so simple. We have so much control over ourselves and mistake's and sometime's dont realize it.



Infidel753 said...

The old saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted" is still true. As for people being more trusting on the internet -- well, given enough experience they'll learn.

I'd comment more, but I have to go and answer this really exciting e-mail from Nigeria I just got.

Ranch Chimp said...

Um, um, um, ... you get them damn thing's to I reckon(?), Geeeez, I cant believe how many time's I won the lottery since I been online!

"Fool and his money soon part" So weird to hear you say that Guy, Why? Because I havent heard that since my dad told me that as a kid, and told me that more than once ... I think it was one of his favourite saying's or something.

Thanx for your input Sir!