Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ALISSA BLANTON .... and .... the "INCOMPETENT" Judge John .D. Moxley,Jr. .... and "WHY" women should "ARM THEMSELVES" ....

Alissa Blanton

What inspire's this posting is blogger Ms.Rita of the blog "Around Town with Rita", a blog that I frequent, that had a posting on "troll's" online that like to harass women .... and also a dear old friend who was a dancer/ entertainer at a Dallas "Men's Club" by the name of Charlie DiFazio, and another old friend by the name of Minerva Cirilo, that had a similar situation being stalked by an "ex" boyfriend/ date, that I became involved with. I also wanted to point out that the Judge ( Brevard County, Fl. Circuit Court Judge John .D. Moxley, Jr.)who denied this injunction, through unecessary prolonging of a restraining order in this case to this victim .... 23 year old Mrs. Alissa Blanton of Cocoa, Fl. .... I cant find word's to express my thought's of his incompetence.


Alissa Blanton Was Murdered By A Man Who Stalked Her For Over A Year- 911 Calls ... Thanx to DREAMIN' DEMON

I am very pro gun right's I will point out first .... and have stressed for year's to women the importance of arming yourself. My old friend Charlie I used to pick up after her work at about 4am who was a dancer/ entertainer at a local club, I had to almost put a gun in her hand because she feared them at first. I picked her up at work after she had her liscense suspended for a drunk driving offense where she also wrecked her car one night. I was telling Ms.Rita the other day about some pointer's on possible stalker's that lurk online as well.

Alissa was also newly wed .... her husband Mr.Brent Blanton worked with her at an AT&T call center. My heart sincerly goes out to this man .... but I also wonder when a man's wife is harassed like this, how far should you go? I sware .... if it was me, I would hunt this SOB down like an animal and at least give this SOB an asswhipping he would never have forgot ( if he's too big, then that is why you have thing's like baseball bat's).... I dont give a shit if he is 61 year's old! And this so called Judge ... I would like to put my foot in his sorry ass as well! She was gunned down in the parking lot of her bloody job at AT&T, and hit numerous times (9) in her face, chest, and stomach .... clearly a premeditated execution by 61 year old Roger Troy, who then killed himself also afterward's. And for those women who dont have a gun right off hand .... dont bother with a knife, get a good sturdy screwdriver/ tool, and learn your vital point's, such as the stomach and throat, practice and use that for defense. It's gruesome? Not more gruesome than you lying in a pool of your own blood as a victim .... get the Hell over it!

Mrs.Blanton presented the Judge with evidence and OVER 70 page's of documented harassing phone call's/ email's, and threat's by her assailant, she even begged for a restraining order against this man .... yet this Judge postponed it for a hearing to come two week's later .... only one week after her presentation she was dead. Listen to Dr. Michael Welner ( Associate Professor of Psychiatry, NYU ) here as well .... he paint's a clear picture of the problem and even the red tape BS that these victim's are faced with ... I mean .... if I was a gal .... I would have a goddamn gun with me wherever I go .... so I am taking it a step beyond the doctor here. Why? Because the system is not set up by any stretch of the definition to protect the average citizen. "IF" Mrs. Blanton was higher up the social ladder, rest assured this Judge would have had her restraining order in a heartbeat.

Like I told Charlie .... " carry a goddamn gun girl and get the Hell over it ... I will teach you how to use it" Charlie feared gun's and was a bleeding heart as well, she finally took my advice .... but some wont. I alway's hear also from folk's for instance in less gun friendly state's .... that they are not legally able to arm themselves, or the complexities of their local law's. Let me be clear here .... the goddamn law's are NOT in sync with the reality of the current condition and legislated by a bunch of pansies that dont even have to live in the reality that most of us do. Frankly .... I wouldnt give a shit if their totally outlawed, I WILL find a goddamn gun one way or another. Would that have stopped this man? Maybe NOT .... but it is extra insurance for safety and your life. If you cant get a restraining order in a reasonable amount of time .... and you try to distance yourself and dont have much success, what in Hell are you supposed to do? What is the "right thing"? Well .... by law for us common folk's .... the right thing to do is wait till you get shot then call 911 .... I shouldnt need to hit you in the head with a brick to figure out what that can result in.

This man who killed Mrs. Blanton been stalking her ever since she was single and worked as a waitress at a restaraunte ... she couldnt shake the guy .... he was so obsessed with her .... it should have been clear to anyone what danger this young lady was in ... being only in your early 20's it is difficult to realize at time's, but someone should have alerted her, because there were red flag's from here to sundown. My condolences to her familia ........ Enough said.

POST NOTE: One more thought to look at here ..... this Judge told a local newspaper after, that he couldnt determine whether Troy's action's met the legal definition of stalking? You goddamn stupid SOB! .... do you have a goddamn brain? .... talking about what he has to do as far as following law. I realize better than anyone how important it is as far as hearing's, trial's, and following law, just like I posted earlier about giving this terror suspect "miranda right's", and the suspect's case getting thrown out, etc. But this is totally different as far as placing this injunction, you are "paid" a goddamn pay check to "JUDGE" ... meaning to do just THAT, and use your goddamn brain. This IS NOT a "case" (from a jury/ court indictment) ..... and not a trial, and believe me .... the state wouldnt be at fault or the ruling and injunction over a woman pleading for protection with over 70 pages of documenting evidence. Have we become so goddamn dumb and out of touch with reality that some of us no longer have the goddamn ability to act in reason? Geeeeezzzzz!



Rita said...

What a tragedy! I couldn't imagine being in that situation. As you know my daughter is an exotic dancer. I worry about her because of her job. They do have security people at her place of work, who escort the girls out to their cars & the girls can't leave the building during their shift. But, still...
Myself, I do have a handgun that I know how to use.
I am getting a new one soon, a higher caliber. They are so darn expensive, though!

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Ms.Rita!

Yep ...... that's tragic indeed, and it kind of hit's home for me, because I have first hand on more than one occassion, seen this harassment and complication's as far as victim's getting protection over and over and over, it's actually more of a problem than what folk's even see in the news, of course ... working class folk's. Even Minerva's "ex" got to the point where he was threatening her mom, as well as her sister Lisa, her brother was in prison, so he couldnt help, and her dad passed, so I jumped in ... because he threatened me as well, went out with a gun one night looking for me from what other's told me .... because I was a friend and he assumed that she had some kind of thing for me, so yes .... I dealt with the man and resolved the problem, no I didnt involve the police, I just took another route. He actually threw her mom down the stairs of their apartment complex one day because she didnt know where her daughter was at, and when we contacted DPD, since she didnt have any bad injuries, she got the runaround, and they were so backed up on call's it took hour's for response,that's when I figured we were pissing in the wind and looked to other option's, which resulted in success, it's just fucked up all around for victim's to be frank. Charlie I just told as a precaution, because when dancing and patron's are intoxicated, they can get a little out of hand is all. Yes .... I recall you mentioning of your daughter's occupation as well.

Dont know what kind of gun's you favour, however, I realize their not cheap ... and that's why it is good to shop around. I would look at also used piece's at pawn and gun shop's, use what you have as trade .... or better yet, keep it also as a back up piece. If you dont have gun show's in your town ... the next large or larger town nearby should, it never hurt's to pay a few buck's door cost to just browse them, and their alot of fun too, and you will also find many gal's who are expert's on gun's, and can give great advice to ya. If at any time you would like to look at other option's and/ or suggestion's as far as out of state sales, etc. Please feel free to contact me by email and I will share what I can, and/ or try to answer any question.

Thanx for stopping by ..........