Friday, February 19, 2010

TERRY HOSKINS: American Patriot in ACTION .... and .... getting the JOB DONE ....

When you do what Mr.Hoskins done .... your a "patriot" in these time's, in my opinion. Protecting one's property and asset's is as patriotic as defending American soil, and truely an American quality. Protecting our country some may say from these new tyrannical force's who figured out how to sweep up every business and property in this land if they needed to and have complete ownership.

I also want to state here that Mr.Hoskins also said over the last several year's he has spent "million's" on attorney's, how many .... I dont know. However that is also a pointer that I want to add here. There is a "gold rush" situation going on right now as I write these word's all over your local tele network's for instance, especially since April 15th (tax day) is right around the corner, of so called "ex- IRS insider" folk's who know how to save you from these audit's problem's, foreclosure's, and getting you "discount's" on what you owe. Most of these are a scam, they show worried people, frightened in these video's and advertisement's, going through the current financial nightmare's we have .... and tell you that their people were working at a time in the IRS and know how to get past their trick's, actual former employee's. Right there they are admitting that when they worked with the IRS they practiced shady and possible illegal practice's. These folk's in many cases are no more than the same scammer's who set up a PO Box and storefront, buy up faulty loan's from major financial institution's, and "loan shark" type lender's, for pennies on the dollar, then through collection's illegally harass you and make threat's, use your faulted loan for a tax haven as well as the initial lender, some will even try to get a check for instance from old timer's who still use checking , in even a small amount so that they can just get the routing codes off the bottom and electronically from another state milk your account. Trust me ... it's a scam business widespread. In a place like Texas .... you can actually sue these bastard's which one local Dallas area man done repeatedly.

Mr.Hoskins after year's of problem's with RiverHills Bank, as well as the IRS who placed lien's on his store and commercial property ... also having the bank now claim his home as collateral and threatening to foreclose, and over a million he claim's to have spent on attorney's (another inside racket), bulldozed his home in SW Ohio's Clermont County .... to not let them take it, and vowed to not let anyone take his business either. And that's what I call getting the JOB DONE.

Mr.Hoskins ..... your my hero Sir!!

***** HUFFPOST/ BUSINESS: Terry Hoskins: Ohio Man Bulldozes $350K Home To Avoid Foreclosure

Man Said Actions Intended To Send Message To Banks ... Thanx to WLWT



Anonymous said...

You are right. The government has way overcomplicated everything.

I know you mostly frequent liberal web sites, but I wish everyone would see that the issues you talk about aren't really right-left.

This issue is personal responsibility and freedom to succeed or fail versus government making a furrow and forcing everyone else to stay in it.

Prash said...

this comment has got nothing to do with the post...just a news to announce : my partner Samy got his next posting. It is New York, New York !! So, by early september I will be in your country !!!!

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your voice Mr.Silverfiddle .... uhhhh .... yeah, and no, as far as visiting left website's .... I mean .... I visit alot of stuff that I dont leave any comment's on as well .... and even the right or those who are more of the .... let's just say ... unpopularly outspoken. I cant claim to be left or right, but recently voted straight dem after voting for Bush back in 2000 and straight rep for year's, and feeling left down tremendously by them .... as a matter of fact .... I think this in itself is worthy of a posting, as far as subject's as to where I stand currently politically. But no, I dont see thing's right/ left or good/ evil, etc. Yes .... thing's are over complicated, and for a damn reason too .... first because they got in the habit of doing it that way, and every "word" legislated and "law" has it's own department ( in other word's you could lay off half of those in Washington and still get the same goddamn progress and result's), and to make sure all bases are covered over and over, but it's the process that is disturbing, or so called red tape of everything .... and it also just make's thing's stagnent. Anywayz .... I could go from here to sundown on this crap, but I'm sure your no dummy and see the "bite" here. And the pop culture's of America that do see view's like you or I may talk about, label "us" as "extreme" .... you cant win for losing with either of these side's, so it's like pissing in the wind, trying to reason with anyone, since it's all basically more or less not much more than a cultural type battle for them ... so you can just pick the lesser of the two evil's so to speak at whatever time and era your in and vote for one or the other ... which will make your life less miserable?, is basically the way I see it ..... and most alternative folk's or movement's are just drowned out by the masses who dance to the Piper's fife, which is those with the money .... both side's are played like red headed step children .... and it usually take's them a couple year's before they figure it all out cause of all the excitement of the moment.

Thanx for stopping by Guy .........

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Prash!

"New York, New York Hell of a town .... New York, New York"! Just some lyric's from an old song year's back .... to show you how long ago .... when I was a kid living in "The city so nice, they had to name it twice" :)

All shit aside .....GREAT! I really think New York is a great place to start when first coming to America .... it is America at it's finest actually, and every culture on the globe, as far as having variety. Great club's and art's, transit, etc. I love and miss New York many a day's my friend .... had some great time's in that town! I lived over in Brooklyn myself. I think you will find Manhattan reasonable price wise if you been staying in Hong Kong ... as far as rent's and such, expensive by our standard's in some cases .... but not bad from a global urban view, if you can set up tent in Manhattan, that's a great place, plus you have quick access to every other piece of the Apple. I dont know if your partner is familiar with NYC .... but I am sure you will find some enjoyable place's/ neighborhood's and friend's, absolutely a GREAT town! I still have familia all over there, and Upstate all the way to Buffalo for that matter, many of them also relocated year's ago out to the Southern CA/ LA Area as well. Lot's of New Yorker's even in Dallas these day's, they have played such a large role in making Dallas the city it is today, from architecture to especially the Art's .... we have entire communtities in Dallas that are almost exclusively New Yorker's who migrated here and set up camp, so they are a big player and most welcome in our city too.

Thanx for sharing Guy .... and ya'll dont do anything I would do ... :)

Silly said...

He's not my hero... from what I read:

"There is some really bad reporting in this story, like the guy owed 160K on a 350K house. NOT exactly.
House is worth 300K, comm'l property worth appx 1.1 mil; total 1.4 mil value.
Banks holds mtg on both props of 1.1 mil total; Might be 160K and 950K, but the total is 1.1mil for release; cross colateralized.
The guy wants the Bank to accept 160K and release the house; CRAZY idea.
NOT paid State or Fed'l taxes in about 6 yrs. Owes 100K+ to Ohio and 150K+ to IRS.
Currently in Ch 7 Bankruptcy. He had destroyed property of the bankruptcy estate. Bad idea; the Feds don't go for this.
Probably going to be insurance fraud charges after the Bank files a claim due to additional insured clause in policy. More criminal actions. "

How is that really different than flying a plane in to an IRS building? Is that guy a hero too?

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your opinion Mr. or Ms.(?)Silly. He is what ever you choose to make him. As far as the man who crashed his plane into the IRS building ... I already answered that in the posting. But perhap's you can contact Mr.Hoskins and share with him and ask him ... I am sure he can enlighten you on where he stand's.

Thank You ..........