Friday, February 12, 2010


In various past posting's I have touched here and there on these topic's, but I just wanted to compile some thought's here in this one post for this journal. What inspire's this is some small chat online in comment's, post's I have read, and also those that I see just on the street's of the working class backbone of our great nation. And I really mean that ....when I say "GREAT NATION". But I also see how complex of a society we have become, and how our defintion's of word's have been modified, our political correctness increase to the point of absurdity, our dependency on word's instead of action to make us feel better .... and our frail responses to who we look at as great leader's and icon's. I have no problem with those who are actually elite, or to a point even of a society being "governed" (to an extent) by those qualified to lead and make decision's that benefit the society, I am NOT an anarchist. But what I have been witnessing is absolutely absurd.

Many reasonable practical thinking people even felt that this bailout practice of our's is the answer or a positive move. I have to disagree .... they say if we dont it can lead to depression from a financial global meltdown .... I do agree there. I never in my life thought that anything worthwhile came "easy", I have had hard hit's all my life, been defeated time and again and fell on my ass more than once as far as I can remember, been condemned to Hell since my day one, but learned to live with it, and make the best that I can of it, and be proud of it. I know better than anyone if there was a "financial meltdown" how difficult it would be. I know that without credit/ loan's from major financial institution's how hard it can be. But I also know that our continuation of pampering these failed entities is not capitalism or free market .... and I realize from these constant problem's and boom/ bust scenario's and recession after recession .... that downsizing, or bankruptcy/ liquidation's or collapse of some of these iconic institution's is the best thing for our future. The term "too BIG to FAIL" should be a wake up call to all of us. Yes .... there was a time when these icon's of industry, finance, manufacturing, etc were a must need. BUT .... time's change and so do we. I was a graphic's/ pre-press person by trade at a time, now ... we dont need them. My Grandpa from England had a "livery" (horse) business at a time when first migrated to America .... but then was the mass production of automobile's for "all", I could go on and on .... of how industry and technologies change and shape the new financial global arena. A blogger the other day I frequent named "TRUTH101", told me of the "hurt" factor we would face from depression and a financial meltdown, which is true, I agree 110% with the man .... but sooner or later we are going to have to change and suffer some hit's .... it's only natural .... I, unlike many American's see this credit tightening and freeze in some cases as a positive. We have spent, borrowed, and sold to the gill's with endless debt to countries like Saudi Arabia and China ... and started living on prayer's, instead of action. Even our President Obama agree's with this ... and has said time and again ... this "too big to fail" must end. Our world trade is too complex and interdepent in the 21st century to continue to use 20th century practice's, and solution's.

Our definition of "elitism" has even became silly, or those we feel are important to our civility and survival. Ask yourself ... what is elite about one that does nothing but manipulate other's money? What does this small percentage of so called elite, that control almost all the world's wealth do so special to deserve such a title? What does over half of those in our government representation do to make them even worthy of another term ... not to mention any retirement package? Have any of them fed you or your familia?, sat down at the table with you?, make sure there is a roof over your head? .... make sure you could get a paycheck without you working your ass off to get it? How many of our young best trained military have died not for our freedom .... but for corporate interest's? or to rape some impoverished nation of their resource's and dirt cheap slave labour, to import here and take our job's domestically? Why do we give any of these people respect or look at them as elite? Who make's this system work and be prosperous? Who does the manufacturing? Who come's up with the invention's that better our quality of life? Who buy's all the trade? Who manufacture's all our export's? Who keep's us and our loved one's healthy and with the newest medical treatment's? You could go on and on with related question's ... the answer alway's come's back to "those" who actually make this machine work and evolve .... which is us.

So .... why would I have confidence in our future without these parasitic type's of over inflated seat warmer's and lip service mouthpiece's? Because I see the potential in human's, I have faith not in these manufactured icon's, but in those entrepreneur's, scientist's, inventor's, assembly line worker's, baker's and chef's, art's/ craft's folk's, our soldier's/ defender's, etc, etc. I have CONFIDENCE, that even in the toughest of toughest challenge's, when our back's are against the wall, and push come's to shove, and those large icon's meet their long past due fate and fall as a result of their own action's .... those of us who are actually truely elite will shine our best and take us through those hard time's to a better and greater future, not to rehash the mistake's of old. I am very confident of what our potential is .... we are the one's who have accomplished everything that make's this machine work. I have confidence! .... and very good reason to. We are very capable of controlling our own destiny .... we alway's have. We have just been deluded into thinking we need these folk's to tell us what to do next. I have alway's tried to figure out a way to make thing's work, no matter what obstacle's were in the way, you wont know how much you can accomplish on your own if you never attempt to. A homeless camp outside of Seattle I posted on last year ( The "American Dream" .... and the "New Normal" .... posted Tues.Sept.29, 2009 ) .... during this recession, they formed their own governing body, have rule's and law's and protect themselves from crime and outside danger's with no help from churches, or local police, or the City of Seattle Government .... they do for themselves and made their own safe community .... in my opinion ... those are truely elite. Their not in the economic hardship they are in due to their action's ... they are in their homeless situation because of the action's of other's who governed over them in some form, a system they put trust in that failed them .... many of the folk's had trade's and occupation's, skill's, just like many of us.

Look at the reality, and past what you are "taught/ told" to look at by those who simply want for a herd to follow them like blind sheep. As I have alway's said .... and again here .... "it is not you who need them .... it is them who need you". And you dont solve problem's of this sort by throwing money at them, you only worsen the problem from not facing the consequence's of ill decision's, and create a temporary fix it, not seeing the economic consequence's to come 10 to 20 year's down the road to our children from our decision's now. Nothing come's easy .... never has in our history and not likely to now. Learn how to control your own destiny, and if it dont work, try something else until it does work. Listening to these worthless parasite's will get you nowhere's.

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