Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VOTING IN AMERICA 2010 .... does it make any difference anymore? ....

This posting is simply inspired by many folk's here in my hometown (Dallas)that I talk to in small chat here and there .... so this has nothing to do with the "blogger's" that I have frequented on this internet, which are all very good writer's in my opinion (many seem like they have more of a political agenda, and more interested in competing with each other and/ or giving each other adrenaline shot's of sort) .... certainly more educated than the people that I talk to on the street, when it come's to politic's. But I try to get the mood and feeling as well ... from everyday working folk's that I see just throughout the neighborhood and town. And many of the folk's arent even from Dallas or Texas originally .... that's why I said earlier that it remind's me of the 1960/1970's Los Angeles here, because Dallas and Texas .... is just alot of folk's from everywheres else. Many of my neighbor's for instance are from Detroit, Boston, Bronx/ NYC, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittburgh, Des Moines, to name a few place's, and many from Central America and Mexico, Hell .... even our Mayor isnt from here! It would be interesting to find out just how many of the 6.5 million or so folk's in this metro area were actually born and raised here? I myself wasnt born here either ... but been here the largest portion of my life, Houston was my first city of residency.

I know 2 guy's and one gal off the top of my head, that I've known for year's that have alway's been ... let's say ..."anti-vote" .... and several other's who just never cared about it one way or the other. But recently more and more folk's I talk to as well .... feel that voting is a waste of time ... basically in so many word's ... because the "game" is so rigged nowaday's .... many look at me like I'm nutty for actually voting, and talking about it .... many seem to have this attitude ...of "what difference will it make? ... their (politician's) going to do whatever they want to do anyway ... and dont care about anything but taking our money". My daughter couldnt wait till her 18th birthday to vote .... yet I talk to several young folk's all the time and ask alot of question's and their opinion's, and they dont seem to really care ... most think like me that Washington has too many that should retire, go fishing or something ... and the only sparkle I seen in any of their eye's recently was because this President Obama got elected, other than that ... I dont think they have much interest in the political system, yet there are those young folk's that really go out of their way to get out and vote as well.

I never claimed to be a democrat or a republican, because I dont agree with the entire agenda's of either group .... so I have alway's voted just thinking about what candidate of the two chosen for me to pick from would I be more comfortable with. Kind of like the "Good Cop/ Bad Cop" routine. I also want to be honest here in this journal more than anything else .... and ADMIT that ....YES ... I do feel like a HYPOCRITE ... for constantly writing about these folk's and their contribution's or lack of .... then turn around and actually even vote for those very people that I rant about .... which several folk's that I know has pointed out to me ... basically that I think too much about voting and politic's, and I'm just pissing in the wind voting for them. Which maybe I am .... I dont know ... perhap's it's one of my psychological hang-up's ... because it has been embedded in my brain so long that it make's a difference to vote. But yes .... many folk's have told this to me face to face .... so that is why I am posting this .... not because of anything online as I said ... Hell .... many of the folk's online sound more like professional political analyst's the way they talk .... certainly not like the the average person on the street. This is also why I try to word my posting like I was talking to the average person face to face ... using my actual daily language in other word's.

However .... to those of who may think I am pissing in the wind or politically obsessed, or inbalanced ... the fact is that we REALLY do have right's ... well at least more than alot of other folk's do around the globe, and more able to voice our opinion and so forth ... so ... that is why I didnt feel that it's a waste of time. You see ....we have this Constitution/ Bill of Rights and such ... and able to utilize it ... so I figured to simply do just that. And felt like if enough people maybe did start to care and get out and vote ... maybe eventually change would come. But I understand how ya'll feel .... believe me, when ya'll just tell me thing's like, "it aint gonna do any damn good". Believe me .... there is nothing I would love more than to see at least two third's of Washington just step aside and retire or something .... and I do realize if you read my posting's why they are allowed to go on for year's and year's making career's until their 6 feet under, so I'm not dumb to that. And YES ...I DO REALIZE it is a "rigged deck" .... I have also pointed that out .... so I am not ignoring reality, I just felt like, since it is our right, utilize it is all.

Enough said ..........


Infidel753 said...

more and more folk's I talk to as well .... feel that voting is a waste of time ... basically in so many word's ... because the "game" is so rigged nowaday's .... many look at me like I'm nutty for actually voting

These people are cynics, or as I call them, "dupes". They are dancing to the tune of the manipulators.

The record of the last year in Congress clearly revealed the Republican strategy to regain power: Obstruct and stymie everything, or where they can't, force the Democrats into ugly compromises. Create a meme that the Democrats can't get anything done (they have actually done a great deal, but ignore that), that both parties are alike, that the game is rigged and all controlled by money anyway, that it all doesn't matter.

The more people on our side fall for this scam, the more of them will quit voting (if they ever did) or waste their vote on a third candidate. Which is exactly what the Republican strategy calls upon them to do.

Around the time of an earlier election, you told me that among people you know, most favored the Democrats and only three favored the Republicans, but that when the election actually came, the three Republicans were the only ones who actually voted. Who benefits from that situation? Think how different it would be if the others did vote.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for linking your Jan.10,2010 posting link. Actually you may not recall since you have a far more larger amount of traffic on your sight ....that I have posted comment's last year about this on your sight and several other blogger's sight's concerning exactly that, on how the new strategies the GOP are going to come up with are going to be plentiful strictly because they had nothing else to go on as far as getting any vote's .... so anything this administration will do will be used as a wedge, I also had wrote plenty about this as well in posting's of mine in 2009, as well as in 2008 about manipulative strategies. But any other's posting is alway's welcomed.

Yes ... I remember well about what I said on knowing a few republican's who were going to vote and other's who werent, I stated that also saying that I am sure that if most Texas folk's actually got out and voted .... this state would overwelmingly be democrat majority, I have no doubt to that. This has actually been going on since around the Reagan era here, traditionally long before Texas was a dem majority for year's.

I recall even your frustration in 2008, right before the election were a Clinton supporter, but said that you would vote for Obama no matter what, if she didnt get the nomination, then when Obama got the nomination, many like yourself got upset because of suspected wrongdoing within the dem party as far as nominating Obama over Clinton(inside democrat party manipulation, in other word's), the last couple week's before the pres. election's .... you were actually sounding like you were campaigning for McCain/ Palin in several of your posting's, right up to the night of the election's, and predicted McCain/ Palin to win that night fairly evenly. The next morning after the election ...your posting was something like "The mistake has been made" and the comment's block was not open to accept comment's. I took it "if" you actually voted ... at least from those posting's ... it was for McCain/ Palin .... unless you of coarse changed your mind at the last minute .... however, due to the morning after posting .... I take it you didnt. That was a confusing time I think on many, and many may have been manipulated there as well. Nonetheless .... I think we all get played some time or another by politician's of all label's. And of course in my opinion ... we still are, especially by the GOP, who in these time's I wouldnt even vote for if they gave me a $200 stimulus check in the mail to do so. I would take the check of course and figure out a way to maybe triple it ... then vote democrat. :)

Thank You Sir!

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I wanted to comment here, perhap's I should have included in the post, but ....what the fuck .... I'll just say it here. It is "odd" that most of these folk's that I talk to face to face who simply dont care to vote .... are not angry it seem's like .... where I display clear anger and frustration throughout my posting's as well as in person ... and many blogger's display anger and/ or frustration as well. But most all of these people who DONT vote, and some have been this way for year's, not just recently.... they dont seem angry .... it's more like they just take it as the reality, that politician's are going to do whatever they want anyway's and alway's have.... and they just dont care or think about most of them. Too busy just trying to make it and survive I reckon, so just dont waste time on it. Many working folk's just see them as a bunch of millionaire attorney's too.

But yes .... I get told alot that I'm just wasting my time, but to each their own.... if I am ... it was "my" choice. No skin off anyone else's ass, in other word's.

Infidel753 said...

I took it "if" you actually voted ... at least from those posting's ... it was for McCain/ Palin

Yep; McCain was a moderate, and with Democratic majorities in Congress, I figured he could do little harm and would be a better gamble than an inexperienced Democrat. I expected that with a moderate Republican winning the Presidency while the party got wiped out otherwise, they'd be driven back toward the political center and sanity. Of course, as it turned out, the opposite happened; since the 2008 election they've gone completely off the deep end. It's impossible to imagine them nominating someone like McCain now; the Republican party of today is much too crazy to be trusted with power. I continue to hope they will eventually come to their senses, though.