Sunday, February 28, 2010

DAY 59, 2010: .... "Hurry, Please! .... someone bring us a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER .... and a STEP LADDER!! ....

Even though I have ranted so much about the so called Health Care Reform in this journal, such as this journal's multi part series called "Health Care SNOWEjob" and numerous other posting's, I cant help to find humor as well in this. While chowing down on some breakfast, this clip had me busting a gut with laughter, I must admit!

BTW .... beside's a blank piece of paper and a step ladder that they asked for .... why dont we get them a couple dozen pizza's .... Domino's has one of them 2 fer 1 special's I think this week, which is a great economically! :) (2 topping's special's)

***** CNN: Highlights from Obama's health care summit ... **** video below expired, so I added this link



Tim said...

I watched the hole damn thing live.
Dummy me,I should have waited for Candy to sum it up in seven minutes.
Damn I could have played canasta.

Rita said...

I think Obama sounds a little frustrated

Ranch Chimp said...

Lone Star Greeting's Mr.Tim!

Well .... at least if you did watch it in it's entirety, you sure as Hell got more laugh's than I did! :)

"Canasta" ..... damn .... I dont even think I heard of that game since I lived in New York! Actually I dont even know how to play it, but I do know Gin Rummy! :) Most of my card playing was playing "Spades" and "Casino" while incarcerated, or betting on the Black Jack table's in Vegas and Atlantic City.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Ms.Rita!

Damn right Obama is "frustrated", and one reason is because he's see's what is happening, and even alot of people dont see this one. When I was rooting for him in the primaries in the start of this journal .... one of the item's I mentioned over and again was how this guy was really gonna make folk's pissed. Most people were talking about the muslim thing or the race thing, but what folk's werent looking at is how this guy talked when he was in the Senate. But this was needed to bring about ... well .... what eventually need's to come about. But what we are seeing here Ms.Rita is not what it appear's to the eye at all, this all is another "scam" .... that I will write about in a bit, and the President actually see's it in it's entirety.

See ya Girl! :)