Monday, September 29, 2008

"Sanitarium for the Puppet's"... and "WALL STREET ... is Not EASY STREET"...

I thought that the classic CD/ LP piece "Master of Puppet's" song "Welcome Home (sanitarium)" of the classic rock music group "Metallica" was quite appropriate for the chaos on the Hill over the last 10 day's or so ... and the reality check to Wall St. that ... this IS NOT Easy St. heh, heh, heh, ... welcome home! And credit to Metallica for such a fine classic composition.

This has been more fun then I have expected it to be ... and the fact that the Bill proposed to assist the financial problem was voted down today ... came as a pleasant suprise as well! Let this be a reminder to even those on Wall St. that this is what the "free market" is all about ... and part of what give's their career's a touch of excitement. After all ... it's not any fun being bored all the time ... now is it? How can one enjoy victory if they never felt what it is like to fail?

Is this only about Wall St. and America? Absolutely not ... and that was the most fun part of all this as well ... because this was about the globe ... and it's Master's of Puppet's. In America for instance, this is about the "U.S.Chamber of Commerce"... and their buddies the "Business Roundtable" who for far long has not represented the interest's of small business in America which employ's at least 75% of American's! Small business who has had to strictly represent and cater to the master's of big global business. Heh, heh, heh ... we have long paid our due's .. should you not pay your's? Do we realize that the U.S.Chamber of Commerce as well as the Business Roundtable has spent a combined $510,000,000 in lobbying between 1998 and 2008 alone? And we wonder why small business is not heard. The Republican House members capitalized off this by voting to reject this ... heh, heh, heh ... your own buddies!

Who's at fault here? We all are. You see ... our system depend's on "credit/ loans" and it has gotten to be a "dependency". We have bank's and sub prime folks entice us to spend, spend, spend ... and constantly borrow to consume ... even if it really isnt an important consumption. Dont get me wrong ... I am a capitalist and a very materialistic person ... I just dont consume what is clearly something I am made to believe I would have need for. When I first met my wife ... we dated on week end's for over a year, and in them day's ... I done everything with credit ... I mean ... it was common, easy, and seemed to work. My wife coming fresh from Iran at the time (late 70's revolution) one day ...was laughing ... asking me if we all in America spend our paycheck's before we get them? I had to laugh ... because I never thought of that before ... she was right!

This isnt over ... but this denial was very important ... to show these weakling's that you cannot just shed a few tears and expect it all to go away ... this was a good foot in the ass ... and a "wake up" call. And no political party wins on this.The Democrat's were fighting for a few gifts and help for the peoples ... but there is also reason for that as well ... in the Democrat's interests. The Republicans were divided, on one hand wanting to do what is of their principles and letting failure find it's way and asking for thing's like the bank's themselves to start an insurance fund to help themselves for a change ... and other Republicans out of fear just wanting this to get passed ... and most importantly ... wondering what the effect's will be on their candidate for the Presidency? There is so much to detail here ... I couldnt even start at this time ... this is much deeper then the cover we are seeing.

Will this have an effect on us? ... heh, heh, heh ... did you see what happened in the DOW today within hours? What happened in the U.K. and their newest bank failures and rescuer's/ vultures? How China was glued to the market tapes and wondering what is next? Yes ... there will be some effect's ... and of course it will be a touch difficult to get them new car loans and home loans ... but it will make us leaner and meaner. The fact is that we have gotten a little too fat ... and it's time to trim down some. Or else we will clog the arteries of our economic systems even more. I mean ... California alone is already foreclosing on approximately 1300 homes a day as it is ... before today's rejection. Another thing is ... this enables us to sit back down at the table ... draw up a new offer ... and let American's get a bit of help out of this ... what they were all proposing was offering American's nothing except that maybe if they can profit off this buy- out we can get reimbersed. Do they actually believe that we are that stupid to take their word simply on good faith? Pleeeeease.

Just get you all's asses back to work and come up with a better plan ... and we'll think about it. In good business ... one hand washes the other ... in this case we been doing all the washing!

By the way ... I would like to see a collection taken up for (D) Barney Frank,Chairman of the Financial Services Committee ... to buy him some shirt's and tie's that actually fit ... you look like a damn slob Sir!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Democrat's, Republican's ... The Bailout ... and the American Taxpayer ....

After listening closely to McCain and Obama and their comrades on the Hill talk about their plans and what everyone wants in this package ... it has made clear to me ... that I support the democrat's on this ... and not even a sliver of the republican party. Just listen to what the candidates say on this ... you can see it on a number of news stations on tele or the internet ... the newspaper or any related publications. I am actually shocked that the republicans are going about this like this ... since the election is so close.

Thank goodness for democracy that this is being challenged so hard on the Hill. Both sides are unhappy with this though. Basically many republican's are upset because one it doesnt allow business to fail and feel the backlash from what these firm's do. Second because ... the way the plan was set up ... (and you can bet this plan was specifically set up by the Bush/Cheney administration) it actually has many loopholes in it ... such as Paulson and a hand selected group of his and Bernanke will oversee the whole show ... and things like allowing these companies to close and get bought out allows it's CEO's and largest shareholders to basically get what is like severance packages tax free at that upon their leaving ... which would amount in the millions for many. Enough money to start up any kind of business they want in any country. And most of this is a last attempt by Bush ... to milk every last drop for him and his associates future market endeavors before he leaves office and have it all in writing and tailored to their need's 2 or 3 or more years down the road. Understand that none of these folks whining now ... whether they get this bailout or fail ... will ever end up in the poor house. They will simply loose millions at the worst scenario ... but that's it. Again ... we are being milked to the max. They are playing the fear card on us.

If we dont bail them will it be hard on us? Your damn right it will! But NOT doom and gloom ... the more you have and the more you make will hurt the worse. Those who have almost nothing ... will hurt the least ... because their lives are already living day to day. It's harder to lose what you have then what you dont have ... if you get my drift. As for me ... personally I am a hard ass and have no mercy for them whatsoever. Will I hurt? Your damn right I would ... just like anyone else ... but I also realize that nothing in life that's worth fighting for is easy. They always tell us "what we NEED to do" ... for me ... I think it's high time we the people just say "No! we are going to tell you what WE need to do" and let them all fail. We will rebuild ... and never have to deal with them again or more excuses, whining, plea's, threat's, fear card's being played on us, backstabbing, etc.

Most likely we WILL bail them out ... thus meaning we will be locked into another contract that we can do without. If you keep putting out food for stray dogs on the patio ... you will never lose them or make them more dependent on themselves. But since we want the "easy" way out of this ... and these negotiations are already in progress for a few day's now ... it's basically a done deal. It's just a matter of those who are more in defending the peoples in this get something out of it as well for us and our country. And I would drag this out for as long as I can and really make these bastard's sweat, and crack the whip harder then ever. They deserve every bit of it. Why? Because all these folks from Wall St. to the Hill on all sides know what the score is here. Sure ... we kindly call folks like Bush "incompetent" ... and that's nice. But the reality is ... that all these folks are well educated, many have degree's in law ... and they have all played in this game of hypocrisy in one way or another for long. They whine ... that they dont know how exactly it happened? Well that's just more clever legal wording ... the reality is ... everyone has a good idea of what happened, but dont want to be the first to say anything. All you have here basically is a large group of liar's. Some may lie more in our best interest, some lie more in the best interest of themselves and circle.

Listen closely or read the statements of Obama and McCain on this issue. Obama constantly throughout his detailed plan constantly tell's what WE want in return, and what need's to be done, and want's figures put on the table during negotiations of what exactly we can lock into on a return of profits ... and just where and how they will be distributed, etc. McCain had no actual detail's ... just simply said that we need to have a bipartisan committee oversee this ... after Obama already proposed it and GOP strategist's designed a statement for him to make public. McCain again just basically talked about how we are hurting ... but if we dont move quick ... we will loose our homes, our jobs, our credit, our retirement ... all about what will happen to us if we dont act immediately. The only mention of money in his speech was when he said that this will require a sacrifice to the taxpayers of about $10,000 per household, but will save us from collapse. I actually couldnt believe what I was hearing. I wonder if they realize how much $10,000 is to a working class household earning hourly wages? Obviously they dont ... and this is really sad to hear McCain present this like that. I have liked McCain for years ... and I still dont think this is him! I think this is nothing but him being manipulated and used and the current administration is solely behind all of this.

Do we actually believe that they will go along with a plan that will reimburse Americans if they sell the company asset's and do well? I'll let you decide that. Because that is what Obama and democrat's are actually asking for ... they are even proposing a contract to where taxpaying citizen's become part owner's/ shareholders of these asset's! Which is great for us ... but it's not very likely ... you can bet the GOP side wont give us a damn thing out of this. Do you realize that even help for homeowners wasnt even on the plan they tried to rush through. For Petes sake ... if it wasnt for just a handful of democrats ... we would have been outright massacred! The boldness of Bush/ Cheney and the side of the GOP they have in their pocket is about as rotten as they come. This is why I say ... show no mercy whatsoever ... do not forgive ... do not explain incompetence excuses ... do not give them anything at all. Trust me ... they would let us rot in a heartbeat. This justifies extreme measures, this is un-American, un-patriotic, disrespectful to our troop's, their families, our veteran's, our Constitution. And the nerve to attack and have executed Saddam ... yet sell our asset's to the communist government of China! If these folks actually done things like this in China ... even failing the markets ... they would be surely executed, and some in America may even feel they should as well.

McCain also brought up this being an "economical/ financial disaster" ... for Pete's sake guy ... it couldnt have been more then a few weeks ago when the bailouts of Fannie/ Freddie or Stearns were going on ... you were just telling us that this "help" is needed to fix the problem ... and that we are economically and fundamentally strong. Goddamn ... which is it? I mean ... every goddamn couple week's it's a different story. Enough said ... it's all clear as day ... and if we cannot see this and react ... we deserve what we get!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

America's "War on Drugs"... Instead of Thugs .... (WAR ON DRUGS PT.1)

First of all ... I want to make it clear that I am not advocating drug usage ... I know damn well better then anyone the damage of drugs on the body and mind. And when I say drugs, I really mean drugs ... all this crap about "good" drugs ... "bad" drugs etc. Screw all that crap ... as far as I'm concerned all these drugs our society feed's to our children for attention deficit ... or any of the other psychological crap they come up with are as dangerous if not more than the illegal drugs that are peddled on the black market. They dont even know what the "long term" effect of these psyche drugs are going to be. But our court systems and law enforcement agencies are all backed up with these senseless drug war's ... and it costs us a fortune actually, we could use that money in social services to folks with serious addictions and get far more for our buck then the approach we have today. I want to point out 2 cases here, one that I was involved with personally.

#1) A young lady I known was out partying one night with her girlfriends at some local club in Dallas, on her way home ... and she was NOT drunk, she stopped with her buddies at a late night diner to eat ... they got done and went their separate ways. On the way back to her apartment ... she was driving down Jefferson Blvd in North Oak Cliff ... a neighbourhood that has a tad higher crime rate than most ... and is almost entirely latino working class in that part of Oak Cliff ... gang violence has been of some concern in the community. She jumps a lane right in front of a DPD cruiser unit ... trying to get around the unit who was driving slower to survey the many businesses that line the Blvd ... for possible burglaries and such ... it's about 4am. She didnt use a turn signal ... and the cop seen this as probable cause to check her out ... it was kind of a bold move when there is hardly any other traffic ... especially cutting off a cop. When she got out of the car ... she laid her purse down on the hood of her car ... after she took her wallet out of it to present her drivers license. Unfortunately ... as she laid her purse down, a small plastic clear bag slipped out onto the hood of the car that contained a white powder ... of course the officer seen it ... and arrested her for possession of what was found to be cocaine.The amount was small ... under $50 worth ... but still a felony, just a very low rank felony, a class of its own actually ... not a prison term felony ... but a state jail or probation type in other words ... but nonetheless ... felony.

She bonded out went to court and took a probation in a cop out plea for 4 years, and agreed to go to drug class ... a group setting where folks whine about their drug busts/ use and try to help each other feel better ... which was part of the courts condition for the probation. This gal was NOT a hardcore addict or anything like that ... she was one of them young folks who just parties and does things on a recreational level (although ... that's how addiction start's). But ... she was now on probation ... and that has rules that you must follow. One of them rules is ... if you change your address ... you must tell your probation officer within something like 24 hours ... giving your new address. Well she moved and didnt give her change of address. Since her probation officer didnt know her well and she hasnt been on very long, the probation officer issued a warrant and had her arrested and booked on a probation violation charge. She got a little cocky at the hearing cause she thought it was so petty ... and they sent her to a state jail for a couple months ... in which after she got out ... was still on probation until finishing the initial probation sentencing of the first charge of possession. I dont understand what this accomplished. Did we get a criminal off the street? The time in the courts and the expense to the taxpayers ... was it worth it? The cost of the incarceration ... was it worth it? This gal is NOT a criminal at all ... she wouldnt even shoplift a candy bar, I know her pretty well. She was just one of them party folks that takes her paycheck on the weekend and goes out. While the arresting officer was doing his job ... arresting her and getting her booked ... how much actual criminal activity was going on in his patrol sector of importance? I'm not faulting the officer ... he's just doing his job ... but why do we have so many of our officer's across America fighting this nonsense?

#2) One night on duty as security in Uptown Dallas' West Village I was alone that night ... it was late and things were winding down at the clubs and restaraunts, it's the most pleasant time of the night on the job ... because it's winding down ... and the night peak is over ... and all is well ... that's all you can hope for out there ... cause you never know in a scene like that what you will be challenged with ... lots of folks intoxicated ... fights break out ... between lovers and friends even ... sometimes more than just a fight ... and deadly weapons might be involved ... sometimes suicide (only had 2 of them). But ... when it winds down ... and you're okay ... and everything was average ... you're happy. You done your job ... and no ones hurt ... that's a good night.

But this one gal was coming out of the bar ... she started down the sidewalk ... she was on her cell phone yapping and fiddling around trying to get something in her purse at the same time ... of course ... like 95% of everyone else ... staggering a little bit. But she dropped her purse ... and everything almost fell on the damn sidewalk, she was loaded and clumsy trying to pick up her belongings, so I figured I would give her a hand and help. Most was gal stuff ... you know ... a whole make up rack of items. But one of the items I picked up and handed to her was a vial ... that was clearly cocaine (yes ... I knew it wasnt speed ... how? ... I just knew) ... when I handed it to her ... she froze up ... and said ... "Uhhh ... that isnt mine Sir ... ". Believe me ... it was ... it was still rolling after it fell out on the pavement ... I actually seen it. I lowered my head not looking directly at her ... handed it to her ... and said ... "Ma'am ... I've had a long night and really could care less ... I got one more hour ... to call it a night ...". She quickly grabbed it ... said goodnight and thanx for the help, that simple. Was I wrong for doing that? Maybe some folks would think I was wrong ... but what would be the point of fiddling over this? She was fairly well dressed. My senses tell me she's not out to hurt or rob anyone ... so what would be the point of doing anything else? Should I have kept it? You know ... I dont know what is the right thing to do ... but to harass her about it ... or call an officer over about it is a waste of time and money as far as I'm concerned ... and will do no good to her as well. You got some folks out there that are really criminals ... doing heavy damage to nice vehicles just to smash and grab some CD's or cell phone ... or whatever else they can sell ... folks that are pulling guns on intoxicated patrons and robbing them or what have you ... this IS the real problem ... not a person like her.


Friday, September 5, 2008

RNC Day 4 ... "Out of thousands ... comes 200+ unsung heroes ... "

We hear about our military heroes defending our countries interests(unfortuately, they are also snowballed and not taken care of properly). But the heroes we hardly ever reckonize is the ones that are potrayed by our society and media to look as villians ... or anti- American ... or other similar silly pop culture nonsense. But these folks are the bedrock spirit of American democracy at it's finest. The same spirit that founded and molded our great nation of democracy.

Those who I am talking about ... and would like to congratulate and honour are all those who participated in the protests at the RNC in St.Paul, Minnesota. Especially those of Day4. Who had to clash with authorities and put their necks on the line for what they believe is wronging the American people. These 200+ that were arrested ... are American Heroes! Some were even treated worse ... but the point is ... they done what they felt they had to do. You may say ... "violence is not the answer" ... but understand that we currently are still a primitive species in which sometimes ... violence is one of the only choices. Most of these Americans were in their early 20's ... hadnt been around as long as folks like me ... and had the experiences that me and my generation had to live. But they have enough insight to see what is happening is a snowjob ...and need's to be ripped apart and discarded. And put their neck's on the line so that the people are heard.

It not only takes networking and organization and peaceful protests, boycotts etc. But it also takes those heroes who stay in the trenches everyday ... in the streets and clashing with the forces which they realize can only oppress our liberties and best interests. The spirit of revolution is all part of our great nation ... and has existed since day one. They are not fighting on foreign soil ... but their dedication is needed as well ... to fight on our soil ... and keep this nation a great nation with a vision and dream. As things like our economy struggle ... and folks slowly see their rights being trampled on ... unemployment rising ... more will join the fight to retain our freedom's. Do we need more violence? That depends on how we are dealt with by the controlling entities ... but if they dont listen in a civilized manner and act ... and instead shun the peoples interest's ... then its violence they should be dealt.

These folks are our unsung heroes for they try their best to protect us from tyranny . That is what "We the People" are about. These young which I look at as the "Iron Youth" are the future of our democracy as well. And congratulations to all those peoples of the globe who are doing the same thing in their countries to obtain freedom ... or keep the freedom they have!


Day4 RNC...Grand Finale..McCain accept's nomination for President...

Listening to the acceptance speech of John McCain was unbelievable.I cant even begin to tell what it lacked..but it indeed.."lacked".It was just so empty and was shocking.I actually expected it to be much explanation of how all these great things were going to happen.

What I mean far as lowering the taxes..and still keeping special interests pleased.They want to ignore special interests?Dont be so silly and Dont we realize that "special interests" have more influence in our government than "We the People" do?Until we wake up and realize all that we have and our true potential and actually get involved instead of staying pre-occupied with our gadgets and toys and this pop-culture addiction that is packaged and sold to us...we will continue to stay the way we are.We have all the tool's that we need to succeed..that is what our "Constitution" is about.

McCain said we need to stop sending hundreds of billions a year oversea's to countries that dont like us.This war continuation that he is willing to stick to for the next century in his own words is going to make that continue as well..and thats only one of several items on the table that will continue to take our tax dollars and hand them over to the corporate elite,corrupt governments..and even in the hands of our enemy.Our "cultural"upbringing with this,primarily in organized religions will continue us to believe in an ideology...that wasnt created by God...but instead created by folks who annointed themselves as disciples of do God's work and lead us as...what they call"sheep".The Christ figure himself...Jesus...of the 4 gospel's would have been totally against not only the mega churches of today..but those who govern us...and even run the so called churches...since they are not of God...but of human's who have a passion to control and enslave.The 3 entitie's that rule us...are actually the same mindset of those who would execute a figure like the Christ of the Bible.So those who use these fancy word's to tell us they are people of God...are all liar's...if they were so concerned with a loving God that loves it's children...they wouldnt cause the constant conflict's/war's..pollute the earth, and make us slave's to their system with it's twisted ideology.Nor would they allow the hunger/starvation that exist's in a world so full of wealth.

This idea that we can just stop doing business with the foreign countries that are at odd's with us is also silly.Understand that as I write this...foreign lobbyist's from all over the globe are behind the scene's negotiating more business deals right here with our politician's on "American Soil"..they were even at the conventions...BOTH...the dem's and the rep's.The economics as I detailed in earlier posts of the 21st century are very different then a quarter century ago.Our country has been being bought and sold daily for the last several years and even more so foreign investors...we cant just kick them out...they had invested their own damn money here...and bought even some of our failed institutions!Some of these new foreign investors might very well end up doing more for America...then those we elected of our own to do! Understand...they have our thinking all twisted.Because none of them...think as we do...because they understand reality and simply tell us what is safe.The real things that we should fear are far more frightening then any thing that we had to deal with so far.Even the Russians are lobbying at the conventions..for Pete's sake...understand the reality.The odd's of the people's of the globe...are actually the odd's of those that govern the people's of the globe.

But having to follow behind someone like Palin and try to trump her speech the night before...would have been difficult for anyone...this gal is a more way's then one.Even Joe Biden knows damn well in his heart that she will be tough to debate.John McCain is doing what he only knows and understands to do.Sure..he was in the trenches as a young man...and dedicated himself passionately...and that can never be taken away from him.But these last 30years on the Hill and living out of the trenches has softened him...and contaminated him psychologically.He dont understand what the American people are going through from recent experience...he understand's his past experiences and tries to relate that to what information he is fed from the trenches.He's a great man at heart...but dont really get the picture of what it takes for real change..and even if he Obama or anyone...will have to realize that the entire system from inside out need's to be dissolved and baked from scratch.I think Palin has a better grasp of this than he does actually.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day3 "Republican National Convention"...Palin rescue's GOP...

I first want to say...that I am an Obama supporter...and despite liking the walk and talk of Palin..I will vote Obama..I never break a commitment..unless I have no choice because of a drastic change.I voted for Obama because I liked his attitude and what he had to say.I like Palin in the same way..even more to some extent.And I kind of sensed a few days ago that she might be a problem for the democrats.Now many today in the media are still saying from the left that her speech lacked substance.It might have to an extent...however..their looking at it from a professional speech view.What the problem the voting public will see it different...and many of those blue collar workers...rural Americans..and many family types in urban America will be attracted to her.She will get alot of folks like Reagan did.(Alot of the speech wrote by Bush' writers before she was even chosen)

Why? Because like Obama..she speaks out of the box..and is an image of the American Dream.Unless someone digs up some catastrophic allegations on her..she will blossom and grow amongst American voters.I mean...look at her family..they look better then the Brady Bunch!Her son ready for deployment to Iraq...her long commercial fisherman,production operator in Alaska's oil fields,and to top it off,he is also a due paying member of the "United Steel Worker's Union"..and real comfortable in caring for babies!As far as the 17 year old pregnant daughter,that's silly and all the more relates to the average American..thousand's even younger then her get "god fearing" families at thats just silly talk. A hockey mom on the PTA...80% approval rating in Alaska which is rare to find anywheres in the USA these days for a politician(But too..Alaska is a Lone Ranger type state like that helps).She went up against her own party even in Alaska.The Intoxicated Driving over 20 years ago on her hubby Todd...wont hold much weight..Why? most states these days...a few beers will show you to be legally intoxicated.And besides..when hubby was doing that..Obama says he was experimenting with drugs like coke and pot.(Damn..why do they always call it "experimenting"...I done drugs too...but damn sure didnt do them to experiment..I was young and doing them to get high!Even folks I got high with...we were all far beyond any experimentation).Put it this way...I know a good bet when see one..and Palin is one I would put money on so far.I am expecting everyone from "Rolling Stone" to "TIME" to "Vanity Fair" to exploit a piece of her too..why? Why else.. because this gal can sell!

I see her as basically a blessing to the GOP...because frankly..I see not a damn thing the GOP has to offer to voters.What ..protect us from terrorist's? Hell were gonna do that's our damn nature as animal's to protect ourselves and in our American spirit!Republican's say they want to lower our taxes?What about lowering the record spending of their Bush Administration and party.We have no damn surplus...we even have thousands of bridges all over America in serious need of repair...remember Minneapolis?But we are having to spend billions in Iraq,Afghanistan,even now Georgia...and others that will come in time.How can you possibly lower taxes..and let the massive oil/energy folks go "tax free"..and even continue to spend money abroad when we dont even have any to spend here..use common sense.The republican's also have not submitted one plan yet on how they would achieve this.Sure..Palin has a record for ethics reform...but Washington and its deeply rooted way of doing a far cry from Alaska.There is also more to the "drill baby drill" that they are chanting then what meets the eye,and energy independence.Why?Who are the ones capable of such a task?And we will "have to" butter their bread if we want to get them to do what we need.And how much foreign investment is in our petro industry? As I said in earlier posts...there is NO boundaries in this...the "globe" all drinks from the same well.We are being snowballed by all to believe in things that simply are not true(an old familiar story on many avenue's).

Besides..who is going to be calling the shots?..McCain...Palin is just a tool and sales-pitch...great window dressing in this.THEY WANT ANWAR!!!! Other talk out of republicans at this jamboree is..."Americans are worried about their jobs".."worried about the cost of gas".."about their mortgages"...etc...etc..all they are doing is re-dressing what democrats are talking about..tell us something we dont know..and most importantly..what the hell are you going to do about it?! For Petes sake..their main man McCain a "maverick"...a man of "reform"..then what the hell has he been doing for the last quarter century?! On vacation? If it's all congress's fault what will change if he's President? Cause if he dont succeed will still be the fault of Congress and partisanship...Geez...give us a break!Oh..I'm sorry...they said a dozen times last night that their economic reforms and ethics will start to show in 2013.Why not before 2013? Duuuhhh...cause we will have to re-elect them to finish the final round...which because of this and that and other unforseen events will have to get delayed again till 2017.Do you get my drift? For Petes sake..cant we see we are being sold a car with an engine with over 200,000 miles on it..and an automatic transmission..with drive gear not working as well as reverse?

I actually like Palin..and it's sad that she has to pull these losers out of the gutter...because without her...their relics and deadwood.70% of Americans think their childrens future will be worse then theirs.This is a very psychologically bad mindset to be in...optimism is the only way to survive and succeed in this point of our evolution.The Supreme can bet on it..that any nominee's will be in the likeness of Thomas,Roberts,Alito,and on it.They wont get approved? Then they will get another group...the pool is saturated with picks! They say we dont need to be buying oil from these countries that train terrorists? Are you kiddin?!! The Saudi's have been our friends and friends of the Bush's for decades! The terrorists that struck on 9/11 were trained right here in the USA by...Americans!Where the hell do you think they went to flight school?!! They call them all Middle Eastern "tyrant's"? What the hell makes them think Iraq wont become like that? Besides...the energy/oil problem...IS NOT the fault of the Arab' me...this is a much deeper picture then what us average voters see...and far more complex.The Saudi's have been one of the best friends we have many cases treated us better then some of our so called EU allies!The actions of Bin Laden...hasnt a damn thing to do with the Saudi Government ...any more then saying that the actions of Charlie Manson have to do with our government...or the actions of Timothy McVey of the federal building bombing in Oklahoma City.Bin Ladens movement is a counter culture movement who despises it's own as well as the west.

They say they are the party of Lincoln,Reagan..and the nerve to compare themselves with Teddy Kennedy! Pleeease...this GOP isnt even like the GOP I was voting in 20 years ago.And some of the folks in this current administration are more tyrannical then those they talk about,as far as damaging to our nation.