Monday, September 29, 2008

"Sanitarium for the Puppet's"... and "WALL STREET ... is Not EASY STREET"...

I thought that the classic CD/ LP piece "Master of Puppet's" song "Welcome Home (sanitarium)" of the classic rock music group "Metallica" was quite appropriate for the chaos on the Hill over the last 10 day's or so ... and the reality check to Wall St. that ... this IS NOT Easy St. heh, heh, heh, ... welcome home! And credit to Metallica for such a fine classic composition.

This has been more fun then I have expected it to be ... and the fact that the Bill proposed to assist the financial problem was voted down today ... came as a pleasant suprise as well! Let this be a reminder to even those on Wall St. that this is what the "free market" is all about ... and part of what give's their career's a touch of excitement. After all ... it's not any fun being bored all the time ... now is it? How can one enjoy victory if they never felt what it is like to fail?

Is this only about Wall St. and America? Absolutely not ... and that was the most fun part of all this as well ... because this was about the globe ... and it's Master's of Puppet's. In America for instance, this is about the "U.S.Chamber of Commerce"... and their buddies the "Business Roundtable" who for far long has not represented the interest's of small business in America which employ's at least 75% of American's! Small business who has had to strictly represent and cater to the master's of big global business. Heh, heh, heh ... we have long paid our due's .. should you not pay your's? Do we realize that the U.S.Chamber of Commerce as well as the Business Roundtable has spent a combined $510,000,000 in lobbying between 1998 and 2008 alone? And we wonder why small business is not heard. The Republican House members capitalized off this by voting to reject this ... heh, heh, heh ... your own buddies!

Who's at fault here? We all are. You see ... our system depend's on "credit/ loans" and it has gotten to be a "dependency". We have bank's and sub prime folks entice us to spend, spend, spend ... and constantly borrow to consume ... even if it really isnt an important consumption. Dont get me wrong ... I am a capitalist and a very materialistic person ... I just dont consume what is clearly something I am made to believe I would have need for. When I first met my wife ... we dated on week end's for over a year, and in them day's ... I done everything with credit ... I mean ... it was common, easy, and seemed to work. My wife coming fresh from Iran at the time (late 70's revolution) one day ...was laughing ... asking me if we all in America spend our paycheck's before we get them? I had to laugh ... because I never thought of that before ... she was right!

This isnt over ... but this denial was very important ... to show these weakling's that you cannot just shed a few tears and expect it all to go away ... this was a good foot in the ass ... and a "wake up" call. And no political party wins on this.The Democrat's were fighting for a few gifts and help for the peoples ... but there is also reason for that as well ... in the Democrat's interests. The Republicans were divided, on one hand wanting to do what is of their principles and letting failure find it's way and asking for thing's like the bank's themselves to start an insurance fund to help themselves for a change ... and other Republicans out of fear just wanting this to get passed ... and most importantly ... wondering what the effect's will be on their candidate for the Presidency? There is so much to detail here ... I couldnt even start at this time ... this is much deeper then the cover we are seeing.

Will this have an effect on us? ... heh, heh, heh ... did you see what happened in the DOW today within hours? What happened in the U.K. and their newest bank failures and rescuer's/ vultures? How China was glued to the market tapes and wondering what is next? Yes ... there will be some effect's ... and of course it will be a touch difficult to get them new car loans and home loans ... but it will make us leaner and meaner. The fact is that we have gotten a little too fat ... and it's time to trim down some. Or else we will clog the arteries of our economic systems even more. I mean ... California alone is already foreclosing on approximately 1300 homes a day as it is ... before today's rejection. Another thing is ... this enables us to sit back down at the table ... draw up a new offer ... and let American's get a bit of help out of this ... what they were all proposing was offering American's nothing except that maybe if they can profit off this buy- out we can get reimbersed. Do they actually believe that we are that stupid to take their word simply on good faith? Pleeeeease.

Just get you all's asses back to work and come up with a better plan ... and we'll think about it. In good business ... one hand washes the other ... in this case we been doing all the washing!

By the way ... I would like to see a collection taken up for (D) Barney Frank,Chairman of the Financial Services Committee ... to buy him some shirt's and tie's that actually fit ... you look like a damn slob Sir!


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