Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day3 "Republican National Convention"...Palin rescue's GOP...

I first want to say...that I am an Obama supporter...and despite liking the walk and talk of Palin..I will vote Obama..I never break a commitment..unless I have no choice because of a drastic change.I voted for Obama because I liked his attitude and what he had to say.I like Palin in the same way..even more to some extent.And I kind of sensed a few days ago that she might be a problem for the democrats.Now many today in the media are still saying from the left that her speech lacked substance.It might have to an extent...however..their looking at it from a professional speech view.What the problem the voting public will see it different...and many of those blue collar workers...rural Americans..and many family types in urban America will be attracted to her.She will get alot of folks like Reagan did.(Alot of the speech wrote by Bush' writers before she was even chosen)

Why? Because like Obama..she speaks out of the box..and is an image of the American Dream.Unless someone digs up some catastrophic allegations on her..she will blossom and grow amongst American voters.I mean...look at her family..they look better then the Brady Bunch!Her son ready for deployment to Iraq...her long commercial fisherman,production operator in Alaska's oil fields,and to top it off,he is also a due paying member of the "United Steel Worker's Union"..and real comfortable in caring for babies!As far as the 17 year old pregnant daughter,that's silly and all the more relates to the average American..thousand's even younger then her get "god fearing" families at thats just silly talk. A hockey mom on the PTA...80% approval rating in Alaska which is rare to find anywheres in the USA these days for a politician(But too..Alaska is a Lone Ranger type state like that helps).She went up against her own party even in Alaska.The Intoxicated Driving over 20 years ago on her hubby Todd...wont hold much weight..Why? most states these days...a few beers will show you to be legally intoxicated.And besides..when hubby was doing that..Obama says he was experimenting with drugs like coke and pot.(Damn..why do they always call it "experimenting"...I done drugs too...but damn sure didnt do them to experiment..I was young and doing them to get high!Even folks I got high with...we were all far beyond any experimentation).Put it this way...I know a good bet when see one..and Palin is one I would put money on so far.I am expecting everyone from "Rolling Stone" to "TIME" to "Vanity Fair" to exploit a piece of her too..why? Why else.. because this gal can sell!

I see her as basically a blessing to the GOP...because frankly..I see not a damn thing the GOP has to offer to voters.What ..protect us from terrorist's? Hell were gonna do that's our damn nature as animal's to protect ourselves and in our American spirit!Republican's say they want to lower our taxes?What about lowering the record spending of their Bush Administration and party.We have no damn surplus...we even have thousands of bridges all over America in serious need of repair...remember Minneapolis?But we are having to spend billions in Iraq,Afghanistan,even now Georgia...and others that will come in time.How can you possibly lower taxes..and let the massive oil/energy folks go "tax free"..and even continue to spend money abroad when we dont even have any to spend here..use common sense.The republican's also have not submitted one plan yet on how they would achieve this.Sure..Palin has a record for ethics reform...but Washington and its deeply rooted way of doing a far cry from Alaska.There is also more to the "drill baby drill" that they are chanting then what meets the eye,and energy independence.Why?Who are the ones capable of such a task?And we will "have to" butter their bread if we want to get them to do what we need.And how much foreign investment is in our petro industry? As I said in earlier posts...there is NO boundaries in this...the "globe" all drinks from the same well.We are being snowballed by all to believe in things that simply are not true(an old familiar story on many avenue's).

Besides..who is going to be calling the shots?..McCain...Palin is just a tool and sales-pitch...great window dressing in this.THEY WANT ANWAR!!!! Other talk out of republicans at this jamboree is..."Americans are worried about their jobs".."worried about the cost of gas".."about their mortgages"...etc...etc..all they are doing is re-dressing what democrats are talking about..tell us something we dont know..and most importantly..what the hell are you going to do about it?! For Petes sake..their main man McCain a "maverick"...a man of "reform"..then what the hell has he been doing for the last quarter century?! On vacation? If it's all congress's fault what will change if he's President? Cause if he dont succeed will still be the fault of Congress and partisanship...Geez...give us a break!Oh..I'm sorry...they said a dozen times last night that their economic reforms and ethics will start to show in 2013.Why not before 2013? Duuuhhh...cause we will have to re-elect them to finish the final round...which because of this and that and other unforseen events will have to get delayed again till 2017.Do you get my drift? For Petes sake..cant we see we are being sold a car with an engine with over 200,000 miles on it..and an automatic transmission..with drive gear not working as well as reverse?

I actually like Palin..and it's sad that she has to pull these losers out of the gutter...because without her...their relics and deadwood.70% of Americans think their childrens future will be worse then theirs.This is a very psychologically bad mindset to be in...optimism is the only way to survive and succeed in this point of our evolution.The Supreme can bet on it..that any nominee's will be in the likeness of Thomas,Roberts,Alito,and on it.They wont get approved? Then they will get another group...the pool is saturated with picks! They say we dont need to be buying oil from these countries that train terrorists? Are you kiddin?!! The Saudi's have been our friends and friends of the Bush's for decades! The terrorists that struck on 9/11 were trained right here in the USA by...Americans!Where the hell do you think they went to flight school?!! They call them all Middle Eastern "tyrant's"? What the hell makes them think Iraq wont become like that? Besides...the energy/oil problem...IS NOT the fault of the Arab' me...this is a much deeper picture then what us average voters see...and far more complex.The Saudi's have been one of the best friends we have many cases treated us better then some of our so called EU allies!The actions of Bin Laden...hasnt a damn thing to do with the Saudi Government ...any more then saying that the actions of Charlie Manson have to do with our government...or the actions of Timothy McVey of the federal building bombing in Oklahoma City.Bin Ladens movement is a counter culture movement who despises it's own as well as the west.

They say they are the party of Lincoln,Reagan..and the nerve to compare themselves with Teddy Kennedy! Pleeease...this GOP isnt even like the GOP I was voting in 20 years ago.And some of the folks in this current administration are more tyrannical then those they talk about,as far as damaging to our nation.

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