Friday, September 5, 2008

RNC Day 4 ... "Out of thousands ... comes 200+ unsung heroes ... "

We hear about our military heroes defending our countries interests(unfortuately, they are also snowballed and not taken care of properly). But the heroes we hardly ever reckonize is the ones that are potrayed by our society and media to look as villians ... or anti- American ... or other similar silly pop culture nonsense. But these folks are the bedrock spirit of American democracy at it's finest. The same spirit that founded and molded our great nation of democracy.

Those who I am talking about ... and would like to congratulate and honour are all those who participated in the protests at the RNC in St.Paul, Minnesota. Especially those of Day4. Who had to clash with authorities and put their necks on the line for what they believe is wronging the American people. These 200+ that were arrested ... are American Heroes! Some were even treated worse ... but the point is ... they done what they felt they had to do. You may say ... "violence is not the answer" ... but understand that we currently are still a primitive species in which sometimes ... violence is one of the only choices. Most of these Americans were in their early 20's ... hadnt been around as long as folks like me ... and had the experiences that me and my generation had to live. But they have enough insight to see what is happening is a snowjob ...and need's to be ripped apart and discarded. And put their neck's on the line so that the people are heard.

It not only takes networking and organization and peaceful protests, boycotts etc. But it also takes those heroes who stay in the trenches everyday ... in the streets and clashing with the forces which they realize can only oppress our liberties and best interests. The spirit of revolution is all part of our great nation ... and has existed since day one. They are not fighting on foreign soil ... but their dedication is needed as well ... to fight on our soil ... and keep this nation a great nation with a vision and dream. As things like our economy struggle ... and folks slowly see their rights being trampled on ... unemployment rising ... more will join the fight to retain our freedom's. Do we need more violence? That depends on how we are dealt with by the controlling entities ... but if they dont listen in a civilized manner and act ... and instead shun the peoples interest's ... then its violence they should be dealt.

These folks are our unsung heroes for they try their best to protect us from tyranny . That is what "We the People" are about. These young which I look at as the "Iron Youth" are the future of our democracy as well. And congratulations to all those peoples of the globe who are doing the same thing in their countries to obtain freedom ... or keep the freedom they have!



concerned citizen said...

handmaiden here, (my other blog)

these folks are the bedrock spirit of American democracy at it's finest.The same spirit that founded and molded our great nation of democracy. I agree, it takes spirit to buck the system. Our civil rights only work when they are exercised. I learned this from advocating for police accountability. These young people do deserve encouragement.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your visit "concerned citizen".And I see you at least understand my point here.I hear so much insult of these folks,their young,restless,dont know,havent been around,need to find a job.etc..blah,blah,blah.Well...we were all there at a time..werent we?Police accountablity? Heh,heh,heh..tell me about it!And I worked the streets with law enforcement in a large night club district with guys who were Dallas PD working contract with me.Early on my blog..or whatever the proper name of these are.I wrote about my experience April 2007,while coming back to Dallas from Portland.I stopped in Los Angeles,had some time to burn,got caught right in the middle of a latino protest in downtown LA that saturday.Dozens of young latinos were pulled over and harrassed by LAPD traffic units,for nothing.I actually seen one lady who was manhandled by a male LAPD riot officer twice her size,kicked by him..and tossed like a ragdoll,and the situation was totally uncalled for..I know their training and appropriate response rules.This officer just simply..."lost it".I did write the LAPD about it...never heard back from them.

concerned citizen said...

I went over some of my old posts & found this quote I think is appropriate for your post:
"The man who is tenacious of purpose in a rightful cause is not shaken from his firm resolve by the frenzy of his fellows clamoring for what is wrong, or by the tyrant's threatening countenance."
Horace; Odes III,iii 1

Anyway, I'm working on a post about accountability & public officials. In my past research concerning police accountability. I realized there are factors that create a climate for abuse of power in any situation where people have political or legal power over others. For instance Noble cause corruption. This is why it is so important for citizens to keep power in check. The writers of the Constitution realized this.
As Abraham Lincoln so eloquently said:[and that] "government of the people, by the people, for the people,"