Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Democrat's, Republican's ... The Bailout ... and the American Taxpayer ....

After listening closely to McCain and Obama and their comrades on the Hill talk about their plans and what everyone wants in this package ... it has made clear to me ... that I support the democrat's on this ... and not even a sliver of the republican party. Just listen to what the candidates say on this ... you can see it on a number of news stations on tele or the internet ... the newspaper or any related publications. I am actually shocked that the republicans are going about this like this ... since the election is so close.

Thank goodness for democracy that this is being challenged so hard on the Hill. Both sides are unhappy with this though. Basically many republican's are upset because one it doesnt allow business to fail and feel the backlash from what these firm's do. Second because ... the way the plan was set up ... (and you can bet this plan was specifically set up by the Bush/Cheney administration) it actually has many loopholes in it ... such as Paulson and a hand selected group of his and Bernanke will oversee the whole show ... and things like allowing these companies to close and get bought out allows it's CEO's and largest shareholders to basically get what is like severance packages tax free at that upon their leaving ... which would amount in the millions for many. Enough money to start up any kind of business they want in any country. And most of this is a last attempt by Bush ... to milk every last drop for him and his associates future market endeavors before he leaves office and have it all in writing and tailored to their need's 2 or 3 or more years down the road. Understand that none of these folks whining now ... whether they get this bailout or fail ... will ever end up in the poor house. They will simply loose millions at the worst scenario ... but that's it. Again ... we are being milked to the max. They are playing the fear card on us.

If we dont bail them will it be hard on us? Your damn right it will! But NOT doom and gloom ... the more you have and the more you make will hurt the worse. Those who have almost nothing ... will hurt the least ... because their lives are already living day to day. It's harder to lose what you have then what you dont have ... if you get my drift. As for me ... personally I am a hard ass and have no mercy for them whatsoever. Will I hurt? Your damn right I would ... just like anyone else ... but I also realize that nothing in life that's worth fighting for is easy. They always tell us "what we NEED to do" ... for me ... I think it's high time we the people just say "No! we are going to tell you what WE need to do" and let them all fail. We will rebuild ... and never have to deal with them again or more excuses, whining, plea's, threat's, fear card's being played on us, backstabbing, etc.

Most likely we WILL bail them out ... thus meaning we will be locked into another contract that we can do without. If you keep putting out food for stray dogs on the patio ... you will never lose them or make them more dependent on themselves. But since we want the "easy" way out of this ... and these negotiations are already in progress for a few day's now ... it's basically a done deal. It's just a matter of those who are more in defending the peoples in this get something out of it as well for us and our country. And I would drag this out for as long as I can and really make these bastard's sweat, and crack the whip harder then ever. They deserve every bit of it. Why? Because all these folks from Wall St. to the Hill on all sides know what the score is here. Sure ... we kindly call folks like Bush "incompetent" ... and that's nice. But the reality is ... that all these folks are well educated, many have degree's in law ... and they have all played in this game of hypocrisy in one way or another for long. They whine ... that they dont know how exactly it happened? Well that's just more clever legal wording ... the reality is ... everyone has a good idea of what happened, but dont want to be the first to say anything. All you have here basically is a large group of liar's. Some may lie more in our best interest, some lie more in the best interest of themselves and circle.

Listen closely or read the statements of Obama and McCain on this issue. Obama constantly throughout his detailed plan constantly tell's what WE want in return, and what need's to be done, and want's figures put on the table during negotiations of what exactly we can lock into on a return of profits ... and just where and how they will be distributed, etc. McCain had no actual detail's ... just simply said that we need to have a bipartisan committee oversee this ... after Obama already proposed it and GOP strategist's designed a statement for him to make public. McCain again just basically talked about how we are hurting ... but if we dont move quick ... we will loose our homes, our jobs, our credit, our retirement ... all about what will happen to us if we dont act immediately. The only mention of money in his speech was when he said that this will require a sacrifice to the taxpayers of about $10,000 per household, but will save us from collapse. I actually couldnt believe what I was hearing. I wonder if they realize how much $10,000 is to a working class household earning hourly wages? Obviously they dont ... and this is really sad to hear McCain present this like that. I have liked McCain for years ... and I still dont think this is him! I think this is nothing but him being manipulated and used and the current administration is solely behind all of this.

Do we actually believe that they will go along with a plan that will reimburse Americans if they sell the company asset's and do well? I'll let you decide that. Because that is what Obama and democrat's are actually asking for ... they are even proposing a contract to where taxpaying citizen's become part owner's/ shareholders of these asset's! Which is great for us ... but it's not very likely ... you can bet the GOP side wont give us a damn thing out of this. Do you realize that even help for homeowners wasnt even on the plan they tried to rush through. For Petes sake ... if it wasnt for just a handful of democrats ... we would have been outright massacred! The boldness of Bush/ Cheney and the side of the GOP they have in their pocket is about as rotten as they come. This is why I say ... show no mercy whatsoever ... do not forgive ... do not explain incompetence excuses ... do not give them anything at all. Trust me ... they would let us rot in a heartbeat. This justifies extreme measures, this is un-American, un-patriotic, disrespectful to our troop's, their families, our veteran's, our Constitution. And the nerve to attack and have executed Saddam ... yet sell our asset's to the communist government of China! If these folks actually done things like this in China ... even failing the markets ... they would be surely executed, and some in America may even feel they should as well.

McCain also brought up this being an "economical/ financial disaster" ... for Pete's sake guy ... it couldnt have been more then a few weeks ago when the bailouts of Fannie/ Freddie or Stearns were going on ... you were just telling us that this "help" is needed to fix the problem ... and that we are economically and fundamentally strong. Goddamn ... which is it? I mean ... every goddamn couple week's it's a different story. Enough said ... it's all clear as day ... and if we cannot see this and react ... we deserve what we get!


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