Friday, September 5, 2008

Day4 RNC...Grand Finale..McCain accept's nomination for President...

Listening to the acceptance speech of John McCain was unbelievable.I cant even begin to tell what it lacked..but it indeed.."lacked".It was just so empty and was shocking.I actually expected it to be much explanation of how all these great things were going to happen.

What I mean far as lowering the taxes..and still keeping special interests pleased.They want to ignore special interests?Dont be so silly and Dont we realize that "special interests" have more influence in our government than "We the People" do?Until we wake up and realize all that we have and our true potential and actually get involved instead of staying pre-occupied with our gadgets and toys and this pop-culture addiction that is packaged and sold to us...we will continue to stay the way we are.We have all the tool's that we need to succeed..that is what our "Constitution" is about.

McCain said we need to stop sending hundreds of billions a year oversea's to countries that dont like us.This war continuation that he is willing to stick to for the next century in his own words is going to make that continue as well..and thats only one of several items on the table that will continue to take our tax dollars and hand them over to the corporate elite,corrupt governments..and even in the hands of our enemy.Our "cultural"upbringing with this,primarily in organized religions will continue us to believe in an ideology...that wasnt created by God...but instead created by folks who annointed themselves as disciples of do God's work and lead us as...what they call"sheep".The Christ figure himself...Jesus...of the 4 gospel's would have been totally against not only the mega churches of today..but those who govern us...and even run the so called churches...since they are not of God...but of human's who have a passion to control and enslave.The 3 entitie's that rule us...are actually the same mindset of those who would execute a figure like the Christ of the Bible.So those who use these fancy word's to tell us they are people of God...are all liar's...if they were so concerned with a loving God that loves it's children...they wouldnt cause the constant conflict's/war's..pollute the earth, and make us slave's to their system with it's twisted ideology.Nor would they allow the hunger/starvation that exist's in a world so full of wealth.

This idea that we can just stop doing business with the foreign countries that are at odd's with us is also silly.Understand that as I write this...foreign lobbyist's from all over the globe are behind the scene's negotiating more business deals right here with our politician's on "American Soil"..they were even at the conventions...BOTH...the dem's and the rep's.The economics as I detailed in earlier posts of the 21st century are very different then a quarter century ago.Our country has been being bought and sold daily for the last several years and even more so foreign investors...we cant just kick them out...they had invested their own damn money here...and bought even some of our failed institutions!Some of these new foreign investors might very well end up doing more for America...then those we elected of our own to do! Understand...they have our thinking all twisted.Because none of them...think as we do...because they understand reality and simply tell us what is safe.The real things that we should fear are far more frightening then any thing that we had to deal with so far.Even the Russians are lobbying at the conventions..for Pete's sake...understand the reality.The odd's of the people's of the globe...are actually the odd's of those that govern the people's of the globe.

But having to follow behind someone like Palin and try to trump her speech the night before...would have been difficult for anyone...this gal is a more way's then one.Even Joe Biden knows damn well in his heart that she will be tough to debate.John McCain is doing what he only knows and understands to do.Sure..he was in the trenches as a young man...and dedicated himself passionately...and that can never be taken away from him.But these last 30years on the Hill and living out of the trenches has softened him...and contaminated him psychologically.He dont understand what the American people are going through from recent experience...he understand's his past experiences and tries to relate that to what information he is fed from the trenches.He's a great man at heart...but dont really get the picture of what it takes for real change..and even if he Obama or anyone...will have to realize that the entire system from inside out need's to be dissolved and baked from scratch.I think Palin has a better grasp of this than he does actually.

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