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PLANT BASED PROTEIN: Meat, Wheat & Pig's Feet ... & The DOPING UP of America's Favourite Consumed ANIMAL'S (WHOLE GRAIN'S/ FOOD'S & HALF TRUTH'S PT.5)

Part 5 of the "Whole Grain's/ Food's & Half Truth's" series is just a lil info I wanted in here for reference. Again, I'm not a vegetarian, but do eat alot less of meat's, and kind of selective about such, so these thing's are a plus to know is all. Mr. Mark Macdonald make's some point's of interest in this first video, the bottom line is that we eat alot more meat than we have to, and frankly pay out the ass to do so. The reason for saying that we "pay" out the ass, is because I know so many low/ moderate income working class folk's over the year's like myself, have alwayz said that the healthy food's are too expensive and they dont fill you up, etc, etc. ... there is some truth to that, but half only, what I mean is we have psychologically and physically became addicted to the food's that are more harmful, so there's more to it, than the popular urban myth that poor folk's simply cant afford and cant find many of these store's/ food's in low income area's. Put it this way, you may not find a bunch of health food product's in a small convenient store in a low income community, BUT, every one that I been in also had thing's  like some banana's, apple's, etc in the store too, out of taste and habit, we quickly grab the spicy, sodium filled potato chip's or such for a buck/ buck and a half ($1.00/ $1.50) instead of the piece of fruit, as example. When we go to these fast food joint's, get say a double cheese burger, fries, soft drink, etc, you'll maybe drop $7/ $10 buck's right off hand, and that's just a snack or lunch on the run thing, stop off again for couple soft drink's more throughout the day or whatever snack's, and you already spend more than you realize on bit's and end's, when that same dollar could be spent on something alot more nutritional that even taste's good. If your poor, on food stamp's etc ... same thing, what guide's you to those product's in the store beside's price when you could choose from the produce area? ... so you see ... taste and habit ... I'm the same way, I loved all the nutritionally lousiest thing's to eat. And the more of that, that it take's you to fill yourself, the more you will need to satisfy that goal every time.

We also strongly need as I previously pointed out in this series, alot more tighter regulation on this deceptive advertising nonsense, I was just reading some of the cereal boxes (not buying it, but since I was in the market, to entertain myself) while in a market a couple dayz ago again, just to witness the unbelievably bullshit they have on package's of our children's cereal, with cute picture's of cartoon super heroes or whatever on the box to catch the kid's eye, so he/ she can yell to mom ... "Get that one!" ... with all this fiber, protein, nutritional source of vitamin's A thru Z and other bullshit to make the concerned mom think it is scientifically/ nutritionally accurate, etc. The same thing with all that we buy that is processed, period! A year ago I didnt even know jack squat about what they inject into our so called natural meat's even that we consume, while the critter's are alive at that even. Now just common sense must make you wonder, if antibiotic's are so regulated to us as patient's/ consumer's, so that they truely do defeat our infection or whatever (dont want to do too much, but yet enough basically to fight it) ... doesnt all these antibiotic's pumped into these animal's have some consequence's to the consumer?

Some person can randomly look at this post and just easily assume that I am against these meat product's, fast food businesses, etc, etc ... but I am pro- business ... so no, I'm not against businesses, all I want is to tighten the rules and what were told is all, again ... a lil transparency is all. There is no reason why any business/ industry cant make adjustment's, modification's and try new thing's ... that's progress and improvement is all, which in the longhaul is healthy for any business as a more healthy and informed consumer/ customer who will advertise the best way of marketing, by word of mouth, everyone win's in the longrun basically. Business/ supply cater's to demand, not the other way around ... and that is what many of us consumer's lack in this issue as well ... "demand".

Plant Based Protein ... Thanx to FAREEDZAKARIAFAN

***** HLN: "Food Wars: Labels can be deceiving" (video/ newsread)

***** CONSUMER REPORTS: Meat On Drugs **** and some tips on what you can do



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DEFICIT REDUCTION: A Truly "Conservative" View and Explanation of the DEFICIT & BUDGET from a Inde Liberal Socialist (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.4) & (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.5)

Thomas.H.Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This posting will serve the "From The Foxhole with Bernie" and "Yall Street/ RC's Spending & Budget Cut's" series both. But basically to look at the true reality of the deficit, spending and cut's in this nation currently, what is being pushed for legislative action by whom and why. Which I have wrote plenty about throughout this bloody journal as it is. But no one sum's up truth quite as uniquely as Senator Sanders on Capitalism Hill.

One of the most twisted misconception's we have in 2012 is what we see as being "fiscally conservative" and the related, it is so twisted that I hardly know how to explain it in few word's. But basically it amount's to mostly all conservative's of our government supporting, funding, and promoting corporate welfare subsidies, offshore investing, outsourcing job's from America, with an endless spending on war's and bombing campaign's, who support private mega entities that imprison, drug, and financially drain and bankrupt our college student's and youth for mega profit through government milking, supporting a half dozen mega bank's that milk and drain all the independent bank's and business, take our generous bailout's to spend on multi- million dollar advertisement's and putting their name's on sport's stadium's, and spend much of their time trying to bankrupt everything of our municipalities, post office's, emergency service's and everything else, so they can replace it with investment's from these same entities, to milk us more selling us inferior product's and service's at inflated price's while destroying our land enviromentally across the board, avoid any taxation of themselves while ratholing all the wealth they made from us in a handful of tax haven countries offshore, letting mega religious entities dictate our government, and now even trying to take our social security and throwing that to the gambler's of Wall Street ... and that's only half of it. The only true definition term I could come up with to give this is "corporate communism".

Below is almost 35 minute's of video from Bernie that's sum's up truth and reality, that is well worth the listen ... and Thank You Sir! Then a post note from me.

Bernie on Deficit Reduction: Part 1 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Bernie on Deficit Reduction: Part 2 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

The Truth about the Deficit: Part 1 ...  Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

The Truth about the Deficit: Part 2 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS



***** POST NOTE: I intended to add this yesterday, but was a tad pressed for time, so I am adding this as a "post note" here. The reason again to post this, even though I pointed this out time and again here and there, is because if someone was to just randomly stumble on this posting from either side of left or right, they could assume that I am against wealth and rich folk's, but I am actually very pro- wealth, business, and even giving tax incentive's 110% to those investor's and job creator's ... I actually took on the nick- name "Commie Tommie" in humour, living in a city that is saturated with wealth and business to the point where it is called the number one city in America (Dallas- Fort Worth) for business by many expert's even, because many of these new wave or neo conservative's of today, would label someone like myself, Bernie, or even our President (Obama) as a "commie" (nick name for "communist"), and saying that we hate wealth and/ or anyone with any substantial amount of money/ asset's : ) Many of these conservative's of today, dont even see what is happening in their own party, even many democrat's are so intoxicated with this left/ right battle and cult mentality that they dont even see the game their caught in, some do, but love the battle of word's and side show's as a sort of way to entertain themselves I reckon.

Bottom line is ... we are being milked/ robbed basically, and as I pointed out time and again, most of the mega investment clan's dont really care much about this nation, there are alot of new market's emerging, and this country is full of lawyer's/ legislator's/ politician's that have a major say and role on adjusting the market's and making into law what much around the globe is going to do. The giant's such as India and China have so much to do with the new market's, with their rising middle classes and such, which is a plus for those folk's, but to "stay" a plus, it has to be watched closely by all people of the globe, as far as watching those engineer's of this are concerned, because they are only human, so they get intoxicated as well with their gambling addiction's, excessive greed and what have you, I mean ... you see what can happen to the global economy when one of these mega entities make's a wrong/ ill move/ bet just over the last decade, and to just let these entities get any larger is so dangerous to everyone in the longrun.

Myself for instance, I'm a simple man, a problem solver,etc, etc ... I dont choose side's or pop culture clan's when it come's to business, or try to embrace only a few idea's that are popular, that contaminate's the process and waste's time of everyone. I was the same way on the job in the printing industry,when some computer broke down, or another snag in the production came, instead of just sitting there with my head in my hand's weeping and worrying with "whoa is we" nonsense, I would get together with a select few of the crew, and say .... "let's make this work". We are not "making thing's work" the way we are handling this so called crisis, which is really mild compared to what it could be, thank goodness we have enough wealth in this country and a sort of democracy to where we are not as deep in the hole as we could be after this last series of crashes, if we think that unemployment is bad now at 15+% (real figure's, not this left/ right MSM figure's) we aint seen nothin.

Constantly we hear whining out of these mega power and wealth entities, that we are trying to re- distribute wealth ... but in reality, it is them with their intentional or even unintentional reckless investing, spending, and excessive greed intoxication that HAVE already re- distributed the wealth, so bad to where there isnt even a snowball's chance in Hell of any competition anymore hardly, it's become a handful of familia's such as Walton's vs. Koch Brother's etc, etc (example) ... where is the competition? We have gotten to where capitalism isnt even remotely capitalism anymore when we just bail out and give endless support to a mega entity that fail's time and again, and we only encourage them to get larger, which can only make the next fall/ failure worse than the previous one, and everyone on Capitalism Hill know's this.

I "want" to give many of these folk's tax break's/ incentive's, etc ... all I'm asking for is a "return" for our consideration/ investment is all, just like ya'll ask for, it's simple as that ... I want a guarantee (contractually/ legislatively) that you also invest here and related nation's that are playing in the same game that feed's the same pool. I want to give energy companies incentive's, BUT ... I also want you to spend as much time and investing though on more advanced and eco friendly project's and idea's, not just doing the same ole same thing over and over and giving a 25 year projected vision on what we have in place ... since ya'll like to take gamble's, you should have no problemo with this, like any other business endeavor, some of you will come out winner's more than other's, that's competition and forward progress.

***** RCJ: "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" **** I compiled this of various posting's/ link's/ video's to easily access which concern's alot of this on the economy and related.


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POLICE BRUTALITY & MURDER ... From LA/ Anaheim to San Francisco to Dallas ... a MONTH of MAYHEM & MURDER By America's FINEST (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.9)

Part 9 of this "Police Brutality" series will take a look at probably one of the most violent month's in this nation as far as police brutality in America's cities with increasing unjustified violence and outright murder in each case. I have been following this and noticed the run around after run around in case after case, as well as the downplay from mainstream media in large on so much, of course too, I realize that there are many importante issue's/ news. The more this is ignored, the worse this mayhem grow's, so there couldnt be enough blog's/ media's covering this as far as I'm concerned. But some video's and newsread/ link's below, then of course I want to add to this after.

San Francisco Police shoot handcuffed man ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Anaheim protestors demand investigation of Police Brutality ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Police Brutality wave hits Dallas ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** THE DAILY SHEEPLE: Handcuffed man shot by San Francisco Police ...

***** DAILY BREEZE: Mother of man shot by Anaheim Police begs for end to violent protests ...

***** NBC5 | DFW: Man Killed in Officer- Involved Shooting in Dallas ...

One of the most incredible part's to this is how the San Francisco case was almost entirely swept under the rug, and of course there was this Batman movie character in the Colorado theater killing's that drew so much of the media atencion. But what happened here in San Francisco in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses on the street to a handcuffed man is incredible, I reckon the Bay Area these dayz are just so desensitized to these murdering cop's that plague the entire Bay Area it seem's, including BART transit cop's (?). Of course in the Los Angeles metro area you have so much protesting over the recent murder there of citizen's in Anaheim, and in Dallas growing protest's and question's as to what in Hell really happened here ... no shit ... this Dallas case so far as of the news yesterday afternoon (dayz after) still hasnt confirmed or denied publicly as a statement from the county coroner if the man was shot in the back as witnesses say or in the stomach as the accused police officer sayz, who felt threatened by an unarmed man supposedly running from him ... I mean, which the fuck is it ?, back or stomach ? ... how goddamn hard is that to confirm? and how many dayz does it take to release that information to the public, eh? even more pathetic in Dallas, is that we have an African American Police Chief and District Attorney who folk's seem to have more faith in from those communities because of their race and saying they will take a stand ... well how long does it take ya'll to stand?

In Anaheim the mom of the victim is begging the community to stop the violence (I'm also sure being coached by police psychologist's and/ or church leader's) ... in Dallas, church leader's asking for calm and patience, etc, etc ... well frankly ... and allow me to be a lil more frank here than most since I pay for this bloody blog ... after dayz of bullshit, people are getting a lil tired of dishing out patience and prayer's, they want some damn action and result's, bottom line, not this run around shit of paid administrative leave's, and shifting the trial's and jury pool's hundred's of mile's away like they did in the Oakland/ BART case several hundred miles down to some Los Angeles Area county to try the officer, slap his wrist and release him on good behaviour less than a year after his conviction in protective custody with special amenities and incarceration.

We need "less "violence" and more "patience" and "prayer's" is alwayz the answer?, but where is the patience with these rogue cop's and where do we draw the line on the violence that they are allowed to indulge in? NO! ... the people reacting violently is called for in all 3 of these cities and past due until they can get result's and get it straight, these folk's have shoveled ya'll truckload's of patience and prayer's for year's as it is, and frankly not much has changed and statistically thing's are getting worse and the mayhem and murder imposed by these officer's more frequent. Some folk's are getting sick of this shit and listening to these pussies calling for order, prayer's, and patience!

Enough said for now ....



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CHICK- FIL- A / DAN CATHY: "Eat MO Chix with Big DIX" ... The NUGGET's (BALL's) Of HATE Controversy (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.20)

This Part 20 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series will be over a huge controversy brewing here in America over the comment's/ opinion's of Chick- fil- A President Dan Cathy, and where in Hell elsewhere beside's maybe some far off Middle Eastern country can you get this kind of sex controversy in the 21st century, as good as the United States make's a show of? I actually agree that Mr. Cathy should be entitled to his opinion, I sure as Hell see no reason why someone who is anti- gay marriage should coward down to this pop- culture mindset and say that they like it or support it,or even like homosexuality for that matter, I myself have alwayz been pro- gay marriage ... well ... since I was old enough to understand about sex at that, or even became a pop culture issue, my wife and I had gay married friend's, neighbour's year's back even. Many look at it as him selling "Nugget's of Hate" ... but it's NOT hate to me. Mr. Cathy had revised his  statement's a tad recently and mellowed it down a tad, and said they dont discriminate against any customer in any way ... and I know you dont Mr. Cathy ... after all ... your in business to make money arent you? or are you in business to promote ancient Middle Eastern Biblical value's, eh?

I thought that this was a local Texas issue when I first heard it probably a week or so ago, but this is nationwide and the heat is on, and that oil in the deep fry cooker is boiling, even in town's like Boston and Chicago where cities are banning these folk's from opening any new chicken shack's. But I am opposed to banning especially Mr. Cathy and his crew from opening any new chicken shack's, I'm very pro- free market, and conservative like you on that Mr. Cathy ... I know just from the negative publicity alone, your businesses would experience a Hell of a loss in revenue's across the nation, despite your right wing support, meaning in free market, it would force you to downsize and perhap's even fail in a free market, making your new investment's ... well ... a moot point : ) But no, I have never eaten Chick- fil- A anywayz, so it would have no bearing on what I choose for eateries. And unlike these pop culture neo conservative's of today ... I would let your ass fail, meaning no bailout's/ welfare or government subsidies, get my drift?

Their advertisement's say somethin like "Eat Mor Chikin" ... so I reckon that mean's to eat more chick's? ... just kiddin : ) First a music video below from 3 beautiful looking young ladies I wanted to dedicate to Mr. Cathy and his crew, then some news read link and video concerning this controversy.

Chow Down (at Chick- fil- A) ... Thanx to WILLIAM BELLI

***** WASHINGTONPOST/ NATIONAL: Chick- fil- A Food Fight rages On

Chick- Fil- A President responds to criticism of marriage comments-- Robert Rice ... Thanx to FOXSANANTONIOCHANNEL

Chick- fil- A to be prosecuted for their CEO? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA **** I just caught this late, but wanted to include it because Mr. Riggs here view's this similar to how I do. I havent ate at this though because of this, I dont eat fast food's period is why, I maintain a diet, but if I did eat this, I would eat it whether he liked gay marriage or not, if I liked the food, I never gave a shit much about what a person's morality view's are that I do business with. However, in this, I do think that ALL employee's should get equal benefit's, including same sex couple's, which in my opinion should be law. The City of Dallas for instance give's benefit's EQUALLY to ALL their employee's, even same sex couple's.



HOW'S TRAFFIC IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD? ... The Double Decking of LBJ Freeway (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE PT.4) ... Inspired by Curtis & Tabitha

Our neighbourhood on the left of photo by the 3 building's area
which is Northwest Dallas/ Farmers Branch/ Addison vicinity

***** RCJ: "DALLAS NORTH AREA: Freeway Change's ... "DFW CONNECTOR"& "LBJ EXPRESS" **** this posting explain's these two particular North and Far North Dallas project's and the length of time for completion as well as computer video's of completion, so it's not permanent.

Part 4 of "Defensive Driving Course?" is inspired by some new neighbour's Curtis and Tabitha who just moved here from Chicago (Curtis found a great job here in the auto industry), and Welcome! But the other day after work during some chat, Tabitha looked beat and said "Oh my God!, I thought the traffic in Chicago was bad ..." etc. But yes, this part of LBJ Freeway is a 9 mile project between Stemmons Frwy, Dallas North Tollway & North Central Expressway/ High Five interchange and under heavy construction, bridges being demolished, replaced, etc, etc to inter- connect this freeway corridor by double decking LBJ and part of Stemmons Frwy that connect's to have a better connection with all 4 freewayz and how they meet and mix basically. But I told her and Curtis that this should be done in about 4 year's or so I reckon, and probably ahead of schedule like when they done the High Five year's back, being that they give big bonuses to crew bosses for early completion type incentive's, that one was done over a year ahead of schedule actually. This is one of several freeway expansion's that you see going on all over the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex these dayz, along with the largest rail expansion's being done in North America.

But yeah, it can get thick, I reckon I got used to it being on the freewayz so much around this town, but this is much needed, and will really be nice when finished, there are at least three quarter's of a million car's a day that go through the High Five interchange alone.



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TEXAS PICK UP TRUCK CRASH: How MANY people can a Pick- Up Hold? ... Remember to check your tire's AIR PRESSURE (Defensive Driving Course? PT.3)


This Part 3 of "Defensive Driving Course?" is just a local pick- up truck crash in Texas down Mexico way, but reason for posting this, is because the death toll now is 15 of the pick- up's 23 passenger's, so when I first heard this yesterday on the radio while cruisin down LBJ Frwy here in North Dallas ... I thought I must have heard it "wrong" ... must be a "mistake" (?) ... I mean ... I was thinking when hearing it ... "Wait a minute ... how in the fuck do you get 23 people in a pick- up?" ... and mind you, I drove some of those big industrial/ commercial size pick- up's at that! ... and frankly I dont know how in Hell I could get 20 something passenger's in it! ... Geeeezzz!

It is also said that it may have been caused from inadequate tire air pressure, I naturally out of habit look at my tire's every bloody time I get in a vehicle, but can tell you that this will definitely throw a vehicle off with this type of load. I dont know man, but this is fucked up!

***** CBS News: 15th person dies after truck crash in Texas ... (newsread)

Death Toll in Goliad truck wreck at 14 ... Thanx to KXAN **** that's up to 15 today



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COLORADO CARNAGE ... The Arms Business & America's Prepping for ARMAGEDDON ... Is There a Line to be Drawn? ... GUN'S & GUERILLA WARFARE (SELF DEFENSE PT.14)

Part 14 of the "Self Defense" series will look at the recent Colorado theater shooting, which is more of a massacre and carnage than anything else ... and the firearm's business in America, as well as tough time's and America's prepping for Armageddon or when shit hit's the fan, so to speak, and prepping for guerilla warfare, etc. I dont think just folk's like Mr. Holmes (shooter/ killer) watches too many movies and taking them too seriously, but actually a large percentage of American's, period. This has been over every media across the nation and the talk of just about every neighbourhood ... I have read, viewed, heard so much on this, from the pro- gun to the anti- gun and each of the two polarizing politipop side's battling this out, who's right?, who's wrong?, good vs. evil, etc, etc, etc. To me, there is no good or evil ... what happened yesterday is just one of them thing's that I cant blame it on a movie, a book, a gun, a bad childhood, etc, etc ... it is the act of a person that reaches their limit of tolerance and dont give a rat's ass about anyone else but themselves, this lack of regard is more popular than ever ... even amongst those who lead us and their corporate entities with their lack of regard for the earth and nature.

Some pro- gun/ defense people think that this was even staged by the liberal's to attack gun right's,  some liberal's think that this is the sole action of a Tea Bagger/ right winger, and of course the usual, that their all only white male's who think like this with their self guilt of being born white ... and to show this is also bullshit, I posted of video below of one of the pro- gun YouTube site's I frequent, of an African American woman who also think's Armageddon is right around the corner, she was opposed to gun's only a few year's ago, and look at the arsenal she has now in her many video's which can be linked to through her YouTube site. Some think that it is only a christian mind that think's like this, etc, etc ... the list of opinion's on this are endless and mostly boil down to right and left. What we are forgetting in all of this, is our nation, our people, and those who died and suffered from this, again ... just going back to our self- centered interest's. I am not exclusively left or right ... I abandoned that way of thought decade's ago, so it may be difficult to understand my view's or opinion's on some thing's.

Yesterday a perfect example, while in a Fort Worth gun shop browsing some gun's and comparing price's, etc ... the clerk/ owner asked me what I thought of this massacre and how the liberal's been playing this? ... and their attempt to disarm America and the usual? I calmly told him ... I think their right ... I think we need to have much more regulation on arm's in this nation ... his jaw almost dropped to the floor right there, as I was like routine checking out a 9mm with a laser ... he couldnt begin to understand where I was coming from ... so I elaborated some. My question is simple ... where do we draw the line?, and how much is enough to defend ourselves? I seen on NBC (I think?) a day or so ago, that in the last 18 month's, there has been at least 60 of these gun crazed shooting's ... our President (as well as myself) tried pointing out in his first campaign for the Presidency in 2008 that when time's get tough, folk's grab gun's, God, religion, etc, etc (similar), he was criticized as talking down people that are rural, etc ... I pointed out then, that the President is absolutely correct. He was accused as being a man that want's to disarm everyone and take all the gun's away leaving us defenseless ... yet, he never advocated to disarm America ever. No doubt that folk's also feel threatened with the increase of tactical fire power that is with law enforcement/ military on our home ground, feeling a need to out arm them as well, which is natural, so that is also why I feel that arm's used by law enforcement and their tactic's should be more restrained as well ... I mean ... all were doing at the rate were going is feeding the fire.

***** CNN/ JUSTICE (FULL STORY): Police: Evidence of 'Calculation and Deliberation' in Colorado Theater Shooting

SHTF Ammo Stash ... Thanx to AWOMANSWORLD


What this man's motive was who killed and injured all these folk's is pointless to me, he done it and it's too late to change that. When this man was buying all this equipment, didnt anyone wonder if he was with law enforcemnt, military, etc? He went into this theater very well established, so he's not crazy or under spiritual direction, geeezz ... he was a college med student on a payroll and giving lecture's himself, top of the line kid, etc, etc. The talk out of some pro- gun folk's was, if the audience was armed, they could have defended themselves and possibly took him out before he  killed other's ... in many cases, yes ... but this man made it so no one had a snowball's chance in Hell against him but a strong tactical law enforcement response, and he didnt even resist them in the least. He had head, groin, leg, torso, neck, professional protection gear, he was determined not to get hurt ... shooting back at him in a semi dark theater like that with all the panic, would have just gave him another target to terminate, your weapon's would have not done good against him for the most part. This guy was also packing shit like an assault rifle with 100 round magazine clip's, ready to rock and roll at the drop of a hat, along with handgun's ... he was in it for the "head count", no doubt.

Anyone who know's me, know's that I been a strong NRA/ 2nd Amendment right's supporter for year's, and still am, have hunted since a kid starting with archery, rifle's, throwing knives in upstate and downstate New York, later to the Mojave Desert region's of southern Nevada and California, then to the Big Thicket forest's of southeast Texas, I have been shot at and stabbed both in urban enviroment's, so I know the importance of self defense first hand. Today we have well over 300 million people in this melting pot, and many trouble's that are unique to this era alone, this isnt 100 year's ago, and the weaponry of today is also much different, and especially the polarization of interest's and culture's clashing in our nation, compounded with stress and crises we havent faced before, from student's to elderly citizen's and a Hell of alot more chip's on folk's shoulder's. Something need's to be done and addressed, I dont expect much right now, because of these bloody election's, the left and right has to both have to try to play around this and fizzle it out ... the gun lobby is a big interest, these gun and ammo sales in this nation are enormous revenue's and profit's, even had been recently calling for ammo manufacturer's to start another shift ... so their motive is more profit than American's being able to defend themselves, eh? But talk about this is due and some kind of action to try to lessen some of this value packed overnight violence and death. Tightening regulation's, sales, etc, sure as Hell is NOT going to disarm American's.

Word Out ....


Friday, July 20, 2012

DISCLOSE ACT & CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT Agenda to Defend American Democracy (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.3)

In a way were between a rock and a hard place, and I'll explain that in this Part 3 of "From the Foxhole with Bernie", because even though Bernie know's this too well, and he also get's some of the same support or rejection from these entities who have way too much control of our government, Bernie keep's at it, whether he feel's he's pissing in the wind or not. Our first fuck up as American's was when we let the GOP gain a majority in Washington in 2010, and they already even got democrat's on the payroll as well with similar financing and lobby control, that's why I was pointing out the importance of that election, it was technically more importante than the 2012 election ... again ... the ball (football view) was on the 50 yard line and both team's (people and entities) had all 3 time out's ... now these mother fucker's got the ball on the 20 yard line with all 3 of their time out's remaining and all we have is our defense and one time out trying to stop these mother fucker's from making another goal, and this time all they need is a field goal this November ... just a lil bump at that, that's how close they are to total domination of our government, or what lil we have left. What these misfit's dont realize though in their recent self intoxication, regardless of how much they DO win ... is the rebellion and resist to this will be harder than they envision ... thinking they are going to just mozy on in and run this fucken country over, they got another thing comin! ... bank on it, especially with the new breed's of youth that are more politically inspired than in decade's today ... and even the right wing or the Tea Bagger's could agree with us there, because even THEY wont put up with this shit either when push come's to shove and they see the light, as many right now are starting to.

But yeah ... this citizen's united crap is and was just being ran through as I wrote they would pull a couple year's ago, because simply, they have gotten that close to their final goal, so their going for the gusto and pushing, ratholing, and raping everything they can in those final yard's ... so anyone who's been keeping up with this like I have ... know's what the deal is here. Frankly at that, these Super Pac entities at this point being so late, DONT really care right now if it get's over turned or not ... WE ALREADY BEEN HAD ... all they wanted was for it to be in place specifically for this one election, which they got, to funnel all the money they can into IT and ride november controlling both parties with their financial power and advertising, basically you have two power's of the entities, one feeding the left and one the right, so the battle is against themselves, our concern's arent even included in any of this, not unless we battle over morality shit and same sex marriage, two issue's that none of them give a rat's ass about, any more than they give a shit about human right's or life, they could care less whether we got married to a fucken antelope or pray to a teddy bear, they dont concern themselves with petty shit like that or religion, or race/ culture shit, or the common daily shit that impact's most of our lives that we blog/ talk about, right's, liberties, etc, etc ... they care about asset's, wealth, and control. All over the media here in Texas for the last couple month's has been bullshit ... basically republican's spending million's in ad's slamming other republican's as if this state only has one bloody party ... each of these mother fucker's accusing the other of being a commie and supporting outsourcing of job's and kissing China's ass, when in reality all these mother fucker's have been kissing China's ass and outsourcing ... so cut the bullshit (and no criticism meant here to China, I want this country to be  tight allies in the future, even have a nephew that live's there, and I know that the Chinese people want just as much the same that we do here) ... these same entities are fucking the Chinese government and their people as well, and every other damn major market country on the planet!

First, this disclose act like Bernie said is a step, then it's very importante for the Constitutional Amendment move, even if this dislose get's turned down and again, keep at it, over and over and over, never throw in the towel, no matter how many of these weasel's in Washington decide to with their scared shitless acting. And those politician's who decide to not ask for disclosure and support this trash which is really nothing more than federal criminal activity, same as buying a fucken jury, black list their ass and do everything you can to vote them out, period ... those who go along with this, remember, are traitor's any way you slice it, and can never be trusted again.

Enough from me ... Listen to Bernie ...


Disclose Act ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS



***** RCJ: AMERICAN SPRING 2012: "NOW/DC", "SANDERS/ UNDO CITIZENS UNITED" & "OWS/ REVIVAL & SPLINTER'S" ... The Defender's of Democracy (The AWAKENING PT.16) **** related posting

***** RCJ: SAVING AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AMENDMENT & PRE- PAID POLITIC'S/ ELECTION'S with Senator Bernie Sanders (U.S. Supreme Court Fisting PT.3) **** related posting

***** I wanted to add a couple video's below, that I also had in "The Awakening PT. 20" posting, from RT America a couple month's ago to this posting concerning how this Citizens United/ Super Pac shit worx, which sum's it up perfectly *****

Super Pac $pending ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

White House for the Highest Bidder ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

VOTE 2012 VOTE 2012 VOTE 2012 VOTE 2012 VOTE 2012 VOTE 2012 VOTE 2012

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CINDY CRAWFORD ... Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Designer & Fashion Model ... "Working & Living The AMERICAN DREAM" (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.8)

Image result for CINDY CRAWFORD ... Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Designer & Fashion Model


This posting for Part 8 of the "Beautiful Girlz" series will be to highlight & honour Cindy Crawford , which is also past due for this journal's series. I have followed Cindy for year's and read everything I could find on her since her start. First obviously like million's of other guy's, knocked out by her drop dead gorgeous beauty, but then really blown away by her life and the kind of woman she really is, this gal just impressed the Hell out of me across the board. She is of course so well known for her strut's of the world's best fashion runwayz, and her tele commercial's and some show's/ movies appearance's, etc ... but there is so much more to this woman than just flash ... she is for real, across the board, a real hustler and go getting workaholic who make's it look so easy, because she keep's it all simple. And I actually thought it quite fitting to do a posting on this entrepreneur and successful businesswoman (TRULY "elite" by my standard's), since the media's currently are saturated with everything from investment banking CEO's to lifelong career politician's who run over and over and over (mostly their mouth's : ) , and all we ever hear about is how they are so elite, the American Dream, achiever's, business icon's, patriot's, and the rest of the nauseating plastic Kwik Kopy portfolio's that they carry, many who couldnt even closely match this woman in any damn thing they achieved, or was handed down to them.

Cindy really came from the trenches and certainly never forgot where she came from and still hold's her familia's value's and interest's close especially in her personalized marketing, one of the most importante thing's for her when she design's and work's on a product is a satisfied customer, and can the average working person like her school teacher sister's who she admire's dearly afford? ... she really tries to give the best bang for the buck and never compromises quality at affordable price's, whether it's in her cosmetic's, jewelry, home furnishing's, etc, etc. Her hard work as a kid from the start and close ties to familia and friend's really set the stage for her to be the success she has, and of course her popular modeling career opened alot of door's for her to utilize in achieving what we call the American Dream, being made offer's and opportunities to invest herself, which she was smart enough to take advantage of and determined to succeed, just as much as she was as a kid earning that chemical engineering college scholarship, she is also a lifelong science fan too.

Cindy is also a devoted mom and wife, another thing she never compromised, even when her beautiful daughter Kaia recently jumped into a try at modeling (who look's almost the spitting image of Cindy), mom jumped in to keep a close protective eye on that too, and I think from experience knowing the industry and how tough it is, to also give Kaia the opportunity to enjoy her childhood and to choose her own direction as she grow's, which show's her good parenting skill's as well. She also has a son Presley, and appear's to have a great companion and husband who was also a success and former model himself Rande, who had success in the nightclub entertainment business. She still as busy as she is, make's downtime and familia an importante part of her life and duties, and frankly, this also is one of the secret's whether she realizes it or not, that keep's her looking so beautiful as well ... it's called "balance" (psychologically speaking), and nothing can beat that, when you have it. But believe me, when it come's to "having it" ... this woman does, and get this ... she even still manage's to make time to volunteer as well. And she earned every damn bit of success she had, she not only lived the dream, but most importantely, worked the dream! And you look more beautiful now than ever Cindy! Congrat's on your business endeavor's and the best to you and your's!

WPXI- Cindy Crawford talks Beauty Secrets, Fashion, Furniture ... Thanx to WPXIWEB

***** http://www.cindy.com/ Cindy's Website


Cindy Crawford Vogue 2010 (Final) ... Thanx to Storm Model Management


LADY GAGA- Fashion Music Video ... Thanx to STEPUPKIDS **** I wanted to dedicate this video to Cindy of another very talented woman/ artist Lady Gaga ... but what make's this video unique as well, is it is a "fan- made" video as far as "designed" ... and a great piece of work I may add.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

.380 Compact Micro Pistol Review ... SootchOO Review's & Compare's the "Ruger LCP", "KelTec P3AT", "I.O. HellCat", & "Taurus TCP" (SELF DEFENSE PT.13)

Part 13 here of the "Self Defense" series will be a recent run through by an expert sootch00 on what has been becoming more and more popular as far as concealed carry weapon's, of the .380 familia, that he posted within the last couple week's and I was excited that he actually chose to do this with this particular group of 4. I feel that .380's are a great choice especially for urban concealment, and all this gusto being made more and more compact in smaller package's is a plus these dayz, as he also mention's about the newer 9mm sub compact pistol's being turned out. I also recommend these to the ladies and my daughter, even though my daughter is a tomboy type gal, who worx out alot and has a grip like a guy ... my whole point here is "concealment" in those urban setting's, for me it's great to have these choice's, I'll be damned if I want to pack a Ruger .357 mag with a 6"in barrel in my waist band when out and about on the town ... get my drift? ... a fair amount of power in the smallest and least obvious package is suitable to me.

I never had either one of these particular model's in the past, but been doing some local gun show window shopping and sure like these ... the thing is also of course $$price$$ ... all of these are under the $300 range which is also attractive. They arent what you would want to spend a day on the range with for plinking or fun, but serve their purpose. Out of all the point's that he make's in these comparison's ... I would probably want to at least try the Taurus TCP as a first choice here, I really like it, but figure I would want to do a tad of personal modification to the sight, but that's just me. And Thanx to sootch00 for this detailed comparison! Enjoy ....

Battle of the 380 Micro Pistols ... Thanx to SOOTCH00



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LAW ENFORCEMENT & CELL PHONE DATA ... The Truth behind the DEMAND of SUCH Surveillance (End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PT.4)

Part 4 of "End to Privacy?" will take a look at the truth and reality behind the massive increases in cell phone data information being requested by law enforcement agencies in America (probably abroad as well I will assume in certain countries). The reason why to cover this, and Thanx again to RT America for bringing this up to inspire this posting as well ... is because when the average American hear's this in the media, they may automatically assume that we are all being spied on, so there IS some truth to that, but there is also an over- reaction and another side to it, as far as what's happening and why all of the sudden ... and NO ... this hasnt a thing to do with terrorism : ) ... so this is NOT about what it sound's like, okay? First a short video below concerning this and "Times" newsread on it, then I will add and elaborate on what is going on behind the scene's here.

***** NYTIMES/ US: More Demands On Cell Carriers In Surveillance

Cops Demand Cell Phone Data In Record Numbers ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

One of the biggest reason's for this that you wont hear much about in these media report's, and you can bet that law enforcement at this time are not going to talk about it ... hasnt a thing to do with surveillance of suspected terrorist's even, but more about what is termed as "criminal activity" domestically, and the majority of this recent rise in this case, especially in state's like Texas, California, Arizona, New York, Illinois and Florida, has to do mostly with a new effort on this war on drug's. The thing they talk about concerning subpoena's, court order's, the decline in warrant request's, etc, etc are not even necessary in most of these cases ... this is simply another loophole in the law concerning newer technologies that allow law enforcement crew's to basically "entrap" and search without seizure of a thing in many cases, without calling it such ... so this mainly isnt about trying to even get court order's of any kind, and alot about locating the action's of drug deal's going down and their contact/ connection source's. Also let me point out that this is also a large funding method according to new law's when it come's to property seizure/ confiscation, being that all of everything property- wise can be taken in drug deal's/ transaction's by law enforcement and sold at public auction's, from car's/ vehicle's, plane's/ jet's, houses/ home's, to clothing, jewelry, electronic's, etc, etc. so they also rake in million's yearly from that, even some innocent's get their property confiscated this has gotten so loose, simply by association, in some of these bust's.

Much of the significant dealing that is being done in most US cities are being done with cell phone's, the lower level curbside dealing that is going on in urban America, they deal with on a one on one level in the street with undercover deployment, etc, and getting people they bust to turn/ roll over on other's in deal's they make with them, which is also borderline unconstitutional, but never talked about, same as making a pre- deal arrangement with the prosecution in the court, which is done daily across the nation, is technically illegal looking at the law's closely of procedure. Much of the deliveries today are all done using cell's and code's, and text's, 15/ 20 year's ago or so, they used pager's and code's to make deliveries and drop's for instance. Many of the dealer's/ runner's (one dealer for instance, may have a half a dozen runner's, the dealer give's the order and location, the runner who work's for the dealer deliver's basically) are simply called and told where and how much to deliver, so this enable's law enforcement to get a location and a name, or code, or anything to ID what has been increasingly a nightmare for law enforcement in narcotic's to keep up with, this is why a few year's back, there was such a strong move to outlaw pre- paid cell's in America, but it didnt get anywhere's. The major target's here are cocaine/ crack, heroin/ tar, meth/ speed, and black market pharmaceutical's (in that order as well), so not even marijuana/ pot, in most of this.

When they also confiscate these phone's during arrest's/ bust's, they obtain a schlew of number's and name's/  street name alias's, etc, etc, same as when they confiscate your computer's. Many of the dealer's were using popular phone companies that are under contract's too, so this make's it that much more easier for law enforcement to zero in on their target's ... the smart dealer's will use pre- paid cell's and frequently change the number's, distributing the new number's through one on one contact with customer's and word of mouth on the street, such as when the runner make's a drop, he give's a piece of paper to the customer with the "new" number on it in many cases, this keep's law enforcement scrambling to try to keep up with it. This cell info/ intell has been responsible for so many recent large scale bust's and confiscation of narcotic's actually, to where some cities have had dry spell's with weak supply coming in, Hong Kong for instance just had the largest in their history as far as cocaine bust's that came in from Equador, many recent big haul's/ bust's in the Lone Star State (Texas) and this was only out of DEA/ Houston Division , a new elaborately engineered underground tunnel found in Arizona from Mexico etc, etc ... again, because of the careless use of contact's and dealer's with cell phone's.

Law enforcement also uses this to zero in on drop location's/ site's around the cities, this way enabling to set undercover deployment operation's up and additional street surveillance, popular location's like anything else, dealer's and customer's get relaxed/ comfortable with and use over and over, this is why it is also importante for those dealing like this to constantly rotate and change up location's and cell's and to use throwaway pre- paid's, etc. When they confiscate a phone and/ or number's, they zero in on them, and set up to meet themselves in various deployment's, and commonly act as a prospective buyer, they get the name's and claim that they have an association with the person and were told to contact them to make a deal, the person/ target then make's a deal for instance with the narc (undercover officer), only scoring something for them, trusting the name source, then the person who score's for the narc get's pinched with a "delivery" bust, then made a deal to roll over on someone else, etc, etc ... to try to put it simple, because it can get confusing if you know nothing about this.

Word Out ....

***** RCJ: "End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PART'S 3, 2 & 1

Share Everything Plan ... Thanx to WIRELESSFEDERATION ***** I just had to add this video/ ad for a laugh to this posting from Verizon's "Share Everything Plan", because some people dont realize it, that when they say "share everything" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... that's exactly what the Hell you are doing .... Duuuuhhh : )


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This posting of "Childhood- The Forgotten Land & The War On Kids" will serve the "Not Cool 4 School" and the "Citation Violation Nation" series for this journal both. I didnt even know about this movie and it has been out nearly 4 year's now, but I miss alot when it come's to keeping up with movies unfortunately ... beside's my grandkid's bringing "TED" to my atencion to watch ( ... you'll like it grandpa : ) and Thanx to RT America as usual for highlighting this, and to Mr. Cevin Soling for this documentary. And big Thanx to the parent's that speak out against this shit and see the light clearly, that are not distracted by this politipop fucken mindset that has permeated this so called "free country" of democracy.

But as a grandparent and parent I have alwayz kept a close eye on school, it's a natural instinct you can say ... I mean ... most of us are protective of our children, just like any other animal is, and rightfully so. Those parent's that dont speak out against this are not much of a parent in my opinion, and especially those father's who dont are not even much of a man, speaking on behalf of dad's. I sure have also wrote plenty about another issue that Mr. Soling bring's up as far as the drug's that are pushed on our children and families, and how it has become a "disorder" now, for being a "kid" ... everything has gotten to be a fucken disorder, no matter what you say or do, even for adult's ... and we sop it up like starving folk's and lick the plate ... alwayz telling ourselves, that it must be the "right thing". The only bloody thing I see out of order, is the one's dictating this mess.

One of the most remarkable thing's are how short memoried we are as adult's, I dont know what in Hell it is? ... have we forgotten what it's like to be kid's? ... we ALL been there and done that regardless of how much bullshit we feed each other and our kid's on how great we were. This isnt no politipop or religious fundamoralist shit or other pop culture shit, or about right or wrong, this is just the natural order of life and growing up is all. The kid's acting more in rebellion is also in order frankly, for what we put them through with our selfishness and what we impose on them these dayz ... it's shameful ... again, kid's of today are probably the most abused sector of our society from the way we milk them financially on education to enforcing ridiculous rules that only some middle aged adult's could comprehend because it's so complexed and out of natural order, to the drug's we push on them to control their emotion's and action's, while telling them to say no to the drug's that we dont like, to the massive amount's of homework we lay on them because teacher's are under quota pressure's and bonus plan's, etc, etc.

As far as right's are concerned as Mr. Soling squarely put's it, there basically isnt hardly any right's for kid's, except when we want a show to try to pigeon- hole some adult for immorality action's against children, and the explosion of other witch hunt's and petty shit to entertain ourselves, pat each other on the back and think about how great of a job were doing ... while in reality we act more spineless and pathetic than any misbehaved kid. Again, the kid's have become more of a commodity than anything else, even with some parent's and their petty romantic issue's and bitch fight's, court custody battle's, and the rest of the shit that our so called half assed plastic "liberated society" put's these young people through. Of course with it come's an abundance of fine's and citation's as well, to milk the parent's for ridiculous shit that is just the normal nature of being a kid.

Enough from me ....

The War on Kids (Official Trailer) ... Thanx to FILMBUFF MOVIES

***** http://www.thewaronkids.com/ 

US Schools Declare War On Kids ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** RCJ: "NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL" PART'S 2 & 1




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DALLAS AREA RAPID TRANSIT Van ... "We'll Get Ya There" {: O ... Nailed on the Dallas North Tollway (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE? PT.2)

This Part 2 of "Defensive Driving Course ?" will be a video I couldnt resist from last week right here by the house on the Dallas North Tollway and LBJ Freeway vicinity. Video was also released from inside the Dallas Area Rapid Transit van as well in the link of the driver, who wasnt even on a cell phone, he did not appear to even have any passenger's, or any distraction's, he was not intoxicated or doing anything but just cruisin along, another day on the ole job ... he was with DART as a driver for 11 year's and had a perfect driving record as well. But he did lose his job. BTW, a DART van is one of them special van (paratransit van) service's for handicapped folk's that take you from a specific location to another. I didnt even know this till now from reading link's below, that these van's and driver's are contracted by DART from a private company called "Veolia Transportation". They say that there were no serious injuries, but the thing is, you wouldnt even feel the effect's of hard whiplash till later ... I can tell you if I was one of these folk's in the car's that were hit ... you can bet my attorney would be in contact with them quick!, she would be all over them like a cheap suit on sunday! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

***** WFAA.COM: Footage Released From Inside DART Van During Crash

A Dallas Area Rapid Transit van slams into vehicles. Thanx to CNN



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MOTION DEVICE (Feat. SARA on vox): "Drama Queen", "Sweet Dreams", "School's Out", & "Paranoid"


This induction to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is another past due of a rising crew out of Bolton, Ont (Toronto Metro area, Canada) "Motion Device" (Official Website). Of course atencion has been focused also somewhat on the age's of this crew and featuring their exceptional 10 year old lead vocalist, but also this crew instrumentally is what make's Sara superb where her natural talent can flow. But age here in this posting hasnt a thing to do with it, basically this crew is about as solid and tight as you can get when it come's to their work ... their sound is full as it get's, and you can bet with larger scale production and engineering, this crew will move fast in the industry upward.

When I say solid and full as far as sound, they can cover like a carbon copy in some cases, having myself knowing some of these cover's note for note in their original composition's, and having listened to everything they have posted on their YouTube site, to have this kind of fullness in sound looking at what the production end, is really remarkable. Their blend of instrumental's worx well too, very smooth blend's of guitar and percussion's work with keyz, and I love that bass, just a really solid chemistry as a whole, and this first original piece "Drama Queen" was really an exceptional piece, and Sara ... outstanding vox here Grrrll ! ... but dont take just my opinion on this ... listen to several of the big name artist's and their reaction to this crew! ... so you can see why any musician in these genre's would be blown away by these guy's, and frankly it was a tad difficult only selecting 4 piece's to highlight here. Also, they managed getting past what many musician's call the 6 month syndrome, having been together as long as they have, something that is difficult for many new crew's ... so Congrat's to ya'll, and wishing ya'll the best of the best. Enjoy!



Drama Queen (Original Release)- What celebrities are saying about 10 year old rock singer Sara & Motion Device ...

The Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams cover by 9 year old female rock singer Sara & Motion Device ... Thanx to OFFICIALMOTIONDEVICE .... **** I want to also note here that this Eurythmics cover is actually more in alignment and I'm sure inspired and arranged by the Marilyn Manson version of the classic

Alice Cooper- School's Out cover by 10 year old rocker Sara & Motion Device ... Thanx to OFFICIALMOTIONDEVICE

Black Sabbath- Paranoid Cover by 9 year old rock singer Sara & Motion Device ... Thanx to OFFICIALMOTIONDEVICE


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***** SILVERLEAF INTERNATIONAL ... Their award winning Ghost Pepper Salsa, other salsa's, recipe's, dip's and tip's *****

Part 14 of "Taste of Texas" will be to look at something that's actually "tasty" as far as eat's. This blog/ journal has never been about advertising, commercial's or such, but when I find a product that I just love and has all the qualities that I look for ... I will write about it, so just look at this posting as a tip or reference as far as eat's are concerned, and past due at that. And I have been asked for tip's/ suggestion's on this more time's than I can remember over the year's. This product my daughter first turned me onto, since she know's my taste's so well.

Anyone who personally know's me, know's of course my love for salsa's, pepper's and such, and I still do keep a pretty strict diet as well ... and I am one that has frequently BMB (bitched, moaned & bellyached) about some of the salsa's out there, especially when I go to a restaraunte/ taqueria and they have salsa they say is "hot" and/ or "tasty" when it's some of the most mild/ weak, bland, salty, watered down etc, etc salsa that you can find, and then of course you have the "sensitivity" issue ... I have had to ask even when at a TexMex or MexMex, even in Mexico to give me the hottest and best that they have there ... I mean, if I'm eating so called hot pepper's, I expect the next day when I go to the bathroom for my asshole to be on fire, and my tongue and mouth as well when I'm eating it  ... that's just me, if it isnt enough, it just wasnt a hot enough pepper, period!

The pepper in this particular salsa, the Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Pepper), give's it that needed bite while at the same time, a recipe that deserve's the respect that it get's including multiple award's, a taste that is unmatched, this is really a great salsa with that needed bite to it, period! All I can say otherwise, is if salsa's and such are your taste and you havent tried this, I highly recommend it. It's also a Texas product from the Stafford/ Missouri City area (Southwestern Houston Metropolitan Area) that is sold all over though. So this is a Ranch Chimp choice as far as the best of the best.

Word Out ....

SilverLeaf International makers of Ghost Pepper Salsa Interview Dec 2010. wmv ... Thanx to GHOSTPEPPERSALSA



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This posting on "fracking" will serve both the "Global Warming" & "The Frackerjack Debate" series of this journal ... what is going on across this nation is actually a tad shocking, and you have to ask yourself, where is "common sense" in all of this? Again, I didnt even hardly know a thing about this fracking, but of course questioned the earthquake's in this region (Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex) and several other issue's that I been reading about that all make sense, so dont think I am some hardcore enviromentalist that hate's big oil and want's us all to ride bicycle's and live in mud hut's ... I am very pro- business/ investment's and strongly for innovative technologies in energies ... it's just that I have some simple principle's and value's when it come's to business and such, I sure as Hell dont want to set my business on fire and slowly watch it burn to the ground. Considering all the new technologies, drilling, scientific data, and the massive profit margin's of today ... I have to wonder if some of these investor's have lost their mind's? The most sickening part to this, is that too many of our politician's on both the right and the left have been supporting the lobby wholeheartedly of this looting of the only thing we have left to live on. Just on the "business" end of this, do we realize the severe economic impact that this can have in the future, just to rathole a smaller amount of money now? This could have an impact that could also drive major insurer's alone into bankruptcy, just to mention one here, not even highlighting the trickle down on every industry and business small and large across the board, that would have ripple's of economic wave's reaching across the globe as a result, this looting and insanity is not only enviromentally dangerous, but dangerous to all business.

The shocker to me was that this is actually going on in the Los Angeles Basin vicinity? and that they have gotten away with this radical looting in the State of California especially, but come to find out ... there isnt hardly any restriction/ regulation on this, and of course as usual, because of our financial desperation we are  losing all "common sense". Expert's are even now saying that "the benefit's and dollar's outweigh any enviromental and/ or health concern's" ... are you kidding? Just take a city like Los Angeles, anyone who know's this town know's how fragile it's ground is ... even when it rain's hard in LA the damn hill's start falling apart. If you look at the basic's of what fracking does, common sense will tell you, all you are doing is breaking up what's solid even more, which will get compounded as the techtonic plate shelves shift and move as far as breaking up the ground beneath us, with the constant natural friction 24/ 7/ 365 of the east and west plate's. You dont have to be a scientist to see this, it's as common sense as having an understanding of what the distributor cap & rotor does for your car engine. And this isnt even mentioning the water and health issue's that you know damn well is going to come from this.

Fracking: Hydraulic Fracturing 101 ... Thanx to GRASSROOTSENVED

Fracking Causes Rumbles In California ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Fracking Goes To Hollywood ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

*****RT/AMERICA: Fracking Forces Eviction Of Entire Pennsylvania Trailer Park

***** LUBBOCK/ ONLINE: Squeezing The Shale: Contaminated Water, Cancer Potential Danger Of Fracking

***** BLOOMBERG NEWS: Fracking Wells' Air Emissions Pose Health Risks, Study Finds

***** NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Fracking In North Carolina Could Carry Extra Risks

***** AUSTIN/ STATESMAN.COM: Dangers Of Fracking Still Becoming Clear



Sold our rights Bumper Sticker


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


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Part 2 of "Health Care Reform/ another "Form" of "Reform" " is another issue as far as dental care in this country and the dilemma that shouldnt even exist in a nation like our's, period. And what inspire's this posting, is the constant ranting out of politician's that are so opposed to President Obama's Health Care Reform, that they all over this nation are saying that the reason why, is because they dont want health care to be socialized medicine and want to keep it as it is, being the greatest health care service's in the world. True that we have some of the best of the best when it come's to especially "specialist's" in the medical and dental field's, basically the more money you got the better you get or have access to, so there isnt a thing socialized or even remotely close to it in this nation.

But dental care and crisis is a big growing issue in America and another dilemma we sure as Hell dont need, but again, this is all political and corporate. In the below linked video and read from PBS (Full Version) a look at the reality of dental care in America for million's of working American's and the corporate manipulation of that as well, I wanted to have this video/ read in here and Thanx to PBS/ FRONTLINE  for covering this so well, because it IS the reality of dental care in America as well. This is exactly why so many corporate entities as well want medical health care reform NOT to have any public option as well, and advocate new voucher programme's and such, and believe me, even the way our health care is being so called "reformed", they will figure out a way to milk every dollar they can from that as well, because again, we NEVER even got to really getting to the root of the problemo concerning reform in any of this until you actually CHANGE the way thing's are done, which include's how thing's are financed, cost's, and regulatory type reform's, NONE of this is even being addressed, whether it's in health/ medical, or dental in this nation.

They will NOT reform this on their own, they will continue to milk us as long as we let them through our representation do so, or until they worked us all down to payscale's equivalent to third world countries where we have nothing left to milk ... That's the REALITY ....

Dollars and Dentists. Documentary **** basically about a third of America's population has no dental insurance or access to dental care, there is no social coverage or option's available, and many of these folk's work, pay their taxes and spend to keep this economy going, bottom line ... of course a handful of corporation's/ finance entities are handling this and making an enormous profit selling inferior product's/ service's at over- inflated cost's to handle this, the video here is over 50 minute's long, but a well in depth look at what so many we know deal with.

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