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This posting of "Childhood- The Forgotten Land & The War On Kids" will serve the "Not Cool 4 School" and the "Citation Violation Nation" series for this journal both. I didnt even know about this movie and it has been out nearly 4 year's now, but I miss alot when it come's to keeping up with movies unfortunately ... beside's my grandkid's bringing "TED" to my atencion to watch ( ... you'll like it grandpa : ) and Thanx to RT America as usual for highlighting this, and to Mr. Cevin Soling for this documentary. And big Thanx to the parent's that speak out against this shit and see the light clearly, that are not distracted by this politipop fucken mindset that has permeated this so called "free country" of democracy.

But as a grandparent and parent I have alwayz kept a close eye on school, it's a natural instinct you can say ... I mean ... most of us are protective of our children, just like any other animal is, and rightfully so. Those parent's that dont speak out against this are not much of a parent in my opinion, and especially those father's who dont are not even much of a man, speaking on behalf of dad's. I sure have also wrote plenty about another issue that Mr. Soling bring's up as far as the drug's that are pushed on our children and families, and how it has become a "disorder" now, for being a "kid" ... everything has gotten to be a fucken disorder, no matter what you say or do, even for adult's ... and we sop it up like starving folk's and lick the plate ... alwayz telling ourselves, that it must be the "right thing". The only bloody thing I see out of order, is the one's dictating this mess.

One of the most remarkable thing's are how short memoried we are as adult's, I dont know what in Hell it is? ... have we forgotten what it's like to be kid's? ... we ALL been there and done that regardless of how much bullshit we feed each other and our kid's on how great we were. This isnt no politipop or religious fundamoralist shit or other pop culture shit, or about right or wrong, this is just the natural order of life and growing up is all. The kid's acting more in rebellion is also in order frankly, for what we put them through with our selfishness and what we impose on them these dayz ... it's shameful ... again, kid's of today are probably the most abused sector of our society from the way we milk them financially on education to enforcing ridiculous rules that only some middle aged adult's could comprehend because it's so complexed and out of natural order, to the drug's we push on them to control their emotion's and action's, while telling them to say no to the drug's that we dont like, to the massive amount's of homework we lay on them because teacher's are under quota pressure's and bonus plan's, etc, etc.

As far as right's are concerned as Mr. Soling squarely put's it, there basically isnt hardly any right's for kid's, except when we want a show to try to pigeon- hole some adult for immorality action's against children, and the explosion of other witch hunt's and petty shit to entertain ourselves, pat each other on the back and think about how great of a job were doing ... while in reality we act more spineless and pathetic than any misbehaved kid. Again, the kid's have become more of a commodity than anything else, even with some parent's and their petty romantic issue's and bitch fight's, court custody battle's, and the rest of the shit that our so called half assed plastic "liberated society" put's these young people through. Of course with it come's an abundance of fine's and citation's as well, to milk the parent's for ridiculous shit that is just the normal nature of being a kid.

Enough from me ....

The War on Kids (Official Trailer) ... Thanx to FILMBUFF MOVIES


US Schools Declare War On Kids ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

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