Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ... A Look at The Peoples WILL & VOICE, Independence & Tyranny .... (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.2)


The "Declaration of Independence" is as clear to the point as it get's with no sugar coating, which so many have forgot or maybe even never read, this is a piece that is so fitting for 2012, a time where we see tyrannical effort's once again destroying America. This document explain's in simple term's the solution as well to this, I mean, you cant be free and independent by ignoring that which tries to enslave you, or continuing to ignore those entities that control more than ever today, to cast them out and set the slate straight on what this nation's founding principle's were about. Too many today that represent us have been bought and threatened through politic's and money to remain the passive pussies that they are, and they will be guaranteed a paycheck and another term in office, I dont have to mention name's, they expose themselves daily with their complex bullshit and action's, many of which could never write anything this simple and to the point, or even actually have a voice or opinion without a news buzz or poll or dictating entity to tell them what to say and think.

Below the Declaration, and I wanted to close this posting with a true "independent" American patriot and representative, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) on the state of the state today, I dont think anyone is as deep in the trenches of battle in Washington as the Senator ... have a great 4th of July and Thank You Sir!


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The American People Are Angry ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS




Infidel753 said...

In a sane world, Sanders would be President.

Ranch Chimp said...

Your comment is also pretty clear and to the point as well Infodell. I like to think of this "insanity" in clinical term's of more like a "temporary insanity", because it's only a matter of time that folk's wake up after enough inches up their asses, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Sometime's I am happy that a man like Bernie isnt President, what I mean is, if he were President instead of a Senator, what of what he proposes could he get action on? How much time would he have and freedom in a position like President to work on these domestic issue's, etc? I only say this because looking at the way they (Washington) side- tracked and put on hold or twisted what our current President has proposed, and such, or throwing issue's in his lap that only cater's to their financial support, etc.

Thanx for your input here Infodell ....

Infidel753 said...

it's only a matter of time that folk's wake up after enough inches up their asses

You'd think the Koch brothers' fifty billion inches would be enough (ouch!).....:-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually Infodell, it isnt enough ... YET, and that is percisely why I been doing these posting's in the sequence that I have, meaning, the next step of this buttfucking of the American people will arrive in full force starting 2013, if we think we been getting screwed, we aint seen nothing yet, 2013 and beyond are going to be some of the most grave serious problemo's that we have seen in the last decade, I will bet on it. No matter who win's either left or right, it's too late to stop what is in motion already, that's why I described it back during the 2010 election's as a football game, 4th qtr and ball on the 50 yd line, because now 2 yrs later it is on the 20 yd line and the opponent has all their time out's with this 2012 election, the democrat's will ony make the ride a "tad" smoother, but will not be able to stop what's to come and frankly will cower when push come's to shove, and "THAT" is what will really be the awakening time of the people, not only of America, but of the free world globe, that will fuel the revolt to come.