Friday, July 13, 2012

MOTION DEVICE (Feat. SARA on vox): "Drama Queen", "Sweet Dreams", "School's Out", & "Paranoid"

This induction to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is another past due of a rising crew out of Bolton, Ont (Toronto Metro area, Canada) "Motion Device" (Official Website). Of course atencion has been focused also somewhat on the age's of this crew and featuring their exceptional 10 year old lead vocalist, but also this crew instrumentally is what make's Sara superb where her natural talent can flow. But age here in this posting hasnt a thing to do with it, basically this crew is about as solid and tight as you can get when it come's to their work ... their sound is full as it get's, and you can bet with larger scale production and engineering, this crew will move fast in the industry upward.

When I say solid and full as far as sound, they can cover like a carbon copy in some cases, having myself knowing some of these cover's note for note in their original composition's, and having listened to everything they have posted on their YouTube site, to have this kind of fullness in sound looking at what the production end, is really remarkable. Their blend of instrumental's worx well too, very smooth blend's of guitar and percussion's work with keyz, and I love that bass, just a really solid chemistry as a whole, and this first original piece "Drama Queen" was really an exceptional piece, and Sara ... outstanding vox here Grrrll ! ... but dont take just my opinion on this ... listen to several of the big name artist's and their reaction to this crew! ... so you can see why any musician in these genre's would be blown away by these guy's, and frankly it was a tad difficult only selecting 4 piece's to highlight here. Also, they managed getting past what many musician's call the 6 month syndrome, having been together as long as they have, something that is difficult for many new crew's ... so Congrat's to ya'll, and wishing ya'll the best of the best. Enjoy!



Drama Queen (Original Release)- What celebrities are saying about 10 year old rock singer Sara & Motion Device ...

The Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams cover by 9 year old female rock singer Sara & Motion Device ... Thanx to OFFICIALMOTIONDEVICE .... **** I want to also note here that this Eurythmics cover is actually more in alignment and I'm sure inspired and arranged by the Marilyn Manson version of the classic

Alice Cooper- School's Out cover by 10 year old rocker Sara & Motion Device ... Thanx to OFFICIALMOTIONDEVICE

Black Sabbath- Paranoid Cover by 9 year old rock singer Sara & Motion Device ... Thanx to OFFICIALMOTIONDEVICE


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