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LAW ENFORCEMENT & CELL PHONE DATA ... The Truth behind the DEMAND of SUCH Surveillance (End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PT.4)

Part 4 of "End to Privacy?" will take a look at the truth and reality behind the massive increases in cell phone data information being requested by law enforcement agencies in America (probably abroad as well I will assume in certain countries). The reason why to cover this, and Thanx again to RT America for bringing this up to inspire this posting as well ... is because when the average American hear's this in the media, they may automatically assume that we are all being spied on, so there IS some truth to that, but there is also an over- reaction and another side to it, as far as what's happening and why all of the sudden ... and NO ... this hasnt a thing to do with terrorism : ) ... so this is NOT about what it sound's like, okay? First a short video below concerning this and "Times" newsread on it, then I will add and elaborate on what is going on behind the scene's here.

***** NYTIMES/ US: More Demands On Cell Carriers In Surveillance

Cops Demand Cell Phone Data In Record Numbers ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

One of the biggest reason's for this that you wont hear much about in these media report's, and you can bet that law enforcement at this time are not going to talk about it ... hasnt a thing to do with surveillance of suspected terrorist's even, but more about what is termed as "criminal activity" domestically, and the majority of this recent rise in this case, especially in state's like Texas, California, Arizona, New York, Illinois and Florida, has to do mostly with a new effort on this war on drug's. The thing they talk about concerning subpoena's, court order's, the decline in warrant request's, etc, etc are not even necessary in most of these cases ... this is simply another loophole in the law concerning newer technologies that allow law enforcement crew's to basically "entrap" and search without seizure of a thing in many cases, without calling it such ... so this mainly isnt about trying to even get court order's of any kind, and alot about locating the action's of drug deal's going down and their contact/ connection source's. Also let me point out that this is also a large funding method according to new law's when it come's to property seizure/ confiscation, being that all of everything property- wise can be taken in drug deal's/ transaction's by law enforcement and sold at public auction's, from car's/ vehicle's, plane's/ jet's, houses/ home's, to clothing, jewelry, electronic's, etc, etc. so they also rake in million's yearly from that, even some innocent's get their property confiscated this has gotten so loose, simply by association, in some of these bust's.

Much of the significant dealing that is being done in most US cities are being done with cell phone's, the lower level curbside dealing that is going on in urban America, they deal with on a one on one level in the street with undercover deployment, etc, and getting people they bust to turn/ roll over on other's in deal's they make with them, which is also borderline unconstitutional, but never talked about, same as making a pre- deal arrangement with the prosecution in the court, which is done daily across the nation, is technically illegal looking at the law's closely of procedure. Much of the deliveries today are all done using cell's and code's, and text's, 15/ 20 year's ago or so, they used pager's and code's to make deliveries and drop's for instance. Many of the dealer's/ runner's (one dealer for instance, may have a half a dozen runner's, the dealer give's the order and location, the runner who work's for the dealer deliver's basically) are simply called and told where and how much to deliver, so this enable's law enforcement to get a location and a name, or code, or anything to ID what has been increasingly a nightmare for law enforcement in narcotic's to keep up with, this is why a few year's back, there was such a strong move to outlaw pre- paid cell's in America, but it didnt get anywhere's. The major target's here are cocaine/ crack, heroin/ tar, meth/ speed, and black market pharmaceutical's (in that order as well), so not even marijuana/ pot, in most of this.

When they also confiscate these phone's during arrest's/ bust's, they obtain a schlew of number's and name's/  street name alias's, etc, etc, same as when they confiscate your computer's. Many of the dealer's were using popular phone companies that are under contract's too, so this make's it that much more easier for law enforcement to zero in on their target's ... the smart dealer's will use pre- paid cell's and frequently change the number's, distributing the new number's through one on one contact with customer's and word of mouth on the street, such as when the runner make's a drop, he give's a piece of paper to the customer with the "new" number on it in many cases, this keep's law enforcement scrambling to try to keep up with it. This cell info/ intell has been responsible for so many recent large scale bust's and confiscation of narcotic's actually, to where some cities have had dry spell's with weak supply coming in, Hong Kong for instance just had the largest in their history as far as cocaine bust's that came in from Equador, many recent big haul's/ bust's in the Lone Star State (Texas) and this was only out of DEA/ Houston Division , a new elaborately engineered underground tunnel found in Arizona from Mexico etc, etc ... again, because of the careless use of contact's and dealer's with cell phone's.

Law enforcement also uses this to zero in on drop location's/ site's around the cities, this way enabling to set undercover deployment operation's up and additional street surveillance, popular location's like anything else, dealer's and customer's get relaxed/ comfortable with and use over and over, this is why it is also importante for those dealing like this to constantly rotate and change up location's and cell's and to use throwaway pre- paid's, etc. When they confiscate a phone and/ or number's, they zero in on them, and set up to meet themselves in various deployment's, and commonly act as a prospective buyer, they get the name's and claim that they have an association with the person and were told to contact them to make a deal, the person/ target then make's a deal for instance with the narc (undercover officer), only scoring something for them, trusting the name source, then the person who score's for the narc get's pinched with a "delivery" bust, then made a deal to roll over on someone else, etc, etc ... to try to put it simple, because it can get confusing if you know nothing about this.

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***** RCJ: "End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PART'S 3, 2 & 1

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