Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Blues News .... can get to You .....

I just had to add this to this journal... since there is so much attention on this now.This damn weather here in Dallas as I write this doesnt help... for 3 day's straight's just been rain,windy,and dark ... we just got done with one of them lightning show's...which I am looking out the window at as I write this...where the thunder was so sounded like all the car alarm's in the neighborhood went off at the same time.I got a good laugh out of that one! :)

I understand the concern of everyone with this flu/virus ... and the news certainly isnt going to give it a break, but it's no good to panic. Bottom line...just be smart...utilize the info you are given... keep the hand's sanitized... and let the scientist's and expert's do their job's... they ARE NOT ignoring this... they are doing what they can to get a handle on this...and they will.I seen masses of people gathered at some religious shrine in Mexico City(via video)and all praying to one of them statue's or what ever they are, this is NOT good! It reminded me of a Dr.Richard Dawkins video I once watched where he was visiting a holy water healing shrine of some sort...and all these sick folk's were playing in this water to get Mother Mary and associate's to heal them, I assume you could see the problem... Dr.Dawkins was pointing out...... duuuuuuuhhh. For Pete's sake...pray at home or away from crowd's... if you need holy can just take some tap water to your local priest...give him a couple buck's and he'll bless it for you.Geeeezzz

It's all over the news that a death resulted here in Texas from it... it was a toddler...and my heart and thought's go out to the familia. But understand that this was not a American/Texan ... this kid was from Mexico...taken to a hospital in Brownsville(Tx) and then transported to Houston. Some scientist's/disease control expert's are investigating a pig farm(American company)set up in La Gloria,Mexico, but either way...their working around the clock.All the video's in the news of people in Mexico City wearing face mask's can psychologically traumatize you as well. This is no reason to panic though.... anyone who been to Mexico City know's how big of a town it is...about 20+ million folk's... so this is simply precaution, which is all "positive" and a smart move on the people's. I personally am habitual about washing my hand's to begin with many times per day...simply because most of my life ..I had alot of contact with many folk's.

The best of the best around the globe are all over this like a cheap suit, and will figure it out ... or at least get a good grip on it... so dont let it ruin your life. I seen a news clip yesterday on CNN ... where one of these reporter's approached Paris Hilton standing on a street corner in LA ... he asked her if she heard about the swine flu? ... she said "no" ...he told her about it and asked her if she was worried? ... she responded and said ..."I dont eat that..." Heh,heh,heh ... I know that's not brilliant.... but I couldnt help laughing when she said that... and at least she wasnt bent out of shape over it. NO ... as I said.... "listen" ... you dont get it from eating pork! :) Folk's interviewed on the street's of Mexico City blame it on American's bringing it there.... and American's are blaming it on the Mexican's.... heh,heh,heh... this is silly ... who the hell is New Zealand going to blame it on?

Personally.... I think it's all a conspiracy to kill us all ... perpetrated by those space alien's that been hovering over places like Phoenix and Mexico City in them obviously fuel efficient mega horse power space craft's they fly in! :)

PS: Please dont take the last paragraph seriously...... And for anyone not familiar with the name "Dr.Richard Dawkins" ... he is a Professor of Oxford and Scientist, who is all over this internet...and well worth reading about and listening to.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Is there a way to make America safe? .... try something different like ..."Honesty" ....

What inspires this posting is all the mumbo jumbo that I constantly get off the internet here about thing's like "How safe are we?"... "What is the current condition of the Middle East?" ... "What does North Korea think of us?",and the list of question's we have is infinite.Let me look at this honestly and throw in a couple cent's here.

Our biggest threat is "US" .... Why? Because we are a society that doesnt stand firm on a damn thing...we are full of BS ... hypocrisy ... and a bunch of pansy method's and idea's on solving problem's. We disrespect countries all over the world, we rape some of these countries in the name of freedom...teach our children to be liar's like us ... and refuse to speak one bit of truth out of political correctness.And one of the biggest problem's we have are the 3 entities I mention over and over, our mega-religious institution's such as the Vatican ... some major corporation's such as Exxon/Mobil ... and our governing body. Do these folk's that rule the global arena REALLY want to take action ... or just lolligag so that thing's just stay dragging on and business as usual that benefit's them only and doesnt address or protect the people's and need's of the globe? They sure as hell dont act like it.

We say we have an immigration problem... yet fail to address it. We have over 300 million people in this country .... why do we need more immigration? Many say so we can learn,share,reach out,etc. Well go reach out ... that's why we have passport's and visa's ... so those who want to share and learn about these cultures first hand can go there and do what they want.We have literature,video,and a schlew of other way's to study cultures as well as immigrant's that migrated here from every place in the globe to set up culture communities here that we can enjoy. Some may say... well China and India have more people ... well what does that mean? That you feel we should do the same and start to generate more babies and bring more boat load's of people in? We have an economical and employment problem ... and say we are grateful at least we have 90% of the people's employed...and we have folk's with master's degree's working as cashier's at Wal-Mart. We dont need to be outsourcing more job's overseas... or bringing in folk's from abroad to fill these position's here.

What is the condition in the Middle East today? I dont know...and it's frankly none of my business. We have problem's in Pakistan on the horizon...and a plan to start massive troop deployment of our military to Afghanistan. Sure ... I have concern's deeply about both these countries... but I also realize what kind of defense we have as far as intercontinental missiles, satellite intell, and sophisticated weaponry in the work's. Knowing that if needed.... we have sufficient weaponry to really give anyone hell that provokes a danger to our homeland. I am confident we have more resources in this continental USA than what we need to supply all of our energy demand's for decades to come... and plenty of alternatives in the work's as I write this. We have all the agriculture we need. We have great mind's of science and engineering right here to give our support and funding to.

We torture and endlessly interrogate suspected and/or terrorist's ... if they are guilty and we have solid evidence and they are in our land... dont torture and house them for year's...sentence them for the crimes they committed ...and get their execution over and done with. If a country is harbouring those who use it as a base to attack us in some in on the target and eliminate the target.... period. If the Saudi's want to control and monopolize our oil market's ... to hell with them too ... we will get our oil elsewheres...but we never address this either... instead our BS leader's rant on about what they are doing is to make us less dependent on foreign oil...then going behind the scenes to these land's and giving them ass kissing and oral sex gratuities. Mean what the hell you say! I mean every goddamn thing I is not difficult to do. What is the condition and problem on the Israeli/Palestinian front? Well... I dont know.... but I do know that's it's not my goddamn problem as an American.

We moan about the problem on our border with violence spilling over from the drug cartel's, yet we also moan when families and rancher's on our border's defend their property and selves with gun's from these transient's,smuggler's and alien's that use their properties as a toilet,crashpad,campground,and even steal their properties, and then this jackass Secretary of HS Napolitano ... comdemn's these American's for protecting themselve's and their property, saying she has a better way of doing thing's ...because she lived in Arizona...well....I'm just amazed! God ...she is so bright! How many drug dealer's has she dealt with?How many night's did she spend in the trenches on them border's? How many times has she been confronted staring down the barrel and getting robbed and how much has been taken from her in these event's? Do you actually know anything...or do you just get stat's from your damn computer? You want to get result's? When one of these thug's invade your eliminate them... then call the wagon to get their remain's off your damn property.You double fence the border...including put armed guard's all over it..and more check point's...and really act. You can go over to places in the EU ...and they have guard's at their border's with auto weapon' one's moaning about them...and rightfully so...because it's none of our goddamn business...and what we do with our side of our border is not Mexico's or Canada's business either.

With a little more transparency,honesty and respect...we could be taken more seriously by the peoples of the globe and respected more even. No one know's what to believe out of us.... cause we dont stand solid on a damn thing...and flip-flop like the season's change. Nor do we act like safety is a concern to us.

PS: This is not about anti-immigrant thinking either...we have immigration policies that work well in 1970, revision's are needed to fit the times and situation. The pro-immigrant group's are spoon fed indirectly/directly by special interest's and creative lobbying, it's keep a flow of low wage worker's coming, that's all. They act like they are humanitarian's and like jackasses we buy it. They may have these worker's work at their homes for instance, but how many do they invite in their homes for dinner? I would be curious. I had many immigrant's legal and illegal both at my table to eat. Several Iraqi's who backed our troop's with intell and/or security tried to come to the USA recently...out of fear that when we lower our force level's...they will be hunted and executed for once covering our troop's back's...our government denied them to come to USA...despite even troop's who were willing to take them in their own homes...if anyone deserves to be brought here and protected ...they do! They put their neck on the line for our troop's...and we deal with them like that? That's the reality!

"SILLYISM" ..... the quest and ability to stay "silly" .... ( and the topic of same sex marriage )

The title here is actually misleading for this post...but quite fitting for what inspired this posting. It could apply to several thing's...but in this case I will use it for the issue of Same Sex Marriage.

In one of my earlier posting's titled "What is Gay Marriage? .... another form of marriage...", I pointed out many different kind's of marriages throughout our history... that was anything beside's ..."one man and one woman". :) This isnt a subject that I focus on much... because for one...I never had no interest in marrying a man ... and frankly bored of wedding's.. besides liking food and drink's ... but loathe the dressing up in formal wear.... and standing around socializing with people who I would rather not even talk to... who tell each other impressive lies about all what their doing now ... and all they have accomplished. Besides...the hypocrisy and expectation's of it is sometimes nauseating. "...Till death do us part...."? ......pleeeease.

I ask myself ..."Why are we so protective of gay people?" are they "special"? No really .... all caca aside ... half our people for morality reason's say they oppose SS Marriage's. Yet many gay folk's say they simply want to be as miserable as many straight married couple's are...and have the legal right to sue each other...cheat, divorce, have custody battles and enjoy all the rest of the thing's that come with marriage that straight's love and practice so much, and the whole lovely hypocrisy of the vow's they agree to in the eye's of God. Gay folk's pay taxes like anyone of us, should they not be entitled to the same miseries and right's as anyone else? If they are in sin ... and it is against God... well....dont worry about it ... it's no skin off your hide .... God will deal with it.

I married a female and had kid's, and those kid's had kid's,etc. Marriage to me has been between a man and a woman... well.... all my life. Whether gay's marry....or folk's have multiple spouses, or marry their cousin's... or even if we tried to get feline's and canine's to marry... hell... it doesnt effect me and my relationship... even a tad. There are gay folk's....period.... they are citizen's and by "law" should have the same legal right's as every other citizen ... the way I see it. Some may worry that it will turn folk's gay? Dont be silly. Will it degrade the institution of marriage? Well ... if your worried about that... let's look at how much straight folk's degraded every inch of marriage, believe's couldnt take it much lower than it has been taken already. Other than that.... if gay's are denied the right to marry....I propose that they only have to pay half the taxes of straight people... since they dont get the full package of being citizen's with equal right's.

We call this a battle of morality...when it's actually just plain ole "sillyism" and a waste of our goddamn time! Why? because slowly but time passes ... state by state if's are going to be allowed to join in some form of marriage. Why? Not just because it's outright discrimination, but because there is money to be made from it...all around. Think about the divorce lawyer's,court's, wedding planner's,florist's,tux/gown businesses...and I could go on and get the picture... plus it also imposes law's on them to be accountable in these relationship's to each other and to society... where they cant just walk away so easily... in a way... marriage keep's folk's in line to a degree.

One thing for sure is... it's an issue that doesnt risk national security,or take food off the table ... or do a damn thing for any of us who are straight, and if God dont like...God will deal with damn sure is not my job. We got a schlew of real problem's that need grave attention...besides worrying about folk's personal sex lives and love affair's. This is not just a waste of's downright...

Friday, April 24, 2009

"401K Disaster and Recession" will be coming soon ... be smart ..."GET OUT!"

Now ... let me make this as simple as possible. What we will see over the next 5 to 10 year's is a crisis forming over retirement in America ... like nothing ever seen in history. Now you may think ... "Oh ... this is just more doom and gloom talk, etc ..." by me. Again ... I never talk doom/ gloom ... because there is no such thing ... we create our own misery, happiness ... as well as reality ... so therefore ... it doesnt exist anymore than the tooth fairy. How can I make this claim? ... the same way I made every other claim in this journal over the last year is how ... and I got alot more accurate than inaccurate. Why? ... because again ... I am doing something that most people WILL NOT do ... they REFUSE to ... which is look at the entire picture, and be realistic, too many of us simply lie to ourselves, believe in the lies of other's ... and see only what they want to fantasize.

A buddy for instance ... been in the workforce for 40+ year's ... invested in this 401K the last 20 or so ... a couple year's ago looking at the situation ... we were having breakfast taco's and Menudo at one of our favourite places we like to meet at on sunday morning's for Menudo (Menudo is a Mexicano Soup)... I told him ... to get his 401K money and put it elsewhere's ... he looked at me as if I was nut's ... and said, his is doing just fine.I left it at that ... he's a grown man ... and it's a free country. A couple month's ago ... he had sad new's ... he basically lost his ass ... or at least a portion of the money, and he still work's full time ... but he is now 63. My daughter who is 23 who lives with me ... took my advice ... she had a decent paying job, I told her to be careful ... primarily because she bought/ financed a new car ... that was nice ... after she bought it ... within a couple month's her company laid off about a thousand folk's or two, I just simply told her to think about a car that is maybe slightly used is all ... not old ... but not brand new ... understand the value system in the auto market's ... it will save you a bundle. I advised her before the company blindsided them to get her 401K money out ... she took my advice on that. Again ... she's a grown woman and it's a free country ... I love her ... so I try to advise her, even as a kid ... I only advised ... and alway's made her make her own choices ... why? Because to make her learn ... and face reality that you must crawl before you can walk. And to understand ... that life can be a bitch ... so be a bitch back! She was re- employed in no time ... when she first whined about her getting cut ... I basically told her what I would anyone ... you have 48 hour's to whine with self- pity ... get drunk or whatever ... then start to kick ass and get over it! And believe me ... she's a real hustler!

Why will this be a disaster? Because over 60 million American's have these 401K's as a primary source of retirement income. 401K was not designed to be a retirement plan to begin with ... that is what folk's are missing, and refused or didnt see coming, instead ... just looking to make a quick buck ... have a tax shelter ... and think that money can grow on tree's. It was created as a saving's plan and tax shelter in the late 70's for working America. Trillion's have disappeared in a matter of month's from 401K fund's ... where did it go? Where do you think? ... will you get it back? Stop dreaming and be fair to yourself ... forget it ... it's gone ... period. Employer's decided to turn them into unofficial retirement plan's to eliminate company retirement plan's ... okay ... since everyone likes to hear the truth. And the multitude of investment firm's that came like termite's out of the woodwork ... promoted them as that. And American's had the opportunity to simply gamble their life saving's and nest egg's ... and so they did ... basically not much different then taking half your life saving's to Vegas on the weekend and trying your luck ... same thing damn near ... but you must alway's realize ... that the house is designed to win, same with these investment's.

"60 Minutes"(CBS) recently interviewed David Wray ... President of the 401K Council of America and lobbyist for the 401K Industry. They were slamming the man ... as if he and associates ripped off American's. Mr. Wray said it wasnt their problem ... and all these folk's "chose" to do this ... and were given multiple investment option's, and have no one to blame but themselve's. I have to agree with Mr. Wray ... if you lost your ass ... did anyone strongarm you to invest? Didnt you do your homework? You complain about all the hidden fee's ... as legal, penalties, trustee, stewardship, transactional, bookkeeping, finder's, etc. There is more fee's then you can shake a stick at ... did you not read in detail what this all consist of as far as contractual term's? I didnt go with the 401K 20 year's ago I was offered ... while 95% of my co-worker's did ... why? Because let's just use common sense here ... okay ... let me just use let's say random figures off the top of my head to apply here. Let's say a person comes to me ... ask's me to invest my money for me ... and they will give say a 10% return ... and I get the tax haven, etc. I first think ... why do I deserve such generosity whenever someone want's to make or save me money? I can only assume that their end will be much greater ... maybe they make 30% ... who know's. I also look at the fact that any of that 10% I did earn ... if anything happen's to where I decide to take my money out of the 20 or so mutual fund's with fancy known names that they let me choose from ... that I will have a penalty that will take all I made ... and the IRS will also bite my ass as well. Why would I possibly give someone ... so much of my money ... to invest for me as they see fit ... and give me a cut, when I am taking no more risk by taking the money myself ... doing my own homework and investing in a variety of other way's avoiding all the tax intervention crap, and their cut's and fee's?

It's this investment system that we have so much faith in and are taught is the "way to go", is the problem ... as I posted time again. And to keep on feeding it ... and losing time and time again ... sooner or later ... you will see the light. The choice is your's/ our's ... it's our freedom to take them equity risk's or whatever risk's, it's a matter of doing your homework and personal responsibility. And dont say your not educated enough ... I'm a damn street kid ... the same game applies on the street level ... whether your investing on Wall St. or in the local illegal drug market's ... the game is the same ... the player's faces are different is all.

Be smart ... get out ... and manage your own money and be more cautious ... and dont listen to these damn bank's and Washington ... tell you if we all take our money we will all perish or other nonsensical talk ... this is because they only fail ... we wont ... bank on it!

PS: Our President is currently working to actually make thing's a little more fair in the game ... it has been very one sided ... and I thank him sincerly for addressing this. Another thing...when I say to take 48 hours to "cry/ whine" ... I mean that. It is important for most to express their emotion's ... we are taught these day's to bottle up all our thought's and emotion's and smile while were getting screwed ... and many do. I cry, laugh, raise Hell, get angry and all the rest ... but I limit it to where "it" does not consume me is all ... just like fear ... Yes ... "fear" ... but dont let fear control you. Also ... if your young ... say 20's/ 30's and you pull your investment ... that's fine ... but when market recovery comes and new regulatory revision's ... it will be good to re- invest if you choose ... but for those who are say 50 and over ... it's not to your advantage as much to re- enter.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Texas: Lone Star culture ... and Secession Talk ...

What inspires this posting is all the coverage I have read and seen on the internet over the last few day's about some Texan's calling for secession from the Union. It was somewhat amazing to see how much coverage this got, although I shouldnt be shocked since anytime Texan's so much as fart at the incorrect programmed time of day,we get put through the wringer on it. Let's just say... as a Texan... I am used to it. :)

Yes ... at a time in the 19th century... Texas was an independent country, even had it's own currency .. we even had a $50 bill with a nude woman displayed on it ... beat's having to look at all old white males at least! :) Even though many may identify Texas with the south... Texas never really identified themselves as anything other than Texan's. We even were a state of Mexico once. It's kind of a culture of southwestern America(USA) as well as Mexicano culture wrapped up in one big burrito let's just say. When my wife first migrated here from oversea's, she first settled in Seattle, then moved to New Jersey ... I met her when I was visiting NYC... and she was a knockout... fine as hell as a young lady, great personality and outgoing... and we phone chatted after that awhile... she visited Texas, and had friend's here that she knew from Iran...who she decided to move in with here. But she adapted to Texas culture very easy and said she absolutely loved it here, especially the weather(compared to Jersey or Seattle's weather that is).I told her "You dont want to live here though if you cant handle criticism... because once you identify as a will get the work's!" She didnt mind.

Now all this talk surrounding Gov.Rick Perry (Tx-R) in public the other day about secession from the USA seem's to really get alot of opinion across the nation. First of all .... this "secession" talk has been in Texas since day one! It basically never goes anywhere's ... other than "BBB Talk" (Barbecue's,Ballgame's,Booze/Beer). I was actually suprised how much attention it was given nationally because simply ... Why? I mean ... Texas is alway's the laughing stalk of the country...especially with liberal's... and alot of the talk/insult's about us is actually funny as hell! Like I said ...I have heard it all...whether it's sitting at the after 5pm pub in London ...or at a nightclub in NYC ... I have alway's been confronted with the usual Texas stereotype talk. One gal in a London Techno club once walked up to me...when I was at the bar ordering a drink...and asked if she could pay for my drink's.. hell...I didnt even know her!,but soon found out why she wanted to. She heard me talking in one of the lounge room's with some folk's and wanted to pidgeonhole me with question's. She first told me she was a liberal, then she asked me...why I walk so "macho" and this other macho related stuff. I was shocked! I was walking...well...the way I alway's walk ... not trying to be macho at all. But I must admit ... she was a great dancer!But the myth's that she was taught about Texas was incredible ... they even scared the crap out of me! But again ... Why would anyone even care if Texan's talked secession?

But Texas alway's had this talk of independence. We have also fought for this nation like any other state...have the largest US military in the country based here, consider ourselves as grassroot's American's even. We even have our own power grid, the only state in continental USA that does I would figure.Our own breweries, wineries,agriculture,etc. Just as much as a culture to identify with. Where can you go in Texas and not find the Texas flag alongside the USA flag... and even the Mexico flag? You sure as hell wont see a Confederate flag in any of the group's. It is simply part of Texas Culture. I dont look at this as extremeism at all. But all of the sudden now...because of the talk of a few ...Texan's once again are being criticized and called, extremeist's, even racist's believe it or not(cant figure that one out)and even fascist's? And many of these same folk's calling us this around the nation... just month's ago... say even thing's like ... "Give Texas back to Mexico!!" I guess if they want to give us back to Mexico ... but dont want us to talk about secession from the nation ... they want us to be Mexican's?

Only God know's that.

PS: By the way ... I convinced the gal in London to let me match her on the drink's out of pure mercy ... the poor ole gal didnt realize what she was getting into offering such a proposal... I was slamming them down...and she was frantically digging through her little purse ... I just couldnt let her out of compassion take the whole tab... she was cute as hell ... and I know not wealthy. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

China: the "Sleeping Giant" ( PART 1 ) ... Hu Jintao and his Technocrat's ... positioning to lead ...

Now .... I am sure that many Texan's as well as American's will despise what I say here ... and even may call me some kind of Commi. But Commi I'm not ... I am simply again looking at the whole picture and not deluding myself with popular domestic rubbish ... which is something America is oversaturated with ... period.

Ask yourself ... what do you do when you have a bunch of leadership ... that do nothing but ravish it's country and everything it's built, blemish your peoples image, reputation globally, and then need you to breast feed it to do more of the same? You discard it ... because it is a relic ... and unworthy to lead a pack of sewer rat's ... not to mention wipe it's own ass. And not worthy of a sliver of trust or respect from it's people. This is what has been slowly happening to America ... along with many EU countries ... including letting religious terror thug's control your societies with strongarm method's. Then we create war's just for special interest's, send our young volunteer's to fight these war's with one hand tied behind their back's ... and send them medical bill's when they get back home, missing limb's ... and trying to find excuses because of corporate interest's to misdiagnose any medical related problem's. It's shameful and pathetic. We have became largely a plastic face society of hypocrisy and lies.

While our Bank of America is showing/ blowing big profit's for the first quarter of 2009 ... and we are being told to wear our happy faces ... and fed all kind's of crap about how the economy is looking great ... by the same politician's and associate's that told you a year ago there was nothing wrong with the economy ... the actual citizen's are losing their asses big time financially and getting shafted more faster than ever. Which show's you their forecast's are nothing more than the same waste that comes from their bowel's and mouth's.

Meanwhile President Hu Jintao of the Peoples Republic of China and his Technocrat's are making their move to step in the Global Arena ... and take real action. And could very well end up the top dog of the globe. First of all ... China's 4 trillion Yuan Anti Crisis Stimulus is widely applied to the infrastructure sector (which China is in badly need of). 1st Qtr 2009 China GDP rose 6.1% ... 2.68 million job's created in urban area's ... per capita urban disposable income grew 11.2%, per capita rural cash income rose 8.6%. China also has much vested in this country ... we are in debt dearly to them. Last month China sold one million car's domestically ... and have the largest market for auto's worldwide. Even as GM America is struggling to just stay breathing ... GM in China's production line and sales are just exploding off the chart's! They are also becoming a very competitive auto manufacturer. So competitive that even Rolls Royce called to talk/ meet with the CEO of China's Geely auto maker, because their panties are in a bind over the new Geely GE ... which look's almost like a copy of the new Rolls Royce Phantom ... though Rolls Royce say's it doesnt bother them. Not just America ... but Japan and Europe need to watch closely on this as well ... at least ... if you want to stay competitive.

As time goes on ... China with it's new communist leadership and change are not just going to look attractive to the global business community more and more, but to even many other's. Why do you think GW Bush had such interest in China as far as trade and investment? Him and his dad both been sleeping side by side with them for decades ... as an "investment". If communism dont completely fall in China ... it certainly is going to get a Hell of of face modification, externally and internally in time. Let's just call it the new "Technocracy" ( Gvmnt where engineer's, scientist's, and tech expert's control decision making ) which is why President Obama stated that we need to have less of "number's expert's" ( financial manipulator's ) and more scientist's and engineer's ... he already know's it. Now I know China also has problem's ... but who doesnt ... heh? As far as their past ... of thing's like Tiananmen Square and human right's, etc ... that will fade just like USSR memories did. They even have the largest Army in the world!

I think of them as the "sleeping giant" ... because they are really doing something to change and even focused on a plan to bring stability and peace to the globe. And if they play their card's right ... they may become even a freer nation than most in the democratic free world.


Monday, April 20, 2009

No need to let the "Credit Crunch" ..."Crunch You" .....

Again ...with all the "fear card" propaganda you are fed, along with pressure ... this enable's this system to keep your mind on a leash. Probably one of the biggest lesson's one can learn from any of this is....Learn to stop believing what you are "told" to believe. But... no one can make that choice for you but yourself. I mean...we know that "misery loves company" ... but some folk's feel they cant live without misery.

This post was mostly inspired locally in my community here in Dallas ... with the various folk's I talk with out and about. Many folk's are just plain in debt to the max considering what their incomes are or have been reshaped into.

A young couple for instance that a few year's back moved to Dallas from Detroit to the neighborhood... told me they are going plum nut's with all the collection agencies hounding them and having new challenges trying to keep just up with the active credit they still have...the debt is literally draining them... not just financially but psychologically. Alot of this unpaid debt goes back to the old neighborhood in Detroit when they first got married a decade ago! They have 2 little kid's... and just want to do the right thing, and live a decent,modest life. They have been threatened even with property seizure's,incarceration,wage garnishment's, tracking and monitoring everything they spend and know what I'm talking about if you been there. Their just plain good folk's and citizen's is all...trying to make it.

First of all ... stop listening to these bookshelf flunkies and collection racket agencies that are hounding you ... I tell them. Another thing... I dont know for example what Michigan's law's are on delinquent credit, and I do know that in some states... I believe Florida, and California,New York for instance are different then Texas as an example. But this is Texas I told them... so relax a minute.In Texas there is no such thing as this property seizure,wage garnishment,jail time or any of this other crap that they are fed...period! In Texas they can only go for your money on two condition's...which are the IRS ... or child support, and these damn collector/investor's know this! They tell them also they are taking them to court, get this.... some bank out of Wilmington,DE. I told them ...tell them'll see them in court and hang up. In other word's call their bluff. You owe $5K on a card and their gonna take you to trial? BS ...that would end their money making and they would come out loser's. Another thing ... on alot of this there is a 7 year statute of limitation's.

Bottom long as they keep hounding you...and the more delinquent you are to resolve it... the more they make.Now you may think can that be so...when you havent paid them anything and they are who loaned you the money? they must be loosing, heh? ...NOPE... heh,heh,heh... not a dime, amigo's! For instance...the initial loan that the bank made to you on that particular card...let's in this case talk about the 10 year debt to these folk's...this loan was traded,used, and played with in the market's like a day old whore! The bank has long forgot it as in the beginning they milked all they could out of it as a loss/default through taxes (tax monies backed by American's)then after they used her up...they sell it off to some other scam investor who call's itself a financial legal service or collection's agent. They purchase your defaulted used up loan from the last lender for pennies on a dollar...prop it up as a new loss under a new agency...and milk it for what it's worth through the same tax channel's...and then repeat the first action of transaction again and so on. Again... understand how this racket work's. Why do you think they would settle for "half" the amount you owe?'s pure profit, they already use the tax scam on the entire loan...that they only paid a small fraction for in an auction type setting...after the initial lender milked it's worth, then they milk it through the tax system for it's full face value...get you to pay half of the full value...and they just made off double it's worth... and your still stuck with a bad worthless credit report...and an excuse for your next lender to put your interest rate through the roof ...through some complex stealth agreement.

Relax...and feed yourselves and enjoy a movie or a night on the town this weekend instead of worrying about these clown's and what they tell you they will do to you. And the next time one of these bookshelf flunkies in India contact you for instance...tell them first of learn how to pronounce your goddamn name right before they are so quick to act like they are "real" hustler's... or go find a real job!

PS: This President has been all over this banking system like a cheap suit. While several from both sides in Washington been behind the scene's using public land lines/prepaid cell's and private courier/messenger's to keep Wall St. updated on behind the scenes happening's on the Hill. While Wall St. is scrambling behind the scene's with the info/intell they get from those in Washington with their legal and tax team's to try to avoid this gauntlet they secretly fear... at the same time will be scrambling to try to pay back TARP fund's as quick as possible,to try to get out before 2011. The next couple year's will be absolutely hilarious!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The hunt for Osama bin Laden ... capture and prosecution ....

For a few year's now ... I have questioned the existence of Mr. bin Laden. Now I know every 6 month's or so we are fed a video in the media to put back on our frightened mask's ... showing us a still photo of this guy ... with some mystical theatrical sounding voice of supposedly him ... telling us how much he doesnt like us, declaration's of Jihad, etc. Well ... heh, heh, heh ... this is fine and dandy ... however, show me something ... anything ... something at least ... even halfway solid, that he is actually alive and making this speech. I mean ... so far they have shown me nothing more than the stories I also get yearly that alien space craft's are hovering once again over Phoenix.

Despite all who is tracking him ... from the CIA to Interpol, every counter terror intell source imaginable ... not to mention 10's of million's in cash bounty on him for a half a dozen year's or more ... this is all you have to show? And a bunch of innocent's you rake up out of some desert ... that after you waterboard them and other method's of interrogation ... for year's ... they finally tell you he exist's and is the evil terror master that send's them telepathic messages of their next assignment's? C'mon now, what the Hell do you take us for?

I also alway's thought that if he is alive ... it will be very hard to capture him ... Why? Because the 10's of million's bounty is nothing. This man comes from a very wealthy family ... despite if they agree with him or not ... do you actually believe that they would just turn over their son/ family to a foreign country to execute, especially based on the evidence that they are showing? In other word's, "Blood is thicker than Water". Think about it ... would you turn over your kid to a foreign government who is solely out to execute him/ her ... on shady hearsay evidence? Do you not think that his familia/ blood would do everything possible to make sure he isnt captured and put in that situation? And if he was captured and convicted and possibly executed ... will we be instructed to put on our "happy face" mask's again ... and reprogrammed to believe that we solved our problem ... and jihad is over? Of course forgetting about all the new enemies we created by locking up suspected terrorist's who we never found any evidence against, torturing them, degrading them, in every manner ... then after 5 or 6 year's ... we give them a meal vouchure and plane ticket and say ... "Oop's ... were sorry". The terror is going to continue as I posted in my earlier post's exactly for this reason ... they who are truely innocent that we done this to will not just forgive and forget, they will live with it for life ... and vow to pay us back for the abuse we gave them.

If you had a trial for this guy (bin Laden) ... what are you charging him with? reciting Quran verses ... that inspire people to fly planes into building's? What about our immigration ... who let these attacker's in the country ... and the American flight school's that trained them ... do they testify too? You would have to make some kangaroo conspiracy case for any jury to buy ... like they did with Charlie Manson for instance ... a guy who has been in prison now 40 year's, because some drug's crazed teen's who went on a killing party spree ... said that he as well ... sent them telepathic messages to do it after they got caught. Manson was easy to convict ... cause he acted nutty in court ... but I doubt bin Laden would act like that, nor does bin Laden have a childhood criminal past ... and was well educated.

My intention's here are not to defend these folk's at all ... I am only taking a realistic view of what we are up against.

PS: I also wonder how many on Wall St as well as in Washington would be truely happy if he was captured and put on trial? Why? Why do you think? We cant change what happened on 9/ 11 any way you slice it.. we have serious investment's in the financial sector as well as the petro/ energy sector, as well as middle eastern relation's right now with the Arab's ... what would the trial of this man and possibly execution do to them relation's and investment's and the global market? Do we not think that those at the top may think about this?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fighting the Biting... and staying sharp.....

I dont think I can recall a time in my life where keeping sharp is more essential than ever to survival in our society.I have alway's been in the trenches since childhood... so it's just another day at work to me. But there are alot of folk's who have been living decent and beyond their mean's... and are desperate to not loose any more of what they are holding or any nest egg they may have. 20 year's ago for I wrote earlier...I got caught in the cycle... done all financial deal's more than I could handle in debt and the rest. Since then... I went solo...and dropped out of the game.

I would think after this last ordeal of getting the shaft from our government,one of the 3 entities...anyone can clearly see...that you cant trust none of them...even a sliver...they will talk out of both sides of their mouth and turn on you quicker than a rattler(snake). And with this recent economy... as I posted earlier,there are going to be alot of folk's that make a bundle off this recession... some of this recession is actually the power broker's. It is all done to bring you to a lower level...and become more dependent on them and less dependent on ourselves. By going with loose your survival instinct's over time.Companies get you pay more and more tax...premium's,you are monitored and regulated much more...and as crime comes more of it,for your own good, they will tell you. Let me make this simple as well here... the peoples do NOT write the tax legislation...or decide what we will do with our money ... we are given a choice of 2 sides that they control...and the choice between them to decide what is fair,right, wrong,and what you deserve if anything. Common folk's such as us...are viewed by them and their pocket flunkies as simply stupid herd's that couldnt cut it on their own without them to dictate to us. Since everyone say's they like the truth, I promise sincerly I will speak the truth or nothing at all.And the day I stop ... I should terminate my own existence for not doing what I say.

As you can clearly see now... everywhere you turn...someone is putting the bite on you...everyone of these folk's will about their concern and love for you,etc.They will toss you in the dump in a heartbeat...and sell everything they can that was once your's.Putting American's in the rut financially and instilling fear makes it possible to beef up stricter regulation's....and also the ability to regulate everything else you make and do. Getting all those foreclosures makes it so semi-wealthy investor's are able to buy up all the properties they can at dirt cheap rates to sell off later for great profit's and new interest rates that will go through the roof.This is in part why I said that if the whole system fail's ...despite the hardship we would suffer from such the longrun we would benefit...because it would collapse a system that is simply too outdated... plus it would make us stronger and more self reliant.Right as we speak...there are all kind's of real estate scam's going many...I never seen in my life so much shafting going on... the bite has came out of the woodwork.Even cash for gold/silver places are popping up overnight... this work's...because now American's have became so desperate...they will sell anything they have just to try to stay in the game...that"they" control.

You have people with master's degree's...that they spent thousand's to get....and worked to a sweat to achieve...working as janitor's.Putting you also in a situation to where you have to buy all the Chinese product's for 2 reason' cant afford anything else... and the trade is set up to where it is difficult to find anything else.They are telling us right this minute after we flooded the big bank's with money they technically cant even loan... that if we continue to cut back in our spending such as in retail now...we are even destined for more gloomy day's. For Pete's sake... dont believe a damn thing they say...Geeezz... they are even manufacturing some of the warfare we are having.They keep telling you it's about patriotism....BS! None of them that tell us this are patriotic in any stretch of the definition. This is a "guilt trip" that will put you further in the hole,the more you play into it.

Now is the time to hone your skill's and senses and stay defensive and sharp.. dont worry about nonsense they tell you about patriotism,what they want from you,what is for "our" good...right,wrong or the other nonsense. If you really want to be patriotic...get rid of them...and take care of yourself and those in your circle ... it is "our strength" that will make us strong again... not their legislation or command's.You still have alot of good folk's in Washington...but understand...that many of them...are in a no win situation...they are bought and paid for as much as any of us. Even our defender's in the military are getting screwed. President Obama IS actually trying to do something to actually change this cycle. This is NOT some conspiracy by the entities...this is simply survival for them...understand...they know nothing else....this system dates back to ancient Rome ... they DONT want to loose what they have built. This whole system WILL eventually disappear, the longer we keep prolonging it...the longer you suffer in the longest term.

Monday, April 13, 2009

USA: a "Police State" or "Totalitarian Country"? .... RELAX ... Dont get scared so easy ....

Whenever tension's rise for us ... we panic too much ... no ... really ... all crap aside, American's scare so easy these day's. And those who lead us around on a leash know it. My father told me 40 year's ago that over time we will loose some of our freedom without recognizing we lost it in the future, because they do it slowly and in small step's ... and call it "forward progress" ... everything my dad told me was accurate actually ... he was good on "wild guesses" ... especially on the tables in Las Vegas. What freedom mean's has alwayz been a loose definition ... throughout recorded human history. And you can never truly be free unless your mind is free. Constant paranoia and unnecessary fear ... keep's us all in chain's.

What bring's me to this ... is over the last couple week's I've been paying much attention to all in the internet community as far as government trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right's. This also led me to alot of report's/ blog's/ video's that have folk's like myself who support gun ownership and this Amendment to all this talk of the USA on the way to becoming a totalitarian state, with a government conspiracy in the work's to round up all our gun's ... and numerous tube's on YouTube of concentration camp type facilities being built around the country to start to put American's in ... along with massive military exercises in town's around the country, including 77 Texas counties to take control of town's with military to enforce martial law ... no ... this is serious ... you can find this all over the internet.

Well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... I certainly appreciate my fellow American's who are in the trenches to guard our 2nd Amendment right's and salute them 110% ... but with all due respect ... relax a little bit ... there sure as Hell is no need to panic ... just stay motivated and focused on the leftee's who would like to disarm even police, and utilize the knowledge and tool's we have ... and we will come out winner's. Hell ... if it was up to those leftee's ... they would disarm our goddamn military in the middle of combat! ... then give our enemies financial assistance and oral sex! : )

Yes ... I have just pointed out myself in the last few post's about the possibility of thing's like gun confiscation, martial law, and the related ... BUT ... I pointed out, for awareness,not to freak out, bite our nail's and think doom and gloom. Yes the military is rehearsing for social disorder ... yes ... they did confiscate everyone's gun's post Katrina in New Orleans ... yes they do have large facilities that are for large amount's of people across America,but this is also being worked by FEMA ... and it is not only about social disorder ... it is for civilian refuge and safety as well. After Katrina happened we then realized that we didnt have enough to facilitate folk's in case of a major disaster ... and we also know that other disaster's can arise ... and not natural either ... I'm talking about more terrorism on our territory. If they are needed to detain folk's ... that will happen as well. The military is maneuvering for social disorder ... but also for social order ... what I am saying is what we are seeing is clearly needed ... this is not a governmental conspiracy to declare a "police state" and lock up our citizen's. Would you rather they ignored rehearsing and constructing for an event ... then if we had a disaster ... get stuck again with our thumb's up our ass waiting for something?

Why am I confident of this? Because no one ... especially the 3 entities which as I wrote are the major corporation's, government, religious institution's ... want a totalitarian state ... not just us ... they dont want to declare martial law any more than the Pope want's to endorse mandatory gay marriage. Not even the bloody Communist Government of China want's to be totally commi these day's and are trying to take every back door possible to be game player's in the new world, without formally denouncing communism. Hell ... if they locked down America ... that would be the end of their empires and game ... and most of the fun of competing for power ... they would be the last to want it! Why do they want us to have a certain amount of freedom? because there's no money or true competitive spirit left by denying it ... that's why.

Also ... there is NO government conspiracy even to do such a thing. Sure ... there's alot they wont tell us simply because of fear of how we will react ... but in a country like America ... the idea of a government conspiracy is just about impossible. Our government is far too large and far too much at each other's throat's to think this is all staged (take over), too many people from the public sector and watch dog's watching watch dog's and so on ... even an act of God ... couldnt set up a successful government conspiracy in this country ... Hell ... they cant even get their own act straight and be bipartisan! ... dont give them so much credit!

So ... to all my fellow American's who think President Obama and staff are forming a takeover of the country ... and have this totalitarian plan...please relax. We fail to realize and utilize the power that we have right at our fingertip's. Do you realize that we can take our country in any direction the people want without even having a street demonstration? Dont get me wrong ... demonstration's are healthy ... and get's the blood flowing ... as well as anger. But we have so much power as a peoples ... we can make just about anything happen just with our Constitution and Right's if we chose. The problem's with us ... is we stay too focused on our petty differences of crap like personal moralities and nonsense issue's and mainly ignore all that we have and can utilize.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The "Right to Bear Arm's"... and breaking the "Will of the People" ....

Part of what inspired this post on this dark, chilly, and thunderstorm drenched Easter morning here in Dallas ... was all the news I been reading about gun right's and ownership ... and as usual ... the right and the left up in "arm's" over it. And the news out of Bangkok, Thailand right now ... that the Thai Prime Minister Abshisit Vejjajiva announced a "State of Emergency" there ... which basically mean's nothing more than to go out and bust citizen's head's and asses, detain them, incarcerate them and any other abuse they can dream up. I must say that I am very impressed with the Thai Peoples, and their courage to take on what they are ... and keeping their "will" alive and well ... cause if you let them break that ... you have nothing! And they dont even have half the advantages and firepower that American's have ... but they have that will and courage. We have alot going for us ... let's KEEP IT THAT WAY!!

Now I've been looking at alot of these American's that simply believe in the preservation of their 2nd Amendment Right's ... who are simply speaking up and actually protecting us all in a sense ... they are being labeled as right wing crackpot's, militia's, radical's, evil, etc. But I ask myself ... What is so radical or militia- like about simply having an interest in preserving your right's, and loving your right's and country/ culture? Isnt that what America is about? Is that not what democracy is about? Now I understand that one may say ... "Well ... there isnt no tyrannical event's happening, or dictator's or anyone trying to take away anyone's right's or freedom ... etc" ... and technically speaking ... that's true ... but you must admit that there is a large voting segment as well of the population that would like to see that "right" strongly modified ... and to get gun's off street's ... period, simply because of a few thug's, nutcases or what have you ... I mean ... they feel threatened by them ... can you blame them? Hell ... I'd feel threatened myself ... if some thug knocked on my door and when I answered it ... I was starring down a barrel, and believe me ... that has exactly happened to me before ... so I know the feeling too well!

No doubt that both sides of this debate have a common goal ... and that is their presevation and safety ... and we seem to like a certain amount of freedom as well ... that's just our nature. But thinking you can just use these pop culture sound bites and multi- million dollar ad's, and other crap to break the "will" of the people's and get them psychologically frightened enough and programmed to change what they consider as free and in their best interest such as safety, is like pissing in the wind. When folk's are under pressure and their back's are against the wall, their going to press back. I mean it's a Hell of alot easier to take folk's who have much less freedom and throw them a few bones of some half assed freedom and get away with it. Than it is to take folk's that have a little more freedom, and start that slippery slope of taking a little more here and there ... thinking they wont notice it, I mean ... even a dog can eventually figure out when their getting cheated.

To be honestly frank here ... and let me add ... that I am far from radical in any stretch of the definition of the word ... But ... I really never felt threatened by thing's like a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ... or the right of the people to keep and bear arm's ... or nothing wrong with that right not being infringed upon, I did however feel threatened when that fella knocked on my door to do me harm. Is their something radical about that? You can find 1001 arguement's and interpretation's about what a "right" when made really mean's ... but the bottom line is ... I dont see anything radical about what I just pointed out above. I also wonder if many folk's would reckonize tyranny if it walked up to them and introduced itself?

PS: I would also like to point out that I used this incident in Thailand as an example to my point of current condition's. In other word's I am NOT taking sides with a party or the politic's of Thailand ... Nor do I favour "Red Shirt's" over "Yellow Shirt's" or vice versa. I am simply pointing out human nature and action/ reaction. My primary concern's are America first.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The "New Normal" ...our new programme just arrived...time for our "Smiley Faces" again.....

Well ... it's about damn time ... we now have our new psychological programme and sound bite to move us for the next shaft. It's called according to Washington today The "New Normal" ... and this one is a double feature as well ... as a bonus ... Wall St as well as Washington also announced simutaneously that light is showing on the economy and the recession is about over ... so it's time to start spending again ... getting more in debt ... buying up some of these homes that were taken away from folk's ... reproducing more babies to replenish the meat market, etc. This is simply the newest sound bite that we are given to cover up as I wrote in previous post's ... the new "American Dream" that we will have coming ... that will be different. This is basically similar to when they changed the term "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" so they could blend us all together for easier handling. Now our new American Dream and psychological uplift on the recession will be the "New Normal".

What does this do? Well ... pretty much nothing except to make us think we have something "New" that is going to take us to a life of happiness ... that they create all for us ... because ... they care (LOL). No ... really ... this is basically step #2 of the same BS in new packaging that I was talking about before. We will get an official word next when the recession is over ... just like the BS about when it actually started, etc. What will this do for all those who lost their homes, ended up in tent cities, lost job's, were dropped from insurance plan's they paid premium's on for year's until they got injured or sick,those who lost in some cases up to half or more of the retirement investment's they had as nest egg's, or a schlew of other crap you got milked for? Well ... to be frank/ honest ... not a damn thing.

But ... this ought to last for awhile at least till the next staged battle that will be about a year before the next big election ... so they can blame anything that we got hip to and caught ... on the present administration ... and blame each other in another pre- election show ... where we have episode #53 ... of "Good vs. Evil" and who is the best of the the two parties to lead us out of this mess ... into the next snowjob.

What does the official word of the recession end do for us? Well ... it will make all the crybabies on Wall St ... content for at least awhile ... till they need a little more ... then they can get their pocket flunkies on the Hill to create new "evil's" to fight for "our own good" ... that of course will be billed/ charged to us. The monies collected can go to someone that we owe it to ... like the Chinese and Arab's ... and maybe they will be kind if were good kiddies to give us some lower interest rates, besides ... they can milk us on other item's ... such as new taxation's, fee's, and inflated prices on good's.

PS: I also want to add ... that I dont and will not connect none of this rubbish to President Obama ... and yes ... I realize that he will slip here or there on something, and will do something that we dont agree with. This man has done more in the best interest of the people than most of these puppeteer's done on the Hill in their entire career's in less then 3 month's. Nor do I connect any of this to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner ... who as well is busting his ass to try to clean up this cesspool and make something work ... both these guy's been working their asses off, and as far as I'm concerned ... if anyone deserve's a damn raise when this get's somewhat stabilized ... these guy's do!


Gun Confiscation...and...America's Shame....

Since I was on the topic of gun's and 2nd Amendment Right's and so forth. I just figured I would spend a little time on this...because it's of concern to me. And let me make this clear...that I am not with ANY militia..or any right wing group...I voted for and support our President...who is democrat...I am not concerned with race at all either.

What really concern's the piece's like I wrote in my last posting about CNN's Rick Sanchez..and some of the other anti-gun folk's that I been listening to who seem to have some kind of phobia about gun's...or at least seem very disturbed mentally about this. They all say it's basically impossible and silly for folk's to think that there ever would be gun confiscation in this country? Are they kidding?

I have seen various news clips,and YouTube on the scene clip's, as well as reading various article's...for instance right after Hurricane Katrina (which should be a household name by now) let me just point out this "one" region for this... the New Orleans area.Where National Guard accompanied by local Law Enforcement..went door to door post hurricane...and let me "all" neighborhood's...and all race/nationalities and gender were all treated equally...including the wealthy. They stormed the residencies with automatic assault rifle's...even took wealthy distinguished citizen's...not just the poor...handcuffed them,detained them, confiscated all their weapon's. And in cases I seen...declined even to give receipt's to what they confiscated...telling the folk's that it would take all day to write up receipt's...and instead advised those to seek a lawyer and duke it out in court if you want your gun's back. In many cases...they even took gun's and broke them , to make them inoperable some cases...gun's that were collector's item's and memorabilia piece's. Gun's are not cheap.

I seen a poor old lady...with bruises all over her...who was(on camera even)hustled to her kitchen floor buy a group of linebacker sized National Guardsmen while she simply pulled out her unloaded gun to hand the officer's/guard's..a frail...and elderly woman. Another older woman who was a preacher...who simply wanted to protect her property because of all the thug's that were vandalizing and burglarizing homes in her neighborhood...where she even witnessed that they treated the thug's with more respect than her. I could go on and on ...but this is downright shameful! The really sad part was when I seen some National Guardsmen on video say how awful they felt having to do this in America to American's...but it was order's...and they cant disobey order's...but they felt so lousy to be doing said...he would rather be in Iraq...than having to do what he is doing here.

Other's that are anti-gun say that we American's are shameful...because we are now viewed as "gun-crazy" by other's around the globe.I cant help what one abroad may think of us...but many of these same folk's dont blink an eye when they see Arab's do public beheading's on the new's..and never say anything about that. America should be ashamed because they own gun's? Should we be ashamed that we also have boxing as a sport or a number of other thing's? Should we be ashamed that we have a Bill of Right's? Should we be ashamed for loving and fighting for democracy...and the preservation of our right's?

Is the thought of gun confiscation...militia or lunatic thinking? What do you expect folk's to assume if this is how you treat it's citizen's in a time of need and help? What was done in New Orlean's to all citizen's was shameful.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gun sales are up...good economic news, but CNN's Rick Sanchez has a "Conspiracy Theory"?...

First of all...I've alway's liked listening to Rick Sanchez's commentaries, he does a great job! But what I heard out of Rick the other day makes me wonder if Rick need's a vacation? know...for just a couple week's to get away from the hectic office and studio's..go down to the beach or something...have a couple night's on the town. I understand...we all get under pressure on the job at times.

According to FBI stat's...gun sales and application's for screening and liscenses for carrying firearm's is booming! Between Nov.08-Feb09 there were 1.2 million more request's than the previous year in the same period.I would figure this would be great news! Why? Because that is added revenue's for the economy...I mean...they tell us they want us to spend...right? Well...were spending.

But Mr.Sanchez had that wild look in his eye's...and saying that this is because right wing folk's are on YouTube telling American's that there is a conspiracy by the Obama administration to take away folk's gun's..and that Fox News is behind this as well with people like Glenn Beck talking "Doomsday" scenario's about thing's like "2nd Amendment Right's endangered","Militia Ideologies","Tyranny","Totalitarian State conspiracies"...and supporting a bunch of "Hate Monger's" who are in part reacting this way...because we have a first minority President? And the danger of all this that we are not seeing? Geeeez, Mr.Sanchez...with all due respect are almost sounding like some "Conspiracy Theorist" and even maybe a borderline "racist" yourself the way your acting.He blames this talk for the slaying of the 3 Pittsburgh Police Officer's that were just heart and thought's go out to them slain officer's/families...but this guy didnt represent gun-owner's, he just had a few problem's in the head.

I myself just posted a piece in part on "gun confiscation"...but you must read the whole piece as to understand what I is not "doomsday"...I dont believe there is such a thing as a doomsday as I posted time and time again. Nor do I believe that our government or President Obama want's to disarm us.As a matter of fact during the campaign...I supported Obama 110%..and said that I dont agree necessarily on all his gun idea's...but that was only I said on assault weapon's...he never said he wanted to ban anyone's handgun's,rifle's or take liscense/permit's away...even US Attorney General, Eric Holder never said that. What I was commenting about in that post...was simply that those in power fear a scenario such as a massive amount of social disorder...and "IF" it came down to societal danger...they would have no choice but to try to regain order...and if that includes thing's like gun confiscation,curfew's,martial law, or anything else...they would have to be ready for it and deal with it...and may have to make some tough decision's to protect themselves and citizen's is all.Which is only "true"..there is nothing conspiracy toned about that...or doom and's simply, action and reaction is all.

But Mr.Sanchez is calling all this a conspiracy and "gun panic"... come now Sir, that's just silly. That's about the sillyist thing I heard since the 1980's "Satanic Panic" scare...where they thought there was an underworld of satanic cult's eating babies...which after million's of dollar's in investigation's by the FBI/Law Enforcement, over a 10 year span...they concluded was all a hoax...and these cult's never even existed.

This is all a positive move in an ailing far as sales of gun's and registration's...these folk's are having background check's made by the top pro's in law enforcement...the FBI themselves, and it's all being done out in the open...and great for business. So please Mr.Sanchez ...I love your commentaries...but take a break for awhile, have a lil fun guy.Sometimes we all get a lil too much pressure and work too many hour's.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Homeland Security,Gun Control,Social Unrest,Martial Law ...and How much will American's tolerate?... most American's are being spoon fed with everything from North Korean's testing rocket's that once again fail (I'd hire some new engineer's), or the recent victory over a handful of homo's/lezbo's being able to marry,what Octumommi will do next...or a buffet of other thought deterrent...but nonetheless entertaining crap they are fed.Those at the top in government have other thought's in their mind's. What? Fear is what. And everyone of them on the Hill know exactly what I am talking about here as well.

The fear that lives in their little mind's daily is "how much do we need to feed those who hire us...and what do we do next to start to regain their confidence", which has been slowly deteriorating. The fun part of all this is watching them try to guess and predict and figure out what obviously senseless sound bites they will try to create to calm us or satisfy us.While they organize Homeland Security to not just protect us from terrorist's...but protect them from us...heh,heh,heh... :) Now some will say...this isnt so...this is paranoia talk..and everything is fine, and they really are concerned with all they tell us...really? maybe so....heh? :)

As I write this...they are quietly preparing for "possible" social disorder, gun control and confiscation, and even martial law if needed...of coarse all designed folk's....heh,heh,heh..."for our own good". Troop's that are coming home from Iraq are not just preparing for possible deployment to Afghanistan, but in places right here in the USA preparing for a response force to the peoples of this country. The President know's this better than anyone...why do you think he is going so transparent,tightening regulation's,and acting so quickly? Why do you think so many top democrat's were so gung-ho on getting him the nomination,even though Clinton may have had more experience? Because they are all quietly frightened is why. They knew it would be even more of a threat to have old school folk's with the same rambling's try to control what may possibly come...and keep the masses somewhat confident with some kind of hope. They needed something's nothing but good marketing and public relation's. They all knew damn well...that the people may see through this all...and start to turn on them.

Ask yourself this.....what will be the response from all the low income American's that are so dependent on government assistance, when and if they are cut off? Do you think they will drop to their knee's and pray for better day's? Do you think they may start to break law's to maintain their low standard's of living? What do you think the million's of American's will do that are seeing their pension fund's slowly fall into decline?...the million's who invested their hard earned dollar's and trust in this system? How many cliches and speeches do you think they will listen to before they just decide it's all crap? What will those folk's do in places like California, Kansas...or possibly even more states to come...when they wonder when they will see the actual tax refund's from the government IOU's that they hold in their pocket's? How many more mass shooting's will it be such as the one in Binghamton,NY or other places around the country before there is a move made to confiscate gun's? As the Dow climb's...and folk's only the oil prices decline on the market...yet the pump's at the same time increase...and even though new job's are created.... the number of job losses are folk's going to react? How long will they stay...heh,heh,heh..."confident and hopeful"?

Who know's....maybe people will embrace all the BS they are fed...send in more of their money to Washington and the Chinese and such...the god's of Wall St. and say... "Oh well...we forgive and forget" all those who been screwing them.Maybe we will all just do whatever were told...hand over our gun's...our wallet's...and bend over and drop our drawer's...heh? assured...those in Washington are not banking on it one bit...their not just saying anything...and hoping we just stay focused on thing's like...where did Octumommi's sperm donation's really come from?...or who will be America's next top homosexual married couple?...or should ant's and houseflies have equal right's?

And now is the time for American's to embrace and utilize the tool's they have for their best interest and survival...and be more self reliant. Because rest assured, the government or Wall St wont do it for it is...they cant even control their own bowel's.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

American Worker's may chase their tail's longer than they think (PT 1)


It seem's as I talk to folk's here and there ... many have this idea that what they hear whether it's from the mainstream media, newspapers, blog's, on the street, and mostly inspired from the political sector ... that this is the answer to when times will get back to normal or better. Do not take any of that talk for the "gospel truth" and you wont be disappointed. Put it this way ... nothing is done for our benefit ... it is only done to keep us in line. And this is not to sound pessimistic at all. This is only to point out the reality of the condition.

You may wonder why all these billion's went out to large investment banking ... but they are not loaning? What in Hell would you think the word's "investment banking" mean? ... "consumer/ small business loan" institution's?!! ... GEEEEEZ! Because the loan's to them was strictly made for not the peoples, but the global system. A big problem we have is those who dictate feel it is their calling ... and the peoples could not function without them. Then the peoples are brainwashed into thinking without these major bank's and corporation's, churches and massive government ( the "3 Entities" of mega gvmnt's, mega religious institute's, and mega finance/ corporate's )... we couldnt survive on our own. And part of the reason they think like that also, is because we show them this, in our weak whining action's and bending over, or asking "How High?" when were told to jump! Actually this is so far from the truth. The reality is ... without the peoples ... the system would be nothing.

People are waiting for the sound bite to tell us the recession is over. This is nonsense talk ... this recession was in the work's before it was announced and will continue for the working classes way after it is officially ended. All that the media is feeding us and most politician's is word's to keep you in a daze as to what is really happening. And all of this also work's in their favour ... to lower wages, to get us more in debt, to recruit more poverty stricken young people to fight their manufactured war's ... to weaken the union's ... and bring small business to their knee's. And to bring us low enough to where we have no choice but to go along with new rules of a "gameplan" to change, that is not changing anything, but making folk's more stupid than they already are, which IS NOT stupidity by birth, but stupidity out of choice and laziness. Even though all our money is now out of our hand's and in their hand's ... you will see in month's/ year's to come ... this will NOT be enough ... it will never be enough. And all you will see in the next few year's is inflation on good's, and/ or taxation/ fine's, etc ... and dont only think of just smoker's or alcohol consumer's, or so called "sin taxes" ... they will get everyone ... period, and if they dont have enough sin taxes .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they will create more sin's and sinner's! :)

They say after the recession end's ... it will be better ... well ... it will for those in power ... but the peoples will continue to see job market weaknesses and stumbling figure's from time to time, more poverty, less earning's, and be fined, fee'd and penalized more then they have ever been, before anything start's to at least stabilize, look at the "math". Understand that we are currently loosing more than a half a million job's per month. Mathematically speaking any way you look at it ... there is no way that anything can get any better for any working American any time soon, that isnt simply "temporary" or pie chart's you will be fed before any election's, although the reality you may feel in the street will conflict with the chart's, because the chart's are used to create peace of mind more than anything else. Those who say it can and will are silly and out of touch with the real world. Even history show's that it generally takes 1 to 2 year's minimal after any recession to get just steady again. And with the population increase and immigration ... and the global connection ... this can only end up lingering longer. On the other hand if we dont buy/ spend, and go along with the bull ... this gives them more reason's/ excuses to even trim us further. They have also got us addicted to living lives beyond our mean's and enticing us through catchy deal's ... that can only get us more caught in their web. This is why I say we must hurt first before we can really get to a greener pasture.

If there is any time that American's should use their head and go with their real gut, it is now ... and take that gamble ... cause the longer we play this game where they make the rules ... the longer we will face miseries as such. You know in your heart and mind what is right ... you shouldnt need for anyone to tell you who is a crook. We dont need anymore of telling us to do the right thing ... or anyone telling us what is for our good. You can also help yourself ... by not using their credit system's, paying cash, and there are so many thing's that folk's do to avoid the system. You can go even to large private property lot's in urban area's ... where they have the entire lot full of hundred's of car's being sold by individual's, you work cash deal's ... avoid sales taxes etc. You can learn alot from the lower income working classes and just hanging out in the street ... because these folk's have alway's had it tough and know how to make thing's work on their own. Educate yourself on how the system work's ... so you know how to scam it before it scam's you. Support your small local businesses and banker's. Avoid signing up for their discount card's to join their "saving's programmes" by being a member, this way they have you connected to them. Support your independent retailer's/ merchant's instead of signing up for the corporate franchise credit card for their stores.

Let them tell you their hurting and we need to spend more and get more in debt or take more pay and hour cut's if we dont give more of ourselves ... you wont fail ... but become stronger by avoiding their threat's. Dont worry if they fail, we fail all the time, no one comes to our rescue. If companies wont hire you ... get out in the field and learn to cut your own hour's and income. Dont care about what these foreign countries are having problem's about your community ... and what you can do for it and your country ... then when you have extra to share and wish to ... then care or help. We have so much more strength then we even realize ... we are so strong and only full of fear that we are fed by these who dictate our lives ... shut them out. We are survivor's by nature ... we are simply brainwashed into thinking we need this and them ... trust in yourself and those in your communities at the grassroot's level's ... network, organize,communicate ... not only online for petes sake ... get out in the trenches. We are far more capable then what we believe we are.

Another thing ... this banking system failure is not much more than half hoax, sure ... they hurt, and who wouldnt when they take extraordinary risk's and start to see revenue's/ profit's drop, and those who insure their asset's/ wealth fail to do so, like AIG? Do we realize that over a third of the nation's bank's ... which number in the thousand's ... I mean the bank's that the peoples use in their communities ... are doing very well? They are loaning left and right. They have us worrying over the largest communist country in the world(China) and some Arab dictator's ... that we need to worry about them ... dont be fooled ... THEY have to worry about them ... not us ... even if everyone in the globe didnt trade with us...we have everything we need right here in America ... to manufacture and produce what ever our heart's and existence requires. We actually dont need anyone ... they do. Please ... for your own sake ... dont be stupid ... because we are not born stupid ... we only get lazy and dependent on other's to tell us what to do and think.

Friday, April 3, 2009

North Korea's need to get a satellite into orbit....

Even though I am not a communist...I understand North Korea wanting to get a satellite into orbit. We have spent so much time and money trying to figure out why they are going to launch this rocket...and there has to be a more economical way in these trying times to handle this. Of coarse...USA and some allies are concerned if this is just to test a rocket for nuclear weapon's experiment's in the near future.

I am a simple man though...and most importantly.... a compassionate man...when I see that people in hard times are making an effort to help themselves out of the rut their in. I realize that North Korea is sufferng as well economically ... so if I were President of the United States of America...just to demonstrate our compassion, and our humanitarian side...and especially to give a helping hand to this nation who is getting a hard time for simply wanting to launch a satellite into orbit... I would reach my hand out to them.

What would I be willing to do? To launch the satellite for them...and free of charge at that....just to show I am a "good sport". Just spying on these folk's alone probably cost more then launching their satellite for them, and we all know what economic times are like right now. This way we both win...they get their satellite launched into orbit...we score brownie point's with the saturation of globalized liberal's...we dont have to worry about nuclear weapon's being launched ...and we save a bundle in intell simutaneously, and the Korean's dont even have to spend a dime. How bout that?! :)