Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fighting the Biting... and staying sharp.....

I dont think I can recall a time in my life where keeping sharp is more essential than ever to survival in our society.I have alway's been in the trenches since childhood... so it's just another day at work to me. But there are alot of folk's who have been living decent and beyond their mean's... and are desperate to not loose any more of what they are holding or any nest egg they may have. 20 year's ago for I wrote earlier...I got caught in the cycle... done all financial deal's more than I could handle in debt and the rest. Since then... I went solo...and dropped out of the game.

I would think after this last ordeal of getting the shaft from our government,one of the 3 entities...anyone can clearly see...that you cant trust none of them...even a sliver...they will talk out of both sides of their mouth and turn on you quicker than a rattler(snake). And with this recent economy... as I posted earlier,there are going to be alot of folk's that make a bundle off this recession... some of this recession is actually the power broker's. It is all done to bring you to a lower level...and become more dependent on them and less dependent on ourselves. By going with loose your survival instinct's over time.Companies get you pay more and more tax...premium's,you are monitored and regulated much more...and as crime comes more of it,for your own good, they will tell you. Let me make this simple as well here... the peoples do NOT write the tax legislation...or decide what we will do with our money ... we are given a choice of 2 sides that they control...and the choice between them to decide what is fair,right, wrong,and what you deserve if anything. Common folk's such as us...are viewed by them and their pocket flunkies as simply stupid herd's that couldnt cut it on their own without them to dictate to us. Since everyone say's they like the truth, I promise sincerly I will speak the truth or nothing at all.And the day I stop ... I should terminate my own existence for not doing what I say.

As you can clearly see now... everywhere you turn...someone is putting the bite on you...everyone of these folk's will about their concern and love for you,etc.They will toss you in the dump in a heartbeat...and sell everything they can that was once your's.Putting American's in the rut financially and instilling fear makes it possible to beef up stricter regulation's....and also the ability to regulate everything else you make and do. Getting all those foreclosures makes it so semi-wealthy investor's are able to buy up all the properties they can at dirt cheap rates to sell off later for great profit's and new interest rates that will go through the roof.This is in part why I said that if the whole system fail's ...despite the hardship we would suffer from such the longrun we would benefit...because it would collapse a system that is simply too outdated... plus it would make us stronger and more self reliant.Right as we speak...there are all kind's of real estate scam's going many...I never seen in my life so much shafting going on... the bite has came out of the woodwork.Even cash for gold/silver places are popping up overnight... this work's...because now American's have became so desperate...they will sell anything they have just to try to stay in the game...that"they" control.

You have people with master's degree's...that they spent thousand's to get....and worked to a sweat to achieve...working as janitor's.Putting you also in a situation to where you have to buy all the Chinese product's for 2 reason' cant afford anything else... and the trade is set up to where it is difficult to find anything else.They are telling us right this minute after we flooded the big bank's with money they technically cant even loan... that if we continue to cut back in our spending such as in retail now...we are even destined for more gloomy day's. For Pete's sake... dont believe a damn thing they say...Geeezz... they are even manufacturing some of the warfare we are having.They keep telling you it's about patriotism....BS! None of them that tell us this are patriotic in any stretch of the definition. This is a "guilt trip" that will put you further in the hole,the more you play into it.

Now is the time to hone your skill's and senses and stay defensive and sharp.. dont worry about nonsense they tell you about patriotism,what they want from you,what is for "our" good...right,wrong or the other nonsense. If you really want to be patriotic...get rid of them...and take care of yourself and those in your circle ... it is "our strength" that will make us strong again... not their legislation or command's.You still have alot of good folk's in Washington...but understand...that many of them...are in a no win situation...they are bought and paid for as much as any of us. Even our defender's in the military are getting screwed. President Obama IS actually trying to do something to actually change this cycle. This is NOT some conspiracy by the entities...this is simply survival for them...understand...they know nothing else....this system dates back to ancient Rome ... they DONT want to loose what they have built. This whole system WILL eventually disappear, the longer we keep prolonging it...the longer you suffer in the longest term.

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