Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Texas: Lone Star culture ... and Secession Talk ...

What inspires this posting is all the coverage I have read and seen on the internet over the last few day's about some Texan's calling for secession from the Union. It was somewhat amazing to see how much coverage this got, although I shouldnt be shocked since anytime Texan's so much as fart at the incorrect programmed time of day,we get put through the wringer on it. Let's just say... as a Texan... I am used to it. :)

Yes ... at a time in the 19th century... Texas was an independent country, even had it's own currency .. we even had a $50 bill with a nude woman displayed on it ... beat's having to look at all old white males at least! :) Even though many may identify Texas with the south... Texas never really identified themselves as anything other than Texan's. We even were a state of Mexico once. It's kind of a culture of southwestern America(USA) as well as Mexicano culture wrapped up in one big burrito let's just say. When my wife first migrated here from oversea's, she first settled in Seattle, then moved to New Jersey ... I met her when I was visiting NYC... and she was a knockout... fine as hell as a young lady, great personality and outgoing... and we phone chatted after that awhile... she visited Texas, and had friend's here that she knew from Iran...who she decided to move in with here. But she adapted to Texas culture very easy and said she absolutely loved it here, especially the weather(compared to Jersey or Seattle's weather that is).I told her "You dont want to live here though if you cant handle criticism... because once you identify as a will get the work's!" She didnt mind.

Now all this talk surrounding Gov.Rick Perry (Tx-R) in public the other day about secession from the USA seem's to really get alot of opinion across the nation. First of all .... this "secession" talk has been in Texas since day one! It basically never goes anywhere's ... other than "BBB Talk" (Barbecue's,Ballgame's,Booze/Beer). I was actually suprised how much attention it was given nationally because simply ... Why? I mean ... Texas is alway's the laughing stalk of the country...especially with liberal's... and alot of the talk/insult's about us is actually funny as hell! Like I said ...I have heard it all...whether it's sitting at the after 5pm pub in London ...or at a nightclub in NYC ... I have alway's been confronted with the usual Texas stereotype talk. One gal in a London Techno club once walked up to me...when I was at the bar ordering a drink...and asked if she could pay for my drink's.. hell...I didnt even know her!,but soon found out why she wanted to. She heard me talking in one of the lounge room's with some folk's and wanted to pidgeonhole me with question's. She first told me she was a liberal, then she asked me...why I walk so "macho" and this other macho related stuff. I was shocked! I was walking...well...the way I alway's walk ... not trying to be macho at all. But I must admit ... she was a great dancer!But the myth's that she was taught about Texas was incredible ... they even scared the crap out of me! But again ... Why would anyone even care if Texan's talked secession?

But Texas alway's had this talk of independence. We have also fought for this nation like any other state...have the largest US military in the country based here, consider ourselves as grassroot's American's even. We even have our own power grid, the only state in continental USA that does I would figure.Our own breweries, wineries,agriculture,etc. Just as much as a culture to identify with. Where can you go in Texas and not find the Texas flag alongside the USA flag... and even the Mexico flag? You sure as hell wont see a Confederate flag in any of the group's. It is simply part of Texas Culture. I dont look at this as extremeism at all. But all of the sudden now...because of the talk of a few ...Texan's once again are being criticized and called, extremeist's, even racist's believe it or not(cant figure that one out)and even fascist's? And many of these same folk's calling us this around the nation... just month's ago... say even thing's like ... "Give Texas back to Mexico!!" I guess if they want to give us back to Mexico ... but dont want us to talk about secession from the nation ... they want us to be Mexican's?

Only God know's that.

PS: By the way ... I convinced the gal in London to let me match her on the drink's out of pure mercy ... the poor ole gal didnt realize what she was getting into offering such a proposal... I was slamming them down...and she was frantically digging through her little purse ... I just couldnt let her out of compassion take the whole tab... she was cute as hell ... and I know not wealthy. :)


Rita said...

I guess the economy has made everyone a little bit crazy...?

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I think you hit the nail on the head there Ms.Rita. Because when the economy is great and everyone is pleased...this kind of nonsense is mostly ignored I reckon. Thank's for your comment Ms.Rita! :)

Infidel753 said...

One shouldn't make too much out of this. It's not unique to Texas; we have white supremacist cells right here in the northwest (mostly apparently in Idaho, where I suppose they're communing with their intellectual superiors, the potatoes), and some of them have a taste for secession talk. If Perry is really this ignorant of history, that's not so unusual these days. I think of it as more a sign of how a lot of the right wing is losing its grip on reality.

Ranch Chimp said...

I think that Perry is trying to position himself to get the support of the GOP to possibly run as a candidate for President. First of all...that is definitely the wrong approach.....duuuuh, 2nd will be a cold day in hell before the nation trust's another republican from Texas to run the country.

About this deal in Idaho... I wasnt familiar with it off hand.... but wouldnt that be who they call ...Mr.Potato Head?

Thanx for your input Sir! .... :)