Monday, April 13, 2009

USA: a "Police State" or "Totalitarian Country"? .... RELAX ... Dont get scared so easy ....

Whenever tension's rise for us ... we panic too much ... no ... really ... all crap aside, American's scare so easy these day's. And those who lead us around on a leash know it. My father told me 40 year's ago that over time we will loose some of our freedom without recognizing we lost it in the future, because they do it slowly and in small step's ... and call it "forward progress" ... everything my dad told me was accurate actually ... he was good on "wild guesses" ... especially on the tables in Las Vegas. What freedom mean's has alwayz been a loose definition ... throughout recorded human history. And you can never truly be free unless your mind is free. Constant paranoia and unnecessary fear ... keep's us all in chain's.

What bring's me to this ... is over the last couple week's I've been paying much attention to all in the internet community as far as government trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right's. This also led me to alot of report's/ blog's/ video's that have folk's like myself who support gun ownership and this Amendment to all this talk of the USA on the way to becoming a totalitarian state, with a government conspiracy in the work's to round up all our gun's ... and numerous tube's on YouTube of concentration camp type facilities being built around the country to start to put American's in ... along with massive military exercises in town's around the country, including 77 Texas counties to take control of town's with military to enforce martial law ... no ... this is serious ... you can find this all over the internet.

Well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... I certainly appreciate my fellow American's who are in the trenches to guard our 2nd Amendment right's and salute them 110% ... but with all due respect ... relax a little bit ... there sure as Hell is no need to panic ... just stay motivated and focused on the leftee's who would like to disarm even police, and utilize the knowledge and tool's we have ... and we will come out winner's. Hell ... if it was up to those leftee's ... they would disarm our goddamn military in the middle of combat! ... then give our enemies financial assistance and oral sex! : )

Yes ... I have just pointed out myself in the last few post's about the possibility of thing's like gun confiscation, martial law, and the related ... BUT ... I pointed out, for awareness,not to freak out, bite our nail's and think doom and gloom. Yes the military is rehearsing for social disorder ... yes ... they did confiscate everyone's gun's post Katrina in New Orleans ... yes they do have large facilities that are for large amount's of people across America,but this is also being worked by FEMA ... and it is not only about social disorder ... it is for civilian refuge and safety as well. After Katrina happened we then realized that we didnt have enough to facilitate folk's in case of a major disaster ... and we also know that other disaster's can arise ... and not natural either ... I'm talking about more terrorism on our territory. If they are needed to detain folk's ... that will happen as well. The military is maneuvering for social disorder ... but also for social order ... what I am saying is what we are seeing is clearly needed ... this is not a governmental conspiracy to declare a "police state" and lock up our citizen's. Would you rather they ignored rehearsing and constructing for an event ... then if we had a disaster ... get stuck again with our thumb's up our ass waiting for something?

Why am I confident of this? Because no one ... especially the 3 entities which as I wrote are the major corporation's, government, religious institution's ... want a totalitarian state ... not just us ... they dont want to declare martial law any more than the Pope want's to endorse mandatory gay marriage. Not even the bloody Communist Government of China want's to be totally commi these day's and are trying to take every back door possible to be game player's in the new world, without formally denouncing communism. Hell ... if they locked down America ... that would be the end of their empires and game ... and most of the fun of competing for power ... they would be the last to want it! Why do they want us to have a certain amount of freedom? because there's no money or true competitive spirit left by denying it ... that's why.

Also ... there is NO government conspiracy even to do such a thing. Sure ... there's alot they wont tell us simply because of fear of how we will react ... but in a country like America ... the idea of a government conspiracy is just about impossible. Our government is far too large and far too much at each other's throat's to think this is all staged (take over), too many people from the public sector and watch dog's watching watch dog's and so on ... even an act of God ... couldnt set up a successful government conspiracy in this country ... Hell ... they cant even get their own act straight and be bipartisan! ... dont give them so much credit!

So ... to all my fellow American's who think President Obama and staff are forming a takeover of the country ... and have this totalitarian plan...please relax. We fail to realize and utilize the power that we have right at our fingertip's. Do you realize that we can take our country in any direction the people want without even having a street demonstration? Dont get me wrong ... demonstration's are healthy ... and get's the blood flowing ... as well as anger. But we have so much power as a peoples ... we can make just about anything happen just with our Constitution and Right's if we chose. The problem's with us ... is we stay too focused on our petty differences of crap like personal moralities and nonsense issue's and mainly ignore all that we have and can utilize.



Infidel753 said...

Anybody who believed everything they read on the internet would be in a state of panic 24/7 (and there are people who are practically like that). As you and I both know, any person can set up a website and post whatever nonsense they choose.

During the Bush administration there were a lot of silly people on the left who firmly believed that Bush was turning the US into a totalitarian state and even that he would declare martial law and prevent the 2008 election from happening. As a leftist, I found people like that embarrassing.

This is the same principle. Obama is not a totalitarian dictator, the Chinese are no more capable of taking over this country than the Japanese were in the 1980s or the Arabs were in the 1970s (remember those scares?), and even if it wanted to, the government won't dare take people's guns away.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Mr.Infidel for the link/post that you added here, I appreciate it.

And there you have it.... a liberal American...(Mr.Infidel) who at the same time is pro-2nd Amendment...and not living in a state of fear over nonsense.. just goes to show us...not all leftee's are alike ...heh? And not all leftee's should be in fear. As well as these right-winger's. What's the secret to this? Just look at the whole picture...not only what you WANT to see.

Ranch Chimp said...

PS: Yep...I remember all that. But I also wanted to mention that I recall redaing articles during the Clinton year's,G.W.Bush year's, and now the Obama Presidency...that all of these guy's were the anti-christ, yes.. I even heard that evangelical Bush labeled as the anti-christ.

Now I want to ask... "Will the real anti-christ please stand up!!..." What the hell is this? ... a goddamn game show!?