Sunday, April 12, 2009

The "Right to Bear Arm's"... and breaking the "Will of the People" ....

Part of what inspired this post on this dark, chilly, and thunderstorm drenched Easter morning here in Dallas ... was all the news I been reading about gun right's and ownership ... and as usual ... the right and the left up in "arm's" over it. And the news out of Bangkok, Thailand right now ... that the Thai Prime Minister Abshisit Vejjajiva announced a "State of Emergency" there ... which basically mean's nothing more than to go out and bust citizen's head's and asses, detain them, incarcerate them and any other abuse they can dream up. I must say that I am very impressed with the Thai Peoples, and their courage to take on what they are ... and keeping their "will" alive and well ... cause if you let them break that ... you have nothing! And they dont even have half the advantages and firepower that American's have ... but they have that will and courage. We have alot going for us ... let's KEEP IT THAT WAY!!

Now I've been looking at alot of these American's that simply believe in the preservation of their 2nd Amendment Right's ... who are simply speaking up and actually protecting us all in a sense ... they are being labeled as right wing crackpot's, militia's, radical's, evil, etc. But I ask myself ... What is so radical or militia- like about simply having an interest in preserving your right's, and loving your right's and country/ culture? Isnt that what America is about? Is that not what democracy is about? Now I understand that one may say ... "Well ... there isnt no tyrannical event's happening, or dictator's or anyone trying to take away anyone's right's or freedom ... etc" ... and technically speaking ... that's true ... but you must admit that there is a large voting segment as well of the population that would like to see that "right" strongly modified ... and to get gun's off street's ... period, simply because of a few thug's, nutcases or what have you ... I mean ... they feel threatened by them ... can you blame them? Hell ... I'd feel threatened myself ... if some thug knocked on my door and when I answered it ... I was starring down a barrel, and believe me ... that has exactly happened to me before ... so I know the feeling too well!

No doubt that both sides of this debate have a common goal ... and that is their presevation and safety ... and we seem to like a certain amount of freedom as well ... that's just our nature. But thinking you can just use these pop culture sound bites and multi- million dollar ad's, and other crap to break the "will" of the people's and get them psychologically frightened enough and programmed to change what they consider as free and in their best interest such as safety, is like pissing in the wind. When folk's are under pressure and their back's are against the wall, their going to press back. I mean it's a Hell of alot easier to take folk's who have much less freedom and throw them a few bones of some half assed freedom and get away with it. Than it is to take folk's that have a little more freedom, and start that slippery slope of taking a little more here and there ... thinking they wont notice it, I mean ... even a dog can eventually figure out when their getting cheated.

To be honestly frank here ... and let me add ... that I am far from radical in any stretch of the definition of the word ... But ... I really never felt threatened by thing's like a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ... or the right of the people to keep and bear arm's ... or nothing wrong with that right not being infringed upon, I did however feel threatened when that fella knocked on my door to do me harm. Is their something radical about that? You can find 1001 arguement's and interpretation's about what a "right" when made really mean's ... but the bottom line is ... I dont see anything radical about what I just pointed out above. I also wonder if many folk's would reckonize tyranny if it walked up to them and introduced itself?

PS: I would also like to point out that I used this incident in Thailand as an example to my point of current condition's. In other word's I am NOT taking sides with a party or the politic's of Thailand ... Nor do I favour "Red Shirt's" over "Yellow Shirt's" or vice versa. I am simply pointing out human nature and action/ reaction. My primary concern's are America first.

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