Friday, April 10, 2009

Gun Confiscation...and...America's Shame....

Since I was on the topic of gun's and 2nd Amendment Right's and so forth. I just figured I would spend a little time on this...because it's of concern to me. And let me make this clear...that I am not with ANY militia..or any right wing group...I voted for and support our President...who is democrat...I am not concerned with race at all either.

What really concern's the piece's like I wrote in my last posting about CNN's Rick Sanchez..and some of the other anti-gun folk's that I been listening to who seem to have some kind of phobia about gun's...or at least seem very disturbed mentally about this. They all say it's basically impossible and silly for folk's to think that there ever would be gun confiscation in this country? Are they kidding?

I have seen various news clips,and YouTube on the scene clip's, as well as reading various article's...for instance right after Hurricane Katrina (which should be a household name by now) let me just point out this "one" region for this... the New Orleans area.Where National Guard accompanied by local Law Enforcement..went door to door post hurricane...and let me "all" neighborhood's...and all race/nationalities and gender were all treated equally...including the wealthy. They stormed the residencies with automatic assault rifle's...even took wealthy distinguished citizen's...not just the poor...handcuffed them,detained them, confiscated all their weapon's. And in cases I seen...declined even to give receipt's to what they confiscated...telling the folk's that it would take all day to write up receipt's...and instead advised those to seek a lawyer and duke it out in court if you want your gun's back. In many cases...they even took gun's and broke them , to make them inoperable some cases...gun's that were collector's item's and memorabilia piece's. Gun's are not cheap.

I seen a poor old lady...with bruises all over her...who was(on camera even)hustled to her kitchen floor buy a group of linebacker sized National Guardsmen while she simply pulled out her unloaded gun to hand the officer's/guard's..a frail...and elderly woman. Another older woman who was a preacher...who simply wanted to protect her property because of all the thug's that were vandalizing and burglarizing homes in her neighborhood...where she even witnessed that they treated the thug's with more respect than her. I could go on and on ...but this is downright shameful! The really sad part was when I seen some National Guardsmen on video say how awful they felt having to do this in America to American's...but it was order's...and they cant disobey order's...but they felt so lousy to be doing said...he would rather be in Iraq...than having to do what he is doing here.

Other's that are anti-gun say that we American's are shameful...because we are now viewed as "gun-crazy" by other's around the globe.I cant help what one abroad may think of us...but many of these same folk's dont blink an eye when they see Arab's do public beheading's on the new's..and never say anything about that. America should be ashamed because they own gun's? Should we be ashamed that we also have boxing as a sport or a number of other thing's? Should we be ashamed that we have a Bill of Right's? Should we be ashamed for loving and fighting for democracy...and the preservation of our right's?

Is the thought of gun confiscation...militia or lunatic thinking? What do you expect folk's to assume if this is how you treat it's citizen's in a time of need and help? What was done in New Orlean's to all citizen's was shameful.


Quantum_Flux said...

Agreed. Confiscating guns because it offends foriegners is about as absurd as confiscating hamburgers because it offends Hindus or confiscating vibrating dildos and lesbian sex because it offends the Pope. What the fuck!? People just need to take responsibility for their actions instead of wussing out and asking the authorities to step in because it has the mere potential for being dangerous. What next!? How about confiscating a chemist's home chemistry set because 'it can be used as a weapon'?

This is America, and it is un-American to cry to the authorities to take away all of our rights just because there are a few bad apple pies.

Ranch Chimp said... ceratinly said a mouthful there. You know..?...we live in such a society of BS, and fear, you cant even get a straight answer these day's hardly...and anyone that does speak any truth are called nutcases or some other crap. And dont give them no idea's on the chemistry set's...please... they probably will....or figure out how to put it in the "evil" column so they can use it to milk more wealth from us slaves.

Thank You for your comment's.