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OTIS McDONALD: .... Chicago's newest Champion for Self Defense ....

This posting is to congratulate who I call "Chicago's newest Champion for Self Defense" .... Mr. Otis McDonald (for the record .... no kin to Ronald McDonald). I realize how strict gun law's are for citizen's in many town's, and in particular Chi- Town. I also know how deadly of a city it is as far as gang related shooting's, I think at this time, probably the worst in the nation. Year's back I lived in Chicago for awhile (Uptown Sheridan/ Wilson, a low income brownstone) and back then it could be a rough town ... it is just alot rougher today .... and my heart gone out to those folk's that live in especially the more modest income area's of the city. But the Supreme Court made it a lil easier for those with this McDonald vs. Chicago ruling . Some video below with Mr.McDonald .... then a few cent's I'll add.

Otis McDonald- Everyday people can make a difference ... Thanx to GLENN HODAS

I also want to include this recent video below here on just how heavy some of the violent weekend's in Chicago can get these day's. Now one may wonder what does this have to do with gangbanging as far as one protecting their home and self? And another arguement is that loosening up gun's law's will increase these violent act's. But after ... I will try to explain both, and the reality of the condition.

Now I realize that some folk's will fight this .... and blame gun's to begin with on all this violence, and many parent's who had to lose a child to this violence are in an awful state of mind ... so many victim's are actually innocent, and have done nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I cant even imagine what some of these parent's must be going through psychologically who have lost a child to this, no matter how many I may have heard tell me stories .... I simply never had a child fall victim to this. But have seen quite a bit of it.

But this gang violence also contribute's to many other's that are not gangbanger's in the street to carry firepower, it become's a survival tool of sort, whether it is for commiting crime or just having your back covered and protecting yourself, and it just loses control ... it dies out from time to time, then revive's itself. If there are no gun's .... other weapon's are used .... or there will be someone to make weapon's ... or they will get imported in through the black market's. The gun doesnt kill .... the one using the gun does. I have seen too many time's where folk's are afraid to even look out their window .... afraid that they may see something, and if they do or are suspected of it, especially older citizen's .... they are confronted by those commiting these offenses ... and told basically .... "You talk, you die", and they are the judges and jury's as well .... they have the firepower, they rule the street/ neighborhood .... so even if you dont talk .... but they think you "may" .... they may take you out anywayz .... you dont get a hearing. You have to change the mindset to change the reality, and everything has a flip side and ripple effect.

Many folk's dont have money where they can just move to another neighborhood everytime crime rises, especially in tough economic time's. Many cant even get a decent response time from law enforcement due to the amount of call's that police have to respond to in metro area's that are large. Many of these folk's are scared at time's just to walk to the market, or sit out on a patio or porch in the evening, they are like prisoner's themselves, yet they pay their taxes, vote, work their asses off, just like anyone else. Those who commit crime's like storming home's with gun's, and rip and run home invasion style take- down's, which also happen to the vulnerable, like for the gun ban's to be in place ... it assure's them their next score will be successful, and their victim wont be able to defend themselves, or fear the law's and complexities. If they knew that folk's can have more protection, it slow's their "game" actually.

You know .... alot of these folk's that make all these law's and legislation really never have to live in some of these area's with higher crime rate's, or those even that talk about the evil of gun's. They can sit, talk, legislate from their comfortable and well secured communities and work enviroment's .... and say they know what is the best thing for everyone .... yet they go only on stat's that are fed to them .... I feel if some of these folk's only spent a couple week's living in some of these area's, riding the train's and bus to work daily, and actually had to experienece what many of these other citizen's have to ... they would talk less and think more about what is right for everybody as well. Who is there to protect if you cant depend on the law's or enforcement, if the majority of other's around you are frightened as well? I remember when folk's in DC (Washington) finally got a right to have gun's in their home's for protection a couple year's back .... which was a positive step in my opinion .... but the city also was too strict on that in my opinion, when they also included that .... you can have a gun, but it has to be a revolver, and other ridiculous thing's like trigger lock's or even unloaded .... I reckon ... by law ... the intruder knock's, and you have to tell the intruder to wait till you load your revolver, and if your lucky and dont get shot, then you can call 911 and file a report. My question is .... what are some of these legislator's thinking who make such insane self defense law's? .... also I wonder ... where in Hell do they live? And you can bet Chicago will dress this ruling up as well.

Anywayz .... Congratulation's to Mr.McDonald and his crew .... well done Sir!


Monday, June 28, 2010


Part 7 of this series is only because I have new question's and thought's since my other posting's/ video's of this series (Part's 6 thru 1) . I actually have a total of 25 posting's in this journal that talk about "Global Warming" in some part surrounding many other issue's, from politic's to the economy to our religious belief's and culture's, but I wont link to all of them here of course. One may think I am some kind of nutcase running around in panic screaming that the sky is falling, that I hug tree's, refuse to wear leather, ride a bicycle to work or other of such ... just viewing some of these perhap's. But all of this would be so far from the truth ... and despite all my comment's on corporate manipulation and neo monopolies of such ... I am not even anti corporation, I am very pro business even .... just a lil more balanced than this one sided show we have now .... I actually see green tech as the next biggest market of the future, and even have some admiration for those who have at least some vision like that. But frankly I still dont think we address this issue enough, despite all these meeting's of the mind's and political global power's, and the projected emission's decreases over the next 25/ 30 year's etc, etc.

ABCNEWS: Raging Waters in Australia and Brazil Product of Global Warming ... A brief newsread and video first here on this.

I will also say here that even if 99% of scientist's unanimously agreed next month, that there is no evidence of warming caused by human's ... I would still rant about this .... Why? Because no one has brought up any reason why it is so importante to pollute the world the way we do .... as if we dont, we will perish. We take bath's and havent perished over it either ... or perished over any of the law's and regulation's we have put in place to clean our act up, whether it's litter, drilling regulation's, burning trash outdoor's, or a number of other regulatory interest's ... were still alive and doing well, despite all the horrid regulation's that we whine over. I mean ... is it that essential to even just throw ton's and ton's daily of carbon emission's that we see into the atmosphere? If we dont, and just try to clean up some more, is it the end of all life? One thing off the top of my head we could eliminate tomorrow is drive- thru's .... are they really necessary? .... is it too difficult to get up off our asses and walk inside? Or at least during summer month's in this town (Dallas/ Fort Worth) when ozone level's are at their worse ... this metro area alone of nearly 7 million is saturated with them, long line's of car's just burning fuel away waiting while we could even get faster service walking inside as well as save fuel and money. There are a whole list of small item's that even make a difference.

I am not even scientifically knowledgeable enough to where I could sit in a debate on these issue's, but it dont take a genius IQ either to see we have some issue's that need more atencion. But no .... were so caught up in all the other stuff, from all the war's that we are getting pulled into, to which politician is most fashionable this month, our sexuality, or how to talk without upsetting anyone and being more full of shit than we already are, etc, etc. And frankly most of these folk's especially those who fuel these war's from the corporate icon's to the fanatic's of religion's who dwell on death and destruction, and recruit whoever is available from the oppressed to the poverty stricken to the religious nut cases, or anyone with a chip on their shoulder, with the more chaos and anger .... the larger the pool to select and recruit. Sometime's I think that humanities motto is "kill baby kill". I feel like most of humanity is out of control despite how civilised it fantasizes it is ... I really do ... and all classes across the board, something is definitely out of sync with how we think.

I am NOT against offshore drilling, let me make clear .... or petro exploration, not one bit, I have to question though and draw some line's .... and recently I have more question's and concern's, especially after this BP incident ... which now after 2 month's appear's to me to still be gushing out a storm. I hear BP is already focused on new drill sight's as well up in the artic area .... I also see the booming economy of place's like Brazil, who also uses ethanol .... yet are focused on extracting right now more offshore oil in area's that are two to three time's deeper than this drill accident in the Gulf of Mexico. And even if the USA started to stop altogether this type of drilling, so many countries are in line to let it continue and increase, even so called enviromentally sensitive countries .... I mean .... wassup? We seem more concerned on the rush to drill more offshore and even in more risky water's ... and I reckon just because it seem's like we are consuming more than the drilling can even keep up with. And if we halted the drilling it will effect economies worldwide as well. Then we have this group of folk's calling most of this global warming a hoax, who seem to be "pro- pollution" , because why else would you spend so much time and money trying to make a point that trashing up the atmosphere, earth and water's is healthy and positive? I see now also China and India who have massive population's just putting petro burning vehicle's so fast on the road's that we cant even keep track ... the infrastructure work in China is alot of highway's as well, with even sign's now going up left and right where "No Bicycle's Allowed" on roadway's in cities where there was a majority of bike's less than a decade ago. One would think that they would build more bike lane's. Yet we hear how green they are going .... and they already have contract's to mine the Hell out of Afghanistan for copper, and rail's being set up to only go from those mining area's into China. I am wondering exactly who is going green now?, and to what extent?

More and more I am seeing articles and documentaries, studies that are focused it seem's like to saying that what we are seeing as far as warming is all what the planet has been through before .... the talk about the Super Greenhouse era and the Jurassic era, we even went as far as to sugar coat the term "global warming" to "climate change" to change the psychological effect on humanity of what we are experiencing etc, etc. Frankly none of the past era's matter's much as the present era, all the life that died in those era's I hear about from these ignoring or trying to pass off this reality, with beaches smelling of death, or all the oil it all turned into over the last 10's of million's of year's .... looking at it that way is just like saying that we and other life and mammal's are the future oil reserve's million's of year's to come! I even heard some now blaming the volcanic activity for the real CO2 emission's issue, geeeezzz. None of this though tell's me why it is so important to relentlessly focus on polluting more as if were in a competition to see who can be the filthiest on earth. Even the talk about what CO2 in the atmosphere may have been in any of those era's of past being much higher than now .... we should know that by putting more and more in now especially during this change and event .... is going to accelerate warming if anything, between our output .... and much more than just petro in vehicle's ... from the new coal plant's and everything else were extracting and mining, add the increased melting of ice, and fresh water deposit's into the ocean's etc, just can only acellerate this warming even quicker I would think looking at various data, meaning that even if we were going through an event that happened time and again before, our action's make it move swifter than this globe has ever seen before.

I am now concerned with alot of this offshore drilling as well more than before, after this incident in the Gulf of Mexico ... my concern's now are about crack's in ocean's floor's, quake's and other's issue's especially because of the oceanic change's that also come with this warming .... I mean ... we havent been able to deal with this one incident yet as it is .... is it not wise to just put a halt on this particular type of drilling until we can settle this? I realize how delicate and fragile the economy can be .... and I also realize as well .... that the masses of the earth can only buy and use what is sold to us and what we can afford, so I understand how business is importante as well as our mega reserve's we rathole . This has to be a joint as well as bipartisan effort .... I actually admire folk's/ group's like former VP Al Gore in this video piece , regardless of how fanatical they are made out to be by some of these corporate icon's with their mega propaganda and political puppet's of the globe for at least acting concerned and giving a damn more than the average person. I mean, looking at all the current info out there of who is doing what, and all the proposed and already in progress as far as drilling, mining and all the rest ... I frankly wonder how set we are on actually going green at all? The masses driving a few electric golf cart style vehicle's is sure a step .... but we need to take it a lil further. These pop culture phases are NOT going to tackle the problem's to come, and our continuation to act slowly on this can only be even more detrimental to the economies to come. All these religious fanatic's across the board fighting these war's dont give a rat's ass .... they would love to see the destruction of the earth period, so they can simply say .... God is punishing us. Even the Catholic Vatican is not much different, and they just seem to be gung ho on making sure were even more fruitful and multipying as if the human race is close to extinction from lack of population ... it's actually all insane. But rest assured, dont expect the spirit's to come to our rescue as we decline from our own action's, they never did, and there is no reason to think they ever will. I'll shut the Hell up now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

RODNEY DANGERFIELD: .... the most "DISRESPECTED" man in America .... PT.1

Related image

Rodney and wife Joan

For this posting .... it has to be one of the greatest stand up comedy routine's in America in my opinion .... Mr. Rodney Dangerfield . And dont get me wrong ... this isnt to give Mr. Dangerfield any respect, it simply isnt in order to do so, even he wouldnt have it! :)

There is just something about this guy since I was a kid .... that get's me to rolling in laugh's, along with another favourite of mine here Mr. Bernie Mac . But no matter what ole Rodney does .... he still cant get an ounce of respect when you listen to his stories. Rodney was in a class of his own .... maybe no respect, but certainly not forgotten .... I love ya Guy! Enjoy......


Vintage Rodney Dangerfield Comedy 1978 ... Thanx to ROBATSEA2009

This is an additional piece for this posting sent by "Infidel753" , a blogsite that I frequent ....

Rappin' Rodney ... Thanx to LARRY DAVIS


Saturday, June 19, 2010

MINH NGUYEN: .... J.S. BACH' .... "Toccata & Fugue in D minor" ....

This posting is to highlight some of the work of artist, Mr. Minh Nguyen on his keyboard's. You can visit his YouTube Channel here . The piece "Toccata & Fugue in D minor" original composition from the composer J.S. Bach .... and one of my favourite's that is mainstream as well.

Over the last couple week's I have viewed so many doing this piece on YouTube, even using various instrument's and format's, I cant recall how many I viewed ... but they were all so great! When I select an artist and piece, I base my selection on many to few factor's. What impressed me about Mr. Nguyen' work .... was nothing lavish about the equipment or setting, this was done in 2004, and he is 10 year's old here .... I dont see the usual sheet music which tell's me it's within, as a matter of fact .... this was simply a practice session, not a show. Anywayz .... GREAT WORK! .... and I sincerly wish you the best of luck and a long and fruitful career! You made my evening :) .... Thank You Sir!

Toccata & Fugue in Dminor J.S.Bach- BWV565 ... Thanx to MINH NGUYEN


Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 SHOW, PART 4: .... Oil Spill Hearing's .... and the "Greatest Show in America" ....

What inspire's this particular posting is a couple fella's that are neighbor's (Rick and Tony) that I was just having some after work chat with out back. They were both kind of excited about the hearing's today going on, on the Hill (Capitalism Hill) where Mr.Tony Hayward, CEO of Brit Petro was getting drilled about his and the companies part in this Gulf oil spill. They said they both were able to catch part's of this today at work on the tele, and asked if I been watching it? I havent watched it ... no .... but I can tell you what it was about anywayz ... okay(?), as I explained to Rick and Tony briefly ... I will after this short video clip I included here I got off CNN a few minute's ago. ("2010 Show" part's 3, 2, and 1 here)

BP CEO Tony Hayward Denies BP Recklessness ... Thanx to DEMOCRACY NOW! ARCHIVES

Here's a lil bonus article as well that I'll toss in, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :)

Let me just get to the job here and be Devil's advocate, and explain the reality of thing's. This is great .... no doubt ... okay? But it is importante to focus on "substance", the "show" .... you should value for the entertainment value, but not as anything it isnt. Substance being thing's like when the President met yesterday and hustled up a deal to get BP to front $20 billion for starter's .... that is substance .... because it was a good score, okay? Rick asked how much of that though will be "wrote off" some how or whatever? .... and that's a damn good question ... that show's Rick is sharp .... however, that isnt the importante part .... the importante part was getting the money fronted and the account's in motion and getting an outside inde 3rd party to oversee it and divi it up, okay? Getting the fund's dispersement is priority over this fella (Hayward) getting drilled by this Congressional Panel .... it put's food on the table ...heh? Other importante item's is the contracting done to get to cleaning up this mess, which will be a long and tough job ... that wont get done overnight.

Understand that whatever you see in these hearing's, whether it's the tough question's, the evasion of answer's to the panel, or Mr.Hayward displaying remorse for his action's .... it's all great for democracy and show, but doesnt really amount to squat. It had to be done ... for everybody that was in that room. You have mid term election's right around the corner ... this give's politician's who are pretty low rated as far as trust from the American people as it is, a steroid shot .... it allow's them to come in gun's blazing and verbally drill and attack Hayward .... and Hayward know's the score and does his best to be submissive to them because his ball's are in a vise, heh? Rick and Tony both brought up how he was avoiding answering question's and everything he said was ... he didnt know this, cant answer that, doesnt do this, is not that, etc, etc. Understand he is only saying what he "has" to, it is the only way to answer without directly taking the 5th amendment, or outright self incriminate (which is civil suicide), if you plea the "5th", you'll get "made" quicker than rat dropping's in a punchbowl. He cant answer all them question's .... not unless he want's to tighten the noose around his neck .... anything he say's here on record can and will be used later in any possible legal action's to come. So .... basically .... much he wont know, many in his own company he will not even know, decision's that were made, he will not be aware of, and he isnt a scientist, an engineer, an advisor ... or pretty much anything for that matter ..... by the time he's done ... assuming he's sharp, and has the best legal counsel money can buy ... and you can bet your ass he has both, his job will sound like the best paid job in America .... cause he does nothing, see's no one, talk's to no one, or know's no one .... or even does anything .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :)

But this is all psychologically great for the majority of American people, because people are about fed up with all the shit that has been going on .... and now they are more hip/ keen than ever more each day because of communication's technologies mainly, for year's these folk's had it made .... it took so long for anyone to "make" them and their scam's .... today their exposed like a $2.00 buck peep show, and it spread's quick as lightning. But again .... what the people get is the most importante, not these show's .... these show's come a dime a dozen these day's, their just more elaborate and well engineered now. Everyone of our rep's drilling Hayward on both side's, even folk's in this video like Waxman of California acting amazed, or acting frustrated over Hayward's action's or throwing their hand's in the air as if they feel they are pissing in the wind, knew and expected every single answer that Hayward give's them and the evasion .... no one is shocked, and even Hayward was briefed and given script's of the question's which he rehearsed with his legal team before he even shaved and showered for this hearing.

Everybody know's the score here, okay? .... and how the law's work, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... who do you think write's them?, and what is going to happen at these hearing's before it happen's better than a psychic, it's a formality, a show, and a form of entertainment that give's us a sense that we are really drilling this guy hard. The only thing that would really shock any of our politician's, is if Hayward actually "did talk" and directly answer most of their question's. And what do you expect .... heh? To see Hayward break down in tear's and tell it all? To just tighten the noose and pull the lever himself to hang? To get born again? He's saying what he has to say, to at least keep his head slightly above water .... because he is the villian now .... and even BP shareholder's fear associating with this guy .... he'd be lucky to be trusted from now on ... changing the oil on car's, in an oil/ lube joint. He not only know's anyone .... no one want's to know him either. Also our representative's are doing what they have to do, to get vote's this year, the real battle in these hearing's will be to see which politician's drill's Hayward with the best question's .... and is most forceful (verbally of course), because that will get you vote's. So they both need this .... the rep's and the corporate folk's, without this show, they would be all squeezed harder in between that rock and a hard place ... one hand washes the other ... get my drift, heh?

So .... how do the people benefit from this? Because we are getting these folk's to take action's that they rarely have to take .... we are not getting to take over .... but at least get more of what we should in the longrun, okay? It make's the ride a lil smoother, heh? As far as the show were seeing .... it's just a more elaborate form of "good cop/ bad cop" basically.

Enough said .............

POST NOTE: An additional piece here to show the actual "legal" significance that I must add, after all .... I dont want to shortchange anyone who may read this on the truth. Significance or Importance = "0". If any of our Congressional member's were really serious about being tough, they would have NOT presented Hayward previous to hearing with questionaire's,they would have also immediately issued "subpoena's" to all the folk's they asked about in their so called "investigative inquiries". Understand .... most politician's .... are full of shit period and good actor's only, many with law degree's, screw all this left/ right, good/ evil nonsense, you cant see the picture clearly if you think like that, you must block that out, or your party favourite while viewing and clear your mind. What you see is a bunch of knee-jerk millionaire's marching a bunch more millionaire's down to the Hill, ranting to show how "tough" they can be is all. No different than when they did this with the big banker's if you recall .... and "cracked down" on them, yet gave them billion's of our tax dollar's. Or about as stupid as the other scam Olympia Snowe pulled that I wrote so much about in my Healthcare "SNOWEjob" series .... when she introduced this silly "Trigger Plan" (part 1 of 7), telling insurer's they will give them 5 year's to clean up their practice's "or else", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, which I explained in detail how that scam work's. Significant step's would be like when the President walked away with a $20 billion fund from a few hour meeting. What you see otherwise .... is the best bullshit money can buy.


Seattle "Jaywalking" confrontation .... Poor Judgement or Excessive Force? (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.3)

This posting will take a look at a confrontation in Seattle in the last couple day's between a jaywalker and a police officer . From what I also gathered, there has been quite a few citation's written in this particular sector specifically for this. Below is video of the confrontation and ... then a few of my own comment's after.

RCJ: "Citation Violation Nation" Part's 2 & 1

Girl Punched in Face by Seattle Cop- Jaywalking Stop 6- 15- 10 ... Thanx to HOWTOBEASERIALKILLER

First place .... this whole incident was kind of a shock to me. Is it poor judgement and excessive force on the officer's part? Well for me .... it's a tad of stupidity on all parties .... I mean ...WASSUP!!!! How do you get from a jaywalking incident to assault? I mean .... if I was a juror in court .... my response would be .... to the officer as well as the two young ladies ...."All ya'll are stupid!" Geeez ... I didnt even know that jaywalking is actually enforced .... but it appear's in this particular sector (what I read) ... it's a school zone of type and student's just had a history of mozy-ing into traffic, and the school asked to beef up enforcement. But for Pete's sake .... is there not a better way to deal with this? Is a citation that importante for the officer?, and is risking a 3rd degree assault charge that importante to the ladies? Whenever you obstruct an officer enforcing the law, even just to touch an officer, it is considered "assault", across the nation, but this is absolutely ridiculous, I mean, this is "jaywalking". Well .... this will certainly make a good training video for officer's at least.

For one .... if I was that officer .... there would have been no confrontation ... period, Why? ... because I'll be damned if I am going to get into a wrestling match working a beat alone against a group of folk's, because what I seen here was too many people having easy access to your gun/ weapon getting that close and physical. Another reason is because I believe in this type situation confronting someone for jaywalking, that it can be addressed talking it out, not even writing a citation or threatening too, just in a friendly one on one approach ... explaining to these young folk's wassup, and why folk's are wanting this to be enforced, and to try to use better judgement ... and "have a nice day" is all, no reason to get all authorative .... there's a dozen different way's you can figure to address these situation's on the street. I had a security job for a couple year's on the street in a nightclub district (Uptown Dallas' West Village)a few year's back that some friend's got me into, despite having a record myself .... one of the most interesting job's I ever had as well, and it was way more active than anything in this video. Friday and saturday night's were the bomb man .... I mean .... with hundred's of intoxicated young folk's partying and noisy as Hell from the band's playing in the venue's .... but yeah .... I had to deal with alot of party goer's and alot of street folk's from the homeless to those who jack parked car's to the crack/ rock ladies (called "rock star's" on the street) that turn trick's,etc. But one of the thing's I learned out there, is you cant play cowboy, okay? I went out of my way to know everyone, what their vice was even or whatever .... and I wasnt out to jack with anyone over petty stuff, just to help make the night smooth is all, and alot of folk's were cool with me too, that's the only way you can hope for a good night.

But alot of these confrontation's or problem's simply come from ill communication skill's in my opinion ... a lil small chat and conversation never hurt's .... I had to talk nightly to folk's shitfaced, break up fight's from time to time ... but most whether they were drunk or high ... would give you a listen, without needing to get all authorative with them and up in their face .... simply just approaching them in a calm manner and talking one on one. This officer in this video is just green in my opinion, and if he played from a different angle .... not one of these kid's would have got upset, and probably would have shaked his hand at that .... the cop started to freak out, and naturally the offender's then started to freak out, so come's the escalation and assault's. But especially over jaywalking? .... c'mon now .... I dont see any reason why he had to punch this gal in the face ... I understand that he just freaked and wanted to defend himself .... if I had to ... I would have just verbally brought it to their atencion ... and tell them to "walk" .... just go ahead ... I may not have wrote the citation .... but still done my job ... just in a different manner is all.

That's about it .... I just had to add this to this journal because it seemed unusual is all.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MR. PRESIDENT: .... through all the "Wrenching Anxiety" .... well done and THANK YOU SIR ....

I was unable to catch the address from the President as it was going down "live", but able to catch it this morning .... there were several video snip's to choose from, I chose this .... and it was all I needed. But this is such an importante issue, and effecting million's in our nation, so I had to record this in this journal, regardless of how acceptable or unacceptable it may be. Right now, I feel like a large percentage of folk's would disagree with me overwhelmingly on how I view this address ... I certainly understand. I have read and heard so much this morning of the frustration with this speech already, but I feel this speech was absolutely right on the money and well done. I am sure many will think I am nut's, but due to the "wrenching anxiety" as the President labeled it .... I also understand why one may think I am nut's .... what I am simply doing is looking at the whole picture is all. The video below has expired, I replaced with CNN link.

***** CNN: Obama Says Gulf Cost will bounce back from oil disaster ... (newsread)

Since the beginning of this journal before the President was even the democrat party nominee .... I have said this man is the one for this job, in this particular era, because his "thinking" is needed to reshape this country in a new direction to keep up with a changing world. And stated time and again .... how both side's will NOT understand this man .... folk's were more excited about race/ ethnicity, age, his Blackberry, or his color of necktie, whether he wear's a flagpin or not, or what religion he follow's, and all other pop culture issue's, etc, when most voted for him. Most also only see thing's as left/ right, right/ wrong, good/ evil .... I DONT knock that ... at this point in history, this is all most understand .... we have created a reality that function's only through that way of thinking .... President Obama is .... let's just say .... a step ahead of his time .... so that's how I knew he would be misunderstood, plus the fact that I was looking at the various issue's that could materialize, due to a deteriorating system trying to move into a 21st century using ideal's and tool's of the 20th century. But let me get on to this address ....

What the President done so impressive to me in this .... was detailed the reality that we are up against .... reality is NOT alway's pleasant, and we have psychologically became numbed to just thinking how grand we are, and having a "quick fix" for everything that come's up, looking at the short term of everything, and only following our party, culture's,etc .... that we hardly ever step out of that mindset and actually do the math and look at the longterm. This man is about as straight up as you can get in this time of excessive story telling and cliche's, I see him as one who will not be reckonized for his work and thought until many year's to come. Although many said this morning that he didnt give what they wanted, what they dont see out of frustration and anxiety ... is that this man is telling it straight, and is working harder than they realize to fix this. This is such a complex situation, and we will have other's to come that will be as well.

In this address he laid out everything needed whether folk's see it or not in detail of the entire picture, from the effect's on the enviroment, the economy, our future energy need's and plan's on how we can deal with it all .... and he remained cool through it all .... which is absolutely importante. We want him to get angry .... to give us definite answer's, deadline's, confirmed fix all's, and other impossible thing's. Nothing is definite .... not even the relief well's, and he may have missed a thing or two here and there .... but he is determined .... and he will not toss in the towel or let his frustration get to him, or the talk .... he is focused on the longhaul, has a clear vision and is just what we need in a crisis like this. I dont agree with everything that the President does .... but I see reality for what it is. We all knew also how many issue's are on the table, and how rough some of these ride's will be, I have posted way too much about this myself, although it isnt pleasant. We cant compare him to any other President, because it's a different era, with different challenge's, and mindset. Everything this man is doing is needed to move ahead ... and it sure as Hell will not be a cakewalk.

As far as BP and other oil companies are concerned .... he is trying every approach he can to deal with a system that's legislation was written and designed to cater to the top crust, and is unbalanced, un American, and unfair as you can create .... but he firmly understand's what is needed and that is very importante. I have never seen a President with this many issue's to deal with, and this many odd's against him, and am impressed with how he has overall handled it. He didnt give anything that many folk's thought were definitive in his address ... because there is nothing definitive. As depressing as it may be to some ... it is the reality and we will deal with it .... piece by piece .... one step at a time.

That's the REALITY!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Techno Terror Tease: .... "What happen's when you DESTROY confidence?" .... forewarned is forearmed ....

The gentleman in the last part of this video, retired U.S. Navy Admiral Mike Mc Connell ask's .... "What happen's when you destroy confidence?" .... very thoughtworthy question .... and a bright man. We should listen to him and these other's and not let these folk's like as shown here below from the nation's electric utilities posse lie constantly to our inquiry panel's .... another reason why we need far better oversight of who's doing what?, and if anyone is even doing a damn thing they say they are? We are probably in one of the most profit driven mindset's in modern history, because of our new global market too, and sometime's that can paralyze your vision to look to the longhaul or the entire picture.

This is an issue that no one like's to think about, but is in need of our full atencion .... I have touched on this some in various past posting's as well, in particular see paragraph #4 for instance here . We have many enemies .... not just one or two terror group's here and there. And as I pointed out time and again .... what make's this war and enemy unique .... is they not only have our rule book and gameplan .... but they ARE NOT territorial .... we are up against a mindset and movement that is global instead of just one country or the other ... and as frustration's grow internationally .... and bank on it .... they will, we are going to be faced with new issue's of concern. I have wrote plenty about this already, so here is a look at the "60 Minutes" story below.

***** CBS 60 MINUTES: "Cyber War: Sabotaging The System" (transcript)

CBS 60 Minutes: Cyber War: Sabotaging the System 1 of 2 ... Thanx to hitechcompliance

CBS 60 Minutes: Cyber War: Sabotaging the System 2 of 2 ... Thanx to hitechcompliance


Monday, June 14, 2010

RONNIE JAMES DIO (1942 - 2010): .... "Stand Up and Shout" .... and "I" .... and Westboro Baptist Church comment's ....

Image result for ronnie james dio ranch chimp journal

This posting is in memory and to honor the heavy metal vocal icon,"Ronnie James Dio". There is so many that Mr.Dio has worked with in this industry, I asked myself looking back on his 6 decade career, into two centuries (20th/ 21st) .... "Who didnt Ronnie work with?".

But Mr. Dio is one of the best vocalist's I have ever heard, as far as his range and most dynamic .... I have heard him do a cappella as well as with the thunderous output of Marshall stack's that surrounded him on stage ... so to me .... a "vocal icon". His devotion was unparalleled, hard work and creative song writing as well. His art will continue to inspire .... Thank You so much Sir!

I also want to note here, that my "loved one's" of "Westboro Baptist Church" have raised Hell of Mr.Dio's memorial .... according to them all of us who are not with their congregation .... we worship their "devil character" .... kind of odd we would worship anything of their's, heh? .... Ya'll are quite a crowd. Now some advice .... just hope and pray ya'll dont end up in Hell!

This first piece is around 1983, after he left a few year's as vocalist for "Black Sabbath" (after Ozzy Osbourne left Sabbath and went solo) and started this band "Dio", the piece called "Stand Up and Shout" ("live", but not sure of location, posting state's maybe "Rock Palace"?) ..... Enjoy ........

1983 Ronnie James Dio "Stand Up and Shout" (Rock Palace) ... Thanx to MUSIC3874

Dio- I Live In Kavarna BG 12.31.2006 ... Thanx to DIOCIRCLE's CHANNEL


H.R GIGER: .... A Journey into his Abyss .... and his Creation's ....

This art posting for this journal to be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is long past due as well, it is some of the work of Mr.H.R Giger , which was difficult for me to choose from ... he has so much outstanding work! I have been a devoted fan of his for year's. In the mainstream, he probably is most known for his work in the film "Alien", which he received an Academy Award for. Some have been said to find some of his work perhap's a tad disturbing .... but before you look at any art ... you must free your mind of the chain's which enslave it, to embrace or appreciate it's own beauty .... the creative imagination is as infinite as the universe. But here are a few piece's from this 20th/ 21st century artist to .... Enjoy!

Also, the music here is from Sufjan Stevens .... and called "The Year of the Rat" .

The Dark Art of H.R Giger ... Thanx to ENDRID



Saturday, June 12, 2010

FaceCrook: .... A preview of NEW FACE'S in POLITIC'S ....

I certainly have wrote plenty about the two face's in politic's .... so when I seen this lil ole new familia member after this birth in West Virginia .... I just thought .... a "Natural Born Politician" .... and decided to add the new member to what I call "FaceCrook"! Hopefully it will at least be BIpartisan ....

Two Headed Kitten ... Thanx to MORNINGSTARR*

POST NOTE: I want to add that this has nothing to do with website's such as this . When making this post, the name "FaceCrook" actually just popped up in my head, I was NOT AWARE that there are these organization's online (which I checked after) so there is NO AFFILIATION, nor do I have a damn thing to be sued for.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

DEBRAHLEE LORENZANA PART 2: .... the "Slut's and Nut's" defense ....

This posting is Part 2 of Debrahlee Lorenzana .... Part 1 here , or previous posting. But this will be to focus on the circus show this will become, and the construction of defense for CitiGroup, as these folk's will call in this video below, what is known as the "Slut's and Nut's" defense. And if you like to get your news with a tad of humor, I alway's get a real laugh out of Ms. Joy Behar! After the video below ... a few more cent's from the ole Chimp here.

HLN: Fired for being too sexy? ... Thanx to HLN

You just knew this was going to happen ... and you can bank it will! This is some of the same stuff I been reading over the last few day's that I spoke of in part one, and also why I said this will be an uphill battle. And everyone here has valid point's and a bitch to pitch .... but fair is fair, heh? So why would I still support this gal Lorenzana? I am sure as Hell not a feminist .... or running for office or any other pop culture crap. But I am just being plain and fair here, based on what this democracy is about and law's .... if we truely respect them in any fashion at all.

I hear the arguement's, and understand the frustration's of fellow brother's when it come's to sexy gal's .... I will be very frank here and a tad personal, okay? There are fella's like me too .... plenty of us .... who frankly dont give a rat's ass whether a woman has big breast's or not, it doesnt mean were "queer" ( as this goofball in the video suggest's ). For me .... no woman is alike ... really ... I have seen attractive gal's whether they were large, skinny, flat chested or fat chested, dark hair, light hair, different age's, ethnicity, skin complexion, and any other personal variation, personally I think Joy Behar look's great! I just admire gal's, and not just one specific type .... so this idea that guy's strictly go beserk over big breasted women to me is a myth, I mean to each their own, heh? But I known alot of other guy's and their variation's in taste's as well. And to me whether a gal got a breast modification to look a specific way ... aint no different than all the guy's now that are getting grey hair's like me that try to dye their hair for job reason's more than dating now, or trimming down a couple size's to look younger, more vibrant or whatever reason .... let's not BS here .... I heard a Dallas Plastic Surgeon the other day talking about how his male clientele been booming in his business. Where he said ... a decade ago, it was mostly to attract women ... but now guy's doing it because of the competitive job market. The same here can apply to a gal, she has a "reason" that may not just be to get guy's to strictly ONLY gawk at her ... but maybe to even further her career. Bottom line ... cosmetic surgery has become common in both gender's. No ... I havent had any myself, and couldnt afford it if I wanted it, and doubt my United Health Care Plan would cover it. I had to have reconstructive surgery once that I wrote about in a past posting on police brutality when I had my nose and cheek structure in my face crushed/ broke, I was in my early twenties then.

But this video of Ms.Lorenzana is basically what I credit to all this shit hitting the fan. I dont give a rat's ass whether she said she wanted to look like a Playboy Bunny or not ... if I was a judge/ juror .... this dont have a goddamn thing to do with this case, and what her personal fantasies were almost a decade ago .... or if when she was 10 year's old, she would like to try on mom's high heel's and prance around in the mirror, and dress up which just about every other little girl like's to do along with dressing up lil doll's like Barbi ( even doll's are attacked ), or whatever the Hell they call them today .... my little girl's done the same for Pete's sake! This is about one goddamn thing only ... and that is .... did her dressing play a factor in the determination of her termination from CitiGroup? And why is it her problem if some fellow colleague get's all bent out of shape when she is clearly dressing according to regulation or code's specified? Perhap's the gent need's therapy on how to focus on his goddamn job when he's getting a paycheck! Yeah ... I like pencil skirt's and heel's too ... but I'm not getting a paycheck to fantasize or be entertained! All this BS is all beside's the issue and just a crock of shit that will be constructed by Citi's defense is all. And if they did have a seperate dress code for Ms.Lorenzana ... the SOB's should have put it in goddamn writing ... for everyone, specifically saying .... "Attractive figured women or women with breast modification's should dress more undesireable" ... this is more corporate BS.

And then this fella in the video has another angle by asking if it would be right to let a gal tattooed with swastika's to work at a Kosher deli? You can create a hundred different scenario's and sound justified ... but the bottom line is they hired her despite her look's and played these unofficial game's with her for month's, I am sure when she interviewed for the job at first she didnt wear her "ugly clothes" and wear a paper bag over her head. They hired her, they screwed around for month's and played these game's with her ... and if they were going to fire her for incompetence ... the way a court should see it, is they should have fired her after her first warning, and not played these continued guessing game's. I also have no pity for her current employer now complaining that she is bad for their image because of this and her personal life .... why did the Hell ya'll hire her for in the first place? .... ya'll knew this crap could get ya'll's knicker's/ drawer's in a bind.

Enough said ... and best of luck to Ms.Lorenzana ....


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DEBRAHLEE LORENZANA PART 1: .... Were her banking colleagues ... "distracted" by her ASSet's? ....

Related image   Image result for Debrahlee Lorenzana

Debrahlee Lorenzana

This posting is to take a look at the workplace and dress code's, rule's, etc. And the subject of inspiration for this posting will be Ms. Debrahlee Lorenzana .

There is a whole buffet of opinion's on the internet on this woman .... and many that are really negative as well. But I'm not going to post a schlew of article's on her ... just this brief New York Daily piece , another article here , and this short video below from CBS. Over the last few day's I have read enough, and heard enough to get a fairly good picture, and formed my own opinion on this which I will add a few cent's after the video on this.

I also want to note that I understand dress codes and other rule's of the workplace, and believe that any company has a right to make codes and rules without interference from outside the company .... but I dont see Ms.Lorenzana as in violation of the code, and frankly .... Citi dont either, with the way their talking now, after the fact. I just "buy" Ms. Lorenzana's story a lil more.

DEBRAHLEE LORENZANA PART 2: .... The "Slut's and Nut's" defense ....

PIX News Debrahlee Lorenzana fired for being too sexy at Citibank 6 03 10 ... Thanx to WOMENS RIGHTS NY

First .... let me get some of the criticism out of the way here, because I am one that think's she should pursue this suit against CitiGroup, and go for their throat! There is a crapload of postings/ news all of the sudden about this womans personal life over this, from plastic surgery, breast enhancement work, seductive clothing, to her snickering over this in interviews, to how she is just a "hottie" who is no more than a job slacker and dont do her fair share, a "teaser", etc. The list of course is endless, and of course all the morally righteous have a bitch to pitch over it.

Also Ms. Lorenzana has time and again asked to move and be trained in other area's to advance at CitiGroup, which were delayed or postponed (basically "runaround" BS to me), and to show she was a "team player" .... she stayed in the grunt positions and moved around as she was instructed to, whatever location or else. I also feel that in such an institution, her accent could have possibly played a role in those decisions .... I mean ... she dont have that typical Wall St. yuppie accent that is so popular in this industry as far as customer relations, no one's saying that .... but it was just a thought of mine. There is a code of dress .... she has followed it ... she was then constantly told that because of her "body type" (?) that she may need to "tone down" (WTF?), and dress as perhaps some of the other women do, or is allowed on the job. It also seems regardless of what she wear's ... there is always modifications that need to be made she's told, to the wardrobe choice. I have seen pictures of her work attire, I see "nothing" unprofessional about it .... I think it is very fashionable and proper, I would feel great as an employer to have such an employee that take's time to look their best, because it reflects my business, and if it makes her look attractive .... that is a plus, same applies to male employees as well.

I also hear that her new employer is already also complaining about her talking about her former job and this situation that got her terminated, I understand, however .... what she does in her own time is her business, ya'll knew when you hired her too, perhaps this may come up. They say she's a slacker or incompetent, and according to HR official's of Citi ... that was solely the reason for termination. But I cant help to question whether or not her dressing played a factor .... I mean .... that was totally ignored their saying in determining this? I mean, none of this was some overnight chat and decision, and frankly .... no ....I dont trust what documentation right this minute Citi may be gathering since their ball's are in a vise legally.

There has been complaints that her colleagues are upset and/ or distracted by her dressing, and no matter what she seems to wear ... their never satisfied, I have even heard women complaining that she is just flaunting, teasing, etc, etc. A "pencil skirt"? ... a "turtleneck"? .... being too "fashionable"? .... I mean for Pete's sake man .... what the Hell should she wear? .... a burlap sack? She snickers in interviews? .... what do you expect? .... it probably is uncomfortable having to talk about such silly crap. I was listening to a talk radio show, and many callers called her a "bimbo" because of her smile or whatever else. An establishment like that wont hire a bimbo .... or a person that knows nothing, unless whoever hired her wanted to gawk at her. But I know that Citi must be doing their homework on this, their not dummies ... and they have plenty of money and legal support .... Ms. Lorenzana is going up against a giant. One woman on talk radio said she would be outraged if her husband had to work around a woman that "look's" like her. I would be curious what "look" in a woman would be appropriate for her husband? You have a job to do when your at work, there are 100 things that can distract you, from your cellphone, to your computer, other employees, bad communications, or even a bad weather day .... that's part of the job.

Several years back I recall .... I was working for a huge Fortune 500 company in downtown Dallas area .... running their pre- press (printing/ graphic's) dept for inhouse printing. I kept the presses rolling with job assignment's, and the gal who worked with me in my room handled the phone, invoicing, order's, filing, etc. She was a hard working gal ... you know .... one of them devoted types ... even worried about jobs and orders after work on the way home .... I would always tell her .... "Kim .... just relax ... what we dont get to today will be here tomorrow". But Kim was one of them so called "hotties" too ... actually 6'ft tall, slender attractive built, natural blonde, etc. She was a local fashion model for a short time (local department stores type), and in high school, the captain of the girls basketball team. The talk of this gal just because of her looks in the building was incredible, similar as Ms. Lorenzana ... about the professional attire that was too attractive, many employees never gave it a break. We went to lunch quite a bit, still discussing jobs, and we both loved Tex/Mex food as well .... we actually "dutched" at lunch ... she would pay lunch one day, and I would pay the next, back and forth. Because of all the talk .... we discussed some one day at lunch, concerning all the new rumors that we were "sleeping" together now .... simply because we worked in the same room, went to lunch at the same restaraunte, and had similar tastes and loves of music/ entertainment , we didnt have to have sex, folks just created it in their brains .... but almost everyone at work seemed to think we did (hush- hush birdie talk crap). We decided that day at lunch .... that we didnt give a shit what they think, about that or her wardrobe!


Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Show, Part 3: Voting for "your" benefit, Lying to Yourself, and Looking for "Miracle's" ....

A writer and artist/ musician Mr.Anton Szandor LaVey once wrote something like .... "Human's are about the only animal that can lie to themselves, and actually believe it", well, similar wording, and so true. I was still a kid when I read this .... and never seen one reason to dispute it .... our great intellectual development has a flip side to it as well, in other word's .... we look for "miracle's" ... and even though reality slap's us in the face daily, we listen to all the horseshit and sap it up like starving dog's and glutton's for punishment. We listen to pointless political rhetoric dished out to us by political flunkies .... and become dazzled with nonsense, to where we get intoxicated and trapped in a state of delusion's. Those who dictate to us know this .... so in a way .... we damn well deserve what we get. We are so deluded with this nonsense that we forgot the nature of the species. There is no doubt that trying to free ourselves from this psychological mess, and those who enslave us and our mind's is an uphill battle, after all .... they are those who dictate this mess to their advantage. But .... we are mostly responsible for our punishment .... because of our failure to act and actually accept change, voting is an important step. I am not saying here that either of these polarizing side's is worth a shit ... but one will make the ride a little smoother on what's to come. (Part's 1 and 2 of "2010 Show" here)

Right now we have alot of bitching and finger pointing from the right and left on this administration, even the talk of how he (Pres. Obama) is not angry or tough enough from the left, and the right blaming of course everything they got us into through the previous administration on him and it. Getting this President elected was important, and why I been supportive of him since back when , and trying to push out the dem's in 2010 will be a mistake. No one in most of our political structure, really give's a shit about the people if you want the truth .... they only care about their political agenda's and ability to gain power .... and even though they constantly talk about how they want change .... are in more fear of change than the average person. Everything is bullshit, from the health care reform (more BS) , to all this nonsense about immigration reform, border security, trade policies and what have you .... to even the horseshit about the recession , job's etc, etc .... the struggles American worker's are having today will be the same and most likely intensify a few year's more to come. Sure you will be fed pie chart's and figure's month to month on a couple hundred thousand job's created here and there, etc. .... But the math will show you that, that even will take time to recover in any significance. But at least creating job's is better than losing job's .... but we cant expect goddamn miracle's, from anyone of these side's .... this mess .... which could be much worse, took a long time to get into, and it wont just get better overnight. And when we do go into a full recovery .... stop believing nonsense that the American Dream is still what it was in the mid 20th century ... it never will be that way the way we do thing's and the current state of the globe .... it's over ... period, so we will see the dream change as well.

Another issue here is .... we are so quick and anxious to "get back to normal" .... ever wonder ...Why? ...I mean if you say you want "change" .... going back to the same horseshit you had is hardly change .... and any benefit from actual change just dont blossom like goddamn fruit on a tree seasonally. And even voting over and over for some of these representative's who spent decade's on the Hill is hardly change, alot of these sob's are dried up and washed out and have no idea's of anything different, they live in a goddamn timewarp of conformity and same ole same, and frankly wouldnt know change if it slapped them in the head ... many should just retire. Dont be so quick to get frustrated and expect thing's to get better overnight. Dont think getting back to over- borrowing and getting in massive debt to create a few measley job's as the fix-all. Getting back to what we were .... will only give us more of the same ... and one bubble/ bust scenario after another. This whole way of doing thing's is of the past and will fall apart in time .... and even though we will be hit with even harder challenges .... it will be beneficial and healthy and long past due. Dont worry about these icon's and their horseshit, none would give a rat's ass about you, and never will .... it's not their nature, they cant. None will ever see a day in the poorhouse, but you may .... and when you do ... they will tell you "sorry, we were wrong", alot of good that will do you, heh? Dont be afraid to go against the grain, and think out of the box, and most importantly .... utilize "fear" as a tool and weapon for survival .... instead of letting it rip you apart and dictate to you. Alway's be the adversary and stay one step ahead of them. And when you get fucked ... come back and fuck them twice as hard. That will truely give you beneficial change in time.

I am not a democrat or republican .... I am an independent thinker, who utilizes some of all and create my own vision and reality instead of following what is popular. I happen to vote democrat only because I know looking at the entire picture how delicate thing's are now, and how much more difficult time's to come can get, so I am only voting for the lesser of the two evil's so to speak, as to which will make the ride smoother for all those beside's the top 2% .... which are those I dont give a shit about, and since I'm not a humanitarian either, with indiscriminate love for all human's including my enemies, or not christian, could give a shit less whether they live or die or even profit or lose. The democrat's will make this ride easier, and for now ... one of the two side's will be in control, the future is not here .... yet. Give this President and administration time also ... we are too quick to think that anyone can handle all these issue's .... no one could do much better. And the republican's actually have no solution, or answer's, or can make these problem's go away .... they dont even have a clue of what their doing, beside's trying to somehow regain power ... and if they did .... they would dominate the Hill looking like a bunch of dummies, when still shit dont get done, and trying to blame it on the other party. Something that both these side's do best ... is blaming the other and trying to get vote's.

Another point I want to bring here, is all this nonsense that you hear that we are becoming a socialist state, like these Teabag's are whining about, and destroying free market ( what we consider as free market now is a joke! ) and business by over- regulation of our corporate loved one's (their unregulated as it is). First of all ... a tad of socialism is healthy even to free market, just like regulation's are. Much of our miseries is because of not enough regulation or oversight, and thinking that we can just let corporation's dictate everything from our healthcare to our energy need's, and we will be in great shape. Take a lil of everything and utilize it, instead of just being either one way or the other, and following only one path or way to do thing's. They argue that we are creating too much debt and deficit, and out of control government spending .... nonsense ... without all this spending we would get washed up and in worse shape, complain about all the surplus that was milked by the last administration that not a dime went to America or American's .... but instead to fighting these dictatorship religious war's in some f'n desert halfway around the world, and corporate regional takeover's of these region's, while terrorist's are still breeding in masses, everywhere's were not, even in our own country. Saddam is dead? So f'n what .... big f'n deal .... and now what? Are any of us as American's any better off without him? And when we have to spend in our country on us, someone has to pay .... so if tax increases ... so be it ... and all these stricter rules and regulatory proposal's our President is pulling out of his bag of trick's is healthy, of course it will cost us .... who else is gonna pay for it ... the so called "elite"?

Now the reason why I bring this up, is because of several blogsite's I visit that are democrat ... that seem to think that this november will be a cakewalk for the democrat party, and because they think that the entire right is all dumb, and couldnt win a "chili cook off". This is not wise to think .... never feel your adversary is completely out of it, never let down your guard. Many dont realize that the 2008 election only looked like a landslide victory because of the electorial vote, the actual number's were very close .... and many new and young voter's specifically voted, some for the first time, just to see Obama win .... if they do not turn out in number's like they did in 2008 to support the democrat's, there may be a challenge that many democrat's are not seeing now, and it may be disappointing. If democrat's have a landslide victory this november .... great, but to think you have a cakewalk because your opponent is too stupid, is also stupid.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

17586063 : .... "Hot for Teacher" .... and .... "Crazy Train" (guitar cover's)

I happened to not long ago run across another talent on YouTube in the category of guitar work, doing cover's, such as an earlier posting I done on one that goes by the name "Cizzie888" of Holland, here, also outstanding work (I check out so many). This guitarist I can only tell you come's out of Japan, and is a classic type metal fan, that simply identifies numerically as "17586063", website here (no I dont know Japanese). But I check out a Hell of alot of folk's, and I must say your work stand's out, a natural, and if you are seeking "work" .... should have no problemo, that's for sure .... you certainly have my VOTE!

The first piece here is a cover of the "Van Halen" classic called "Hot for Teacher" (1984), then a cover of the classic "Ozzy Osbourne" piece called "Crazy Train" (1980), Yes .... I attended both tour's, and they were both excellent, can remember them as if it was a couple month's ago only, man time flies, heh? Enjoy!

Hot For Teacher ... Thanx to メタル姫

Crazy Train ... Thanx to メタル姫



Saturday, June 5, 2010

BP (BRITISH PETRO) Part 2 of 2 : Cleaning up the oil, and the Contract Competition ....

(BP Part 1 of 2 here) One of the greatest thing's about this democracy is all the entrepreneur's, and folk's with idea's, invention's, companies, product's, etc., and the competition to get the job done and get that big contract ... got to love it! But I just wanted to post a couple video's here of the "next step", once the damn leak is capped off properly. There are thousand's of folk's with lot's of idea's, and product's .... so there should be no shortage of them .... and BP has plenty of spending money as well!

Man Invents Oil Sucking Vacuum to Clean Spill ... Thanx to ASSOCIATED PRESS

CNN: Can we freeze the oil in the Gulf? ... Thanx to CNN


Friday, June 4, 2010

BP (BRITISH PETRO) Part 1 of 2 : .... History or Legacy? .... and Changing the "nature" of Business ....

For the record here .... I just wanted to post the track record of BP (British Petro) .... and an interesting posting here as well from a blog that I frequent called Infidel753 . This is only to take a look at the track record of BP, and not to place any judgement on them, after all .... I'm not a goddamn court, but I do have a few strong opinion's on this horseplay when I look at the damage this latest incident has caused. Also another posting here from another blog I frequent called Scared Stiff . Also there is another site/ blog called "Demeur" that I been visiting, because this guy seem's to know a lil more than the average bear when it come's to some of this, his profile say's he's into some type of "hazard material's" business .... but this posting I found interesting to say the least.

***** THE TELEGRAPH: A history of BP's US disasters ....

CNN: Plan for relief well in Gulf ... Thanx to CNN

I also wanted to say that I dont think the entire BP organization is alike as far as giving the runaround, I think there are many employee's that are sincere. The reason why I say this is because I know in many big companies that skim, cut corner's and other thing's to increase and maximize profitability, there is a handfull of this type within some of these large enterprises, that have certain group's in upper management who are given their incentive pay's and bonuses based on their ability to maximize profit, production, morale, etc .... this is simply business in many huge outfit's. In some cases the CEO's themselves dont even know what is entirely going on and being done by those who crack the whip's under them .... they simply report to the top and inform them that they got it all under control, and if the profit's and production look great on paper, there's a good chance that those at the very top may not ask any question's, and figure because of the great profit's and such .... their management and whipcracker's must be doing something right, and feel ... dont fix anything until it's broke, in other word's, stay out of alot of the actual operation's that some management are conducting, if you get my drift. I mean .... these place's like BP are enormous in size .... then ...when thing's do go south and something catastrophic or troublesome happen's .... only then maybe the actual CEO's will go down in the trenches .... and then find out alot that maybe they may not knew about as far as operation's. And there are board's that are supposed to review this all the time, and that is where the incompetence come's in when they fail to look deep .... everybody report's to somebody, and sometime's the very top dog is not as well informed as to what is actually going on within their organization till it's too late and their ball's are in a vise, then they have to start fabricating shit and all else, because their legal expert's are at their side advising them everything they "must" do, who actually are more involved than they are.

Why I am also pointing this out is because everything is "mega" in the 21st century, and as anyone may know that has ever read what I wrote since the beginning of this .... is that is why I support such thing's as letting icon's crash and burn and fail, because they have become too big, too complex and we have become too dependent on them as a whole. I like to picture a future much more flexible and many knew player's and less control by the few, and creating more competition at a faster rate, where no one is too big to fail, even thing's like all employee owned companies, much more oversight, etc. Now some tell me that I sound like a socialist, and maybe alot of my thought's may be a little social oriented, but I see a future that is different, with now the technologies to advance to a level different as what I am talking about, and feel that we will adjust differently to other way's of doing business, as we have throughout all civilisation .... adjusting to the time's .... not putting a political name or party on it, or a chief icon or few ... and much more universal than anything of the past. I actually see it as being very free market thinking, as well as very conservative actually, despite the conservative's who like to label me as a socialist, such as many I talk to here in Texas. I actually think they dont even truely no longer understand the meaning of free market or true conservatism .... and have instead been blindsided by mega corporate interest's along with religious institution's that are destroying the meaning of true conservatism .... that's just my opinion. Believe it or not, as liberal or socialist as some conservative's may label me .... I actually view myself as a very conservative thinking person in some way's. I have voted conservative mostly in my younger year's actually, but it is no longer truely conservative in my opinion also.

( BP Part 2 of 2 here )


JERRY LEE LEWIS (The KILLER) : .... "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On" .... and .... "Great Balls of Fire" ....

It is way past due that this journal post's a couple childhood favourite's of rock and roll's most unpopular King .... the great "Jerry Lee Lewis" aka "The Killer". I remember when folk's were calling Elvis the King ... in my head I would say the Killer is the King (nothing against Elvis, he is a great as well), there was nothing like the Killer "live". I havent seen him live in almost 30 year's I reckon (early 1980's last) .... but man oh man .... I remember being less than 10 ft from him on stage .... and just watching the flurry of his hand's and feet as well zapping that piano, and the extended set's he would do, pumped up on speed/ upper's, and whiskey, kicking his stool out, tossing chair's, stomping the key's, this guy was rock and roll's wild man before any of them! Even pulling out a can of lighter fluid and setting his piano on fire! Just watching the blur of his ultra fast hand's working the keyboard was like an optical illusion .... what a goddamn show!

Because of all the "bad boy" controversy over him, he was banned from some places such as England for awhile, for morality reason's after he married his 13 or 14 year old cousin, amongst other thing's including his open drug use, even kicked out of school/ church as a kid for playing what some folk's then considered as the "Devil's music" in church .... a certain segment of the population hated him as well as loving this great artist .... let me just say "Jerry Sir .... brother ... you were Hell when you were well" ... Love ya Guy!

Anywayz a couple favourite's as a kid that made me shout then! First called "Whole Lotta Shakin Going On" .... then "Great Ball's of Fire" .... Enjoy!

Jaerry Lee Lewis- Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On ... Thanx to THOMAS NOGARETTI

Jerry Lee Lewis- Great Balls Of Fire ... Thanx to ERIC CAJUNDELYOU


Thursday, June 3, 2010


A freeway traffic video cam caught this accident up here in our neighborhood area on the Dallas North Tollway .... I didnt even know anything about it, before just catching this video online. What is remarkable .... is no one was hurt. Now I'm not sure if the car swayed into the truck or the truck into the car .... but it was quite a sight. Is this what is termed as a "defensive driving course"? (just kiddin) .... but it appear's to me that the small car tried to run the Pepsi truck off the road after further review, I reckon that's one way to get another driver's atencion ... ya think? :)

Accident- Pepsi truck overturned! (Dallas North Tollway) ... Thanx to MrOhMyLife

BONUS CRASH VIDEO/ ARTICLE: .... Here is another video and short article of another out of control vehicle just a couple day's after at our Dallas - Fort Worth International Airport toll booth's .... where in Hell did these folk's learn to drive? This lady, Ms. Yasmine Villasana , was intoxicated ( or at least according to the breath analysis test ... legally intoxicated which doesnt take much these day's ).... that early in the day? Probably one of those "Day Tripper's", heh? :) She even managed to jump out of her car that burst into flame's to make a cell call, and even according to another witness, attempted to get back into the burning vehicle .... not too wise though! :)