Thursday, December 10, 2009

GLOBAL WARMING PT. 6: "INDONESIA" .... Paper, Pulp, Palm Oil, and Profit's vs. Eco Prosperities ....

Part 5 of this series posted previously Dec.09,2009 concerning Peru's coming battle over water, Part 4 posted Dec.04,2009 on the Himalayan mountain range in Asia,Part 3 posted Nov.23,2009 on the country of Bolivia, Part 2 posted Sept.23,2009 on USA's West Coast Forestry, Part 1 posted Sept.21,2009 on Greenland. This posting today will focus on the devastation of forestry in Indonesia ... and the Eco impact's that are to come for our action's ... as well as the economic's end of all this in this video below. This vdeo is also not entertaining, or humorous, or even pleasant ... but it is a look at REALITY. **** the video that was below, I replaced with a 2015 article.

***** WASHINGTON POST: Why 'the biggest climate story on the planet' is happening in Indonesia right now ... (newsread)

***** REUTERS: INSIGHT- Big palm oil's pledge to preserve forests vexes Indonesia ... (newsread)

Now some may think ..."What the Hell does this got to do with climatic change?" and that climate change is already in progress ... so what is the point? ...thinking that we are not going to be able to stop what has already begun. First of all ... this has everything to do with climate change, because it is our action's now ...that determine thing's like how far and at what rate of acceleration and what level of severity it will bring to not only the eco system's of the planet, but to also our economies worldwide ... since today's economic's are more interdependent than ever in history as well as the conflict's of humanity that will also intensify over this. It is true that we cant stop what has begun to unfold ... but it is a wake up call to look at our action's and what we can do to lessen the blow ... so it isnt just about the ape's in the jungle's, or the bird's and tree's ... it is about how all this and our action's will come to haunt us more in the future if we dont take action now.

It is easy to get deluded living in the convenience's of our cities and staying busy beaver's on our personal endeavor's... and to think we are so civilised, loved by the universe, as well as God's personal little "teddy bear's", and because of our book smart's ...the pinnacle of universal knowledge ... or that nature is going to consider our feeling's or thought's. One thing that humanity lack's most is "respect" for nature ... and we are so optimistic since we never had anything really catastrophic happen to our species ... that we will alway's dictate ... and our hope's and prayer's and other fantasies will save us from our action's and the inevitable.

The arguement all over the globe on this global warming issue now boil's down this last week to scientist's and their email's or cheating or other nonsensical rubbish. Yet after year's of these debate's and arguement's and finger pointing ... not one of these conflict's deal with the question as to why it is so important to pollute and ravish the earth the way we do? And any arguement's are simply about the No#1 God of humanity, as my father told me as a child ... "The Almighty Dollar". We are so hypocritical ... but taught to be this way from childhood by our social system's. And it is only a small segment of humanity responsible for fostering this way of life on us ... those who control everything. We can have a very strong and robust economy with changes to our enviromental approaches and pratice's ... but being lazy, or too content, or confident and satisfied with what we are and have wont do it. The "economy" is our making, not nature's, nature doesnt have anything to do with it ... we do ... and whatever we make ...we can unmake or revise and alway's improve ...our history show's that. Making excuse after excuse as for what reason's we continue to not better ourselves and way's that we do thing's wont cut it or get us further, or do a damn thing to IMPROVE or HELP or even to show long overdue RESPECT and GRATITUDE for all we have been able to utilize to make our lives more pleasant, profitable and prosperous. And by the way ... I am VERY pro business as well ... so any idea that I may live in a mud and hay hut, and wear a Green Peace tattoo, and hug tree's would be very inaccurate ... new business, and new technologies and idea's is very pro-business ... staying in a time warp and not staying on top of change and progress is very anti-business. The prosperities of our eco system's are also very pro-business.


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