Monday, December 14, 2009

JANIS JOPLIN does "PIECE OF MY HEART" .... and "CRY BABY" (live) ....

Thinking and writing about these investment banker's couldnt help to make me think of two song's by Janis Joplin ... as if the word's to these song's could be fitting enough to be directed at those in the banking industry. :-)

Of course ...I posted previously some of my childhood favourite music from the 60's being of course James Brown (I have seen James Brown "live" ... but unfortunately not Janis)... another one in the 1960's that just blew me away with her singing was Janis Joplin who I absolutely idolized. In my opinion ...even though she is recognized in classic rock circle's most ... she was one of the greatest soul/ R&B singer's in American history. Her voice made me melt ... and I thought she was a Doll/ cute as Hell as well!

And being since this is a Texan's journal ... and I want to post some Texas music ... this is one Texan I just couldnt leave out. Ms.Joplin was born and raised in the small port city on the northern Texas Coast of Port Arthur. She sang in choir as a kid ... and was mostly influenced by great blue's artist's such as Lead Belly and Bessie Smith. Ms.Joplin died accidently in 1970 ... but still to this day has alwayz been a "piece of my heart"! Which is the title of this first piece .... Enjoy!

"Piece Of My Heart" ... Thanx to PRETZELFARMER (Live Frankfurt, Germany 1969)

This next one is called "Cry Baby" ... Thanx to GVOZDEN NESKOVIC


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