Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Violence ... Criminal Action ... Justice ... and the ... "Evolution of Revolution" ....

What inspired this posting was a comment left by "Longtimer" on my last posting Tues.Dec.15,2009 about "Mrs.Christine Cayton"  ... who attempted to rob back her money from a financial institution who robbed her legally ... and this "Longtimer" character's comment's about criminal activity and violence and other nauseating pop culture crap.

First, before I get into posting ... I randomly picked two very short video's off CNN News a few minute's ago to show some violence and also some justice. First video will show some violence from police to civilize angry protestor's in Copenhagen at the Climate Summit ( I had to change out this first video with a new one 11/ 02/ 13) ... then you will see "justice" served and a man (Donald Gates) being found innocent and freed of phoney rape and murder charges after 28 year's in a cage/ prison.

Police Warming- Copenhagen 2009 ... Thanx to FEMORE

DNA Evidence Frees Black Man after 28 years in Prison ... Thanx to THE GRIO

First of all ... VIOLENCE is ALWAY'S an option if you care to get result's in any timely fashion, or any actual beneficial result period in many cases. In other word's ...when all else fail's ... and your neck is in the noose ... sometime's you have no alternative but to act with violence ... and sometime's ... criminal action's. Yes ... I believe in violence ... but controlled and organized violence, controlled by your personal self integrity and honor and organized to get any actual result's and leverage. Mrs.Cayton wasnt organized by not having her ammo in her gun ... and acting while using legal drug's (alcohol/ prescription pill's) ... and not having her mind set straight ... that she is not a criminal, but a victim ... letting her action's afterward's bring her regret and thinking she was wrong ... she was NOT wrong ... she was wronged! Infidel753 (a blog post that I frequent daily) also made a comment ... refering to ... what do you do, when someone is robbing your car for instance? ... do you let them just do it, or defend what is your's? And I know Infidel, and he is not a violent, criminal, uncivilized person ... what he asked/ said is just a common question any civilized person would ask with half a brain, unless they are so clouded with this pop culture mentality that the law is your justice and will protect you and your's and serve justice in every situation, and we live in Utopia.

Look ... I believe that violence and even breaking law's is sometime's necessary ... period. I look at many of our revolution's throughout history ... I mean let's face it ... according to the British at a time former first President of this country George Washington was a criminal or tyrant. The people who overthrew the government and attacked the leadership in the French Revolution were also criminal's ... those who fought for slave's freedom during the American Civil War were criminal's ... the Boston Tea Party participant's ... those civil right's demonstrator's in the deep south, the list is just endless of ordinary folk's who took extraordinary action's throughout even modern history to get result's from the oppression's they went through and injustice served by the self proclaimed righteous on them. As I have said before ... we are still in the primitive stages of our evolution ... and can and will go much further than we are ... and the world is less violent now than ever before ... but nonetheless still violent because we are still in a stage of our evolution where we are all animal, tribal/ territorial etc. Maybe in 100 year's from now ... or how ever long it will take ... we will finally be past that point and already into the new transitionary period of our evolution ... but until that time ... we will revolt even more when we feel it is necessary, or the longer it may take even to get to that transition.

Look at the video above ... the good guy's are using hand held weapon's against people with no weapon's, hitting them randomly in the face/ head, which if hit just right can permanently cause lifelong damage ... BUT ... those are the "good guy's" so we are programmed to overlook it ... and to label the victim as the criminal or one who is violent ... and most of us do. Many are cheering on the man released in the above video for "justice" being served ... including him after 28 year's in a cage for something he didnt do ... I am sure after about 6 month's back in the free world he will not be so forgiving unless he is just so old and laid back now ... and dont want to house anger or hostility ... usually you can achieve this mindset by brainwashing yourself with pop culture religion's which there are a buffet of them created by the same entities to make us think we will get even across the board justice and freedom after we serve as passive asshole's in life and die. And anger isnt alway's the answer either ... or violence ... I mean to each their own. Some say that anger will make them unhappy ... maybe it will for you. I can tell you I will be 54 year's old in about a month ... I been angry all my life and have alway's been happy ... and had a Hell of a good time as well!

After Infidel753 made his comment for instance on what you should do if someone is outright robbing you? ... I mentioned that the fact is ... that across much of America ... the "right" acceptable thing to do ... is let whoever do whatever to you ... report it to the authorities ... and of course wait your turn in court to get justice served to you ... or at least what is considered justice in what era you preside in .... that changes like season's or moral's actually. In Washington, DC for instance as I have posted on ... folk's fought for the right to have a gun in their home's for year's to protect themselves against the gang's and hoodlum's that they face daily ... I have also posted on Baltimore (DC's neighbor) and the reality that working class people have to face daily. A law was recently made to where folk's can have a gun in their home ... but only a revolver and unloaded at that .. you must load in other word's with ammo AFTER the criminal who is about to violate you and your property does so by definition of law ... I shouldnt need to hit anyone with a brick in the head to figure out that one.

Recently I posted a piece about Kami Baker of Richland High School in California, back on Nov.01,2009 ... who was speaking out about the two hour or so rape and brutal beating of her friend at a Richland High School party ...where many student's and other's stood to watch with their cell phone's in their hand's witnessing it... but not intervening or doing anything to help the victim  ... or simply even calling "911". Law enforcement said that they cant be charged with anything ... but if it was a prominent person of our loving society having this done to them ... every pop culture blogger and media source would be endlessly writing about it ... or if it was a victim of color and the perpetrator's were white male ... we would all like trained dog's lap it up like starving dog's. Yet in most of the country to not report a felony crime in progress, it is a crime to do so. Some may say ... like I am sure this anonymous character "Longtimer" who posted on my last posting ... that the system isnt perfect ...well ... let me elaborate on that some ... it is VERY FAR from perfect! And for this reason ... it is also necessary to take extraordinary measure's and action's at time's to protect ourselves and ours to actually get anything remotely considered as "justice" ... even breaking the law's at time's to do so, or even violence.

Enough said ....



Rita said...

Interesting post that touches upon some very fundamental human rights mainly the right to take matters into your own hands.

I will tell you how I approached the issue of protecting oneself to my children in the context of public school which you could say operates under the same sort of social contract philosophy as the rest of society. School is generally the first place children have to deal with protecting themselves from bullies & schools have policies & rules...mainly, if you get into a physical fight whether you are protecting yourself or not, there will be repercussions.

To make it simple for my children...I admonished them to consider whether or not the repercussions such as detention, expulsion, etc...would be worth it if they made the decision to get into a physical conflict. (I also told them to make it swift & severe. Their best bet was to hit the other person as hard as they could in the nose. I learned that from a boxing friend)

I'm happy to report that it was good advice, in our case anyway.
One example; I got a call from the Principle about my oldest daughter who sat in front of a bully in JR High that really gave her a hard time. Finally she got sick of it & jumped up, yanked him out of his seat by his hair & threw him on the floor & made him cry. What is funny is that she is a tiny person at not quite 5 ft. Very light, but she has always been a ball of energy. The Principle told me, "You know we have to punish her, but I want you to know, It wasn't her fault."
My daughter came home that night & we discussed the situation. She said, "Mom, I thought about what you said & I decided it was worth it."

My point is, what you are saying in your post is sometimes the correct approach. "controlled and organized violence, controlled by your personal self integrity and honor and organized to get any actual result's and leverage." This is thoughtful civil disobedience.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Ms.Rita ...thank you for that story you shared and congratulation's as well to your daughter, on that Jr High incident.

As far as telling your kid thing's like weighing consequence's ...I couldnt agree more. I have alway's been one who preaches about being responsible for your action's. I feel it is so important to try to make your children think for themselves at an early age.I did for the reason that sometimes I questioned myself on how long will I be around ...frankly I was suprised/shocked when I reached my 30th birthday...never thought I would live that long actually, which mean's ... any advice I can give to my daughter I should do. I came from a very different background than my kid's, but never kept any secret about my upbringing ... so my kid's have a different life to live than I did. My mom's advice to me once as a kid when facing a bully was simple ...she gave me a pocket knife (larger sturdy kind for hunting etc) and told me if someone goes for me, to stick them and jab and twist it when it's in their gut. Now I know how that must sound to many in this day and time, and that my mom may sound like a bad mom ... but she wasnt, she came from a rough background and big family ... she told me what she thought was best. But yes ... I was taken away from my mom at age 8 by the state who said she didnt I reckon take care of us right or whatever, I was locked up at 8 year's old, not because I did anything wrong, they said my mom was unfit or such. My mom was a very good person and loving mom regardless, alway's been caring and there when you needed her. She was just her own way. I'll leave it at that.

Thanx for your visit Ms.Rita! :)

Rita said...

Well, I would never encourage a child to stab anyone...that is asking a bit much of them. In that situation it would be the responsibility of the parent to remove the child from the environment if possible.

Like you my environment as a child was different then how my own children were raised. I think I've told you the story. I also think my upbringing made me a more thoughtful parent. I certainly wanted to do better then my parents had done.

Anyway, fighting the system and winning is very difficult, whether it is financial or judicial. There is a point where civil disobedience is justified. Sometimes doing that amounts to a sacrifice. People generally take that route when they feel there is nothing left to lose.