Friday, December 25, 2009

CHIMPMAS EVE: Ranch Chimp on the Ranch (Dallas) wishing he was with Kin Chimp's in Fort Pierce, Fl. ....

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Yesterday afternoon ...while sitting in a traffic jam with about a two mile back-up for an hour ...having turned off my car stereo out of nausea from last minute Christmas advertising and other Christmas marketing crap and all the excitement of an incoming snow storm, trying to avoid any section of town that had a WalMart, because of the traffic of last minute masochist's trying to get into it's football stadium sized parking lot's, and feeling the car getting hammered by 40mph wind's and snow coming down at 2" inches per hour sideway's ... I thought to myself .... "There must be something better than this" ....

Here is Dallas yesterday just when it was starting to come in...around mid-afternoon .... temp's across the Metroplex quickly drop from low 40's to mid 20's in less than a couple hour's. But this was not the first snow of Dallas this year...our first hit on Dec.02,2009 ... a few week's back. This first video below is in Denton, which is a Dallas- Fort Worth suburb about 35 miles from downtown Dallas.

Christmas Eve snow in Denton, Tx Dec. 24, 2009 ... Thanx to SILKOLIVE

And below linked here are my kin (relative's) folk's in Fort Pierce,Fl. enjoying the great 80 degree or so weather... no need for a coat and hat ... or even pant's or shirt's for that matter ... just soaking up the weather and enjoying present exchanges ... thy call it Chimpmas, they also enjoy other holidays, but chimp style of course.

Chimpmas at Save the Chimps ... Thanx to SavetheChimpsInc **** this is an updated video, because the older one expired


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Rita said...

Very cute chimp video.
I guess rescuing chimps from bondage & sending them to paradise is pretty close to acting out the human version of a benevolent God, huh?

Ranch Chimp said...

New Year's Greeting's Ms.Rita!

That's very observant Ms.Rita. You hit the nail on the head exactly, this is what I been pointing out for long ... when I say the the quest of humanity and goal is to become the God's that they once wrote about, and IN TIME will .... and when you read the Bible for instance ...espcially the Book of Genesis can clearly see that the desciption of "God" is simply a reflection of the human being, it's quest ...and journey to what it consider's as perfection, order, harmony and Utopia.

Thanx for dropping by Ms.Rita, have a great New Year's Eve ... but to be safe ... dont do anything I would do. :)