Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I support the "Global Warming" theory....

A local fella I know was reading my recent post about Global Warming and Climatic Change ... and told me yesterday when I seen him ... that I am not accurate ... and basically said that I am not scientifically smart enough to really have a scientific opinion on the matter, bottom line. And if you happen to read this James ... I understand totally ... because you are right ... I dont have nearly the education you have ... especially when it comes to science ... since your such a buff of it. And as I told you ... dont as well feel like you would be insulting me ... to comment on this blog and point out how illiterate I am in science ... I dont find it "insulting" at all because I DONT have that much knowledge on certain thing's.

But I never claimed to have much knowledge on the subject of science ... or meteorology, etc. And I "choose" to call it "Global Warming" ... because ... well ... I mean the ice cap's are melting away and it appear's to be fairly rapid ... so I choose to call it warming ... because despite my scientific background ... I just figure an increase in temperature will cause ice to melt. What is my scientific background that makes me conclude this? Well ... heh, heh, heh ... I poured hot water on my windshield several morning's to melt the ice it collected from overnight. :)

The man(James)did point out to me in lengthy detail about all the cooling and warming trend's of the last million year's or so that been going on. And that just because a bunch of scientist's band together on one theory doesnt mean it's accurate because science is about "questioning" theories and not popular opinion or theory. And I will buy that sir.

Look ... I am not trying to blame anyone here on this "warming/ change" thing ... okay? As a matter of fact ... I hate this blame game that been going on with this matter between the left and the right. But regardless of what anyone tell's me ... about what the cause is ... and "why" this is happening ... or who's fault it is? ... look ... I really dont care. My redneck uneducated theory is this ... I dont see what good we do by trashing the earth the way we do ... okay? And I know you may say ... it makes money and prevent's starvation or whatever. There are million's starving as it is ... regardless of our wealth ... only because of our greed. And the bottom line is this ... as I pointed out in previous post's ... this "green tech" thing is going to be "big business" ... a "new" industrial revolution in it's own way ... I'll bet on it! And I'm a betting man! Hell man ... my poor wife's eyes water from this damn smog (especially when were in certain part's of Los Angeles, where she seem's to keep a tissue in hand)! We got dead fish washing up on coastlines ... other fish trying to flee from their known area's because of their survival instinct's ... and not being able to cope with this rapid change. Polar Bear's, Seal's, and other's from their enviroment's hauling ass and getting out of Dodge as well.

Cleaning up our damn air and water's wont do a damn bit of harm either ... nature been fairly good to us ... and we should be grateful for that ... and "share" our wealth by supporting that which has supported us for so many million's of year's ... that's all, and I dont think it's asking much ... or putting anyone in any more poverty than we already have ... for this reason ... I will support the "Global Warming" theory.

PS: The post that the gentleman was talking about he read was ... The "MELTING" is the tip of the "ICEBERG" ... and "CHANGE" you can bank on ....

Friday, December 26, 2008

How the U.S. Army ... made me question the "Salvation Army" ...

While working as a security officer in Uptown Dallas' West Village ... I worked evening's and out on the street ... unlike a security "guard" job ... it is very different ... because it's a nightlife district ... and you have to deal with many people from all different income level's, many folk's as well ... that simply just had too much to drink ... local's, tourist's ... you pretty much ... see them all. The ones that nobody likes seeing though seem's to be the homeless.

I got to know all those who were homeless as well and walked the street's looking for some change ... a quick cash job ... a bag of chip's ... a bump of dope or a drink ... or just simply a decent squat to catch a little sleep. You can meet 30 homeless folk's and talk with them ... and they all have a different story of how they got to where they are. And after awhile you get to see how difficult it really is to get out of that cycle once your caught in it. So to these folk's that look at them and chuckle or are sarcastic from a few drink's and tell them ... "Go get a job!" ... it's not as easy as you think. Many of these folk's had regular steady job's at once ... friend's family ... and a few pretty damn smart as well.

Two guy's that I seen nightly who were in this situation ... were both Veteran's of the U.S.Army ... both pulled active duty stretches in combat zones ... one served in the Viet Nam conflict ... the other younger guy served in Desert Storm. Both were willing and able to work ... and I managed to get them some odd and end's job's for cash and food here and there when I could, cleaning up ... or any miscellaneous quick cash gig's that could put a few buck's in their pocket ... and a couple meal's. The one who served in Viet Nam had a steady place he found to stay ... it was in a quiet secluded area of a nearby graveyard ... the other guy who served in Desert Storm ... stayed at various squat's around the area (vacant building's).

One of the thing's that caught my atencion ... and more than once amongst homeless that I had conversation's with ... but these two stood out ... because they both served in the Army ... was the fact that both at one time or another were turned away from a place to stay for the night by the Salvation Army Shelter on lower Hines Blvd. in Central Dallas. What I gathered from these and various homeless folk's was that you had to pay $7 to $10 a night for a bunk at this shelter. Why this caught my atencion? Because this is a non- profit organization ... that has some slogan about "caring and sharing" ... and these guy's in my opinion ... shouldnt have to pay a dime to get a bunk for the night. Their tax-exempt ... their all about loving thy neighbor and christian values ... they have a whole army of folk's ringing bell's in front of stores across the Metroplex and America this time of year ... I even hear them bell- ringer's get about $6 or $7 buck's an hour too.

Now I am sure there are alot of good folk's at the Salvation Army as well. I dont know much about them ... besides they offer alot of help at these disaster's and so forth along with other group's like the "Red Cross" and "FEMA" ... I personally never had any dealing's with them ... nor do I shop at their stores ... because once I was looking for a used file cabinet ... went in one of their stores ... and it cost as much if not more than one that is brand new! Never went back since. But I just dont understand these fee's to spend the night.

There are more homeless folk's out there on the street's that have served in some branch of our military at some time or another in their lives, than I realized ... I found. You see ... I dont feel that one veteran should have to ever be without a roof over their head ... for as long as they live in our country...especially a country as wealthy as our's. There should be location's throughout America to where at any time, any veteran should be able to get a meal and/or a bunk for the night if needed! Without NO CHARGE. These people served our damn country man! ... what the HELL is wrong with us?!! This in my opinion is pathetic! And Hell no ... I wont put a damn dime in a Salvation Army kettle either!

And this isnt only Dallas ... this is all over America ... in every metro area coast to coast. It is sickening to me ... that an Iraqi citizen can make a phone call ... and get U.S currency/ cash delivered to them if their in need or need a new needed appliance or whatever quicker than an American Veteran who pulled active duty in a combat zone can get a goddamn meal and a bunk for the night! And I hope that this is something that President Obama will address ... cause none of these other's with all their influence in Washington ... and hook-up's ... never seemed to do a damn thing about.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The GRAND ($1000) ILLUSION TRINITY: ... Following the "BLIND"...will NOT make you see "CLEARER"...

We are entering an era saturated with many "illusion's" and as many "illusionist's" to present the array of falsehood's they have, to sell you their product. Because of our increasing desperation ... many of us will seek out these illusionist's ... in hope of a better life ... or some other tangible reward ... but it is mostly all that ... an illusion. All these that dictate and are out to "help" you have only interest in themselves, and the agenda's of those they truely serve. And most importantly ... are blind to the reality that is right around the corner. Your political representation is bought and paid for basically in some way or another, by those who do nothing but dictate, again ... there are 3 major power's that control everything, from your money/ finance, to your occupation's, property/ commodities, media's, energy/ fuel, etc. I call them the "3 Entities", which are your largest corporate/ finance institution's, your largest mega religious movement's/ institution's ... and the most powerful/ largest government's of the world.

This is why I said that one must have the ability to see thing's not as right/ wrong, good/ evil, black/ white, red/ blue ... etc. Why? ... because as we evolved ... all of this became so clouded and polluted ... that there is no truth to it anymore. The 3 entities that I have spoke of in my earlier post's and this post ... that lead humanity and it's system's ... are the ones who lead blindly. They have many illusion's to present us ... they certainly "look" powerful ... and have an abundance of wealth ... they are the best educated ... have the most elaborate vocabulary and line to feed you to make you have "confidence" in their decision's and idea's ... but what even they do not see ... is they are as lost as those they try to control and lead.

Their "leadership" abilities is what is taking us on a destructive path ... that must come about in time. This is what I spoke of earlier as the "storm's" to come, and with these storm's will come anger, revolt, and folk's sooner or later just getting sick and tired of the same shit in different package's, so they change the package to ride it for another few decade's, creating new political icon's, pop culture figure's and movement's, to make you think you are moving forward, but since we dont think, we get caught in the cycle etc, etc. They are alway's a step and few year's in front of us, that is why it is important time wise to stay a step ahead of them, but you cant as long as you keep feeding off those they give you to choose from. These illusionist's come a dime a dozen these day's ... and slither from the woodwork ... or in these times in cyberspace and the various media's including the political and religious movement's that they control. But do not expect any of those who lead us on any path to have the answer's ... and when their idea's and proposal's fail, and the bubble burst's after a brief robust period ... they will alway's have some fancy word's to cover their obvious lack of being able to get anything straight, and/ or making it work for any significant duration.

Your major mainstream religious institution's are in the same game and controlled by the same bunch. What's amusing about this ... is these folk's who dictate this avenue, actually compare themselves in our western religious majorities to the "Christ" figure that is wrote about in the bible ... the Jesus of Nazareth ... a person according to the same bible was one of the strongest critic's of the church/ synagogue, and one that was obviously opposed to these institution's of falsehood's and corruption. These same power's according to the same biblical teaching's were responsible for this man's execution. Thus a religion was designed to be embraced by those who are oppressed, but designed truely and manipulated through revision after revision to benefit only the oppressor's. Nor does any of this have anything to do with a spiritual world ... all this is done to manipulate the masses for power.

Is there such a thing as "truth"? ... well there certainly is ... and it is actually as clear as day ... but following those who are blind ... will not make you see any clearer.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The "MELTING" is the tip of the Iceberg ... "CHANGE" you can bank on ...

Report's today are from NASA ... using the latest in satellite technologies ... and ONCE again confirming that "Global Warming" is a REALITY.

Now ... you are free to call it what you choose ... I choose to call it "Global Warming" but many like to call it today ... "Climate Change" ... well ... heh, heh, heh ... were damn sure going to see some change ... you can bank on that! Either way you slice it ... it's knocking on the door as I write this. And the timing couldnt be better heh? Right when the entire world has to deal with radical fundamentalism, starvation, and let me not forget to mention ... deterioration in ... let's just say "economic confidence" (which should increase soon). :)

NASA report's that between 1.5 to 2 trillion ton's of ice has melted away in Greenland, Antarctica, and Alaska since 2003, and call's it an alarming acceleration rate at that ... with best estimates that sea level's may rise 18" to 36" by the end of the century ... the way I see it ... maybe even more! These finding's will be reported this week by NASA Geophysicist Scott Luthcke to the "American Geophysical Union Conference" in San Francisco.

Should we "panic"? You can panic all you choose ... but it will get you nowhere ... the only thing that can get us anywheres is taking every necessary step we can to deal with it ... because one thing is certain ... and that is we wont stop it. And all these ton's and ton's of trash/ pollutant's we throw into the atmosphere 24/ 7/ 365 wont do a bit of good either. The way I see it ... is it can only "worsen" the acceleration. Remember all of us and life around us ... is a product of "this" enviroment/ current eco's. It is very important to plan and execute any action on this ... and in a manner that dont take forever to decide on. No ... we dont have to all ride bicycle's and live in mud hut's. But we have spoiled ourselves to the max ... and we need to tighten up. There are so many little thing's that we can easily adjust to if we just "act". For one ... personally ... and this is just small ... but in combination with other small idea's add's up to "significant" ... but I never knew why we need "drive-thru's" of anything? Have we lost our leg's? or just gotten too damn lazy to get out of our vehicles shut down the engine and walk inside? And if you think we have economic problem's now ... rest assured ... we havent seen nothing yet.

The human species has displayed no "balance" ... and have populated at an "alarming" rate in my opinion. You know ... "balance" being ... give a little ... take a little, heh? We have done nothing but take, take, take ... and give very little. Even many of us snowball ourselves into believing that we are Mother Natures little sacred prototypes or Teddy Bear's, and that life and the star's evolve around us. We have been lucky as Hell as well ... that something like a large meteorite hasnt dropped in on us, and just wiped out our existence, for thousand's of more year's till some newer intelligent species can evolve to replace us after the dust clear's and light come's back, another item we may have to deal with a few year's down the road possibly.

So ... this is why our acceleration of "action" is importante, and not acceleration of pollutant's ... because the only thing that is going to rescue us ... is our technologies and sciences ... were on our own on this one. And besides ... we owe the earth one ... for being so unintentionally kind to us ... for so many 100's of 1000's of year's.


Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm dreaming of a "TIGHT" Christmas.....

Well...heh,heh,heh...I couldnt help to think of that old holiday favourite this year of "I'm dreaming of a white christmas"...when I see all the bargain's this year that are out there. Dallas hasnt been hit as hard like alot of the nation on the economy side...but that is yet to come.Dallas has a very diversified and vibrant economical climate..has for year's...simply because it's a "free for all" town. Very little regulation..moderate cost of living...very pro-business..the kind's of thing's that attract business instead of scaring away business in other word's. Which has also been the reason it is the fastest growing area in the million new resident's every 7 year's settle here..according to the U.S.Census Bureau.

But all this highsiding will not last for do I know? Simple...because crap roll's downhill! And as Wall St. and the nation tighten up...we depend on we will time.But this must is part of what we need to educate ourselves on the mistakes we all make.We all need to tighten up.

But I am waiting to see what the holiday shopping figures will be in early 2009 when their released.The stores are as packed as usual...but heres the catch...folks are shopping...but that doesnt mean their spending nearly as much.Folk's are getting
"tight" with their dollar's.Look at the stores this season..I never seen deal's like I see this year...I mean...before christmas...50%off,60% and 80% off?!!

Now think about that for a moment...say a place is announcing saving's/sales of 60% to 80% off...what does that tell you...if they havent filed bankruptcy and are having a liquidation? Obviously we been getting the shaft...because how can you afford to let mechandise go for that much of a discount and still stay in business? We are getting railroaded is all on prices obviously.

Hour's are even getting cut back of cashier's all over the place...usually they "add"
at this time of the year.And folk's are not going as wild when it comes to the fact that credit limit's on card's by the bank's are tightening up too. Many folk's are using their brain's now..and looking at way's to really "save". Not the crap that they are told through these advertisement's that say
..."Buy that..right now...before the sale end's..or it's too late" I dont think sometimes we realize how much we actually spend...and I am far from a cheapskate myself...I am one of those..who will blow money if I have it also. But I've learned over the year's the hard tighten up somewhat.

But...tis the season for giving..indeed...and this season is special...because it is a season of economical enlightenment as well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

President Bush on "DRUG WAR" Progress...NAIVE, NONSENSICAL, RUBBISH ...

This "War on Drug's" that was started from the first President Bush ... has done nothing in my opinion ... that positively effect's the drug problem in America. He was on CNN News today ... talking about all the progress made, and while doing so ... I couldnt believe what I was hearing ... and what a Hell of a time to bring up this nonsense! Another example of just how blind those are in Washington as to the reality of the current condition in the country they govern.

Let me elaborate here ... and give a clearer picture on the "Reality of the Union" if you will. All this drug war consist's of ... is making a buck for many in the court's ... prison system's ... with law enforcement and dealer's. I could go on and on ... about the waste of money that could really go to combating drug addiction. Pres.Bush speak's of how they targeted cocaine and how much they removed from the street in major bust's. The reality is ... that many of these major bust's are set up by the drug cartel's themselves on the Mexican/ American border. Texas for example who has the largest border with Mexico ... say they make a so called "major" bust in El Paso one day of say a half a ton of clean cocaine (before the massive cut's it will take before it hit's the street). That 1000 pound's is a diversion in many cases ... so that when law enforcement is focused on El Paso ... 20xtimes that amount (10 ton's) is coming in through the Del Rio area ... hundred's of miles away. Same applies to marijuana and opiates ... and pharmaceutical's are even making their way across the border, even gun's, even child prostitutes for that matter ... anything that makes a buck. Many law enforcement on both sides of the border ... especially the Mexican side ... are on the "take" (pay-off's).

Presideent Bush said that drug use amongst teen's is down by 25% ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... these statistic's are political rubbish! And the drug use thing amongst teen's changes like the damn season's ... just like crime statistic's ... more rubbish ... good print though ... just meaningless. Many teen's get high recreationally ... and "score" dope from multiple places ... usually from their teen contact's ... who get supplied through the internet, the street, and many prescription drug's even come from home. And the interaction is a different world from the street dope houses in urban area's and curbside dealer's, and especially the clientele. Even speed/ meth these day's is coming in from Mexico (which was originally and exclusively a USA creation and market) ... trying to put the once local meth lab's out of business. Mexico has even gotten into in recent year's now ... the opium trade ... which for year's has been dominated by Afghanistan (after year's of the southest asian dominance, and grade's/ type's vastly vary ... asian being the popular white for instance, these dayz the Mexican tar, totally different) ... and still is ... but folk's south of the border with their pro- business and strongly competitive spirit are getting a piece of that action too ... why not? The cartel's military personel ... are better equipped weapon's wise and even technology wise than even the law enforcement on BOTH sides of the border ... and most importantly ... pay better!

The statement that drug use is down across America? ... and the dealer's are being rounded up etc? More nonsense .,. understand ... supply WILL meet demand. If one of your local dealer's get's busted ... a replacement will be set up the same day, why? Because the pay is great and folk's (addict's) need their stuff. Take the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex for example ... in 2008 ... there is no such thing as "dry" or "tapped out" these day's ... and info on where to obtain drug's if you dont have a steady line/ connection ... or say your new in town ... is better available than the internet info ... just on the street's. Dope houses and curbside drive-thru's/ walk-up's go 24/ 7 in this town as well as any metro area across America ... including ... not far from 1600 Pennsylvania Av. NW, in DC.

The talk about the "faith based" group's and drug intervention programmes making progress ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well ... bless their heart's ... at least their trying, but this current approach is another programme doomed to failure. Another thing ... locking up an addict in prison does not do much of anything ... and sometimes makes the addict more hungry ... because ... when it comes time for release and hitting the street's and they see their old homies/ buddies and have them "dope dream's" prior to release, they will be all over the next tempting bump/ hit like a cheap suit ... every dope fiend know's that the first hit/bump of the day is the best/ strongest! They can be monitored by probationary/ parole department's supervision? More nonsense ... info on how to beat screening test's and product's are as available as a loaf of bread in a 7/ 11.

I could go on and on ... but just wanted to make a few point's here. You see ... bottom line is ... when you do something like this "War on Drug's" ... and you do it for 20+ year's basically the same way ... and have nothing to show for your effort's and investment's ... you move on to "Plan B" ... and if you dont have a "Plan B" ... well ... duuuuhhh ... you create one! President Bush' statement today on the progress of the "War on Drug's" is only naive, nonsensical, rubbish.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bunk Politician's, Beggar CEO's, Bridge Loan's, and Bailout's ....

These are the element's as I pointed out in my earlier post's that add up to failure is all. And as I said ... it must get worse before anything get's better ... and it will. Eventually as well ... all that we depend on to make us function daily will fall apart ... the sooner ... the better. And no matter how much we give, we who work and make this engine run are going to still have very hard time's ahead. We should NOT be frightened to let this all fail ... understand ... it is all for the benefit of us all.

This is no different then the classic "Good cop ... Bad cop" game. First you have the republican's making threat's during the election's to frighten us into believing that if Obama is elected ... we are doomed to terror, communism, forced islam, black's taking over, economical meltdown ... and on. While their setting up to indirectly use that to push for a "speedy" 3 quarter's of a trillion dollar's to bailout those in the private financial sector. Now we have democrat's like Barney Frank, Dodd and other's telling us that if we dont bailout the "Big 3"(Ford, GM, Chrysler) that over 3 million more job's may be lost and even million's more effected. DO NOT believe any of this. Why? because ... America is too much of a valuable asset and investment for the big money to let fail ... bottom line being ... even if we didnt bailout any of these, "we the people" will NOT FAIL ( just be painful, which will happen anywayz) ... only these CEO's, politician's, and mega corporation's will ... the people will only temporarily lose some employment, and all those billion's we give them to keep us faithful slaves of their dying system of past will go to us the people instead ... and trust me ... they all know it. Other investor's will rapidly pour in from all part's of the globe and put us all back to work ... and rebuild on smaller level's the new economy.

I dont want to see the "Big 3" fail ... but they actually wont either way ... and YES ... bankruptcy is a workable option even. They say they will pay back the American people? DONT believe any of this ... the American people will only get a prolonged system of failure ... worthless job's that can barely put food on the table, constant war's, inflation to go through the roof within the next 3 year's or so ... and endless misery ... smokescreened with petty gift's that make us feel we are moving forward like saying minorities will climb the ladder ... gay/ lesbian's may be allowed to legally bond or other petty crap that doesnt put a dime in your pocket, make you any freer ... or do you any good at all ... they give a little bit at a time ... and only when they need to ... we are trained like dog's ... and that is what we are basically categorized as. Give a trick ... and a smile ... and they'll toss you a bone. What they fail to see ... is they are also dog's ... and most old dog's ... regardless of their status or breed ... it is hard to teach new trick's too. Let nature take it's coarse ... and what doenst work no more, die ... and never look back ... that is the secret to moving forward to the better.

The "Big 3" want now ... $34 billion this week ... they actually drove to Capitol Hill this time in Hybrid vehicles. They are NOT sincere ... if they were ... they would have done that the first time. They say these and smaller vehicles are what they are working on? Again ... DO NOT believe this ... GM is announcing layoff's to come, yet the Arlington, Tx plant (Dallas area) will have NONE ... and the Arlington plant put's out all full size SUV's and Truck's ... that ARE NOT Hybrid's. It is a plant that sit's on 250 acres of land ... employ's over 3000 in 2 shift's ... and are YES ... union. Chief Economist Mark Zandi (moody's say's by his calculation's ... they will at least need somewhere's between $75-$125 billion to ride through this, and that $34 billion is nothing more than maybe like an appetizer. Even many of our politician's are brainwashed into thinking that keeping this ship running as usual is the answer to our future ... it is NOT ... as I said over and over in past post's ... WE MUST LET SOME OF THIS FAIL! Not all at once ... but piece by piece. And it all will ... in time. So we are basically pumping money into a graveyard.

They scared the politician's friday (yesterday) announcing ... jobless claim's are now at a high not seen in 26 year's ... and of course ... they say now we are in a reccession, and are claiming that it has been on for a year ... again ... lies ... during the election's if you recall ... they were just saying we are not yet technically in a reccession ... of course ... I pointed out that psychologically America was ... and that's the important part ... not what some survey or stat's online tell you ... I get my info ... from the trenches and the people that actually work and spend daily ... and when I see folk's cutting back on spending ... I just put 2 and 2 together ... because that is the real world we live in ... not the world that is televised and transmitted to you via online or satellite feed's. Unemployment will get worse than this ... all in time ... we will feel something ... but those who dictate will feel the worst of the impact ... not us! ... in time. They will lose their plastic empires to more hungry new investor's from all over the globe ... and be weeded out like ... well ... weed's eventually. So this constant feeding them money and loan's will only be a waste in the long not worry...we will be making more vehicles right here in the USA ... several year's in the future ... just not under the same ownership's. America is a great place to live and invest ... great scenery ... lot's of land ... friendly neighboring and peaceful countries ... a Constitution that is 2nd to none ... and there is ALOT of big money still in the world ... trust me. DO NOT feel sorry for these whiner's ... they are failures ... and need to retire.

The sad part is this ... because of all this "fear" being dished out ... we will see a deal made with our money and government and these weakling relic's this next week. YES ... we will end up granting them ... undisclosed billion's. GMAC car financing is trying to become a "banking company" ... Why? To try to get also part of the first $700+ billion that went to the financial sector bailout is why. What Jane Velez Mitchell of CNN call's "double dipping" ... she's exactly right and hit the nail on the head! If these auto maker's had such a grand viable plan ... the private sector of investor's would be all over it like a cheap suit. GMAC and Chrysler are majority owned by private investor's ... who are very financially well off ... and they WONT even put any part of their own money into their own failing investment's/ asset's ... ding, ding, ding!! ... does that tell you something?