Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I support the "Global Warming" theory....

A local fella I know was reading my recent post about Global Warming and Climatic Change ... and told me yesterday when I seen him ... that I am not accurate ... and basically said that I am not scientifically smart enough to really have a scientific opinion on the matter, bottom line. And if you happen to read this James ... I understand totally ... because you are right ... I dont have nearly the education you have ... especially when it comes to science ... since your such a buff of it. And as I told you ... dont as well feel like you would be insulting me ... to comment on this blog and point out how illiterate I am in science ... I dont find it "insulting" at all because I DONT have that much knowledge on certain thing's.

But I never claimed to have much knowledge on the subject of science ... or meteorology, etc. And I "choose" to call it "Global Warming" ... because ... well ... I mean the ice cap's are melting away and it appear's to be fairly rapid ... so I choose to call it warming ... because despite my scientific background ... I just figure an increase in temperature will cause ice to melt. What is my scientific background that makes me conclude this? Well ... heh, heh, heh ... I poured hot water on my windshield several morning's to melt the ice it collected from overnight. :)

The man(James)did point out to me in lengthy detail about all the cooling and warming trend's of the last million year's or so that been going on. And that just because a bunch of scientist's band together on one theory doesnt mean it's accurate because science is about "questioning" theories and not popular opinion or theory. And I will buy that sir.

Look ... I am not trying to blame anyone here on this "warming/ change" thing ... okay? As a matter of fact ... I hate this blame game that been going on with this matter between the left and the right. But regardless of what anyone tell's me ... about what the cause is ... and "why" this is happening ... or who's fault it is? ... look ... I really dont care. My redneck uneducated theory is this ... I dont see what good we do by trashing the earth the way we do ... okay? And I know you may say ... it makes money and prevent's starvation or whatever. There are million's starving as it is ... regardless of our wealth ... only because of our greed. And the bottom line is this ... as I pointed out in previous post's ... this "green tech" thing is going to be "big business" ... a "new" industrial revolution in it's own way ... I'll bet on it! And I'm a betting man! Hell man ... my poor wife's eyes water from this damn smog (especially when were in certain part's of Los Angeles, where she seem's to keep a tissue in hand)! We got dead fish washing up on coastlines ... other fish trying to flee from their known area's because of their survival instinct's ... and not being able to cope with this rapid change. Polar Bear's, Seal's, and other's from their enviroment's hauling ass and getting out of Dodge as well.

Cleaning up our damn air and water's wont do a damn bit of harm either ... nature been fairly good to us ... and we should be grateful for that ... and "share" our wealth by supporting that which has supported us for so many million's of year's ... that's all, and I dont think it's asking much ... or putting anyone in any more poverty than we already have ... for this reason ... I will support the "Global Warming" theory.

PS: The post that the gentleman was talking about he read was ... The "MELTING" is the tip of the "ICEBERG" ... and "CHANGE" you can bank on ....


Rita said...

I feel the same way about global warming.
A lot of this stuff is just common sense.

The same goes for supporting U.S. economic reform. I don't have a degree in economics, but I could see a long time ago that we were headed for a crisis if we continued current practices.

Blatant consumerism & ignoring global warming (whatever the cause & who is to blame) does not save lives. It is disastrous in the long run & the long run is what we've lost site of. We should be focusing on saving resources for future generations.
The key at this point is to support sustainability, not growth.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your visit and opinion Rita.Actually my thinking is similar as well on the part you mentioned about "economic's". You dont need to be extremely educated or intelligent to even see alot of what is to can just look at our action's and put 2 and 2 together. We spend also alot of time pointing finger's and not enough action I feel. Another thing on the topic of economic reform you mentioned...what's funny about we see how the global market has changed,and the problem's it now faces...yet we are told to feed more and more money to save this same system...that can only time and time again relapse into recession after recession...and continue the endless cycle of debt. Another point you made is about the "longrun" is what we have lost sight of. Again...thanx for your visit.

Infidel753 said...

Here's a site which assembles actual scientists' responses to many of the global-warming denialists' common talking points, assembled from the British Royal Society (a scientific association) and New Scientist magazine.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you Infidel for that.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I'd like to point out that the site navigated above from Infidel...has a part called "26 climate change myth's from new scientist" that caught my attention was the one that said..
"We are simply 'recovering' from the little ice age". Because that is what basically James was trying to point out actually...but in a more complex way. As I pointed out to James though...does any of this justify the way we continue to relentlessly trash the earth? I mean...why should we continue to thrust all this waste into the air and water's? Do we feel the earth cant survive without us brutalizing it?