Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm dreaming of a "TIGHT" Christmas.....

Well...heh,heh,heh...I couldnt help to think of that old holiday favourite this year of "I'm dreaming of a white christmas"...when I see all the bargain's this year that are out there. Dallas hasnt been hit as hard like alot of the nation on the economy side...but that is yet to come.Dallas has a very diversified and vibrant economical climate..has for year's...simply because it's a "free for all" town. Very little regulation..moderate cost of living...very pro-business..the kind's of thing's that attract business instead of scaring away business in other word's. Which has also been the reason it is the fastest growing area in the million new resident's every 7 year's settle here..according to the U.S.Census Bureau.

But all this highsiding will not last for do I know? Simple...because crap roll's downhill! And as Wall St. and the nation tighten up...we depend on we will time.But this must is part of what we need to educate ourselves on the mistakes we all make.We all need to tighten up.

But I am waiting to see what the holiday shopping figures will be in early 2009 when their released.The stores are as packed as usual...but heres the catch...folks are shopping...but that doesnt mean their spending nearly as much.Folk's are getting
"tight" with their dollar's.Look at the stores this season..I never seen deal's like I see this year...I mean...before christmas...50%off,60% and 80% off?!!

Now think about that for a moment...say a place is announcing saving's/sales of 60% to 80% off...what does that tell you...if they havent filed bankruptcy and are having a liquidation? Obviously we been getting the shaft...because how can you afford to let mechandise go for that much of a discount and still stay in business? We are getting railroaded is all on prices obviously.

Hour's are even getting cut back of cashier's all over the place...usually they "add"
at this time of the year.And folk's are not going as wild when it comes to the fact that credit limit's on card's by the bank's are tightening up too. Many folk's are using their brain's now..and looking at way's to really "save". Not the crap that they are told through these advertisement's that say
..."Buy that..right now...before the sale end's..or it's too late" I dont think sometimes we realize how much we actually spend...and I am far from a cheapskate myself...I am one of those..who will blow money if I have it also. But I've learned over the year's the hard tighten up somewhat.

But...tis the season for giving..indeed...and this season is special...because it is a season of economical enlightenment as well.

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