Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bunk Politician's, Beggar CEO's, Bridge Loan's, and Bailout's ....

These are the element's as I pointed out in my earlier post's that add up to failure is all. And as I said ... it must get worse before anything get's better ... and it will. Eventually as well ... all that we depend on to make us function daily will fall apart ... the sooner ... the better. And no matter how much we give, we who work and make this engine run are going to still have very hard time's ahead. We should NOT be frightened to let this all fail ... understand ... it is all for the benefit of us all.

This is no different then the classic "Good cop ... Bad cop" game. First you have the republican's making threat's during the election's to frighten us into believing that if Obama is elected ... we are doomed to terror, communism, forced islam, black's taking over, economical meltdown ... and on. While their setting up to indirectly use that to push for a "speedy" 3 quarter's of a trillion dollar's to bailout those in the private financial sector. Now we have democrat's like Barney Frank, Dodd and other's telling us that if we dont bailout the "Big 3"(Ford, GM, Chrysler) that over 3 million more job's may be lost and even million's more effected. DO NOT believe any of this. Why? because ... America is too much of a valuable asset and investment for the big money to let fail ... bottom line being ... even if we didnt bailout any of these, "we the people" will NOT FAIL ( just be painful, which will happen anywayz) ... only these CEO's, politician's, and mega corporation's will ... the people will only temporarily lose some employment, and all those billion's we give them to keep us faithful slaves of their dying system of past will go to us the people instead ... and trust me ... they all know it. Other investor's will rapidly pour in from all part's of the globe and put us all back to work ... and rebuild on smaller level's the new economy.

I dont want to see the "Big 3" fail ... but they actually wont either way ... and YES ... bankruptcy is a workable option even. They say they will pay back the American people? DONT believe any of this ... the American people will only get a prolonged system of failure ... worthless job's that can barely put food on the table, constant war's, inflation to go through the roof within the next 3 year's or so ... and endless misery ... smokescreened with petty gift's that make us feel we are moving forward like saying minorities will climb the ladder ... gay/ lesbian's may be allowed to legally bond or other petty crap that doesnt put a dime in your pocket, make you any freer ... or do you any good at all ... they give a little bit at a time ... and only when they need to ... we are trained like dog's ... and that is what we are basically categorized as. Give a trick ... and a smile ... and they'll toss you a bone. What they fail to see ... is they are also dog's ... and most old dog's ... regardless of their status or breed ... it is hard to teach new trick's too. Let nature take it's coarse ... and what doenst work no more, die ... and never look back ... that is the secret to moving forward to the better.

The "Big 3" want now ... $34 billion this week ... they actually drove to Capitol Hill this time in Hybrid vehicles. They are NOT sincere ... if they were ... they would have done that the first time. They say these and smaller vehicles are what they are working on? Again ... DO NOT believe this ... GM is announcing layoff's to come, yet the Arlington, Tx plant (Dallas area) will have NONE ... and the Arlington plant put's out all full size SUV's and Truck's ... that ARE NOT Hybrid's. It is a plant that sit's on 250 acres of land ... employ's over 3000 in 2 shift's ... and are YES ... union. Chief Economist Mark Zandi (moody's say's by his calculation's ... they will at least need somewhere's between $75-$125 billion to ride through this, and that $34 billion is nothing more than maybe like an appetizer. Even many of our politician's are brainwashed into thinking that keeping this ship running as usual is the answer to our future ... it is NOT ... as I said over and over in past post's ... WE MUST LET SOME OF THIS FAIL! Not all at once ... but piece by piece. And it all will ... in time. So we are basically pumping money into a graveyard.

They scared the politician's friday (yesterday) announcing ... jobless claim's are now at a high not seen in 26 year's ... and of course ... they say now we are in a reccession, and are claiming that it has been on for a year ... again ... lies ... during the election's if you recall ... they were just saying we are not yet technically in a reccession ... of course ... I pointed out that psychologically America was ... and that's the important part ... not what some survey or stat's online tell you ... I get my info ... from the trenches and the people that actually work and spend daily ... and when I see folk's cutting back on spending ... I just put 2 and 2 together ... because that is the real world we live in ... not the world that is televised and transmitted to you via online or satellite feed's. Unemployment will get worse than this ... all in time ... we will feel something ... but those who dictate will feel the worst of the impact ... not us! ... in time. They will lose their plastic empires to more hungry new investor's from all over the globe ... and be weeded out like ... well ... weed's eventually. So this constant feeding them money and loan's will only be a waste in the long not worry...we will be making more vehicles right here in the USA ... several year's in the future ... just not under the same ownership's. America is a great place to live and invest ... great scenery ... lot's of land ... friendly neighboring and peaceful countries ... a Constitution that is 2nd to none ... and there is ALOT of big money still in the world ... trust me. DO NOT feel sorry for these whiner's ... they are failures ... and need to retire.

The sad part is this ... because of all this "fear" being dished out ... we will see a deal made with our money and government and these weakling relic's this next week. YES ... we will end up granting them ... undisclosed billion's. GMAC car financing is trying to become a "banking company" ... Why? To try to get also part of the first $700+ billion that went to the financial sector bailout is why. What Jane Velez Mitchell of CNN call's "double dipping" ... she's exactly right and hit the nail on the head! If these auto maker's had such a grand viable plan ... the private sector of investor's would be all over it like a cheap suit. GMAC and Chrysler are majority owned by private investor's ... who are very financially well off ... and they WONT even put any part of their own money into their own failing investment's/ asset's ... ding, ding, ding!! ... does that tell you something?

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