Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The "MELTING" is the tip of the Iceberg ... "CHANGE" you can bank on ...

Report's today are from NASA ... using the latest in satellite technologies ... and ONCE again confirming that "Global Warming" is a REALITY.

Now ... you are free to call it what you choose ... I choose to call it "Global Warming" but many like to call it today ... "Climate Change" ... well ... heh, heh, heh ... were damn sure going to see some change ... you can bank on that! Either way you slice it ... it's knocking on the door as I write this. And the timing couldnt be better heh? Right when the entire world has to deal with radical fundamentalism, starvation, and let me not forget to mention ... deterioration in ... let's just say "economic confidence" (which should increase soon). :)

NASA report's that between 1.5 to 2 trillion ton's of ice has melted away in Greenland, Antarctica, and Alaska since 2003, and call's it an alarming acceleration rate at that ... with best estimates that sea level's may rise 18" to 36" by the end of the century ... the way I see it ... maybe even more! These finding's will be reported this week by NASA Geophysicist Scott Luthcke to the "American Geophysical Union Conference" in San Francisco.

Should we "panic"? You can panic all you choose ... but it will get you nowhere ... the only thing that can get us anywheres is taking every necessary step we can to deal with it ... because one thing is certain ... and that is we wont stop it. And all these ton's and ton's of trash/ pollutant's we throw into the atmosphere 24/ 7/ 365 wont do a bit of good either. The way I see it ... is it can only "worsen" the acceleration. Remember all of us and life around us ... is a product of "this" enviroment/ current eco's. It is very important to plan and execute any action on this ... and in a manner that dont take forever to decide on. No ... we dont have to all ride bicycle's and live in mud hut's. But we have spoiled ourselves to the max ... and we need to tighten up. There are so many little thing's that we can easily adjust to if we just "act". For one ... personally ... and this is just small ... but in combination with other small idea's add's up to "significant" ... but I never knew why we need "drive-thru's" of anything? Have we lost our leg's? or just gotten too damn lazy to get out of our vehicles shut down the engine and walk inside? And if you think we have economic problem's now ... rest assured ... we havent seen nothing yet.

The human species has displayed no "balance" ... and have populated at an "alarming" rate in my opinion. You know ... "balance" being ... give a little ... take a little, heh? We have done nothing but take, take, take ... and give very little. Even many of us snowball ourselves into believing that we are Mother Natures little sacred prototypes or Teddy Bear's, and that life and the star's evolve around us. We have been lucky as Hell as well ... that something like a large meteorite hasnt dropped in on us, and just wiped out our existence, for thousand's of more year's till some newer intelligent species can evolve to replace us after the dust clear's and light come's back, another item we may have to deal with a few year's down the road possibly.

So ... this is why our acceleration of "action" is importante, and not acceleration of pollutant's ... because the only thing that is going to rescue us ... is our technologies and sciences ... were on our own on this one. And besides ... we owe the earth one ... for being so unintentionally kind to us ... for so many 100's of 1000's of year's.


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