Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The GRAND ($1000) ILLUSION TRINITY: ... Following the "BLIND"...will NOT make you see "CLEARER"...

We are entering an era saturated with many "illusion's" and as many "illusionist's" to present the array of falsehood's they have, to sell you their product. Because of our increasing desperation ... many of us will seek out these illusionist's ... in hope of a better life ... or some other tangible reward ... but it is mostly all that ... an illusion. All these that dictate and are out to "help" you have only interest in themselves, and the agenda's of those they truely serve. And most importantly ... are blind to the reality that is right around the corner. Your political representation is bought and paid for basically in some way or another, by those who do nothing but dictate, again ... there are 3 major power's that control everything, from your money/ finance, to your occupation's, property/ commodities, media's, energy/ fuel, etc. I call them the "3 Entities", which are your largest corporate/ finance institution's, your largest mega religious movement's/ institution's ... and the most powerful/ largest government's of the world.

This is why I said that one must have the ability to see thing's not as right/ wrong, good/ evil, black/ white, red/ blue ... etc. Why? ... because as we evolved ... all of this became so clouded and polluted ... that there is no truth to it anymore. The 3 entities that I have spoke of in my earlier post's and this post ... that lead humanity and it's system's ... are the ones who lead blindly. They have many illusion's to present us ... they certainly "look" powerful ... and have an abundance of wealth ... they are the best educated ... have the most elaborate vocabulary and line to feed you to make you have "confidence" in their decision's and idea's ... but what even they do not see ... is they are as lost as those they try to control and lead.

Their "leadership" abilities is what is taking us on a destructive path ... that must come about in time. This is what I spoke of earlier as the "storm's" to come, and with these storm's will come anger, revolt, and folk's sooner or later just getting sick and tired of the same shit in different package's, so they change the package to ride it for another few decade's, creating new political icon's, pop culture figure's and movement's, to make you think you are moving forward, but since we dont think, we get caught in the cycle etc, etc. They are alway's a step and few year's in front of us, that is why it is important time wise to stay a step ahead of them, but you cant as long as you keep feeding off those they give you to choose from. These illusionist's come a dime a dozen these day's ... and slither from the woodwork ... or in these times in cyberspace and the various media's including the political and religious movement's that they control. But do not expect any of those who lead us on any path to have the answer's ... and when their idea's and proposal's fail, and the bubble burst's after a brief robust period ... they will alway's have some fancy word's to cover their obvious lack of being able to get anything straight, and/ or making it work for any significant duration.

Your major mainstream religious institution's are in the same game and controlled by the same bunch. What's amusing about this ... is these folk's who dictate this avenue, actually compare themselves in our western religious majorities to the "Christ" figure that is wrote about in the bible ... the Jesus of Nazareth ... a person according to the same bible was one of the strongest critic's of the church/ synagogue, and one that was obviously opposed to these institution's of falsehood's and corruption. These same power's according to the same biblical teaching's were responsible for this man's execution. Thus a religion was designed to be embraced by those who are oppressed, but designed truely and manipulated through revision after revision to benefit only the oppressor's. Nor does any of this have anything to do with a spiritual world ... all this is done to manipulate the masses for power.

Is there such a thing as "truth"? ... well there certainly is ... and it is actually as clear as day ... but following those who are blind ... will not make you see any clearer.


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