Friday, February 27, 2009

Octumommi,Octugranni,Octudaddi... the Tri-Polar Trio ...and good ole family value's (OCTUMAMA PT.3)

I couldnt help but recording something else in my journal about the octumania that is all over the net,news,paper's,zines and you name it.This gal Nadya Suleman has chopper's flyin over her residence,cam's on curbside,and folk's all over just waiting for her to open her mouth or pass a little gas.And every talk show coast to coast want's a piece of her.

I had also seen and read interview's with now Octugranni (her mom)... and the newest addition to the clan of a fella named Denis Beaudoin...who just all of the sudden showed up the other day with tear's in his eye's in the media...asking for DNA test's because he say's he is daddy to some of the litter.He want's to help...regardless if their his or not...his heart is's starting to make me cry as well. :( He also has had previous custody married and has 2 kid's with his wife ..maybe he should get test's to see if they came from his sperm as well...heh? After all...he claim's to be a "sperm donor", perhap's that is his occupation? He has alot of mixed up thing's he's saying as well.

Then you have Octugranni...she's raising hell too..and with her daughter ... where they put each other on the stand to cross examine each other. While the hospital that has the latest litter as of yesterday...are not yet releasing the kidlet's to the clan. "Angel's in Waiting" ... are still...well...waiting. Ann Coulter say's that the state should just cut off the money...boy is she mean(yum-yum) :) And 10's of thousand's from coast to coast hate or love Nadya...and all have their opinion on what should be done with the little strumpet's and mommi herself. Michael Jackson has agreed to take in all the kiddies into his new daycare center he is opening in France(just kidding about Jackson).

The home the other 6 are in may get auctioned off as well in march this year ..I guess if Michael Jackson did want to make deal...that would be a good start... I mean to buy the home...but request the kid's come in the package.....heh? All in all what a family this is...and many are talking about how much "love" is even here, and that regardless of what mommi does or say's..she love's them all. Who's right...who's wrong?...who's daddy? whose embryo's? whose sperm? wow....that's what family values are all about! I like to think of them as the "Familia Tres-Polar". I only wish I had so much love in me...God Bless family value's! :)

***** RCJ: "OCTUMAMA" PART'S  2 & 1


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"State of the Nation" address ...and President Obama..Day????...

Unfortunately I forgot what day of Presidency it is for President Obama..uhhh..30 something or whatever. I was laughing because when I listen,read, the news...they alway's count what day it Day 31,32,33...etc.,and folk's are already whining up a storm(some...I love to listen to the negatives first)...I can only imagine by day 200 or much resentment will be directed toward's him by those same folk's. During his campaign..he was a commi,aye-rab,antichrist,terrorist, space alien...illegal name it...he was it! :)

Now listening to all the expert's on his "State of the Nation" address was even alot more fun..just listening to all the gadget's and analyst system's they have set up to do everything from...detecting facial expression's,voice tone's,applaud clap's... whether they are strong or weak...and monitoring everything that every listener does whether they fart or scratch their all mean's something. :) And listening to all the "dont's/do's" he should have or should not have done.... heh,heh,heh ... talk about being under a microscope and dissected. :) But...that's one of the fun part's of democracy!

Although I have alway's looked at speeches as having to age like a fine wine to show their character and body...just how good they are, ...listening to his address I thought was very good...which I just got done with since I was unable to catch it live. And listening to the republican response from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was very good as well, talking about of coarse how the proposal's of the democrat's simply cant work. Heh,heh,heh doubt it wont be easy...but I can just imagine where we would be if the republican's won all around on the election ...their proposal's might have brought massive rioting to the street's ...this is alot of fun. Now I sure as hell dont agree with the President on every damn thing... and sure I never will...but I must say that so far .. I am impressed with his hard work and getting quicker than expected action.I mean....looking at some of the slacker's we have in Washington and how slow they are to get anything done was hilarious. If the average person on any job worked like this...we would get fired in a heartbeat. This guy (Obama)has really been cracking the ole whip on the thing's he's proposing, and it's hilarious watching all these old routiner's on the Hill that do basically nothing..all applaud/clap and cheer on the President...who is telling them the "new" rules and requirement's and work to be done. They smile and applaud and cheer when he mention's thing's like the "kid's" and the "people's" not taking this or that anymore...and deep down inside...many are sad they will actually be required to "work" more and slack/play less, and be required to show result' the actual voter's/citizen's. Heh,heh,heh,(LOL)...they never had to do a damn thing before! :) Frankly....I dont think I seen so many lazy asses and do nothing's in my life under one roof.

Other than that ... I thought the address was workable and well done ...good job Sir! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Concerning Nuclear weapon's and threat's against America and alliance's...

For me...I never did like the idea of nuclear anything...I realize how important and efficient it is in countries like France for instance as far as energy is concerned. But I believe that all our energy need's in the future can and will be met strictly by wind,water,solar. But...we also have all this play going on in this nuclear age with some of those who may be our enemy...or in some way pose a threat to us and even some of our friend's like Israel. The only reason I dont like nuclear is because of possible accident's...and how it can be enviromentally damaging for some length of time...I am not worried about the casualties of war as much as I am worried about the earth itself.Why not worry about human casualties first? Because this is all nonsense...human's been killing each other in war's since before recorded history. There should be "value" on human life over everything else? Tell that rubbish to some sap who believe's it! We are not as civilised yet as a species as we lie to ourselves in believing.

The bottom line is....our nature and current condition of the species makes it necessary to fight back...if any of us want to live at all...we dont live in a world of least not at this point of history. I am a realist...and realize that we have to stand our ground...or stand no more...bottom line.

There is all this talk about Iran's uranium enrichment programme. They say it's for energy need's, and we suspect it may be used for least some of us. I never thought it was my position to tell someone else in another land like that how to live their lives...and unlike our current government...would hardly deal at all with any of these trade or anything else. Is that unfriendly? Or not nice or some other simpleton crap? I dont know what you may call it...nor do I give a it racist if you want...I really dont care. I get so sick and tired of this unconditional love go love them if you want...I dont feel a need to. You threaten my life,family and liberty...I am going to be on your ass period. Nor did I ever give a damn about freeing the Iraqi yourself if you dont like what you have...America had it's own domestic/civil war's itself. Casualties is a price you pay for any amount of liberty you can achieve.

I frankly am sick of us worrying about if Iran is building a nuclear bomb, or the fear of how many Russia may have...or China...or Pakistan. Look...we all have gun's and bullet's...okay? Nor would I even attempt to stop Israel with even word's of encouragement if they decided one day that they are just sick of the crap and decided to attack a country that neighbor's them who constantly either bomb's them or terrorizes them in some way. I am NOT Clinton,Rice or anyone else that chooses to kiss ass. So no...I would not interfere...unless you bring it to my turf. You want to do business and trade "FAIRLY"...I am all ear's...if you choose to sell woof ticket's instead and threaten us with these weapon's...understand...I would use nuclear weapon's against you too with no hesitation whatsoever.Nothing personal...strictly business and survival of my "tribe"..we are still a "tribal" species.

Iran...or anyone else...make all the weapon's you like...understand that I/we have weapon's to and more in the work's...if you attack objective will be to exterminate your entire region and population.There is no complexity to try to figure out here...or even year's of study needed to understand.You execute our women and children...your's will be as well. I understand you all's you can understand our's as well.

PS: I would also like to add...that those like myself will deal you honesty. I would never allow any of our forces to invade your land because you wont do petro business or any other business with us...nor ever try to tell your peoples what and how to think...nor that I/we are right/wrong...nor come in your country with an invasion and lie's...telling your peoples we are there to "free" them...yet actually be working and invading on behalf of some multi billion dollar enterprise who only want's to use,market,take your resources and land..and your peoples to use as cheap foreign labour. I also dont agree with the way our government deal's with some of these issue's currently...nor do I have to...that is what our democracy is all about.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Octumama meet's "Angel's in Waiting" and "Commi Mommi's" (OCTUMAMA PT.2)

I been reading all kind's of report's and opinion's on this Octumama character, that I just had to make this 2nd posting about this...I'm not really sure what to call it? I mean...would "medieval drama" be appropriate? The hatred being directed at this woman is also incredible.And now...the government of LA County or California are being called by some Californian's..."Commi Bastard's" even. All because she was given a week or so to figure out if she is going to take an offer from this group called "Angel's in Waiting"...who volunteer from what I gather to take in this newest and past litter of her's...and I assume her as well...and house and support them for up to 6 month's. I was reading the day care cost's for such a task can run over $100,000 a month for a litter of this,um,um...god bless America! :)

Let me be the Devil's Advocate here...and put in my 2 cent's on this pop culture morality drama. Many folk's say she is nut's and dont deserve to keep the kid's. Many are whining because the government is acting like what they call "commi's" and wanting to take the kid's away from I guess it's safe to say they see the state as "Commi Mommi's" ...heh? She also been reported as having been home shopping looking at a new home that is $1.24 million...kind of weird for a gal who depend's currently on food stamp's and social security,yet claim's she doesnt live off tax payer money...I cant say on that...I have never received government assistance in my entire life. Grandma is supposedly broke...or at least on the edge of being so...since there is talk of loosing her home where Mommi and the first litter are residing. I mean...she hasnt paid a mortgage payment on the place since May 2008..and is behind over $23,000 buck's on it. Wow...what a family that bunch is...heh? To be frank here...I dont think the mom or grandma give a rat's ass about the kid's as much as they care about their own monitary endeavor's...I see this as nothing more than not a stupid woman/mom...but a woman who has interest only in making a buck and publicity. I actually feel that folk's like this are abusive in their own far as taking care of children.

To be even more frank here...I dont think I can find a better excuse for a need for mandatory late term abortion...or mandatory sterilization if I ever was looking for a reason...and I know...some may say to get a rope for me...and call me a commi, and that's fine. I am not pro-abortion at all...I am pro-common sense is all. I dont let myself get consumed with pop culture morality to cloud my vision.... why? Because morality changes like the season's...I mean the thing's we believe and do in 2009 America...from women wearing pant' people wearing eye using a telescope...or looking in a mirror or a list of other thing's...would have been punishable by imprisonment or death just centuries ago. I also dont think of the state as commi's here...they are simply looking out for the best interest and the welfare of the children...who obviously have no parent's capable of doing so.

But my guess is this Octumama has some kind of thing going we are not seeing yet, she's bound to make some money somehow off of this...perhap's if she does...maybe in the future her kid's can sue her for a piece of the pie...after all...they were the commodity here....heh? And just imagine...we think of all this confusion and whining, bitching,hatred,child being about"love"...and thinking about the "kid's"...wonder what the kid's actually think? Downright shameful is all I can conclude.

***** RCJ: "OCTUMAMA" PT.1


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

USA:"TRUTH set's you FREE"..."LYING set's you FREER"...until your back's against the wall....

Well ... I knew out of all of this economic backsliding would come some great humor, especially with this new administration ... up against the Hill. And all this has just begun ... so there's alot more fun to come! : ) Since everybody say's they like to hear the truth ... I'll go ahead and speak the truth here and the reality.

We have an ole saying that the truth set's you free ... but the reality in America's culture is lying will set you freer ... we are a species and people's that tell lie's to ourselves constantly ... then remarkably ... believe in the same lie's that we tell ourselves. The system we have worked fine for many year's ... well ... at least until we find our back's against the wall that is. So ... who inspires the people's to live such a way? The same people's that we are at odd's with now ... because they have milked and drained us ... the 3 entities that designed this unintelligent system that is only on a course to failure in time ... the corporation's, political structure, and the mega religious institution's ... who I call the 3 entities that mold and control this.

President Obama set his plan's in place today to help American homeowner's facing foreclosure's ... with a $75 billion plan to help an estimated 9 million homeowner's. Which may allow those who even owe more than the value of their home on it ... to refinance ... allow Judge's to lower mortgage rates ... even for folk's who live BEYOND their mean's. I am for this ... TO AN EXTENT ... BUT only because the investment banker's got away with such a loot in their bailout ... a loot that was to help stabilize the economy ... that they are actually using instead of loaning to America ... using it to buy out failed bank's in places like communist China! But the people's in this country are far from boy/girl scout's themselves! But all in all, we are only a product of our enviroment and what we are taught.

The President is really going to run into retaliation on this from the republican's and rightfully so! With question's on this foreclosure assistance like ... Does the plan do anything for the 90% of homeowner's who play by the rules? Or ... Does it require mortgage services to verify income and eligibility standard's before modifying mortgages? What prevent's these same mortgages getting assistance from sliding into default again? Does the plan compensate bank's for bad mortgages they should have never made? Well ... the opposition (GOP) want's to know. All I have to say to them is ... "What goes around, comes around" Now you all too are getting a taste of your own medicine! You all supported these financial institution's that banked on false claim's ... and made a fortune and went unregulated for several year's through the last administration, enticing these home buyer's to exxagerate on loan app's so you all could rake in a fortune ... left them holding the tab when push came to shove and now you all are seeing the effect's from you all's action's ... so dont blame us ... it was you all that CREATED the system! A system that even dates back to ancient Rome ... and in a 21st century can only lead to recession after recession. As I wrote time and time again ... this will ALL fail in time!

The American Dream has become a nightmare ... or at least will ... IN TIME! We are taught that our "dream" is common to all ... and the "way" to achieve it is to spend now and pay later ... and unless you supply information on the loan app's whether it's a car or home or anything else, that may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth ... you will never get by the underwriter's! I even seen cases where a homeowner might take out 2, 3 or more loan's against their home ... and using a dead spouse's income in the loan app to get approved ... and those lender's applying to the underwriter's knowingly letting this happen ... and strongly encouraging it! The land of "milk and honey" has become the land of "milkin money" and fraud ... and many folk's are part of the same hypocrisy ... and whine about the other when they have to face the consequences of their action's. One of our biggest problem's is ... we live in a dream ... instead of trying to make a dream come true. I am not one to speak against anyone's greed here ... but when your indulgence becomes a compulsion, and the time comes to pay your due's ... dont whine. That's the REALITY!

PS: (Update thursday19Feb09) Just as an example to show how much BS the people's are fed ... the $75 billion that is talked about helping 9 million homeowner's, can only help if lucky perhap's half that amout. Those are the few crumb's they will feed us ... while gearing up to give another $200 billion to Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...Winding Down and Working Out with the "Cupcake Girl's"....

My daughter belong's to one of them health fitness center's ... and goes to workout as much as time allow's her to. She overslept the other morning and didnt make the workout before going into the office ... she told me ... it was okay ... she'll just go after work ... and workout with the "Cupcake Girl's". I had no idea who or what the "Cupcake Girl's" were? ... so over lunch ... she explained to me who and what they were.

She tell's me that the more serious or disciplined workout before going into the office types ... are more male gender ... they go in, in the morning ... get a good workout before they take on their daily task's at work. Then you have the after work crowd ... which is alot of the female gender ... who are maybe not so serious about the work out's ... and just go because of overweight problem's ... I guess like Britney Spears when she announced last year that she wasnt satisfied with her tummy. What was actually funny to me ... when she started talking about these ladies ... that they may work out for 15/ 30 minutes ... then hook up to down a bunch of cupcakes or donut's or go to one of the schlew of buffet's in town to pig out. She said that after they worked out they get psychologically pumped up to think that they deserve it and need it. For what is what I wondered replenish the fat? Doesnt that defeat the purpose? ... especially downing so much after the workout?

I'm not in no position to talk about bellies/gut's myself ... I stopped working out regularly in my early 30's ... and paid for it ... with a growing wasteline. Throughout my 20's into my early 30's I worked out daily about 45min/ 1hour...but not because of weight then ... I didnt have a weight issue or gut at the time ... but because to have more flexibility for self defense in the street's basically. You can say I frequented area's alot that had alot of bad boy's and girl's ... and you had a better chance of falling into harm's way I guess. I created my own style of daily workout which consisted of martial art's excercises ... and ballet ... which are both good for coordination. Plus I didnt carry the appetite that I started to pick up later. I also used throwing knives at practice ... and went to the gun range as well.

But I cant help to notice these day's the weight problem's especially with the younger folk's ... when I was a kid in school back in the 60's ... you didnt see anything like what you see today. I actually credit this to how technologies have changed our lifestyles and our junk processed food eating habit's .Let's face it ... back then ... alot of us ate 3 squares a day ... less junk ... and because we didnt have alot of fancy games and toy's to tinker with in recreational times ... alot of us were outdoor's alot ... and playing sport's type games and such ... we didnt have email ... so we hung out and talked during activities ... instead of in front of a monitor while stuffing our faces.

You know ... I am a real basic type ... old style guy ... and told my daughter that all this weight problem's that people are spending a fortune on can really be solved cheaply ... without no "quick-fix/ rapid loss" pill's or programmes the way I see it. How? Simply by watching and reducing what we commonly do out of habit ... instead of a necessity ... as far as eating ... and simply even as much as walking daily if anything. And especially if we spend and make effort to work out at these spa's ... and hire these personal trainer's which many do ... since they hang at spa's to sell their services ... the last thing that would be of any benefit ... is to right after working out ... go run to the donut shop and replenish what you lost.

As far as the "Cupcake Girl's" are concerned ... you go girl's!! Remember what Freddie Mercury sang(former vocalist of Queen, RIP)..."Fat Bottom Girl's you make the rockin world go round!! :)


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dr.Octumama...Embryonic Implantress...and .."Thinking of the Kid's" (OCTUMAMA PT.1)

There has been so much talk about Nadya Suleman...the 33 year old LA mom,that just gave birth to octuplet's...I figured I would add something to my journal on it. She certainly has over rode "Pregnant Man"(earlier I had a post"Pregnant Man 2")as far as publicity is concerned...I guess next..I look for Pregnant Man to have multiple birth's too.

Ms.Suleman is divorced..and already had 6 children...3 that receive disability$$ because of autistic disabilities...she also get's about $500 a month from what I read in food stamp's.The Kaiser-Permanente hospital the newest babies are at are whining for payment's on the newest batch of kiddies.Her and family been receiving threat's from some...because of well as offer's to help...including some midwest farmer who told her to move in with them. From what I read...she also has about $50K she owes in student loan's..from when she was attending school to get an advanced degree in counseling.I find that difficult to believe...I mean...who would she possibly counsel..and for what? Yet in an interview with NBC,she told them that she is not living off tax payer money...personally I dont know whether she is or not. I sure as hell wouldnt threaten her family over it. But can a person who decides to do such a thing...actually counsel anyone on much of anything? She did say the help she receive's is just a temporary thing. Well...that's nice I guess.

I was viewing her family website which solicit's donation's and all the gruesome beauty pictures of her implanted belly...which is damn near enough to make me turn gay. And the pictures of these ugly prune face infant's with tubes coming in and out of their head's or whatever. I understand that most find this as "beauty", well, to each their own. But I am thinking...14 kid's? On top of not being wealthy? And having to pursue her career or employment and try to be a mom...would this not be difficult? She must be a very optimistic lady. Especially with a $50K student loan debt...and in a society with a dramatic rising unemployment rate. But I wonder... is this what some folk's rational thinking...or a gift from god? I dont find fault with the doctor's here...I mean...there is a sucker born every minute they say...and if your up to the challenge of trying some new research...well...why not. I just think it might have worked a little better with a candidate that was maybe a multi support this. After all...I alway's hear the phrase of "Think of the Kid's"'s popular...for witch hunt's and making new law's to milk the public...because if you "dont" think of the kid's your labeled as "kid hater's".

To be frank here...even though I dont run around in life with a plastic smile... running my jaw day and night about I'm doing and thinking of the kid's, I actually do like kid's...and enough to use some common sense...not just to stick out my chest with a publicity badge and be reckonized. And to me...this qualifies as child abuse. But they say this is all about "love"...really?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

RECONSTRUCTING a new "PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF AMERICA"... and ... trust/ faith in gambling junkie's ....

Question's are being asked in America about the $165 billion already shelled out to about 8 or so major banking giant's ... as to where the money is going ... and to what? And these guy's representing the bank's getting drilled by some politician's on the Hill ... are not saying a damn thing definitive ... just week after week ... month after month ... talking in circles ... everyone is predicting what's next? ... what will work? ... are we in a recession? ... not a recession? ... who can the people's trust? ... etc, etc. We were told that we were in such a bad situation ... month's ago ... that if we didnt pay these bank's all this money we would fall ... lose job's, lose our homes, etc, etc. Not a day goes by ... that we dont lose thousand's of job's in America. Not a minute goes by in America where 3/ 4 homes are foreclosed on. The fact is that not one person on the Hill has no idea what will work or not work ... and only a handful have the interest's of the people in mind ... and only because we put them in the hotseat. They only know one way of doing anything ... and thinking ... how can you expect them to try or do anything else?

Folk's wonder if we can trust the big bank's now? If you wonder this ... you are late at catching the boat. Let me put it this way ... would you loan money to a gambling junkie that just put their last check completely on a bet? Or ... would you try to help a crack addict beat it's addiction ... by locking it in a room ... and leaving a supply of crack and pipe in the room ... with a written list of when to smoke it ... and reduce their usage periodically over the duration of their stay? For Petes sake ... this isnt just a matter of trust ... understand ... that those who we let control our lives,asset's/ capital ... have a "way" they done thing's for year's ... they simply dont know anything else ... and loathe trying much of anything else ... and dont want to lose anything they have. They are not intentionally "out to get us" or our "enemy", they simply dont KNOW anything else ... and they know everytime they whine/ weep we will come and rescue them ... buying more of their outdated worthless idea's and way's. These folk's are in the business of betting and speculating ... hoping for a big score in a new era ... with old strategies as a tool.

With every empire of civilised human history ... there is a rise and fall ... and civilisation changes and modifies itself to enter "new" horizon's ... it called forward progress. Empires come and go quicker these day's than say back in the times of the Greek's, Roman's, Egyptian's, Mayan's, etc. We have new challenges, many folk's need to eat ... need to prosper ... cause the MORE that prosper ... the quicker we get action ... and the more benefit to all parties.Can you place trust in folk's that no longer can trust even themselves? Trust those who have no idea what they are doing wrong when idea's dont work properly? If we let these institution's just fail ... do we think we will fail? Even if we decided to just do most business domestically buying and selling and producing for each other ... do we think that this will destroy civilisation? Do we think that some form of National Socialism ... is all evil ... or not in any way democratic ... or free market? Do we believe that there are only 2 sides ... the right and the left? Do we believe that multinational corporate entities is to make us all one big happy family ... and the way of free enterprise and market only? Are we so psychologically masochistic and dependent on these entities that we lost our independent spirit and vision?

The GOP during these recent stimulus debates and rambling's are scaring and warning us of this being a sign of the "Europeanization" of America. Call it what you choose the bottom line is ... this is still America. I personally like to look at the new America to form ... as the "Peoples Republic of America". Back 30+ year's or so ago ... some friend's and I were watching a football game at the old Busch Stadium in St.Louis ... back when they had the old St.Louis Cardinals franchise. We were all drinking beer ... and raising Hell rooting for our team's ... I told the guy's ... "In the future ... we will be lucky to even see a stadium in the USA with a actual name of an American hero ... or icon ... or great city ... because all the corporation's will own all naming right's to the sport's venue's ..." ... they paused for a moment ... and imagined that ... I told them ... that I would put money on it. I told them this as an example to what the stadium was named in St. Louis at the time ... because they thought it was cool since it was named after a beer company (Busch). 2009 USA ... look at all your stadium's and sport's venue's across the nation ... and try to see how many you can find that are not named after a corporation ... I rest my case. Corporate control is just as damaging to national pride and independence as selling out to a foreign dictatorship.

Trust me ... we the people of this great nation can do so much better for ourselves ... and certainly have a greater image to the world than what we are doing with those we support and bow to presently ... we havent lost our spirit ... only sold what we have to those who will desecrate it. We created this ... not them. Just like the great City of Las Vegas ... Disney and MGM ... didnt create nothing there ... it was the east coast mob's and underground that had the vision and spirit and idea's that took a desert rest stop for GI's and made it into one of the most reckonized cities of the world.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Selling out the American Worker ... and the Stimulus Stagnation .... (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.1)

President Obama 3x times in the last week has addressed Congress telling them that the way our Government does thing's can turn crisis into catastrophe. This is what they dont understand ... when they let this stimulus proposal ... just stagnate and hit snag after snag. CNN' Campbell Brown said ... "Only a member of Congress can make a Wall St executive seem like a sympathetic figure these day's". The Mayor of Lansing (MI) was addressing a economic's/ business analyst panel of CNN ... and told them that our government aligned with those like the investment banker's/ firm's of Wall St, have sold out the American Worker by outsourcing our standard of living with our new unfair trade policies. These analyst's sarcastically snickered of Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing ... when he was expressing anger and outrage ... telling him he wasnt looking at the entire picture ... and was reacting to the poor shape Michigan was in with it's 10.6% unemployment compared to the nation's 7.6%. But Bernero, Brown, and Obama ... are all telling the truth.

The stagnation we see ... on trying to pass this new stimulus plan is just politic's as usual in our Capitol, and is the reason why I said earlier that our new President will run into many obstacle's. You see ... he is trying to act fast in an environment that is not used to acting fast on anything ... or getting much of nothing done except bickering back and forth between the left and the right. For Pete's sake, what do these folk's need to act more responsibly and actually get thing's in motion? The Congress is quick to point a finger at the bailout recipient's like AIG for instance when they went on lavish trip's to resort's after getting rescued by our tax dollar's, while they themselves just went on a luxurious "retreat", first the republican's and 2nd the democrat's. Sure they pay their own room's and food. But the transport and security cost's for this can run well over the $100,000 mark to the taxpayer's. Not to mention ... one of their last expenses we got stuck with on this R&R crap ... was a $40,000+ internet bill. And even though this was nothing but an unwinding vacation of golf, drinking, and tennis ... what they are not telling us, is that they actually dont pay crap. Sure they spend their own money and contribution's money ... but they write it all off with the nifty tax legislation law's that they create and utilize. I mean ... do they need to take these types of gathering to relax and communicate? Cant they just get a dozen boxes of chicken like we do ... and eat in the Capitol ... or outside in the Mall? And work out at the gym there?

The President has been questioning some of these work ethic's and action's well before he was campaigning for the Presidential nomination, while he was a Senator, and back when he was a community organizer. I done a little background homework on this guy ... and seen that this is a guy that get's thing's rolling ... and thought how fun that will be to see him lead a government of slacker's and con artist's. These folk's on the Hill need to wake up and get in touch with reality. Most of these folk's dont see or feel any crisis ... when do they go out in the public and sit down with folk's and look at the situation American's are stuck with?, besides when campaigning for votes? How can one that doesnt feel or see anything that is going on constructively make decision's for those they know nothing about? What our government has done aligned with these mega investor's is sold out the American people ... without even realizing the damage they done ... simply because none of them have to feel the repercussion's of what they do.

These expert analyst's told Mayor Bernero of Lansing, that he is upset, and it can cloud his vision ... and that Lansing/ GM isnt producing car's that sell, and that the new industry for America may very well be the "service industry" and not necessarily in manufacturing. Look ... we all know how Japan and German automaker's have engineered some of the finest car's on the globe, but we dont see the downplay that has been being fed to us on American car's. GM and Ford both ... have some of the finest performing car's these day's. Guess what the No#1 2008 Motor Trend car of the year was?...the Cadillac GTS. Also Michigan has been working overtime the last few year's on diversifying their economic's and industry. This is why I said in earlier post's ... do not downplay Michigan and Detroit ... because they have a competitive spirit and action in motion ... especially in the "green- tech" industry ... and can be one of the biggest comeback story states in our near future. As far as the expert's comment's on America becoming a service industry ... as the "new" industry of America. I think Mayor Bernero sum's it up perfectly when he asked them ... "What ... for American's to serve each other hamburger's?"

General Motors of Arlington,Texas (Dallas Area) for instance is one of the few having to not lay- off worker's or cut hour's ... as a matter of fact, this assembly plant which only makes SUV's and truck's are hiring right now and adding to their workforce. Now ... there is a catch to that ... we are not hearing about. They are privately offering employee's buy out plan's as well ... which in 2008 was around $50K cash to employee's, and 2009 changed to around $25K and a $25K voucher to buy a GM car ... reconstructed to of course only benefit the company on taxes and federal assistance if needed. So ... you may wonder about all the new hires they are bringing in ... and that it will mean job's to other American's. Well that's the thing, the new crew's they are wanting to bring in ... are recruited from foreign countries. How do I know this? From talking first hand with worker's from the line, then putting 2 and 2 together.

The GOP opposition to the stimulus plan ... is only about wanting to cut the"pork" from the plan. What their definition of pork is ... appear's to be anything and everything that would go first and directly to the American people. They actually complained that the last stimulus check they mailed us during the Bush Administration was not even spent as they expected by us ... and that many American's took the $600 and deposited it in the bank ... or ratholed it! Can you believe that? that is a slap in the face to American's ... to complain what American's done with that measly $600 they gave back to us. Their idea of stimulus ... is strictly old school trickle down economic's of cutting taxes strictly for business, as the incentive for business to hire ... borrow ... and bank's to loan. Well ... that's fine and dandy ... however ... as I pointed out, the economic climate of now is far different than 1970/1980. We have gave billion's in tax money to investment banker's already ... and Donald Trump cant even convince them to loan on mega work's he has in motion with his associates ... what does that tell you? Do they actually think that by giving these break's to only business in these times will be incentive to hire and create new job's? Especially without no term's of condition's? and in time of mega loss experience from these businesses annually? I dont frankly think that will do much of anything ... but direct more of our tax revenue into hand's that wont spend much of it as well.

To be surprisingly frank here ... "surprised" because I cant believe how outright un- supportive of the working people of America ... the republican's have been ... and still managed to get almost as much of the popular vote as the democrat's despite 8 year's of supporting Bush/ Cheney policies. Is that the republican's proposal's and trimming the package and spending ... does nothing for the nation as a whole ... on health care reform, infrastructure, assisting homeowner's who purchase and pay taxes dearly, or even one incentive or break to an American worker besides "maybe" cutting half their payroll tax deduction for several month's ... for $20 buck's or so a check ... or giving us a tax break summer on gas tax ... to let us get another $50- $70 buck's for the summer ... they are not only inconsiderate bastard's ... but also cheapskates of the highest level. Another thing ... that we are not yet seeing ... is that it is only because of our "lack" of spending that our gas prices have took such a decline. The pinch to come ... is that ...I  will bet my Dallas Cowboy's training short's ... that when this economy does start to level some ... OPEC will already be in motion to shaft us on petro pricing. What they are proposing and constructing ... is the recipe to turn America simply into a new large Third World atmosphere. That's ... the REALITY!

PS: I would also like to add ... that to those economist's who just keep saying that American car's are not selling ... are not looking at the entire picture either, or at least ... not presenting it. The fact is, that ALL manufacturer's of the industry are seeing heavy losses ... especially the Japanese. What the biggest problem the way I see it is ... is that these large banking institution's that we have gave billion's to in tax revenue to stimulate our economy and save their asses from total failure ... are NOT loaning money! The fact is ... that most people that buy new car's ... do so with "loan's" and obtaining debt ... something these banker's dont seem to know much about obviously. Makes one wonder what their priorities are, building a healthy economy ... or just ignoring the economy and industry totally?


Monday, February 2, 2009

Look for NEW plea's to come...from the artificial elite...

Because of all the outrage over bonuses in the billion's going to Wall St. executives and top crust...they have been very silent...understand that they as I write this are cooking up a new and improved slab of BS to feed the peoples through and with their government implant's. I expect this to come soon. Their target is the other half of the $750 billion first bailout...and they have to score fairly let it sit in come back in a few month's afterward's...and double dip on the 2nd. stimulus...they may bite the 2nd. stimulus indirectly though...through other channel's they do business with. These folk's are good at what they do,so never underestimate do you think they got so wealthy?...being dumb? The peoples shouldnt trust anything they is all lies...not one bit of any of it is even true.

The arguement they are probably going to that the bonuses are simply compensation...and that $20 billion or so annually is relatively small...and that these executives depend on those bonuses as well as other employee's for pay. I am a free market man...I have no problem with any person raking in a billion buck's, or any kind of pay,bonus,profit's,etc.If you do good work...and the payoff is grand, they should get multi-million dollar bonuses. And $20 billion in comparison to what we are giving small. They will also probably tell us that the money we pay them goes into a different account, which bonus/compensation doesnt come out of. All of this is not should be ignored. This is a good time to determine which politician's are true and which are not(most are not).

The bottom line is...they are asking for financial support...this mean's that they cant even rely on those top crust that they pay high salaries to..if they could...their value wouldnt have declined 50% and more...nor would they be in the rut they are in. As long as we are the ones paying to keep them above water, we the peoples are the ones that are making action happen...not they. We should stop calling them "elite"...because we are brainwashing ourselves to believe that you can just dress up any failure jackass with a crapload of book smart's in $25,000 buck's worth of garment's and ornamentation...and have someone that is worthy of the title "elite"....all you have is a clever talking overpaid walking financial encyclopedia. Dont forget the "bottom line" ...they are asking and pleading for YOUR support. And their goal as I said only to try to maintain and continue into the future...a similar system...that can only lead to recession over and over. A true one that can get in a situation that is a problem...and get out of it...and find solution' that can "work" out problem's...and most importantly...succeed.

The institution's themselves will paint a picture that if they dont pay these people right....they will loose them. LET THEM WALK...they drove the institution into a are rewarding incompetence. There are plenty other's lined up to take their place.When Enron broke into a scandal in Houston several year's back...guess where all them employee's were getting offer's to? ...these same investment outfit's in Wall St. Even though their action's were considered crooked...these Wall St. firm's wanted them...they were the hottest ticket to recruit for these firm's. So ask yourself...where are your tax dollar's really going and to salvage? Listening to their plea's can only numb your brain.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pres.Obama break's one of his 510 campaign promises...BOO-HOO....

One of President Obama's campaign promises supposedly(of around 510 promises)when he signed the "Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act"...because he claimed that he would wait for 5 day's of public comment before signing any bill/legislation,was broken! My God! When I first heard this panties went in a bind...I didnt know whether to run to the toilet,wind my watch,or grab a kleenex to dry my eyes from the flow of tear's...I was "outraged"..."heartbroken"...felt violated...BOO-HOO.(just kiddin) This is some Obama watch cult...of I gather...mostly his supporting cult following...that have a list of all his promises check which he break's...offending of coarse his supporter's. I was an Obama supporter myself...I just didnt become one of the cult member's.

One of the most hilarious part's of what is to as I pointed out before he even got the nomination...that if this guy does make will be a celebrative opening...but down the road it will get mean and dirty. And it wasnt just Obama...this would have happened to...anyone who got elected in this race would get the whip.I just used Obama as an example to demonstrate how the tides shift...because of his enormous popularity at the time.As I also pointed out back in that same time period...alot of folk's are not listening to what he is actually saying...and many democrat's will be disappointed as well.Why? Because they dont understand his way of a matter of fact....most people dont...because most people can only think in term's right now of left/right.But I heard him loud and clear...early on...and I knew that is why I wanted him elected...because he is going to really shake up some folk's who need a good bolt of lightning in the ass to begin with! He's loved and adored now...but give it a year or two...then the crap will really hit the fan...and I will love every minute of it! Hell...he just started!

He or anyone else is forced to break cant keep all your promises. Understand...that the freeworld of our a trendy society. What is popular now...may be unpopular in 12 month's...we are a society alway's changing our mind's...and that is one of the great thing's about us...if it werent for this...we would be even slower than we are when it comes to changing some thing's that drastically need changing. We all know that no President can make everyone happy....nor can come into a mess like this and patch it all up.But...he has the right mindset of what it will take to pull through some of these difficulties. These difficulties are not permanent...their just what we had coming after year's of abuse and neglect...we are just suffering some of the result's of our action's is all.

Being pissed off is healthy in a vibrant democracy and to direct your anger where needed...but whining in your beer and acting like a 6 year old who just had their candy taken away from nothing but being a naive pansy! He's going to break promises...and make bad moves from time to time...period...get the hell over it! He's the right choice right now...for what we need...and Bush was also the right choice for his 8 year's...I think I'm nut's...but understand...this was all needed to come to face the reality of the times...if it wasnt for Bush...Obama probably would have never made the Presidency.This is what is all going to change the way we do thing's and prepare us to move forward in a new direction.