Saturday, February 21, 2009

Concerning Nuclear weapon's and threat's against America and alliance's...

For me...I never did like the idea of nuclear anything...I realize how important and efficient it is in countries like France for instance as far as energy is concerned. But I believe that all our energy need's in the future can and will be met strictly by wind,water,solar. But...we also have all this play going on in this nuclear age with some of those who may be our enemy...or in some way pose a threat to us and even some of our friend's like Israel. The only reason I dont like nuclear is because of possible accident's...and how it can be enviromentally damaging for some length of time...I am not worried about the casualties of war as much as I am worried about the earth itself.Why not worry about human casualties first? Because this is all nonsense...human's been killing each other in war's since before recorded history. There should be "value" on human life over everything else? Tell that rubbish to some sap who believe's it! We are not as civilised yet as a species as we lie to ourselves in believing.

The bottom line is....our nature and current condition of the species makes it necessary to fight back...if any of us want to live at all...we dont live in a world of least not at this point of history. I am a realist...and realize that we have to stand our ground...or stand no more...bottom line.

There is all this talk about Iran's uranium enrichment programme. They say it's for energy need's, and we suspect it may be used for least some of us. I never thought it was my position to tell someone else in another land like that how to live their lives...and unlike our current government...would hardly deal at all with any of these trade or anything else. Is that unfriendly? Or not nice or some other simpleton crap? I dont know what you may call it...nor do I give a it racist if you want...I really dont care. I get so sick and tired of this unconditional love go love them if you want...I dont feel a need to. You threaten my life,family and liberty...I am going to be on your ass period. Nor did I ever give a damn about freeing the Iraqi yourself if you dont like what you have...America had it's own domestic/civil war's itself. Casualties is a price you pay for any amount of liberty you can achieve.

I frankly am sick of us worrying about if Iran is building a nuclear bomb, or the fear of how many Russia may have...or China...or Pakistan. Look...we all have gun's and bullet's...okay? Nor would I even attempt to stop Israel with even word's of encouragement if they decided one day that they are just sick of the crap and decided to attack a country that neighbor's them who constantly either bomb's them or terrorizes them in some way. I am NOT Clinton,Rice or anyone else that chooses to kiss ass. So no...I would not interfere...unless you bring it to my turf. You want to do business and trade "FAIRLY"...I am all ear's...if you choose to sell woof ticket's instead and threaten us with these weapon's...understand...I would use nuclear weapon's against you too with no hesitation whatsoever.Nothing personal...strictly business and survival of my "tribe"..we are still a "tribal" species.

Iran...or anyone else...make all the weapon's you like...understand that I/we have weapon's to and more in the work's...if you attack objective will be to exterminate your entire region and population.There is no complexity to try to figure out here...or even year's of study needed to understand.You execute our women and children...your's will be as well. I understand you all's you can understand our's as well.

PS: I would also like to add...that those like myself will deal you honesty. I would never allow any of our forces to invade your land because you wont do petro business or any other business with us...nor ever try to tell your peoples what and how to think...nor that I/we are right/wrong...nor come in your country with an invasion and lie's...telling your peoples we are there to "free" them...yet actually be working and invading on behalf of some multi billion dollar enterprise who only want's to use,market,take your resources and land..and your peoples to use as cheap foreign labour. I also dont agree with the way our government deal's with some of these issue's currently...nor do I have to...that is what our democracy is all about.

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