Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"State of the Nation" address ...and President Obama..Day????...

Unfortunately I forgot what day of Presidency it is for President Obama..uhhh..30 something or whatever. I was laughing because when I listen,read, the news...they alway's count what day it Day 31,32,33...etc.,and folk's are already whining up a storm(some...I love to listen to the negatives first)...I can only imagine by day 200 or much resentment will be directed toward's him by those same folk's. During his campaign..he was a commi,aye-rab,antichrist,terrorist, space alien...illegal name it...he was it! :)

Now listening to all the expert's on his "State of the Nation" address was even alot more fun..just listening to all the gadget's and analyst system's they have set up to do everything from...detecting facial expression's,voice tone's,applaud clap's... whether they are strong or weak...and monitoring everything that every listener does whether they fart or scratch their all mean's something. :) And listening to all the "dont's/do's" he should have or should not have done.... heh,heh,heh ... talk about being under a microscope and dissected. :) But...that's one of the fun part's of democracy!

Although I have alway's looked at speeches as having to age like a fine wine to show their character and body...just how good they are, ...listening to his address I thought was very good...which I just got done with since I was unable to catch it live. And listening to the republican response from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was very good as well, talking about of coarse how the proposal's of the democrat's simply cant work. Heh,heh,heh doubt it wont be easy...but I can just imagine where we would be if the republican's won all around on the election ...their proposal's might have brought massive rioting to the street's ...this is alot of fun. Now I sure as hell dont agree with the President on every damn thing... and sure I never will...but I must say that so far .. I am impressed with his hard work and getting quicker than expected action.I mean....looking at some of the slacker's we have in Washington and how slow they are to get anything done was hilarious. If the average person on any job worked like this...we would get fired in a heartbeat. This guy (Obama)has really been cracking the ole whip on the thing's he's proposing, and it's hilarious watching all these old routiner's on the Hill that do basically nothing..all applaud/clap and cheer on the President...who is telling them the "new" rules and requirement's and work to be done. They smile and applaud and cheer when he mention's thing's like the "kid's" and the "people's" not taking this or that anymore...and deep down inside...many are sad they will actually be required to "work" more and slack/play less, and be required to show result' the actual voter's/citizen's. Heh,heh,heh,(LOL)...they never had to do a damn thing before! :) Frankly....I dont think I seen so many lazy asses and do nothing's in my life under one roof.

Other than that ... I thought the address was workable and well done ...good job Sir! :)

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