Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dr.Octumama...Embryonic Implantress...and .."Thinking of the Kid's" (OCTUMAMA PT.1)

There has been so much talk about Nadya Suleman...the 33 year old LA mom,that just gave birth to octuplet's...I figured I would add something to my journal on it. She certainly has over rode "Pregnant Man"(earlier I had a post"Pregnant Man 2")as far as publicity is concerned...I guess next..I look for Pregnant Man to have multiple birth's too.

Ms.Suleman is divorced..and already had 6 children...3 that receive disability$$ because of autistic disabilities...she also get's about $500 a month from what I read in food stamp's.The Kaiser-Permanente hospital the newest babies are at are whining for payment's on the newest batch of kiddies.Her and family been receiving threat's from some...because of well as offer's to help...including some midwest farmer who told her to move in with them. From what I read...she also has about $50K she owes in student loan's..from when she was attending school to get an advanced degree in counseling.I find that difficult to believe...I mean...who would she possibly counsel..and for what? Yet in an interview with NBC,she told them that she is not living off tax payer money...personally I dont know whether she is or not. I sure as hell wouldnt threaten her family over it. But can a person who decides to do such a thing...actually counsel anyone on much of anything? She did say the help she receive's is just a temporary thing. Well...that's nice I guess.

I was viewing her family website which solicit's donation's and all the gruesome beauty pictures of her implanted belly...which is damn near enough to make me turn gay. And the pictures of these ugly prune face infant's with tubes coming in and out of their head's or whatever. I understand that most find this as "beauty", well, to each their own. But I am thinking...14 kid's? On top of not being wealthy? And having to pursue her career or employment and try to be a mom...would this not be difficult? She must be a very optimistic lady. Especially with a $50K student loan debt...and in a society with a dramatic rising unemployment rate. But I wonder... is this what some folk's rational thinking...or a gift from god? I dont find fault with the doctor's here...I mean...there is a sucker born every minute they say...and if your up to the challenge of trying some new research...well...why not. I just think it might have worked a little better with a candidate that was maybe a multi support this. After all...I alway's hear the phrase of "Think of the Kid's"'s popular...for witch hunt's and making new law's to milk the public...because if you "dont" think of the kid's your labeled as "kid hater's".

To be frank here...even though I dont run around in life with a plastic smile... running my jaw day and night about I'm doing and thinking of the kid's, I actually do like kid's...and enough to use some common sense...not just to stick out my chest with a publicity badge and be reckonized. And to me...this qualifies as child abuse. But they say this is all about "love"...really?


NetBizSavvy said...

Resolving personal issues whatever it may be should not be handled alone. There are communities who are willing to support all the way to keep up the motivation. Just reach out and let others help to surpass the difficulties that you may be experiencing.

There's actually a support group wherein anyone can join, their Facebook page can be found at

Ranch Chimp said...

This response to your comment is like over a year past due, but I been meaning to respond, so for the record .... here ....

What the FUCK are you talking about?!!! Personal issue's? Handling alone? Support Group's? What the Fuck for man?!! This posting is done in satire ... not looking for fucken therapy or support group's .... Geeeezzz