Wednesday, February 18, 2009

USA:"TRUTH set's you FREE"..."LYING set's you FREER"...until your back's against the wall....

Well ... I knew out of all of this economic backsliding would come some great humor, especially with this new administration ... up against the Hill. And all this has just begun ... so there's alot more fun to come! : ) Since everybody say's they like to hear the truth ... I'll go ahead and speak the truth here and the reality.

We have an ole saying that the truth set's you free ... but the reality in America's culture is lying will set you freer ... we are a species and people's that tell lie's to ourselves constantly ... then remarkably ... believe in the same lie's that we tell ourselves. The system we have worked fine for many year's ... well ... at least until we find our back's against the wall that is. So ... who inspires the people's to live such a way? The same people's that we are at odd's with now ... because they have milked and drained us ... the 3 entities that designed this unintelligent system that is only on a course to failure in time ... the corporation's, political structure, and the mega religious institution's ... who I call the 3 entities that mold and control this.

President Obama set his plan's in place today to help American homeowner's facing foreclosure's ... with a $75 billion plan to help an estimated 9 million homeowner's. Which may allow those who even owe more than the value of their home on it ... to refinance ... allow Judge's to lower mortgage rates ... even for folk's who live BEYOND their mean's. I am for this ... TO AN EXTENT ... BUT only because the investment banker's got away with such a loot in their bailout ... a loot that was to help stabilize the economy ... that they are actually using instead of loaning to America ... using it to buy out failed bank's in places like communist China! But the people's in this country are far from boy/girl scout's themselves! But all in all, we are only a product of our enviroment and what we are taught.

The President is really going to run into retaliation on this from the republican's and rightfully so! With question's on this foreclosure assistance like ... Does the plan do anything for the 90% of homeowner's who play by the rules? Or ... Does it require mortgage services to verify income and eligibility standard's before modifying mortgages? What prevent's these same mortgages getting assistance from sliding into default again? Does the plan compensate bank's for bad mortgages they should have never made? Well ... the opposition (GOP) want's to know. All I have to say to them is ... "What goes around, comes around" Now you all too are getting a taste of your own medicine! You all supported these financial institution's that banked on false claim's ... and made a fortune and went unregulated for several year's through the last administration, enticing these home buyer's to exxagerate on loan app's so you all could rake in a fortune ... left them holding the tab when push came to shove and now you all are seeing the effect's from you all's action's ... so dont blame us ... it was you all that CREATED the system! A system that even dates back to ancient Rome ... and in a 21st century can only lead to recession after recession. As I wrote time and time again ... this will ALL fail in time!

The American Dream has become a nightmare ... or at least will ... IN TIME! We are taught that our "dream" is common to all ... and the "way" to achieve it is to spend now and pay later ... and unless you supply information on the loan app's whether it's a car or home or anything else, that may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth ... you will never get by the underwriter's! I even seen cases where a homeowner might take out 2, 3 or more loan's against their home ... and using a dead spouse's income in the loan app to get approved ... and those lender's applying to the underwriter's knowingly letting this happen ... and strongly encouraging it! The land of "milk and honey" has become the land of "milkin money" and fraud ... and many folk's are part of the same hypocrisy ... and whine about the other when they have to face the consequences of their action's. One of our biggest problem's is ... we live in a dream ... instead of trying to make a dream come true. I am not one to speak against anyone's greed here ... but when your indulgence becomes a compulsion, and the time comes to pay your due's ... dont whine. That's the REALITY!

PS: (Update thursday19Feb09) Just as an example to show how much BS the people's are fed ... the $75 billion that is talked about helping 9 million homeowner's, can only help if lucky perhap's half that amout. Those are the few crumb's they will feed us ... while gearing up to give another $200 billion to Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae.


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