Friday, February 27, 2009

Octumommi,Octugranni,Octudaddi... the Tri-Polar Trio ...and good ole family value's (OCTUMAMA PT.3)

I couldnt help but recording something else in my journal about the octumania that is all over the net,news,paper's,zines and you name it.This gal Nadya Suleman has chopper's flyin over her residence,cam's on curbside,and folk's all over just waiting for her to open her mouth or pass a little gas.And every talk show coast to coast want's a piece of her.

I had also seen and read interview's with now Octugranni (her mom)... and the newest addition to the clan of a fella named Denis Beaudoin...who just all of the sudden showed up the other day with tear's in his eye's in the media...asking for DNA test's because he say's he is daddy to some of the litter.He want's to help...regardless if their his or not...his heart is's starting to make me cry as well. :( He also has had previous custody married and has 2 kid's with his wife ..maybe he should get test's to see if they came from his sperm as well...heh? After all...he claim's to be a "sperm donor", perhap's that is his occupation? He has alot of mixed up thing's he's saying as well.

Then you have Octugranni...she's raising hell too..and with her daughter ... where they put each other on the stand to cross examine each other. While the hospital that has the latest litter as of yesterday...are not yet releasing the kidlet's to the clan. "Angel's in Waiting" ... are still...well...waiting. Ann Coulter say's that the state should just cut off the money...boy is she mean(yum-yum) :) And 10's of thousand's from coast to coast hate or love Nadya...and all have their opinion on what should be done with the little strumpet's and mommi herself. Michael Jackson has agreed to take in all the kiddies into his new daycare center he is opening in France(just kidding about Jackson).

The home the other 6 are in may get auctioned off as well in march this year ..I guess if Michael Jackson did want to make deal...that would be a good start... I mean to buy the home...but request the kid's come in the package.....heh? All in all what a family this is...and many are talking about how much "love" is even here, and that regardless of what mommi does or say's..she love's them all. Who's right...who's wrong?...who's daddy? whose embryo's? whose sperm? wow....that's what family values are all about! I like to think of them as the "Familia Tres-Polar". I only wish I had so much love in me...God Bless family value's! :)

***** RCJ: "OCTUMAMA" PART'S  2 & 1


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