Friday, February 20, 2009

Octumama meet's "Angel's in Waiting" and "Commi Mommi's" (OCTUMAMA PT.2)

I been reading all kind's of report's and opinion's on this Octumama character, that I just had to make this 2nd posting about this...I'm not really sure what to call it? I mean...would "medieval drama" be appropriate? The hatred being directed at this woman is also incredible.And now...the government of LA County or California are being called by some Californian's..."Commi Bastard's" even. All because she was given a week or so to figure out if she is going to take an offer from this group called "Angel's in Waiting"...who volunteer from what I gather to take in this newest and past litter of her's...and I assume her as well...and house and support them for up to 6 month's. I was reading the day care cost's for such a task can run over $100,000 a month for a litter of this,um,um...god bless America! :)

Let me be the Devil's Advocate here...and put in my 2 cent's on this pop culture morality drama. Many folk's say she is nut's and dont deserve to keep the kid's. Many are whining because the government is acting like what they call "commi's" and wanting to take the kid's away from I guess it's safe to say they see the state as "Commi Mommi's" ...heh? She also been reported as having been home shopping looking at a new home that is $1.24 million...kind of weird for a gal who depend's currently on food stamp's and social security,yet claim's she doesnt live off tax payer money...I cant say on that...I have never received government assistance in my entire life. Grandma is supposedly broke...or at least on the edge of being so...since there is talk of loosing her home where Mommi and the first litter are residing. I mean...she hasnt paid a mortgage payment on the place since May 2008..and is behind over $23,000 buck's on it. Wow...what a family that bunch is...heh? To be frank here...I dont think the mom or grandma give a rat's ass about the kid's as much as they care about their own monitary endeavor's...I see this as nothing more than not a stupid woman/mom...but a woman who has interest only in making a buck and publicity. I actually feel that folk's like this are abusive in their own far as taking care of children.

To be even more frank here...I dont think I can find a better excuse for a need for mandatory late term abortion...or mandatory sterilization if I ever was looking for a reason...and I know...some may say to get a rope for me...and call me a commi, and that's fine. I am not pro-abortion at all...I am pro-common sense is all. I dont let myself get consumed with pop culture morality to cloud my vision.... why? Because morality changes like the season's...I mean the thing's we believe and do in 2009 America...from women wearing pant' people wearing eye using a telescope...or looking in a mirror or a list of other thing's...would have been punishable by imprisonment or death just centuries ago. I also dont think of the state as commi's here...they are simply looking out for the best interest and the welfare of the children...who obviously have no parent's capable of doing so.

But my guess is this Octumama has some kind of thing going we are not seeing yet, she's bound to make some money somehow off of this...perhap's if she does...maybe in the future her kid's can sue her for a piece of the pie...after all...they were the commodity here....heh? And just imagine...we think of all this confusion and whining, bitching,hatred,child being about"love"...and thinking about the "kid's"...wonder what the kid's actually think? Downright shameful is all I can conclude.

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Pastor Mike said...

"Mandatory late term abortion"?

That's dangerous my friend.

Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Pastor Mike... Dangerous heh? Well Sir...I was being more sarcastic than anything else here. Let me be straight up Sir...I DONT like abortion, and even though I am not with a religion...I see it as simply murder...period. I personally have a policy Pastor Mike...that I am not ashamed of at all...and many liberal's would even frown upon it. That is...I NEVER would reproduce with a woman...who has a low IQ,health condition's especially that run in the family, a woman either that smokes,drink's,uses drug's or any of it...I use much discretion, which I believe that modern human's should do on their own. I believe in selective breeding you can say. I dont look at women as slaves neither, to their men at all. I believe in equality strictly I have daughter's. I believe in sterilization to some degree as well...but that's a deep subject. I am not of the left...or the right..or see thing's that way. I see action/reaction. I know you are a christian minister and respect that Sir and the way you may see thing's. I certainly wouldnt try to stop anyone from having faith in god...nor am I against the 10 commandment's displayed in public or even prayer as many aetheist's are. I do believe that as a civilised species we have certain obligation's and work to do...I am not one who simply depend's on something like prayer or incantation's to the spirit world to resolve the problem's that human's simply created by their own ill decision making. I am also pro-death penalty..not that I see it does any good or stops murder...but only for the families of the victims. But sometimes...when I see a poor child which I have more then once...hooked up to tubes and machines in a hospital that was just born...with a worthless mother...who cares more about her dope addiction then the kid...and an unknown cowardly father, and knowing what kind of life is most likely for the poor child...I think sterilization or abortion should have been considered. Like yourself sir...I too have some strict moral standard's myself, mine are just not popular as your's and I rarely talk about them much because of that. Thank You for your visit and input Pastor.

PS: I would also like to add...that I respect individual enviroment's, and also in the case of the death penalty for instance...i dont believe much in government sponsored execution' my reality...I believe that the person who commited the crime including the murder,should be turned over to the family of the victim...if they choose to free and forgive the be it...if they decide to torture the person to death slowly in any manner be it as well. gain...the exterminate the problem.

Pastor Mike said...

I appreciate your comments and enjoy them.

I must say though, being a student of history, evolution and reasoning absent a God is the most dangerous thing in the world.

Hitler took it to the extreme.

Infidel753 said...

Hitler was as far from an example of rationalism as can be imagined. The Nazi movement was an embodiment of mystical and Romanticist anti-rationalism, if anything. Hitler's belief in astrology and his refusal to listen to realistic advice from his generals are not the mark of a rational man.

As for religion, Hitler's statements are ambiguous, but there's plenty to suggest he believed in God (he was also, unsurprisingly, an admirer of Islam). He was certainly never excommunicated by the Catholic Church. The only top Nazi leader ever excommunicated was Goebbels -- and that was because he married a Protestant, not because of his crimes.

Oh, and the Nazis were hostile to freedom of choice on abortion, too. Hitler didn't even approve of contraception, at least when he wrote Mein Kampf.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your visit Mr.Infidel as well as your comment's. I believe that is quite accurate about Hitler and posse, at least from what I read. I never looked at any of my thinking in the line of the Nazi's actually. Although when I do mention some thing's like sterilization,mandatory abortion,and being selective about who I reproduce with...I seem to get that often as a response. I did not say I wouldnt have sexual contact with women that use drug's and such...I think many gal's I dated as a young man were on drug's of some sort,I had no problem with it...but the idea of the female nurturing the child inside of her for 9 months is the problem I have with it...and from my experience on the street's as a kid, I knew of babies born into drug addiction and so forth...because the mother was using heavy during pregnancy, usually heroin and most cases both together...known on the street as the"one&one" at the time. This is done so that if they ever get busted or have to do without...the heroin withdraw is much more easy because of the cocaine mixture, because the withdrawal's are VERY different. They also like this because when they run(IV) the high/rush is more intense and has an up/down speed ball type effect. I have used heroin and cocaine both as well as straight opium.

Also as I said Dad fought the Nazi's in WW2,(US Army) and my grandma who also raised me as a little boy was a Jew by race who also stayed in Berlin prior to the Nazi period... so I am not likely to be inspired by Nazi's. And from what I read...sterilization was first experimented by American's before the Nazi's ever did. I'll put a lid on it now. Thank You Sir.