Thursday, February 12, 2009

RECONSTRUCTING a new "PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF AMERICA"... and ... trust/ faith in gambling junkie's ....

Question's are being asked in America about the $165 billion already shelled out to about 8 or so major banking giant's ... as to where the money is going ... and to what? And these guy's representing the bank's getting drilled by some politician's on the Hill ... are not saying a damn thing definitive ... just week after week ... month after month ... talking in circles ... everyone is predicting what's next? ... what will work? ... are we in a recession? ... not a recession? ... who can the people's trust? ... etc, etc. We were told that we were in such a bad situation ... month's ago ... that if we didnt pay these bank's all this money we would fall ... lose job's, lose our homes, etc, etc. Not a day goes by ... that we dont lose thousand's of job's in America. Not a minute goes by in America where 3/ 4 homes are foreclosed on. The fact is that not one person on the Hill has no idea what will work or not work ... and only a handful have the interest's of the people in mind ... and only because we put them in the hotseat. They only know one way of doing anything ... and thinking ... how can you expect them to try or do anything else?

Folk's wonder if we can trust the big bank's now? If you wonder this ... you are late at catching the boat. Let me put it this way ... would you loan money to a gambling junkie that just put their last check completely on a bet? Or ... would you try to help a crack addict beat it's addiction ... by locking it in a room ... and leaving a supply of crack and pipe in the room ... with a written list of when to smoke it ... and reduce their usage periodically over the duration of their stay? For Petes sake ... this isnt just a matter of trust ... understand ... that those who we let control our lives,asset's/ capital ... have a "way" they done thing's for year's ... they simply dont know anything else ... and loathe trying much of anything else ... and dont want to lose anything they have. They are not intentionally "out to get us" or our "enemy", they simply dont KNOW anything else ... and they know everytime they whine/ weep we will come and rescue them ... buying more of their outdated worthless idea's and way's. These folk's are in the business of betting and speculating ... hoping for a big score in a new era ... with old strategies as a tool.

With every empire of civilised human history ... there is a rise and fall ... and civilisation changes and modifies itself to enter "new" horizon's ... it called forward progress. Empires come and go quicker these day's than say back in the times of the Greek's, Roman's, Egyptian's, Mayan's, etc. We have new challenges, many folk's need to eat ... need to prosper ... cause the MORE that prosper ... the quicker we get action ... and the more benefit to all parties.Can you place trust in folk's that no longer can trust even themselves? Trust those who have no idea what they are doing wrong when idea's dont work properly? If we let these institution's just fail ... do we think we will fail? Even if we decided to just do most business domestically buying and selling and producing for each other ... do we think that this will destroy civilisation? Do we think that some form of National Socialism ... is all evil ... or not in any way democratic ... or free market? Do we believe that there are only 2 sides ... the right and the left? Do we believe that multinational corporate entities is to make us all one big happy family ... and the way of free enterprise and market only? Are we so psychologically masochistic and dependent on these entities that we lost our independent spirit and vision?

The GOP during these recent stimulus debates and rambling's are scaring and warning us of this being a sign of the "Europeanization" of America. Call it what you choose the bottom line is ... this is still America. I personally like to look at the new America to form ... as the "Peoples Republic of America". Back 30+ year's or so ago ... some friend's and I were watching a football game at the old Busch Stadium in St.Louis ... back when they had the old St.Louis Cardinals franchise. We were all drinking beer ... and raising Hell rooting for our team's ... I told the guy's ... "In the future ... we will be lucky to even see a stadium in the USA with a actual name of an American hero ... or icon ... or great city ... because all the corporation's will own all naming right's to the sport's venue's ..." ... they paused for a moment ... and imagined that ... I told them ... that I would put money on it. I told them this as an example to what the stadium was named in St. Louis at the time ... because they thought it was cool since it was named after a beer company (Busch). 2009 USA ... look at all your stadium's and sport's venue's across the nation ... and try to see how many you can find that are not named after a corporation ... I rest my case. Corporate control is just as damaging to national pride and independence as selling out to a foreign dictatorship.

Trust me ... we the people of this great nation can do so much better for ourselves ... and certainly have a greater image to the world than what we are doing with those we support and bow to presently ... we havent lost our spirit ... only sold what we have to those who will desecrate it. We created this ... not them. Just like the great City of Las Vegas ... Disney and MGM ... didnt create nothing there ... it was the east coast mob's and underground that had the vision and spirit and idea's that took a desert rest stop for GI's and made it into one of the most reckonized cities of the world.



Infidel753 said...

Heh.....Soon all the sports stadiums will be named after banks.....thanks to that $165 billion they'll be the only ones with the money to sponsor a stadium.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh(LOL)...I know if the ole Infidel is commenting to expect something like that from him! But it is so true as are absolutely right! As a matter of fact Mr.Infidel.. the other day in some mainstream media source...I was reading where right now, there is alot of hell raising going on in the NYC Tri-State vicinity because of one of these new stadium's they just finished...because one of the bank's we just bailed...might be Citibank? But they just paid mega million's to get naming right's to the stadium/field. As you probably knew...NYC had one of the biggest commercial development phases going on in the nation, Dallas as well...up until this economic snag started permeating the city. But when I read it...I busted out laughing...seeing where their bailout revenue's were being directed to!

Thanx for your comment and visit Sir! :)